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Death Poems About Mirror

Mirror death poems and poems about death for Mirror. Read and share these heartfelt Mirror death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Mirror Poems.

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: grief, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Cracking the Mirror Each Time

keeps butting her head against the same mirror
it cracks and breaks finally
so she finds another one as close to it as possible

Same scenario, 
Same scripts
Same arguments.

This mirror leaves too
Why do all the mirrors leave me? She asks.
The cat has no answers. Just glad to get all the attention now.

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: grave, loss, love, mirror, miss you, rose, sad,

Mercy, a sonnet

Is this then all there is now, only me
And all there is now left for me to do 
Cry ‘mercy’ to the unforgiving sea
And bury all the love I had for you
Beneath the sorry roses in the shade
Of yew trees, in the graveyard, by the wall
Let tenderness and fondest feelings fade
Until the day there is no you at all
Within my mirror, only empty sky
And tumbleweed across the arid ground
No answer to the question of my cry
Just silence; oh my love, in you I found
A heat too sweet and gentle to forget
Have mercy on me, love, don’t leave me yet

© Gail Foster 2016


Poem Details | by Julie Achilles |
Categories: grief, loneliness, lost love, memory, mirror,


I write with a hand you once held how I love to recall,
I look into a mirror where once we saw ourselves reflected,
Now my hands shake and the mirror lies.

I walk alone along the seashore where once we did together,
Our belief in our innocence we were safe in the bosom of our land,
Now I know that we were fooled.

Now my legs ache and I tire easily so I walk home alone,
I sit in my old armchair though it is now threadbare with age,
I gaze through a closed window.

I have cried more tears that can be counted, for you, for me,
They fall silently for there is no one to hear my cries,
And our portrait still hangs on my crumbling wall.

Poem Details | by John Arribas |
Categories: analogy, eulogy, future, introspection, judgement, leaving, voyage,



Its been a long and perilous journey
All over in such a short time
I  find myself yielding the treasures
I once thought were mine
If there’s a heaven
Then surely, there is a hell
Question is “in which shall I dwell”

Poem Details | by Serge Belinsky |
Categories: death, freedom, god, humanity, men, military, mirror, peace, power, soldier, time, world,

Time of Mankind

Cruel times, cruel hearts of fighters
Going to death under the orders of the fathers,
For the blood that binds them,
Both the brothers who fell and friends still alive,

Brutal century, cruel eyes of the war, 
Staring with soulless of Satan on the human world,
Yeah heard journalists huskiness news,
Yes does not relieve the anxiety of the soldiers' mothers,
Who are waiting for years for news of the children.

Is it possible the war to stop?
All sufferers to give a lot?
Blow out bonfires, bridges to restore?

But the smell of the blood strong for the sharks,
Give no rest, so sweet it is.

Poem Details | by Miche Ulman |
Categories: absence, adventure, betrayal, body, books, change, character, conflict, confusion, courage, creation, culture, dark, death, dream, evil, farewell, freedom, history, imagination, inspiration, life, magic, mirror, murder, mystery, mythology, philosophy, poetry, self, senses, sin, society, symbolism, travel, visionary, wisdom,


hello my friend, stranger walk by,
borrow a moment, spare me your lie,
through pen of the narrow and mist of an eye,
below absolute zero, someone will die;
sentence to rambler, apple hereby,
flute of the meadow, mandrake will cry,
in front of the riddler second might try,
get out of here mortal,
exit near by-e.

angry as he strike out his pen,
get out of here demon, get out of this den,
in thousands of years how long has it been,
when scriptures wear sandals;
on meadow you land, many bear seasons,
stakes shall bend, lantern still burning,
your letter is send.

Poem Details | by Constance La France |
Categories: grief, hurt, sad, sorrow,

A Cracked Mirror

My soul a cracked mirror where falling tears drip, drip . . . Oh, must brush this aching aside or die! ________________________ May 24, 2017 Cinquain/A Cracked Mirror Copyright Protected, ID 904122 Early Summer Standard Brian Strand First Place

Poem Details | by Agatha Jetaime |
Categories: sympathy, teacher, wisdom, woman, world, youth,

The mirror test

Am I the person I want to be?
Oh my, please cut out the silly questions.
Do I pass mirror test? To some degree:
A gorgeous but with sad eyes reflection.

