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Death Poems About Imagism

Imagism death poems and poems about death for Imagism. Read and share these heartfelt Imagism death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Imagism Poems.

Poem Details | by James Hou |
Categories: addiction, anxiety, child, death,

Kids Were Playing

Kids were playing outside, in the playground.
Swing, slide, sandbox and Mary-go-round.

One was sitting inside, with bottle in one hand.
Thought of things that will never be comprehended.
Paper notes on the table, sketches of ideas.
Scrambled, messy, illogical, the Arcadia.
Revolver in the other hand, with bullets that wisely shine.
Shot was fired, point blank range, never miss.

Kids were still playing outside, in the playground.
Played, played, played, as death never be found.

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: allegory, angst, death, dedication, depression, faith, forgiveness, health, introspection, life, loss, lost love, people, philosophy, recovery from..., religion, sad, socialmirror,

Guilty Reflection

Looking dead at me in this smeared mirror...
a lost man
face red
and teared

stacking excuses 
the longer I stare
this stress abuses 
my conscience with a glare

a guilty reflection warns
my mind is the prison I fear
as I long to escape 
from the  hell I dwell in
right here

who have I become? 
what have I done right?
crossroads appear suddenly 
as fog fills the mirror tonight

darkness owning the room,
prefers I suffer slow
so I proceed with speed 
because it’s the only way I know

tasteless stories
flood my life’s hard bound chapters 
while this smeared mirror reflects tears
dripping from a face 
which was once filled with laughter. 

Poem Details | by sandra byrd |
Categories: childhood, confusion, death, life, loss, lost love, sad,

liquid senses

Another unwanted
passes through memories
down mundane streets 
suburbs undaunted

available liquid pass
tempted nostril senses
youth invaded stolen by
unpure pretenses

soft like shreds of life
tears of laughter
preserve treads
to a childhood lost to

Poem Details | by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: death

Lost Eternal

Like embers smoke wrought;
Ashen faces turn to stone,
And songbirds silent gaze
Upon less fortunate hearts
.... As dreams drift by

Poem Details | by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: addiction, death, literature,

Talking with Joyce

The frowning light of my desk lamp, the voice
of hell dissolved in strongest alcohol,
my drunk and naked shadow on the wall…
The printed wiki photo of James Joyce, 
who died of stomach ulcer, shakes his head,
seeing I drink Laphroaig from the inkwell.
It is all right for you, James, you may well 
speak of addictive practices: you’re dead,
you’ve been a famous novelist but I
yet have to be a famous and to die.

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Poem Details | by HOLLY MOORE |
Categories: death, peace, morning,

A Peaceful Place

Rolling hills majesty, lush grass for the surrounding space
Overlooking two white horses from a fairy tale across the way
Masses of flowers to be seen flowing in vases made of strength
A hush of dew in the morning dusts this peaceful place
Vibrant luminaries around each piece shine in the night air 
Their story told on celebrated markers placed precisely everywhere
People will come to visit, kneel, and talk of the days before
This is the loved one’s home now and the caretaker is their saving grace
A hush of dew in the morning dusts this peaceful place.

©Holly P. Moore
   December 2012

Poem Details | by Viola .x |
Categories: death, innocence, insect,

The Ladybug

Eight dark spots
And a faded orange shell
Against cream fabric
On my pillow

Poem Details | by craig schaber |
Categories: education, fear, health, imagination, peace, recovery from..., sympathy, uplifting, life, beautiful, me, pain, beautiful, life, me,


Help me please let me out i am trapped in my pain. The life i live is insane inside my pain
 you can't see. Every day this pain i must embrace i try to tell but i am told don't you 
dare. Your life is full of beautiful things mine is full of dirty things. I am young and my 
body is beaten and bruised all my life i have been abused. On my face i show my pain 
please help me unleash my pain. I want a life of beautiful things not a life where i am 
forced to do dirty things. Can you help me stop my pain so in my mind i can stop the 

Poem Details | by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: death,


Are you death
Why yes I am 
Is that who you called
Is that what you want

I am also life
If that's what you want
So which is it you seek

Centuries of faith I see 
Have passed between us
There is love between us

Is there, not sure I see
You might wanna get your 
Priorities in line between us

If I am death, are you afraid
And better yet,  should you be
What do you see in memories  
More positives, more negatives

Could it be you are a companion 
To death, And not even know it
Standing on the edge Strong,
 passive, calm, serine !

