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Death Poems About Loved_One

Loved_One death poems and poems about death for Loved_One. Read and share these heartfelt Loved_One death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Loved_One Poems.

Poem Details | by Debra Mo |
Categories: death of a friend, grandfather, heartbreak,

The Loss of a Loved One

Two pm

I awake, startled by the light of the lights

Dave, standing there beside me

“Wake up; He’s serious;

Close the door behind us”

You can’t leave me here, clueless!

One look at mama and I knew he’s gone.

Or on his way

“We shall let u know”

And they, through the door

Myself, confused,

Gathering all sorts of roses,

Prayers, pleas, tears!



Poem Details | by zoe marinus |
Categories: daughter, death, family, father, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, life, loss, lost love, love, mother, son, love,

loved one

a smile upon my face
warmth inside my heart
this is what I felt
when we began to start
in a different place
and at another time
a love for ever broken
now no longer mine
you begin to fade away
left presence I can’t see
but I can feel you here
still watching over me
your a whisper I can’t here
and a touch that I can’t feel
I’m talking to you now
I love you and always will

Poem Details | by Jared Merkel |
Categories: angel, death, grief, miss you, mother son, religious,

remembering a loved one

  The colors of the rainbow some red yellow and blue is one of God's creations that I sent down to you.  To let you know that I am here in some way shape or form and that I will always be with you forever more.  To be there when you're happy or need to shed a tear your Mom will always be right here in your heart that's where I'll stay but I'll see you again one fine day.  Until that day comes when we see each other face to face enjoy the colors of the rainbow that God has bestowed.

Poem Details | by Yuhi Musinga |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, bereavement, boyfriend, caregiving, lost love, love hurts,

The Loss of A Loved One

The Loss of A Loved One

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can snip. 
It tears at my heart daily with writhing pain. 
I love you every day.
And now I will miss you every day

Not only had you gone, 
but--and bear with me here—
a part of my very being had gone with you.
It harms so much to sit here and see, 
the affection we had in the beginning is no longer going to be. 

You are stolen from me,
the way to have you live on,
is to never stop loving you.
If tears could build a flight of steps,
And memoirs a road,
I’d walk right up to Dreamland
And bring you home again.

The pain of misery is the fee we pay for affection.

Poem Details | by David Materazzi |
Categories: confusion, death, life, lost love, sad, sorry, sympathy,

Losing a Loved One

Never lost a loved one before 
They tell you to move on
When they don't even know your pain
Emptiness is what I have inside
Why must this happen to me
I can't live like this
But I chose not to give up 

Without my loved one
Without my soul mate
The nights are lonely
But I will be ok
I must be strong
In time my pain will fade
But now I must deal with it
Can't say goodbye so fast
Must take it slow
Our love for each other will always remain



Poem Details | by Betty Harp Butler |
Categories: angel, death, heaven, religious,

Our Loved One

The angels came to take him
On a journey afar,
To a place prepared by God,
Far beyond the shining stars.

God Himself shall wipe away
All the tears from his eyes.
Forever and ever he shall be with Him,
And he will never again have to die.

Poem Details | by Rebecca Edwards Chandler |
Categories: death, depression, son,

Loved One

As the tears pour down 
In a harsh rain
The pool of memories
Fills and just as suddenly
Leaves a stain
Our pain shows like
Streaking lightning
Fear of losing this precious
One has hit our hearts full
Of shock It's frightening
Now gripping reality we realize
Our loss was great and
Our tears are many
Our memories are recapped
Plenty We will miss you
Dear one We will close your
Special book; only because
This chapter is done
Dedicated to my Son: Zachary

Poem Details | by sheila garcia |
Categories: death, loss, lost love, love, sister,

Loss of a Loved One

I know I left you,
I just could'nt stay.
The pain was inside me
I had to get away

You say you don't understand
I had a long life to live
but I was dying inside,
I had nothing left to give.

So you say you're feeling hurt
you feel you've been betrayed
those were not my intentions
so please don't be afraid.

So when It's your time
you'll see me again.
I'll be free from the pain,
and you'll still be my best friend.

Poem Details | by Destiny Schipper |
Categories: death, loss, lost love, love, sad, death, death, leaving,

Lost Loved One

Engaging alters prance through the wind
Melodic songs of a peaceful goodbye
Tranquility begins to surround her tonight
This twilight death of a heart dipping under

The passion is leaving her behind forever
Let Destiny take her course of aftermath
Bloodless painful stitchings of a lost love
When death decided she was his next victim

Her life will carry on through the dark mist
A cerulean blanket lay upon her thoughts
Her devoted chaliced love left her this night
As his phantasm raises from earth to heaven

(NOTE: thought i'd add this isn't about someone's 
lover leaving them, but about a wife's husband 
dying, most ppl didn't see that)

Poem Details | by Lavonne Horn |
Categories: death, life, loss, nature, sad, sorry, sympathy, time,

Our Loved One

The one who helped us
When we were down
Made us smile 
When we had a frown
I wish that you didn't 
Have to go so soon
I was glad when you were around 
I wish you could come back
We all really miss you 
Not a day goes by 
Without thinking about you
That just shows our love 
For you is more than true
That is why god is with you 
It was just your time to go
I can still hear your voice 
Flowing in and out my ear 
As I sit by the window
And that's how I know 
You're still here with me 

Poem Details | by The Brooklyn Six Project |
Categories: death, goodbye, grief, memory,

A Loved One May Have Passed On

A loved one may have passed on 
Never forget that she taught you how to be strong 
She is still there as a guide 
To help you carry on 
You were always her precious jewel 
She wanted you to give it your all 
To be that beacon of light to empower 
And to have the will to stand up tall

Poem Details | by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: bereavement, death, death of a friend,

A Loved One

The graveside seems hauntingly silent Only two ravens sit on a stone cross the stillness of night leaves them compliant not even pecking at the monument's moss The stones are set to remember someone who was probably, at one time, a loved one September 27, 2019 Image # 2 Make IT Six Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Joseph May

Poem Details | by The Brooklyn Six Project |
Categories: dark, death, loss, sad,

The Passing Of A Loved One

When a loved one passes away
You will feel lots of pain
As you continue on with life 
The clouds appear with lots of rain 
All that is left, are fond memories 
Think of the good times that appeared 
Remember the lessons that you were taught 
And the good cheer shared over the years

Poem Details | by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: death of a friend, muse,

Coping with death of a loved one

The earth form born, will one day die
Why then do we, in deep grief sigh
Ephemeral not eternal
What makes us then delusional

Moment to moment in stillness 
We recognise true being-ness
Yet mired in attachments, we grieve
How may we, threads of clear truth weave

(syllabic rhyme)


Poem Details | by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: death, spiritual,

Coping with loss of a loved one

Let not the pain 
Innocence stain 
Within the void of emptiness 
Lies promise of vibrant fullness 
Shifting from the external ephemeral 
To the internal eternal 
Beyond transient mind body identity 
Truth of oneness and life eternal continuity 
We recognise that nothing lost, only veiled 
Within our heart glows Gods love unstained