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Death Poems About Lay

Lay death poems and poems about death for Lay. Read and share these heartfelt Lay death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Lay Poems.

Poem Details | by John Watt |
Categories: death, grief, love hurts, november, winter,

Winter's Gateway

November, as the poets say -
autumn's demise, winter's gateway.
Its shortened days and longer nights
descending, death is in her sights:
leaves fall, as is their yearly fate,
and beasts prepare to hibernate.

November, as my lady lies
so silent, moving not her eyes -
with ashen skin, lips cold as death,
I wait in vain to feel her breath.
Her soul immortal, this I know,
yet in this life I'll grieve her so.

Written 26 November 2020

Poem Details | by frederick smith |
Categories: sympathy, me, prayer, me,

pray for me

have no sypamthy 
or pity for my actions
but pray for me 
when i'm 
in ones life there 
are many 
for me to stand here 
with a open heart for you 
i guess your prayer 
reach god!

pray for me 
when i walk in 
to them streets
not knowing what is
waiting on me 
pray for me 
that i make something 
of this talent of mine.
pray for me 
and i'll pray 
for you each time

Poem Details | by Constance La France |
Categories: death,

As I Lay Dying, I asked

Who will decide my fate? What is to become of my existence? When will I enter the gate? Where are you Lord, I need your assistance? Why am I wandering and full of earthly resistance? ____________________________ Poetry/Quintain/As I Lay Dying, I asked Copyright Protected, ID 12-415-618-0 All Rights Reserved. Written under Pseudonym. Written for the contest, 5 W's Sponsor, Harry Horseman Placed

Poem Details | by Emily Marks |
Categories: death, introspection, life,


The last few hours of my life
Felt like an eternity.
My ever so frail, disintegrating body
Endured the fight of a lifetime,
Struggling with every inhale 
And exhale of air.
My thoughts were hopeless.

As I lay on the putrid smelling mattress
That I had rescued from the local
Dump only months before,
I realized that I was already dead,
And had been for nearly
Three quarters of a century.

My soul had been a prisoner of death
Since the day that I gave up on myself
And began to live the life that everyone
Else expected and thought was best for me.

My soul had died at the radiant age of
Thirteen, while the death of my body
Was a few struggling breaths away.

Poem Details | by Ryan Hebets |
Categories: death,

Final Good-bye

Small and silver feel the bite,
on this stark cold dreary night.
Run a line across my arm; 
watch the razor work its charm.

A river of red courses to the floor,
As I shiver more and more.
A stream of tears flow from my eyes,
not from grief, but last good-byes.

It’s not your fault, don’t blame yourself.
I’m the one who’s in this mess.
I tried so hard to just be me.
But in the end, I was never free.

Life is hard, the pain was short.
I just wanted to take the easy way out.
Now my mind it starts to fade,
And I know that it’s my last day.

As I close my eyes, this one last time,
I say my final, last good-bye.

Poem Details | by James Moon |
Categories: confusion, death, deep, heartbreak, introspection, remember, sorrow,

As I lay dying

As I lay dying I cling to this life, everything in it 
The pain and the strife,  the heartbreak the sorrow
Always knowing you can start over tomorrow
As I lay dying , I feel too much regret
Frantic and panicked, what did I expect? 
If I had moved to the right, but I went to the left
As my life leaves me, I feel myself wade into the shore 
But no matter anymore, the big sleeps knocking at my door

Poem Details | by David Smalling |
Categories: death, friendship,

Avia, A Memory

The darkened stair
The footsteps coming down
The hunger there
The dove sang and then flown

The sudden kiss
Of constant memory
The sweetly missed
The sad, sad history

Avia, I
See not why men should praise
The hope to die
And leave desolate days

Where the living
Webbed, a blind butterfly
Jn suffering
Can only wait, and think and cry.

Poem Details | by T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet |
Categories: me,

For the Poetic Epitaph contestHere I lay on this day.

Here I lay on this day.
A great soul has gone away.
They gave me a blanket so I wouldn't get cold.
They gave money from people that owed.
I'll miss all the dinners and the food we'd eat.
The great desserts and those wonderful treats.
I was a great lady and always a great friend.
I will be missed till they see me again.
                  Teresa Skyles

Wrote for Andrea's poetic Epitaph contest.