Poem Details | by Jay LeBlanc |
Categories: death, imagination, inspirational, introspection, life, nature,

The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Roaming around lonesome with no friend to speak 

My days have reached there peak 

I can and only think 

To express this missing lost trink 

With destanys that have not been seen 

From the likes of any beings 

I cease to exist now with altered perception 

indefinitely striving measuring up a certain perfection 

My etheric body which does not have a physical form 

Is on a path that cannot be walked upon 

This cannot be seen, heard or felt 

But can only be reached by knowing ones self

Poem Details | by Ovidiu Bocsa |
Categories: allegory, childhood, death, dream, happiness, heaven, history, hope, life, love, miracle, on writing and words, peace, people, philosophy, hope,


They ride the good dragon-cloud towards warm light
While wistful wind was a wrongdoer on the hollow hill
Wrapped woven from the wounds and wrath`s night, 
The wood will wear white woolly witness of the windmill.

Hoarfrost hitch-hikes and hoists with hoarse hood,
Drumming beat of hobble of the army`s fatal feet,
Far away from the glow-worms of their childhood;
Friends fumble the glassware where they might meet.

Falteringly frogs of fancy jump towards the lake’s glass; 
Orphan souls sit on the steps of hope in winter`s time
They scrutinize the frozen sky of hope to find the rhyme 
Of the verse from the other side they want to happily pass.

Poem Details | by Joyeeta Neogi |
Categories: anger, angst, appreciation, april, atheist, bangla, beautiful, bird, change, emo, emotions, farewell, first love, for him, grave, grief, heartbreak, heartbroken, imagery,

The graveyard of my heart

I buried you with love in the coffin of my heart,
When I realised that it was just a graveyard 
Where people were born to take a short ride
And then decided to switch to a new life.
They leave the roads of my heart beyond repair
And now only meant to be an abode of farewell.
So, I hope you face a lot of love as I watch you embark,
And live an immortal in someone else's heart. 
For love is not a luxury I can receive,
Because I was never a perfect fit.

Poem Details | by Awsaaf Ali |
Categories: death, love, rain, sad love, suicide,

The Pluviophile

For months, I waited to embrace her,
And then she came,
I cuddled her with no shame,
Standing naked under her presence,
Like the broken door of heavens,
She hugged me with impeccable love,
Smiled and presented a shove,
I was lost in her million eyes,
And then I begun making love with her...
Sucking her lips under her,
I opened my eyes and realized,
That every word she said, she lied,
I dint lie the only person who kissed, cuddled and made love to her...
Every person under her, she loved,
I crawled back into my abode,
Slashed my vein, and showed,
The love for her, as my blood mixed in her tears,
She wept, and there, forever, I slept.

Poem Details | by Shakeela Kingzley |
Categories: abuse, dark, death, evil, horror, love, psychological,

Those Dark Eyes

Those dark eyes on me
Like a candle-wax scraper

Cut me with your love
Then graze me with affection
Dip me in your world
Of damaged imperfection
Addicted to those dark eyes
Suspense of a frozen look
Soft feelings on my back
Before the thrust of a rusted hook

Ah but I like those dark eyes
And the uneasiness I feel
When I hold onto broken glass
You rest my head down on the steel
Addicted to the prick
Contamination that surrounds me
Rip my skin off piece by piece
At peace every time you drown me

Scabs feeling coarse
I like it like sand paper
Those dark eyes on me
Like a candle-wax scraper

Poem Details | by Paul Kennedy |
Categories: cat, death, sad,


On the road.

Poem Details | by A. Juman |
Categories: analogy, dark, death, evil, fire, scary, sin,

Hell's inferno No Exit

Dradogorus the fire spitting dragon Guard Dogs of hell
impatiently awaits to raps their tongue, sink their fangs and fling 
thieves, adulterers wife beaters and dictators into these bottomless pits.
Here you'll stays and rots into the fiery pulp flowing
down and down these molten rivers of no return. 
11/1/2015      © A. JUman - The "said" Poet
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Poem Details | by Sidney Beck |
Categories: death, life,



For those who love life, death has no glory.
What pharaoh would not trade 
His pyramid, myriad years in the building,
For forty seconds worth of fresh air
Blowing over the Nile with the scent of
White lotus on the breeze
And the fluty song of  the golden oriole?

Other poems of mine, similar to  this, are available at

Poem Details | by Gregory Cox |
Categories: funeral


All that is owed and due now comes!

