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Death Poems About Iambic Pentameter

Iambic Pentameter death poems and poems about death for Iambic Pentameter. Read and share these heartfelt Iambic Pentameter death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Iambic Pentameter Poems.

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: death, flower, lost love, metaphor, red, rose, sad love,

Red Roses Fade To Black

Red velvet petals, only I, seduce,
With hidden danger under the disguise,
My fingers feeling shyly, I reduce,
Thorns sharpen, ready, waiting the unwise.

Before me, bleeding poison, I assume,
This flower withered, shriveled the entire,
A dark extracted substance, the perfume,
No beauty, only sorrow, I admire.

Withdrawn I wept lamenting the depart,
A rosebud, crimson, youthful, I erased,
A lifeless flower, never I impart,
nor taken with affection, I embraced.

Written by Kelly Deschler  October 23rd, 2014

Poem Details | by Michael Wegman |
Categories: age, care, caregiving, death, devotion, health, life,


I rise to face yet still more life again
And know my day will be about my age
Through sight that makes all things appear opaque
I hear about each third word spoken clear.

I walk with cane a slow but sure tempo
And get to where I aim without much fuss
Yet still it seems I burden those who care
To take the time to bare my years nonpluss. 

Each time I rise to face my life once more
Trumps thoughts of laying still without regard
For pains one takes to move upon this earth
Or see and hear with clarity implored.

I thank my Lord for each new day He gives
And givers who see beyond one’s struggle
With patience and always kind words spoken
Dignity and respect to me maintained.

Poem Details | by Dan Helppi |
Categories: sympathy, war,


Disgorge the land, unload the ship, and take
the old and new to keep. For down they went
the rich and poor, all good all bad, all dead.
We pound our drum we beat our chest, the lost
are done so eat the corn. My heart, your heart
is not to care, the Gods are one and that 
is good, so go and yell the news, we won
the war is done and peace begun. It might 
be peace to us; to them no peace is won
no cake is cut no war is done, oh well!

Poem Details | by Donald Meikle |
Categories: caregiving, friendship, loss, sorry, sympathy, words,

In Adda Quit

expressed in words of endearment
A cheek stroking breeze on a hot Summer day
Cool of tile floor to walking bare feet
The squeeze of a hand.
A quick little hug
Tentative brushing the hair from your face
Following that with a tender embrace
Hoping you're hearing what I haven't said
and that it's some comfort to you instead
Trying to find words 
in your moment of need
Is all I can think of to do
Maybe tomorrow I'll know what to say
I wish I could do it today

Poem Details | by Michael F Lewis |
Categories: death, hope, inspirational,

My Greatest Wish

If I should find myself beneath a stone,
To forever remember all my days,
I’d wish to think that ev’ry one I’ve known,
Or met or loved or maybe parted ways,
Knew my shoes could be filled by me alone,
And named no other who could take my place.

If I should find myself in hallowed ground,
I’d hope you don’t just mourn an empty shell,
Give cheers and pass the bottle all around,
See to it that I am remembered well,
And know my greatest wish is it be found,
I left each of you with stories to tell.

Michael F. Lewis

Poem Details | by dakarai cobb |
Categories: angst,


I died again today! Now, I display
The heart that was broken by my dismay.
In between the moments, in which I cried,
All I could do was try, therefore I tried
"Be Like Christ," but how can I talk the talk
With no hot water, upon which to walk.
I guess vengeance is a dish best served cold,
But these tribulations are getting old.
But, bold displays of penance must be seen,
So, sorry for looking at her tight jeans.
This witness, whose testimony you loathe,
Used dish washing liquid to clean his clothes,
And, yes, I had to suffer in my youth,
So I could expose the world to my truth.

Poem Details | by Jodi Hill |
Categories: death, death, death,

The Question

Is death a feeling 
Or a thought.
This death many men
Have sought.

But I for some reason 
Am stuck in the season
Of death of all

I guess I'll just let it flow
Though time goes slow,
Very slow,

No matter how hard I try,
Time simply won't fly
And yet the answer 
I have not caught,
If death is a feeling 
Or a thought

Poem Details | by Tom Hitt |
Categories: animal, cat, death, pets, vanity,







Poem Details | by rob carmack |
Categories: christian, death, faith, hope, spiritual, trust, truth,


Tomorrow’s dreams beneath my pillow sit
Orchestral prayers unwind the years ago
Uncovered only one way back to you
Conviction drew your soul’s celestial arc
His light still shines upon a narrow path


Written: 06.26.17
Contest: Another 2017 Stunner
Sponsor: Line Gauthier

Previous NA in "Any Poem That Got NA'd in June-July 2017" contest.
Previous NA in "Touch Me With Words" contest.