Poem Details | by Jack Eldridge |
Categories: bereavement, death, dedication,

Lay Down and Rest

Lay down and rest now,lay down and rest 
You've sown wisely,you've given your best. 
As friend, wife, and mother you've labored with love 
No worries now, no cares now,come rest above. 
Leave cupboard and kitchen,needle and thread, 
Broom and dustpan,come lay down your head. 
You've labored through sunrise,midday and now 
It's sunset my little one ,come rest your brow. 
I've seen that you've given,so many you've touched 
Life is better for all,for your caring so much, 
So come aside daughter,come aside dear, 
You've shown me to others,so come join me here. 
Thank you Grandma P 

Poem Details | by Te'Arra Callandret |
Categories: lost love, love, sad, sympathy, me,

Wrong Doing

You touch me with a soft hand
then you turn my smile to tears
you say you wouldn't break my 
heart but you always seem to do
it again i wan't to bring you
closer but your ways pull
me apart from what i won't to be 
so near my feeling you don't care
and my emotions you stir
why me and why you
don't seem to care??
i don't wan't to walk away
 and i don't wanna 
stay but the way i'm feeling
i need to pick up an move
on because your ways
are remaining
i'm learning
i wish i can make
you see that i'm trying 
 but you don't have
any sympathy for me

Poem Details | by Mandy Wynne |
Categories: angel, betrayal, depression, feelings, grief, longing, love hurts,

Where Broken Hearts Come To Lay

Where broken hearts come to lay
The sorrow of my soul does stay
Fractured beings that live as less
Were broken from loves confess
Like glass against a granite slab
Shattered pain the gnaws and stabs

Where broken hearts come to lay
Angels weep and fall astray
Into the darkness they do plunge
Soaking their wings in tainted grunge
Where fallen angels dare to lie
Other angels they do cry

Where broken hearts come to lay
My soul does beg and pray
To see beyond the darkness into the light
To sever the angst of their plight
To the feel the love of the immortal soul
To once again be truly whole

Poem Details | by George Zamalea |
Categories: confusion, death, depression,

Lay It Now

Not knowing the answer in a rotten action,
	I ask, "Where is my charming
And where is my desire?"
From "Inland"

Poem Details | by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: grief,


you can tell
it rings your bell
by there look
it gets you hook
that's because your wises
on to 

Poem Details | by frederick smith |
Categories: on work and working, passion, philosophy, places, sad, science, science fiction, social, heart, heart,

died while i was living

can't be 
with the suspect 

can't be love 
with my heart 
still prowling 

oh 911 
did you get the 
my heart was broken 
i can't walk or run

i can't talk i'm stung
haven't even touch look at 
the drool from my tounge

i'm seeing my future 
but my present is 
threat ful 
if i don't change i'm just 
i'm just 
i'm just 
i'm just 
i'm just 
hold up i'm talented 
my fears died while i was living

Poem Details | by Kyleigh Henderson |
Categories: death, depression, feelings, grief, loss,

When You Lay Me Down

When you lat me down
Please don't cry
Just say goodbye
Because you'll see me again in time

When you lay me down
Don't ask why he took me 
Or why I had to go so soon
Because now I'm in peace and in no pain

When you lay me down
Don't say it wasn't my time
Because if it wasn't
It wouldn't be my funeral tonight

When you lay me down
Please don't cry
Because it's my time
To go 6 feet under
And live in the afterlife-

Poem Details | by Dr.Hemant Vinze |
Categories: natural disasters, life, loss, sea, seasons, sorry, sympathy,


Under water drowned
Gone with the wind
Under rubble buried
And by pestilence effaced
Smitten by a ferocious storm
Civilizations go into oblivion!!


The sun is shining
The shoots are erupting
The flowers are blooming
The butterflies are twirling
The sad old earth 
Is brimming with mirth 

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: dark, death, goodbye,

Lay Me Down

Purge these wanton eyes   
Lost gazing at her beauty   
Held visions burnt in stone   
Killing me ever so slowly   
Exhume my weary mind   
And cast it out to sea   
Drown it in Holy waters   
Where only the good survive   
Lend me your whispered breath   
For mine has been stolen   
A last gasp of indiscretion 
And my soul is now deflated   
Chop off my ringing ears   
So I can no longer hear   
The sound of the nightingale  
Seducing me in my mourning 
Lay me down and let me die   
This body has cried its last cry   
I wait with time  no more
I bid you all a final goodbye

