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Death Poems About Italian Sonnet

Italian Sonnet death poems and poems about death for Italian Sonnet. Read and share these heartfelt Italian Sonnet death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Italian Sonnet Poems.

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: death, dream, poetry,

Castles In The Sky

The sandman will take pause and say a prayer
Then reach in to his special bag of sand
And with a sweeping motion of his hand
Bright glitter colored stardust fills the air

It falls to bring a dream beyond compare
Where castles in the sky are gold and grand
A momentary glimpse of "Beulah Land"
As we envision life beyond death's stare

And with that thought we'll take a rattled breath
The last tear of this life will find release
We'll see our shooting star, a passing flash
Exhale our soul and welcome life in death
Then build our castles on white clouds of peace
The sandman will sweep up our sparkling ash

   by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by Mash Mulla |
Categories: death, me,


When I die,

Remember me in your actions and words you speak,

How I used to kiss your sweet lips,

How I held you tightly and left you breathless,

I loved you regardless of your mistakes and temper,

When I die

Burn my body so I can be at peace,

Pour my ashes into the deep sea,

Don’t cry for me I will always be with you

When I die


 The best times are those I spent with you,

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: death, heaven,

Eternal Breath

I’m fortunate in that there have not been too many I held dear who passed away. I knew folks from my youth already grey back then, including some who were my kin, who all moved on -good women and good men - as well as kids I’d known back in the day who died too young, and to the world’s dismay, bright stars have died that we’ll not see again! But I had no connection very strong to any of those souls except for one, whose destiny was an untimely death. How sweet and wise my brother was! I long to be with him again. I know he’s won his rest, where he now draws eternal breath.

Poem Details | by Glory Winzer |
Categories: depression, grief, love, sad,

Waiting For Lonely Morning

You didn’t come that dreadful night
Or in the morning with the rain
Even through all my pain
You didn’t come, with all your light
You didn’t come to bring me might
And as though my loss were your gain
You didn’t come, you did refrain
From coming to take away my fright

And now my heart is cold and bare
And now you may come and see
That no love could be harbored there
And  this is what I will always be
Because you didn’t come and didn’t care

©Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

Poem Details | by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: death, life,

Why do Good People Die Young

Oh! great one,I long for answer this day,
Why do good things terminate suddenly?,
And evil deeds prolong perpetually?,
This haunts and bugs me,for this is no play,
Oh!my beloved!why you left I can`t say,
This I know;you`re a gracious being.. truly,
Saddened as your life was cut abruptly,
Many beings like you wallowed in decay.

I do want to live long,should I do good?
why?as aura of death hangs around me,
Losing good fellow like you makes me nude,
Is it fate or what ? I want to be free,
Oh,great one! why?,why?...'I hate to be rude',
Why?are the pretty ones hang on a tree?

Poem Details | by Linda Barr |
Categories: brother, funeral, inspirational, loss, passion, satire, heart, heart, love, red, rose,

This Human Heart

My brother is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I still remember that day

His Human Heart He laid red rose upon white casket Tears were hidden behind dark glasses People are such righteous asses This question I just had to ask it A wounded heart will not outlast it This human life quickly passes This human dream was love’s excess Why was his love so very wrong? Gender doesn’t really matter Human dreams are still shattered He laid red rose upon white casket Was their love so very wrong? The question I just had to ask it His human heart still sang love’s song.

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: age, death, evil, life, sin, social, words,

Erotic Death

Their erotic death or life eternally,
Directed trance like powers of eyes.
Along with blindness of surprise,
Delivers humanities lustful dormancy,
Creating a new formal entity,
The power that sparks darkening skies,
Lurid scheme of evil does disguise.
Enticingly becomes the destiny.

Transformations brought forth.
One bite brings immortal youth.
Never to grow old, what worth,
Ignoring legitimate truth,
Whether by choice or not henceforth,
We walk upon night in sleuth.

written for contest
Poems from the Vampire!

Cecil Hickman

Poem Details | by Daniel Human |
Categories: death, faith, hope,

Into the last

As we slide into the abyss
Of time and of timelessness
We cling to hope, to eternity

As we pass through this hemisphere
Of being and of not being here
We grope the light, the eternal day

As we cling to that last gasping breath
Of body’s life and fleshly death
We touch the air, the ethereal

As we while our time away
Of time fleeting, that will not stay,
We cling to hope, to eternity
We cling to love, that sets us free

Poem Details | by Tom Quigley |
Categories: birth, death, loss, nature,

The Ides of March

The Ides of March, cruel fate’s Spring Cleaning Day.
Solid walls collapsing around his head.
The day his trusted friends leave him for dead.
Mighty kingdoms burn and dreams die today.
Bull market's passed; today bears rule the fray.
Before the Reaper the strong bow their head.
Mt. Everest's fate? To fall, eroded.
Great ebb, mighty flow, tide into the bay.

Destructive Yin Chi, sharp teeth, bloody horns,
‘Ere Vishnu repairs, Shiva does his worst.
Before a sowing, the garden’s demise.
The sunlight must fade before every morn.
In every blessing, this implicit curse.
For nothing could grow if nought ever dies.