I want to exhibit self-confidence, 
To be passionate and yet strong like steel,
I imagine possessing prominence
In professional circles but appeal

To sympathy, oftentimes compassion,
Crave a form of distant childhood sequel.
Want to shine and stand out in relation
To fruitful environment of equals. 

And foremost I want to be a mother!
One who is a teacher, loving, tender.
Lately I get thoughts "Why even bother
Finding candidate of other gender?"

Poem Details | by Sarah Casey |
Categories: funeral, imagination,

Mirror Mirror

Lights out
minid a blur,
you're chopped to a million pieces-
from that mirror,
that ground,
that stability you always longed for.
You're egotistic life
that look through the glass
it drove me mad,
I saw you for who are
I saw what you always were
shame on me
to fall again
and feel that ice cold chill.

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: analogy, death, fire, flower, hope, lonely, mirror,


More light tie,

to the age of might-
we align,

no sore power scores to march-
we shall spell the actions inside...

A mechanical speaker re-arrive,
but then we hide-

who is natural but the most main event?

So many sensy tentacles that I think dread,

if it's 100 years more we claim,

just imagine up-side-down game-

in the real name you explain,

in-and-out of context you see the dots in play.

Poem Details | by Michael MacCallum |
Categories: death, fear, horror, mental illness, mirror, scary, violence,


When I look in the bathroom mirror
what I see causes me much fear.

My reflection is not my own
but rather of a wicked crone.

She is trying to take my life
So I must quickly end this strife.

To the kitchen to get a blade
this evil skin will soon be flayed.

I take aim at the mocking face
and thrust the blade with rapid p

Poem Details | by Micheal G. Weston |
Categories: anger, anxiety, conflict, dark, evil, grief, how i feel,

The Mirror

    I looked into his eyes.
    All I saw were lies.
    Anger overwhelmed me.
    Detest grew bitter and cold.
    Hatred multiplied by tenfold.
    Then I realized I was looking in the mirror.

Poem Details | by Sam Spry |
Categories: death,

A Broken Mirror

A Broken Mirror 
A Distorted Face 
A Shattered Heart 
A Clear Distaste 

A Fallen Tear 
A Reddened Eye 
A Downturned Mouth 
A Year Gone By 

A Loaded Gun 
A Finished Fear 
A Bloodied Wall 
A Broken Mirror

Poem Details | by MASOUD MASOUD |
Categories: angst, beautiful, confusion, death, depression, imagination, inspirational,

The mirror that died yesterday

My old mirror died yesterday,
Broken into thousand pieces,  
I guess it so decayed, 
I let it to rest in peace at last. 

I got myself a new mirror,  
I put it in the same frame, 
Alas and behold this mirror, 
It shows and reflect wrong images.

What has changed I know not, 
Is the old mirror jealous I know not, 
Is the new mirror fake I know not, 
But what I see is me not.

Poem Details | by B. Joseph Fitzsimons |
Categories: grief, mirror,

Mirror Mirror

I asked the mirror this afternoon whether or not it could see,
And if what it saw was the same that I could see. 

A man with a glower of golden strands of hair,
Atop fair skin, cerulean eyes sink into a striking stare. 

High cheeks, strong jaw on a handsome friendly face,
Evident of the divine bloodline in this boy of elven race.

Yet he is not what the seer seems to see,
But a self unkept by he who is me. 

I see not the beauty in the boy on my reflection,
But the broken beer-bellied ***** paling from perfection.

Poem Details | by Shihabudheen Kumbidi |
Categories: art, autumn, emotions, grief, imagery, nature, sorrow,


Every morning, 
It comes down from the wall
looks at my face
Combing the fingers through the hair.
Showing the teeth and lips.

That time,
Realizing I’m a mirror
Feels like all streets,
vehicles, shops, and trees
looking at me.

My emotion is not mine
It is yours,
My Eyes are not mine
They may be gazes of stars,
These hands are not mine
They may be branches of trees.
Yes, I am a mirror
Bearing the reflections of others.

Poem Details | by nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex |
Categories: conflict, death, fun, history, war,

Mirror Wars

Mirror Wars

Mirror wars across the years, see my fighter plane cut 
through the sky, deadly eggs under the wings for the enemy. 
No mercy at my hands for today I’m in a nebulous mood. 
What would Custer do if he had my plane in the sky? 
Stop the Indians and be victorious, not slaughtered to a man? 
Call him a hero today but what was he then? 
Target coming into view, see flashes of bomb bursts 
and glow of tracer fire. I laugh at you, you can’t touch 
me but I can you. Press the nob and feel my plane buck 
like my mistress as my bombs head down. 
Soon you’ll be dead like Custer, 
mirror wars reflecting images of death.