**A fictional poem**

Poem Details | by Ken Jordan |
Categories: death of a friend, grief, boy,

Boy Lay Dying

Poet:  Ken Jordan
Poem:  Boy Lay Dying 
Edited by:  Sparkle Jordan
written:  July/2015

are short

precious -

are few -

give's way

way too
soon -


Old Sun,

gone -



harvest moon -

copyright (c). 2015. all rights reserved


Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: angst, confusion, dark, depression, fear, grief, hate, life, loss, lost, pain, sorrow, me,

Lay OFF of Me

You are under his roof now...
Deny it not
You are his own comforter
Lay off of me, you stubborn child -
You feel perfect
When he's near...
When I appear...
You draw back in fear...
You are his property now
It's SO true - 
You are a selfish, little liar 
You burn me like flames 
You called me nasty names
Your image transformed to shame 
You witch!
I was caught under your spell...
You dwell...
Down you go in the abyss
You are so insidious....
Frankly, you've done enough damage
While I tried my hardest to break free
From the bondage 

You dwell in the shadows 
With the predator...
Lay off of me,

YOU total disaster

Obey your master - 
the devil...

Poem Details | by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: beautiful, bereavement, freedom, goodbye, leaving, loss, spiritual,

Free-will your soul, lay down your pain

It was a candle that danced the flame
It was a song that soothed the pain

The road so heavy 
The going long

The hills were mountains
The streams were seas

The clouds were shadows 
The rains were tears

The fields were calling

Lay down your years
Sow here your fears
Listen to the wind
Whistling your name
Remember the great past of life
Feel the enticing rain
For now the spirits come to take you home 

Lay down your pain
Free will your soul

Poem Details | by Daniel Miltz |
Categories: death,

Bones Lay

Bones Lay

Feb 11,  2017• By daniel miltz •

Back age of brute creation 'n herbage beholders
Hominoids have stayed for bodiless years 
Jumbled brains on battered shoulders 
With rash of lacking space frontiers
On brief planet lay all the bone souvenirs

For countless, covered bodies in shallow earth tomb 
Whilst' sun winks like the star  
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust gloom
In an overcast front of sky afar
Protected in the bosom of Spirit’s immortal reservoir

Poem Details | by Terry Ledwell |
Categories: death

Lay in Silence

Sometimes I lay in silence 
With my hands across my chest 
Sinking deep inside it
Like the day I'll lay to rest..
Staring into eyelids
That become an open door
Thats daring me provided
I let go of life some more...
Until theres no more numbing
Of my body thats turned pale
Or nothing else is coming
From my lungs as I exhale...
Much deeper everytime I fall
Within this lucid state
Not wanting to come back at all
Which makes me hesitate...
Sometimes I lay in silence
And I gently hold my breath 
Until my heart's soo quiet 
That Im just that close to death ...


Poem Details | by Mike Hauser |
Categories: death, poets,

Lay Me Down

Lay this poet down
When the time arrives
In a field of fresh cut words
On a bed of softened rhyme

Fell free to cover me
From my head down to my feet
In a poetic form to keep me warm
Perhaps a blanket of allegory

Place a silken sonnet pillow
Underneath my weary head
In a field of fresh cut words
On top a rhyming bed

Poem Details | by Nicole Bissell |
Categories: angst, death, depression, devotion, feelings, heartbroken, loneliness, longing, lost love, suicide,

Lay Me Down to Sleep

now I lay me down to sleep
with wrists that bleed from cuts so deep
my eyes so dry
nothing left with which to cry
and I slowly begin to die
for you this should surely be goodbye
with my final breath do I wish to say
my heart with you did forever stay
but do you care either way
what I say as i pass away
my heart for you kept on caring
despite a fact I can not continue baring
seeing you with her once more
from my chest, my heart was tore
and still I continue to say
my heart with you will surely stay

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, death, dedication, destiny, god, inspirational, jesus,

He Lay

One plus one is plus one is three and one;
routed and placed inside the Son
His name is Immanuel
He is the man from Jerusalem
at the 3rd hour He moan
in the 6th hour He groan
But in the 9th hour He risen,  they thought  He was dead
Who rolled away the stone
Who moved the stone away
They placed Him in the tomb
Now watching were everyone including Mary and Mary and Martha 
maybe even John??Someone placed Him in a cloth and...
moved away the stone placed His body in the tomb
A cave, this grave is where