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Death Poems About I_Do_Not_Know_

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Poem Details | by Etienne Lariviere |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, bereavement, freedom, funeral,

Je suis Charlie

Translation below (in progress)

Celui qui n'a pas de cœur
Ne doit jamais reposer en paix

He who has no heart
Will never rest in peace

J’étais Charlie

De ma tombe
Mon âme pleure encore rouge
L’encre coule encore
Arrosage des fleurs ci-dessus
Les fleurs, fortes et belles
Elles doivent étouffer vos manières diaboliques
J'étais Charlie, je suis Charlie, Charlie toujours
Dans ma tombe
je ris
vous perdez

I was Charlie

In my tomb
my soul still cries red
the ink still flows
Above the flowers grow
the flowers strong and beautiful
they shall choke your evil ways
I was Charlie, I am Charlie, Charlie forever
In my grave
I laugh
You lose

Poem Details | by Johnette Loefgren |
Categories: death, friendship, imagination, death, death, life,

Life and Death Across the Sky

   Life and death across the sky
some must live and some
must die
   Broken wings and slivers
   Shredded hopes the
wind is blowing
   Feathers flying, hear the
   Of the Night Hawk
through it all
   Terror blotting out
the stars
   Talons leaving
battle scars
   Life and death across the
sky some will live and some will die.

Poem Details | by briana allen |
Categories: death

razor blade

im gonna paint a picture,
a picture with a twist.
im gonna paint a picture,
i'll paint it on my wrist.
and if i paint this picture right,
a fountain will appear.
and then one day,
all my troubles will disapear.

Poem Details | by David Meade |
Categories: death, love,

Life Memories

                                  we have loved deeply

                           in tears we cling – death . . .  here

                                   love memories now

For those who have loved and lost – we will never forget!

David Meade

Poem Details | by rola safi-henson |
Categories: death, emotions, farewell, father daughter, moving on, sympathy,

Letting go

As I lye awake and think of you
my heart always feels so blue.

I try my best to move on, but it's hard to do 
since you've been gone.

Thou my heart feels like it's bleeding, I can't 
stop how I'm feeling.

People say time will heal the pain but, at times
I feel I'm going insane.

I pray to god everyday, he makes my 
pain go away.

I will always love you with all my heart, and know 
that one day the healing will start.

But, until that day comes around I will never forget
when we laid you in the ground.

So, please God help me understand why daddy let go of my hand.

Poem Details | by Anastasia Browning |
Categories: confusion, love, sympathy,

Crazy Things

Its not u, its me
Im tellin u cuz its crazy.
Crazy things happen dont u c
Crazy things happen wit u and me

Its hard to say goodbye
When u know everythings a lie
Its hard to say whats inside 
Cuz every word makes u wanna cry

Dont u c whats happening
Im going crazy
I need u in my life cuz 
Its eatin me alive

These things happen all the time
Theres no need to lie
Just hold on to your love
Through these...
"Crazy Things"

Poem Details | by Eleanor Sweet |
Categories: death, i love you, cousin,

R.I.P. Drew

R.I.P to the big cuz drew… Never did I think I would ever loose you…. Not this early in life…. I would do anything 
to have you in my sight…. Them guys that did that stuff just aint right…. I mean they had me up crying…. They 
had to be lying…. Its too soon for you to be up in the sky flying… I look to clouds up above… Wishing I can give 
you one more hug… Push and shove… Never let you go… Cause I love you cousin just had to let you no….

Poem Details | by Pam Deremer |
Categories: cancer, dad, death,

Empty Room

Eyes gazing, questions raising...where is the one

who rested here? Where is the one who took refuge here?

They are gone...yet their things remain.

How odd...they did not stop to pack.

Bed if some magazine.

Breeze blowing...sunshine glowing...

yet emptiness is strange.

I peer in further...where did they go? 

Will they return...I'd like to know.

I hear the clock ticking on the wall,

like some sort of eary wake up call.

They shall not return...their time is done...

there is no need to turn and run.


Poem Details | by Regina Wilson |
Categories: angst, death, life, people, philosophy, sad, god, god,


They say to worship to get back into church
That all I need do is fall to my knees and repent
Then all this personal pain he will prevent
To kneel and pray to “The Soveriegn God”
Well, my knees are bruised and scabbed 
Where is this God of yours I ask
Guess I’m not really a fan of his work
As I walk through this existence 
Sufferring is all I see
War in the desert neverending
Children dying so young
Little boys and girls raped by the clergy
Destruction Hate Crimes against humanity
Where is this God of yours I ask
They say Christianity is the way 
Well, bullsh!t! That’s what I say.

