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Death Poems About Morning

Morning death poems and poems about death for Morning. Read and share these heartfelt Morning death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Morning Poems.

Poem Details | by Francis J Grasso |
Categories: death, grief, life, lost love, motivation, moving on,

Morning Light

The calm that comes with morning light.
Lying here... from an untroubled night.

Alone, awake after restful sleep.
No tears left, no tears to weep.

Dreaming where dreams were never seen.
Free from all that might have been.

By myself with a pristine heart,
to begin again; a brand new start.

No more fear as I arise.
No sadness here to burn my eyes.

Only peace to guide my way.
No more guilt to mar the day.

My spirit rises in the sun,
as life again has just begun.
written 01.20.2017

Poem Details | by Susan Ashley |
Categories: emotions, grief, longing, loss, lost love, memory, morning,

Morning Mist

In dampened blur of violet dawn as angels’ weep did touch upon a mourner’s shoulders mist enshroud - to soften edges gauzy haze that hug around these painful days and mellow memories endowed in sacred stillness of time gone. In silent water droplets clear is beauty precious every sphere collecting on the silvern spires midst leaf and scented lavender reminding me of when we were devoted in our love’s desires - each flower holds a lost love tear. Susan Ashley September 29, 2018 ~ Third Place ~ Contest: Your Choice Flower Verse, Any Form, Any Theme Sponsor: Brian Strand

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: cry, grief, morning, mother, nature, rain, sky,

Mourning Since Dawn

Why must the mourning come
with every dawn?

The sky is crying again today.
I heard her sobbing
as I laid in bed.
She would calm down
for a little while,
then it would start up again.
Did I do something
to upset Mother Nature?

I watched in solemn silence
all afternoon
as her tears
streak down my window pane.
I wonder what I can possibly do
to comfort her.
There are no tissues large enough
to wipe away
a streaming flood of sorrow.
Maybe this is just Mother Nature's way
of grieving,
and soon it will pass.

The newborn flowers
open their blossoms
to receive and embrace
her gift.
Mother Nature is so beautiful
even when she cries.

May 13th, 2014

Poem Details | by Andy Davies |
Categories: anger, break up, cry, grief, sad, sad love,

The morning after

My heart is bleeding
My soul is pleading
For the love that I once knew.
My mind is wondering
My thoughts are crumbling
Remembering how we grew and grew
My love for you will not go
My spirit feels so low
I try to remember the good 
But I will never have understood
How this ended so quickly 
I was out of your life so briskly
I just thought we would never part
and now I have a broken heart

Poem Details | by Lawrence Sharp |
Categories: death, depression, society,

The Morning Was Strange

In the centre of the small town is a small town square. In the centre of the small town square is a small water fountain. It springs a joy to which the townspeople are magnetically drawn. The water below is clean and clear. This morning a young girl lay facedown. In the clean, clear water, where the small water fountain danced, and dances. In the centre of the small town square; in the centre of the small town. It seemed strange that she should be dead in a place where there is so much life.

I've known of her charm
We'll not dwell on her passing
It seems far too strange

1st July 2020

Poem Details | by Glory Winzer |
Categories: depression, grief, love, sad,

Waiting For Lonely Morning

You didn’t come that dreadful night
Or in the morning with the rain
Even through all my pain
You didn’t come, with all your light
You didn’t come to bring me might
And as though my loss were your gain
You didn’t come, you did refrain
From coming to take away my fright

And now my heart is cold and bare
And now you may come and see
That no love could be harbored there
And  this is what I will always be
Because you didn’t come and didn’t care

©Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: boyfriend, desire, destiny, girlfriend, good morning, good night, grief, happy, heartbreak, heartbroken, humanity, i love you, i miss you, identity, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, irony, jealousy, joy, light, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, miss you, missing, missing you, motivation, night, nostalgia, perspective, philosophy, relationship, repetition, romance, romantic, sunset, truth,

Her Soul

it's not the sun that rises each morning
it's my mind setting into the light;

it's not the sun that sets each evening
it's her soul rising onto the night.

