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Death Poems About Idyll (Idyl)

Idyll (Idyl) death poems and poems about death for Idyll (Idyl). Read and share these heartfelt Idyll (Idyl) death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Idyll (Idyl) Poems.

Poem Details | by Michael Grugan |
Categories: death, happiness, lost love,

Believe Not Tomorrow

Believe not tomorrow, the Dawn's fragrant lies,
Nor Love's fickle promise which heavenward flies
On gilded wings soon fallen to death
As songs which hearts sung gasp piteous breath.

O, sweetest poems my ear did assail
From lutes plied by angels 'pon shimmering vale
Which nebulous, floated nowhere save in Dream,
As my soul kisses gallows in wretched scream/

Now I walk midst the graves and envy the peace
Of slumber well-gained, and long for release
From the heart's empty exile, long laden with chains,
To sleep! Repose! beneath midnight rains...

Poem Details | by Norman Purvis |
Categories: animals, death, nature,

The Wildebeast

Save this animal from it's fate.
Before it is too late.
Don't sit back and watch the sight.
Of thousands of animals, day and night.
Pile up dead.

Help to save them.
You can too.
Don't talk, see it through.
A thousand drivers, mechanics, all.
A thousand bulldozers to move the dirt.
We can make it work.

They must migrate for food.
We can make the way.
For them to come and go.
Without the agony they show.

You must not go away this year.
Give the money to save them.
Or, turn your back and  kill them.
Sit on your sofa and watch them die.
With not even a sigh.


Poem Details | by sandra byrd |
Categories: confusion, death, faith, life, loss, on work and working,

the fat man and his strings

he;s a leader 
he,s a stealer
he,s fat from taking
what,s not his

he has puppets who do his 
dirty work not caring who suffers
he holds his gut and secretly
calls them his faithful
he stole from the wrong one
now he,s roasting in the coals
and his puppets tried  and tried
but  no matter how hard they cry
the bell now rings
and on his strings they  fly