Poem Details | by peter timmins |
Categories: death, faith, funeral, mysteryme, me,

mr death

 Everyone meets me for certain one day.
I appear when you least expect, and lead you on your way. Don’t ask me any 
questions, as I have nothing to say, but when I finally meet you, it will be your final 
The job I have is hard, but work will never cease, for I am the one who leads you to 
everlasting peace. 
I show up when your name appears, be you king or queen or pauper. I must lead 
you to the light, father, mother, son or daughter.
My name I hear you ask? Some call me death, or the gate keeper. But for most of 
you I am simply known as the  GRIM REAPER.

Poem Details | by Hyunjin rYOO |
Categories: religion, death, me, death, me,

Pslam of a Christian

My Lord is my reliance, sole
He claimed a body that a mother scorned
His termoil testifies me whole
His spirit has me not forlorn

Yet satan deigns to me instruct
My every path must he obstruct
With a ruthless tongue
He devices wrong
And counts upon my every fault
Every virtue to assult

And so I seek my death with zeal
My death like hidden goods I seek
A broken temple bears my sovereign's seal
Son of David mild and meek.
Jesus heal me who am weak.

Poem Details | by Joan Warburton |
Categories: absence, bereavement,


Do not cry, for I am with you still,
in everything you see and do,
in every gentle whisper of name.

The breeze upon the windowpane,
a sigh, in the darkest of time,
it’s not yours, but mine.

I hear you weep, please no more,
for I am just beyond the door.
Just call my name and have no fear,
Each word you say. I can hear.

Poem Details | by Jessica K |
Categories: death, depression, life

Getting rid of you

You distract me from where I want to be
You destroy my life as well as those around me
You deceive my family, putting false promises in their way
You demolish my friends, watching their lives crumble away

I am determined to get rid of you
I am desiring to kick you out of my house
To say goodbye to you forever is my dream
To wash away the misery you've caused is my fantasy

So watch your back and stay on your guard 
Because I will not rest until you are lying down. cold, lifeless, dead.

Poem Details | by Matthew Anish |
Categories: angst, death, science

The Dharma Ends

  Your fate is sealed
   Once a year
or so the book 
   tells us
   Death is not 
a thing to worship 
  Life is!
 When some small creature 
        crawled forth from the primeval 
  We were left with
the responsibility of 
   continuing the cycle
  We walk on gilded splinters 
and just maybe we should let 
Father Time decide our fate
  But I feel we should 
  resist to the end
  Stop the killing 
  Let peace reign 
  on our small planet
  which circles a life-giving star
  We are the stewards of 
  our biosphere
  We owe our exsitence
to a miracle

Poem Details | by Brianna Wahlquist |
Categories: anger, death, fire, grief, hate, murder, sorrow,


Ashes fall like tears of weeping angels to the ground.
Lives were lost and will never be found.  

It was when war approached in her heart without a sound. 
If she couldn't burn the grief, she would release hell upon this town. 
She wore her aching pain like a goddess in a flaming gown. 
A queen dressed for battle, she left only her bloodstained crown. 
Then her hellish fire was raised burning everything - everyone around. 

"Ashes, ashes!"
Were her last words,
"We all fall down."

Poem Details | by Gabriela Fleury |
Categories: adventure, angst, death, sea,

Wrath of the Flying Dutchman

  Among the cries of lonesome gull
  A crude cross-slash, grinning skull

  Below the tattered crimson sail
  Those that did weather the fiercest gale
  Noblemen fearfully bow
  Seamen kneel before its prow

  Quiver before the pirate`s might
  A vision of ivory, dark as night
  We slowly conquer waves of teal
  All eyes follow the steady keel

  The ebony ship, its purpose grim
  The treasure hoard hidden within
  Like a glittering blade, swift and sure
  Cursed to never dock at shore

  Remembered in forgotten lore
  Not even the bravest Mortal knave
  Shall escape the wrath of the grave
  So we sail forever-more

Poem Details | by Ashley Daly |
Categories: death, life, loss,

You Wear Your Death Well

You wear your death well
When I met you
The two exes in your eyes
Were anything but a surprise
You couldn’t walk but
The fact that you glided
Across the floor without using your feet
Didn’t blow me away
Don’t try to cover up the black under your eyes
It’s so pretty on dead girls
You are so noticeably lovely 
That I almost forget that you can’t breathe

Poem Details | by Danka Sikorska |
Categories: death, light, stars,

The End

Constantly looking for salvation that does not exist.