Italian/Petrarchean Sonnet
abbaabba cdecde

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: death, life, love, rose, spiritual,

Immortal in Love

When I ascend into immortal light,
Beloved, gather up red roses laid
upon my grave before dark skies pervade,
then toss abreast our silver stars of night.
Reflected amber softens crimson sight.
Come feel my soulful touch in petals wade.
How lovely does our waters bathe the glade 
as blooms transform from bleeding red to white!

This image wafts between my dreams in sleep
of you and I'm caressed eternally
by heaven's floral streams aglow, As you,
awake at dawn with teary eyes drawn deep.
So, promise when I fade externally,
red roses bled from stone shall drift anew.

Written 2/20/17 for Form I Contest

Poem Details | by Linda Barr |
Categories: death, introspection, parody, people, satire, mother, baby, baby, mother, time,

A Dirty Basement Room

A Dirty Basement Room In a dirty basement room a baby cries Weakened mother was defiled Forced my law to birth a child Upon a dirty pillow she lies In a dirty room the mother dies Mother and son soon reconciled Victims of government gone wild A time to live a time to die Angry rapist walks streets free Will they listen to her plea? In a dirty basement room a baby cries Angry rapist runs streets free In a dirty basement room mother dies Will they listen to her plea?

Poem Details | by Sushma A. Singh |
Categories: grave, remembrance day,

An immortal legacy

An immortal legacy
None is immortal all destined to die
the humble mason or the wisest king
be it those winged creatures that soar humming
one day all will perish under the sky
Yet there may be much more than strikes the eye
whispering melodies resurge to sing
trail of shadows persistent lingering
enshrined in sobs interlaced with that sigh
Does one truly transcend to high heaven
Or merely swap a realm for another
Yesteryear's dad now lives in the grandson
to reweave reveries thrown asunder
As kindred souls club forged anew as one
Life immortalised through gracious venture

Contest Form I
italian Sonnet
date 28 th Feb 2017
rhyme scheme abbaabba cdcdcd

Poem Details | by Sushma A. Singh |
Categories: grave, remembrance day,

An immortal legacy

An immortal legacy
None is immortal all destined to die
the humble mason or the wisest king
be it those winged creatures that soar humming
one day all will perish under the sky
Yet there may be much more than strikes the eye
whispering melodies resurge to sing
trail of shadows persistent lingering
enshrined in sobs interlaced with that sigh
Does one truly transcend to high heaven
Or merely swap a realm for another
Yesteryear's dad now lives in his grandson
to reweave reveries thrown asunder
As kindred souls club forged anew as one
Life immortalised through gracious venture

Contest Form I (Theme: immortal )
italian Sonnet
date 28 th Feb 2017
rhyme scheme abbaabba cdcdcd

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: anniversary, death, family, father, history, people, places, visionary,


He was born in Genoa,
and his mother was Susanna;
and he set sail at the age of fourteen,
to begin a new exploration age!
His father Domenico
gave him inspiration and courage...
while his three brothers:  Giacomo,
Bartolomeo and Giovanni ventured with him
on his long and dangerous voyages,
and accused of many atrocities...
they were sent back to Spain in chains!
A visionary with an extraordinary man's ego, 
followed in the footsteps of Marco Polo...
and in his final days, he died a disappointed man! 


Poem Details | by Thomas Shibbish |
Categories: caregiving, death, funny, wife,

He Needs Depends

Attention, attention! Paging Dr. Death
Your appointments here may I send them in
Go on you will see the sign it reads “fin”
Please, all the way down the last door on the left
The doctor will help you complete your quest
Welcome my dear, relax remove your pin
Take off your clothing place it in the bin
Now lay down shut your eyes take a deep breath
Euthanasia come on down bring a friend
Comatose no worries if are you his wife
Yes I am he’s had a wonderful life
I’m sure he feels it’s a means to an end
No longer will I have to deal with the strife
Or the underwear he wears he needs depends

Poem Details | by Jo Daniel |
Categories: bible, death, god, humanity, life,

Mortal Becoming Immortal

The immortal, invisible King dwells
in the light to which no man can draw near 
But by God's grace immense, He did appear 
as a man to die on the cross that tells 
of His great love for us. We the mortals 
will put on immortality. No fear 
we have of death, as long as we live here.
Such infinite love has no parallels.

Yet, men try foolishly to reduce God's
immortality to mortal likeness 
of man, birds, beasts and creeping things, in vain;
With God, the creature is being at odds,
Therefore, God too gave up man to vileness,
But, now we're reconciled; Christ's death, our gain.


Rhyme scheme: abbaabba cdecde (10 syllables each line)

Poem Details | by Henrique Oliveira |
Categories: death, lust, moon, night, ocean, sea, storm,

A Lullaby for the Drowned

Moon kisses blown by evening’s silver lips
caress the ocean's pricked up ears. They hear
a mute rage, frothy hackles raised to spear
a passing fleet of ghostly nightbound ships.
Dead dreams float up as daylight slowly slips
into the deep; again we face our fear
that dying might not be the last frontier.
A final move to hell requires many trips.