Poem Details | by David Smalling |
Categories: sympathy,

Mirror Letter

Madam, I could not 
Take your love, and nothing leave
You with. I could'nt make you grieve
Lest you hate yourself
For having nothing inside
To cuddle deep ego's pride

All you have is love
Of you in child's basket light
That in any wind finds flight
Do not blame the world
Loving self brings no reward
Friction grinds our pride still hard 

This mirror then take
It served me well being blind
You can read like a letter
It better serves you
With self-centered eyes, to see
No one stones a barren tree.

Poem Details | by Banjo Casto |
Categories: bereavement, rain,

Mirror Of Rain

Rainfall ticks on a dreary lane
beneath tangled city posts--
wheezing through severed roots
and my veins quiver in a freeze--
this hour reminding me of her demise.

Fragment Of Life 
( Not entered)

Poem Details | by Anindya Mohan Tagore |
Categories: death, life, memory,

Mirror of Memories

All alone - I stand in front of a mirror 
Leaving my memories behind - like falling leaves of time 
Zooming the frames captured in my minds celluloid  - a desperate try
Hardly my efforts yield any fruitful result - rewinding is impossible 
Even though the results never satisfy - 
I am not going to quit the fight; 
Me and my ageing memories have reached an edge 
End line is approaching - too fast 
Romantic death with my present only 
'Am not worried - but waiting for 
Some Angels to join my flight

For Contest : Trashed#4
Sponsor : Broken Wings


Poem Details | by Fetta Cheese |
Categories: dark, depression, grief, halloween, hate, me, mirror,


Mirror, mirror on the wall
As the cool winds begin, from Fall
A looming figure stood over me, skinny and tall
The face covered with a garment, suppressing a call
“Help,” I hear a faint whisper, “nothing is good, nothing at all”
“You are not worthy, you look like a rag doll”
The figure made me feel so small, suddenly she began to scrawl
‘I AM’ the letters were scratched on the wall
I close my eyes and try to stall
My eyes opened and written on the wall,
Was ‘YOU’, and in my hands, lay my shawl

Poem Details | by Diana Bosa |
Categories: blue, body, grief, loss, lost love, love, mirror,

Comforting The Ghost

I am still sleeping with your spectral body
sharing my bed with your incorporeal consciousness.
Even now can recall the taste of your dreams
for enfolding myself with your astral vestige.

I am like air yet earthbound because of you
in my turning, I no longer can return to the highest deep.

Your rising was my fall 
for my end became your beginning.
Crying these tears of mirror shards 
the next page in the book of reflections was turned.

And nothing left behind 
but comforting the ghost.

Poem Details | by Mary Nagy |
Categories: angst, confusion, daughter, death, loss, lost love, mother, people,

The Woman In The Mirror

When I pass a mirror
and catch you watching me,
I'm stricken with the strangest chill
that no one else can see.

The resemblance is uncanny.
The face, the hair, the nose.
I'm even just about your height.
I guess that's how it goes.

I'll always be reminded 
of when you went away
each time I pass a mirror...
(That's every single day.)

Poem Details | by Alayande Stephen |
Categories: adventure, death, life, passion, mirror,


Life is a mirror
Our deeds echoes life
Actions pierce through
The thick forest of life. 

Indeed casting shadows 
Of me only off myself
Not to throw stones
To a house made of glass. 
Do you still see through 
The mirror of this life? 

Mirrors have been broken
Not many can see through 
Why then do many hold 
Tight to the mirror of life?
The more you try holding it 
Selfishly it to yourself alone,
The less you can reflect on it.
Do we still see through?

Alayande Stephen. T
21st of July, 2006

Poem Details | by karen croft |
Categories: death, family, me,

mirror mirror

everyone says i look like my grandmother

here i am face to face with you
looking in the mirror

every twitch
every brush of my hair
it's your face i'm looking at

every tear streaming down my face
you reflect back at me

if only i could see you daily
i wouldn't feel so lost and confused at the image
of myself

if you could only talk
and tell me your worries
your life stories that i never got to hear

you left when i was ten
and i missed out on so much

yet you stare at me in the mirror
with that sweet smile
as if it were still the last time i seen you

then you're gone again!