Living a dream, living a lie.

All alone among a deaf crowd
that suffers from insomnia.

As one of the most famous ghosts once said,
“Find what you love and let it kill you”

The saddest, most painful death.

The sky is getting darker.
Another shooting star has faded.

You know, they do not grand wishes.
They run away from greedy, coldblooded demons
sucking out their minds.

While the majority keeps being blind and silent
Neverland misses your light…

In memory of Robin Williams

Poem Details | by Sarah Broun |
Categories: death, grief,

Me, Myself, and I

YOU see the beauty in everything
YOU love the way I speak
YOU are falling for a killer
YOU will surly die
YOU shouldn't come closer
YOU have made a mistake
YOU are being stupid
YOU need to go away
YOU leave now
YOU need to be safe
YOU are being stupid
YOU are now dead

I see death everywhere
I hate myself
I am a murderor 
I will surly kill you
I warned you not to get closer
I told you about your mistake
I am trying my best
I need you to leave
I said stop being stupid
I'm trying to proteact you
I am killing you
I am sorry

Me, Myself, and I must live forever alone with no love
Because of the things I've done
No love
Living alone for 

Poem Details | by Olivia Brag |
Categories: death, depression, fear, horror, violence,


I feel the world crashing around me,
my breath fading.

Pain surges through my body.

I fear my hope of life is diminishing.

All is lost I can feel the regret of every lost sole.

I long for relief but all I feel is torture.

When will it all end, when will the last hour be, how will I suffer death?

Poem Details | by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: death, life, lost love, love, sad, time, time,

Words I Never Said

    My soul mate, my love, my friend
     We had a bond that would never end
      There was a time you belonged to only me
      But that was a long time ago
       And I foolishly set you free
      Never telling you I loved you so
      Never asking you not to go
     I always hoped there would be another time
     To once again feel your caress and your hand in mine
     But that time will never be
   The time has passed and all I have are memories
    All those words I should have said come back now to haunt me
    I never said I love you
    But know there was never anyone but you

Poem Details | by Melanie Samuel |
Categories: death, family, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, life, loss, passion, people, sad

Night Of Awakening

I fear the night
Never to wake in mornings light
To see your face one last time
To hear your voice that is so divine
Reaching out to touch your hand
You entwine our fingers and understand
With love as strong as ours, it's hard to say goodbye
We wipe a tear from each others eye
Slipping into the endless dark
An adventure I must embark
Waking in mornings light
Knowing it was just a dream, everything is alright
Forever together we will be
Forever and Ever, you and me

Poem Details | by john loving iii |
Categories: love

with death

with death 
i promise i'll be
yours faithfull
for eternity

my soul 
forever by 
your side
for i will not
be pried 

my spirit
my will
to be with thee
will never cease
to be
it's is 
a part of me

my love
my master
and my god
have bound
me to you 
this way

Poem Details | by Master Jones |
Categories: angst, confusion, death, dedication, depression, faith, fear, happiness, health, hope, imagination, inspirational, introspection, life, philosophy, sad, sympathy, uplifting, people, people,


I once heard a saying,
that the happiest people are the saddest
Shining because they’ve seen the darkest
Like the lotus that grows out of mud
Or the rotting stump that bears a bud..

You never know what troubles the mind
So be careful with words unkind
The glowing person just beside you
Could be a crumbling ruin behind the hairdo
 Most people struggle everyday
Souls burdened with decay..

I guess it takes a lot of courage
To act normal with that damage
Hard to believe that under the surface
Lives a soul with no purpose
A cry for help won’t be any crisper
Listen to the their inner whisper..

Poem Details | by Jennifer Morgan |
Categories: death, death of a friend, funeral, goodbye,

Heaven Now Has the Rest


It’s been so long 
Since my eyes have seen your face
There’s still days I wish you were here so I could tell you
Everything going right or wrong.

Your smile was the moon in my sky at night
And your laughter was my stars;
You are still in my heart
You will always be its light.

Even after all these years
I wonder how you would be
If you were here,
Some days there are still tears.

Heaven has the best
For now you have wings;
We lived a few years here in this life,
Heaven now has the rest.