Poem Details | by Eirik Nelson |
Categories: dark, death, deep, gothic, life, lonely, suicide,

Death delivered, My nile river

Sitting on the shower floor
Numb inside and not afraid
reflecting on the steelhead blade
soon I won’t feel anymore

I won't have to feel this pain
thoughts of living made me shiver
Will my sweet release deliver?
**** it all, I can’t remain

How can god leave me this way?
I pulled down on the fleshy zipper, 
My skin parted, the Nile river
My emotions came out to play

**** you god this is my day!
Dopamine and ecstasy, natural meth
You know I tried, I gave my best
While lukewarm blood gushed out my veins

And my heart gave in, its final breath
Sitting on the shower floor
Soon I won’t feel anymore
Death delivered, My nile river

Poem Details | by Del Higgs |
Categories: abortion, dark, death, youth,


An unholy pink plus sign on the stick,
Oh think of what her admirers will say!
Contemplating ideas till she's sick.
When he finds out, will they still be okay?
Does she pay the price? Can she even dare?
Will she allow it to see the first day?
Terminate it now, or should she be fair?
Is she ready for the price she must pay?
What happened to that holy Christian girl?
Who once believed 'abstinence till marriage?'
Her present actions make her want to hurl.
Does her fate involve a baby carriage?
A decision is made, shaky fingers.
Violent trembling hands pull the trigger.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: death,


Long is the jeourney to death,
dragging feet that the ising dust 
engulf, a naive soul may ask
looking left," what's behind that? "

Poem Details | by Darren Mallett |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, beauty, death, depression, happiness,


How I adored the times I spent with you;
Your lips; the taste of red wine and cigarettes; 
Your wild hair and your untamed attitude. 
Though now my adoration falls too short. 
From the bottomless depths of my sinned soul, 
I feel only pity for your stone heart-- 
There is only so much your mind can take; 
Though your excuse is "it makes you happy"- 
There is only so much drugs you can take; 
Only so much wine that you can consume.
When you awaken- should you awaken- 
You won't be as happy as you were once.
When you rise every new day all alone
And have your breakfast from a cracked mirror, 
Will you still love the reflection you see?

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: abuse, africa, bereavement, humanity,

Africa Dream

In hunger's bloat and nagging pain,
the tropic heat and burning rain,
in sight of all the world that cries,
where hope is dead or soon it dies,
their fight is for an ounce of grain.

Death takes the innocents it finds,
and leaves a blanking of the minds,
they dare not love for love is dead,
deep in their hearts they cry instead,
but these are tears of other kinds.

All empty tears, and shackled by
what hope there is; it's but to die;
before another bloody dawn,
and forced to know that life goes on,
beyond the reasoning of why.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Poem Details | by Eirik Nelson |
Categories: cancer, change, conflict, corruption, death,

Concentrated cancer

Cancerous cell confusion
Bodies broken
Last words spoken
Passive patent pollution
Constant consumption
Catastrophic corruption
What is right? And what is wrong?
Plastic parasitic pathogens
What is real? And what is fake?
Artificial flavoring
The less I have the more I take
To satisfy this selfish taste
This to be humanity's fate
Nothing more and nothing less
Am I real or am I fake?
Is it late, to change my ways?
Or am I doomed another day?
For profit and production
I am a statistic, I am a reduction 
Nothing more and nothing less
Chemical companies will not confess
Selling eco friendly "life enhancer"
Walking deadman
Ticking time bomb
Corporate caused cancer

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: angst, black african american, daughter, death, dedication, devotion, family, father, funeral, inspirational, love, mother, morning,


I'll be the wind that blows your hair
all of your days I will be there
in summer breezes, winter's freeze
I'll be the wind through all your trees.

I'll be the raindrops on your face
each drop that falls a warm embrace
I'll be each sunset there will be
and every star will shine of me.

I'll be your time that comes and goes
your morning toast and cheerios
I'll be in all your candle flames
and I'll be there at football games.

I'll be the wind that blows your hair
both here and there and everywhere
if I must leave to be with you
then leave I must and leave I do.

Poem Details | by Ojo Blacke |
Categories: dark, for her, girlfriend, grief, sorrow, symbolism,

The Sweet Black of Night

Why do you yearn for
The Sweet Black of Night?
For often I have seen your face out of hiding
In dimly lit corners of ancient ruins
In the deep and jagged cuts of cracked and weather-beaten stone
And I have seen you gazing eternally toward
The Sweet Black of Night.
Your dark countenance wearily creeps West
Away from the light of the rising sun
In a sad yet cold farewell to
The Sweet Black of Night.
Your hard features gladly edge East
Away from the light of the setting sun
Like some monolith of pain
Anxiously awaiting
The Sweet Black of Night.