High above the deck, I spy over the bow,
watching for shoals and reefs that lurk below;
my crow's nest cradle teeters on the bough
the wind will break, though when I do not know.
Then we will plunge into the sea we plow,
lustful and wet. How can we sink so low?

Poem Details | by sandra byrd |
Categories: daughter, death, devotion, faith, loss, sad,

misty dawn

sweetest heart
forever loved
death can not tear us apart 
guiding wind
unsung songs
forever kind
in my heart you 
you will always
i miss you everyday
without you my 
world is blue
i love you true
my  precious child

Poem Details | by Henrique Oliveira |
Categories: assonance, death, grave, life, philosophy, solitude, time,

The Long Burial

With a strange, strangled gasp, we gulp the cold air
Crisscrossed by bats in their mad zigzag dash
From out of this cave, out from under this trash
That suffocates us, up our noses and hair;
Blind in the pitch-black dark, we make out the glare
Of bright, shining people who turn into ash,
And ashen-gray minds that sparkle and flash;
The death of the light is a tangled affair.

So we stumble on, tripping from day to day,
Seeking sun in these pits of shadow and strife,
Nodding and smiling even as we decay;
As we go on walking the edge of this knife,
It dawns on us that this anguish will stay
Till the last shovelful of this burial called "life".

Poem Details | by Vanessa Bailey |
Categories: death

Lefft Behind

Sometimes I feel left out, pushed out the way;
Pushed just enough for me to loss you and be able to say;
How unfair, how terriable this must be;
I'm left behind with two children to raise; but there's no you and me.
I'll do my best on my own and try to do it right;
I won't make any promisses without you right by my side.

Poem Details | by Jason Klaiber |
Categories: death, life, nature, day, world, day,


I’ve seen the world as cradled in the night;
The forms and colors shapeless as in death.
It swallows all and leaves me not a breath
Of hope that I shall ever find my sight.
Then day is come and bathes the Earth in light,
And hangs the hue of life as like a wreath.
Like mighty hands that draw the sword from sheath;
The light of day shall save the world from night.

The fight can’t go forever on and on.
What awesome force decides their final plight;
That uses each as if it were a pawn?
My only fear after the final fight:
Shall we see at the end the day at dawn, 
Or will it be the dawning of the night?

Poem Details | by Melissa Ross |
Categories: death, life, loss, lost love, love, passion, wife, beauty, beauty, red,


Thy beauty once red has turned to grey
Now appears blind, as one may clearly see
Thou strive, attempting to make a plea
Thy face has since cracked, as if it were clay
Thou have strife, and have begun to pray
Now misplaced, an old skeleton key
Thy body worn, prepared to flee
For deceit, love, they will indeed slay.

Thy beauty once shined so bright
Such beauty, any man would indeed wed
Thy beauty disbanded, now forced into flight
They have a hunger, it shall be fed
Thy face once red has turned to white
For now, my dear, thou have fallen, dead.

Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: dark, death, depression, home, power, simile, solitude,

Ivory Tower

This hearth and home, my ivory tower,
     wherein I dwell and live in solitude,
     in complete and supernal bliss and brood
reflectively with creative power
(whereby I, emboldened, fear not or cower);
     is the keep where my thoughts are understood, 
     and in myself I most oft' feel a mood    
which forestalls the onset of my darkest hour!
At such times, waves of the sweet by-and-by    
     wash my despair and hopelessness away;     
and once more in me expands a great high;
     a lightness of being that's fain to stay,
here to abide until someday I die;
     and enter a state of perfect rest, I pray.

Poem Details | by John Watt |
Categories: age, childhood, death, old,

Faded Rose

He rested on the park bench every day
To watch us kids with age-old eyes and feed
The birds. He often brought us treats as well,
And filled our heads with tales of wars that he'd
Been through, and one that even till today
He fought.  He told me how his heart would bleed
To know the faded rose on his lapel
Was taking on the odor of a weed.

I wished that he were young and I were old -
For how I longed to view life through the eye
Of seasoned age and wisdom. I could tell,
In me he saw his youth again unfold.
I never knew until today just why
He worried so about the rose's smell.

Poem Details | by Mike Samford |
Categories: death, life, life,

Low the Leaf

How low the leaves will fall when once set free. 
To mingle round the grass and stones with wind
to leave the nest exposed seems such a sin.
Bare is the sight of boughs leaf-meal debris 
measured smoothness of wind or by degree.
The leaf that falls is much like life of men.
How low a leaf will fall at summer’s end?
To lay, to dry and rot in autumn’s breeze.

Yet if the tree, come springtime leafs again
What is there then in life we disbelieve? 
If a man falls like a leaf -ah to spin
twists, twirls and floats high on wild weak-willed wind.  
It is not for the descent of the leaf
but is for self and soul for which we grieve.