Poem Details | by Elton Pearson |
Categories: death, depression, life, peoplewater, drink, water,


If we are such a great civilization then 
why is there a lack of money ?

As we sit down and watch TV 
Others die starvation and poverty

as we drink clean water from a tap
Others drink dirty water thats slowly
killing there heart 

As we get up and go to the shop
Others walk seventy eight miles
and come back dead from the 
skin boiling heat

As we go to the fridge and there
is plenty of food 
Others kill precious animals in 
order to survive 

As we go to sleep in our comfortable
secure beds 
Others fear for there lives and most of the 
time the never wake up

Poem Details | by ELVIS LYONGA LIEVE |
Categories: bereavement, betrayal, dark, depression, education, emotions, evil,


As dark as night
You are nothing but agony
Misery ,separation, cries , death ,hate

Perpetrators once my 
Friends, neighbors, colleagues, companion
Transformed to haters.

You patrolled with negation
See ,see now they walk
Head bend ,shame on their faces
doubts in them , repentance they seek
We pardon them, come changed compatriots

Click  clack  boom  boom
Click   clack  boom boom
Cling  cling   chop  chop
Babies, women ,men ,young ,old
Down,   hmm.

Never ,never again

Poem Details | by Nicholas Rush |
Categories: bereavement, death, deep,

Movin' On South

Under the clanky aluminum conduit
I sit easy eyed, watching 
My work boots, drink up rainfall 
The lively band above 
Reprises once more
Her thunderous piece
Perking up the dog ears 
Breaking decibel charts
Notes striking between clouds caress
To release disdain or sorrowful mourn 
Release a tsunami of tremor
Heard from the apple boughs 
To the endless pastures 
Oh, but soon enough it shall pass
Movin' on south, as we tip our dampened cap 
Knowing we’ll be on our way
Akin to the skies sliding on south
Lending brightness
An emergence from darkness, one day

(Ars Poetica) 

Poem Details | by Awsaaf Ali |
Categories: death, deep, murder,

Death: V

Contemporary words hath I evaded,
Sweared to swear thine,
Fo' the respect o' thee faded,
Throwed me, e'ry words o' fame thou lied,
Only for t'se blasphemious plight,
Curious cherishity o' mine birth hath taken,
Quiet blade o' thy palm, hath rest broken,
Unrelated bloods' related as blood,
Mates, masked t'en thy hath brought me to cut,
Tranquil drops o' life, heat kisseth, fast flow'th,
Taste o' t'se machetes, my body tast'th,
Final screams 'n my mouth, silence stuff'th,
Drops o' my own blood t'en blind'th me,
Lips o' thy blade seal my n'ck with t'at kiss,
Final beats o' my heart 'n thy hand pumpeth,
Mysterious reas'n attract'th my death.

Poem Details | by Ameh Comrade Godwin |
Categories: imagination


Father, grandfather, great-grandfather

I’ve heard your cry

Far from the dungeon 
Inviting me to the tearless
Where my plights would be addressed  

But you know father,

I can’t come now!

I’m just a mundane street roamer

Roaming aimlessly

On this desolate street of Ai-Igado

In quest of my lost turtle dove 

To forfeit to Ichekpa

Which you left unappeased

I can’t lodge in a shattered home
So says the Akpandede*

*Akpandede is swift (a bird) in Idoma language in Nigeria 

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: august, betrayal, break up, change, first love, forgiveness, games, goodbye, grief, hope, i am, imagery, places, poets, proposal, spoken word, storm, teacher, war, wind,

Not like this


intimating sanctions,

sailing you to make-shifts,

assailing with blank lips-

I rock Hetty,
while she make's a day-list,

I'm rock steady,
but she's having her hanky tins.

We both have a family-
they all have flailing limbs,

why can't we get along on a train we ask?

But soon lose to space ships

Poem Details | by Kate sparks |
Categories: allegory, bereavement, bird, death, feelings, grief, image, imagery, loss, memory, pain,

The hour between night and day

You are here.
in the tree outside
my window.
in twilight silver leaves, 
the silent red hawk 
hungry, waiting
for the mouse, just now hidden
in the brush.
You are here
in the amber light
of sunset
in the tender hour
between day and night
patient, waiting
as the mouse lifts its grey head
You are here,
in moonlit shadow,
a memory
of talons and beak
fierce love and sorrow
hungry, waiting