Poem Details | by Maria Cherub |
Categories: addiction, betrayal, body, death, memory, mental illness, psychological,

The Shore

There were moments in which it would implore,                
You stop suffocating it to a bore.      
The medication always put it in its place,
Shackling it so it may not rear its horrid face.
But it eventually came up with a trick,
That would make you think best,
Yet you would only end up sick,
Though perhaps it was a test.
It convinced you the more you swallowed,
The less it would speak, the less you would wallow.
So you shoveled the capsules into your mouth,
But halfway through you felt a doubt.
You heard it's laugh, you heard its cackle,
And soon you knew you let it out of its shackles.
You couldn't stop, you swallowed more,
And your body washed up on a quaking shore.

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: death,

He Waits for Me

Invisible though you may be, I see
That look of ever yearning in your eyes
Your voice in utter silence calling me
Your presence always lurking at my side

Resisting you with every breath I take
Defying what I know is destiny
Afraid to close my eyes, I lie awake
As you call out my name, 'Rose Bethany'  

Memories of my life, like autumn leaves
Fall down in blazing flames of burnished gold
To lie at the foot of this old oak tree
In every leaf a precious story told

And you my 'Death',  who waited oh so long
Finally take me, now that 'Life' is gone

Poem Details | by Janis Thompson |
Categories: death, life,

On Becoming Immortal

On Becoming Immortal We’re born and then the hours pass quickly by. Swift time that waits for no one’s not our friend. Our lives move fast so one day we will die. All people know their stint on Earth must end. The first immortals were in ancient days, that tested human man with hardships wrought. Some false immortal gods had loathsome ways, a boredom with eternity of thought. What joy on move to higher planes we'll see, and shed the human form, new things to find. Beyond the limits of the world to be, immortal in the deeds we leave behind. 2/19/17

Poem Details | by cameron holden |
Categories: death, sad, social, war, people, people, war,


War today is all around
The four winds carry its awful sound
And people fight people so more men die
My only question is just why?

They have a war on terror and a war on drugs
A war on peace and even on love
And mans obsession with killing his fellow man
Is out of control all over this land

As we point our guns at our neighbour's land
Are we really so different or just like lines in the sand
Lines that shift and disappear over time
were not lines were people thats why i write this rhyme

Poem Details | by maximillian payne |
Categories: absence, bereavement, feelings, grief, loneliness, longing, pain,

a bland repository

dreary eyed, musky languor- tassels tight
a loose walk paraded by looser convictions
an acquaintance of that sad, lowly height
that alluded odysseys and several hymns

open window, surely dries out the stink
encroached in the room shadows and fleas
the zeitgeist of this area; to even think
flowers and dewdrops burly trees; to seize
the thought, it lingers, but only so little
too soon, to even land a misty eyed dream.

Poem Details | by Ram R. V. |
Categories: death,


As a literal phemomenon, Death is fearful.
As paradox, an antidote to fear. 
As life in death, it focuses on life.
As something absurd, one must cope with it,
Edmund Husserl or Viktor Frankl’ll help;
If literal ’n figural, generates fear ’n hope,
As “cowards die many times ’fore their deaths.”
If cyclic, it mitigates much of fear,
If linear, leads to dread—life after death: 
Go to Edmund Husserl and he will help.
Thus, hacked to death, dear Death, by perceivers;
But when the worst comes to the worst, I quit! 


Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: art, bereavement, strength, symbolism, visionary,

Ulysses Wake

  Ulysses Wake
Is Ulysses not just as much an oar
as he is wind that fills misguided sails?
O! Ship! Your chart and shooting of the stars,
those warriors sick for home you've led astray, 
delivering to cyclops and their ploy
and all the joy of sirens. Sleep dear boy.
You must not dream Penelope's untrue,
amidst her suitors with your aging dog.
Ulysses wake! Your crew and ship await
and you must string the bow for old time's sake.
© ron wilson arbuthnot
aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: death,

A Personal Death

Although the smell unpleasant to inhale,
the blood no longer dripped from open wounds;
the nurse, accustomed to the sight of death,
remained unmoved as Grandma slipped away:
she calmly checked the pulse and shook her head;
her only thought of dirty sheets to change.

The nurse's shift was filled with blood and gore:
another death - and such a chore to tell
the grieving kin about their sudden loss.
She gladly caught her bus and hurried home,
but there she found her cat as stiff as board,
and held the body close, her sobs so loud.

for Craig's Death (Blank Verse) contest