Poem Details | by D.A Hopkins |
Categories: absence, bereavement, cry, dad, daughter, day, death, god, grief, june, life, loss, memory, miss you, morning, remember, sad, sorrow,


Even after sixteen years still I cry your daughters tears Every year on this day, will always be sad known only as the date, God took my dad 1st June 1954- 22nd Oct 1997 Allan Thomas Holmes

Poem Details | by HOLLY MOORE |
Categories: death, peace, morning,

A Peaceful Place

Rolling hills majesty, lush grass for the surrounding space
Overlooking two white horses from a fairy tale across the way
Masses of flowers to be seen flowing in vases made of strength
A hush of dew in the morning dusts this peaceful place
Vibrant luminaries around each piece shine in the night air 
Their story told on celebrated markers placed precisely everywhere
People will come to visit, kneel, and talk of the days before
This is the loved one’s home now and the caretaker is their saving grace
A hush of dew in the morning dusts this peaceful place.

©Holly P. Moore
   December 2012

Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: death, depression, feelings, life, lost, love, sad,

No Good Morning Sunshine

I lie awake thinking of the agony of it all. 
A hold ripped into my heart. 
The pain of loss and what might have been. 
How can there be life without life.

My stomach rots with pain. 
Love lost because of honor before desire.
Oh God, what is to become of me now.

I fear not death! 
I have already died a death worse than death. 
In death the pain of life comes to it's end.

Then what is this death with pain. 
A death knowing there will be no,
Good Morning Sunshine...

Edward J Ebbs - Summer 2006

Poem Details | by Dana Smith |
Categories: death, girlfriend-boyfriend, nature, morning, sun,

The Dying Beauty

Lovely flower, how thee shines so brightly, But what hath you be, when the sun must fall? The sun must cease shining e'er so slightly, Then the sunset be your beauty's last call What happens when your morning dew has dried? Sprinkled reflection of morning passes What when the sunlight's golden hue has died, And you're all alone in dying grasses? What will you be, when your stem has turned brown? And there's no set of eyes to admire? What when your lovely blue petals fall down, And there's nothing left of you to desire? Your beauty shall forever be the past, And this death of your color be the last~

Poem Details | by Diane M Quinlan |
Categories: autumn, change, death, halloween, moon, morning, red,


 autumn, change, death, halloween, moon, morning, red,

Three Haiku poems on October for contest

October skies bite
Northern winds lay frost tonight
Hoar covered meadows

Cold short daylight hours
The month of October brings
Reigns before snow fall.

Night skies tinted all red
October month turns over
Harvest moon is out

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: bereavement, courage, loss,

Come Morning

son coming home
black dress draped on bed
will she survive mourning

Dedicated to all the mothers who have lost a son to war.

Poem Details | by Joseph Sergi |
Categories: death, depression, dream, lonely, morning, sorrow,

The Dead of Night

It was the dead of night the cold moon gave a faint light.
It's melancholy glance covered the trees they were bare and barren of leaves.
A scream of terror pierced the night my blood ran cold with fright.
Suddenly I awake from this dream knowing what I have seen.
For you were taken from my side so I hang my head and cry.
I pray to God in peace you will be and I pray the same for me.


Poem Details | by Kuleza John Lembi |
Categories: absence, cry, death, funeral, grandparents,


With his back lying on a torn mat
Consuming the thoughts of tomorrow
Gazing at its fruit
Heavy was the mind to lift

His heart burned in sorrow
Darkness took over the light
How it would be for the tender souls?

How they wished to remove the yoke
Orphanage was not a joke
So interesting were the nights
The nights of folktales

Tears we could shade in dreams
The sober minds conquered
conquered with complicated dreams

A hard morning to believe
With a darkest shadow
What a sorrow departure he had
Never to return

Poem Details | by Brad Nicolas |
Categories: death, love, morning, poetry, race, racism,

Blood On The Leaves

Blood on the Leaves

It makes me sad
To think, then mad
To be associated with them,
only by color.
You play us like they judged that man.
The blood on the leaves;
Warm and full of life.
Don’t put that on me, Ricky Bobby.

We lost someone today.
Sad is all this is,
Pushing us 100 years in the past.
I can’t imagine that town’s shame.

Poem Details | by Joseph Sergi |
Categories: death, depression, emotions, feelings, lost love, morning,

Softly the Rain

Softly the rain falls upon my face your memory I can't erase.
Alone I stand now silently remembering how it use to be.
How I would caress your face and dream about a far off place.
Where we would sit beneath the sun making love until the day was done.
But one dark day you were taken from me now all I have are these memories.
Softly the rain falls upon my face....


Poem Details | by Darlene Smith |
Categories: death, dream, love, morning, native american, sleep, spiritual,

Dream Carrier

Dream Carrier 

Bittersweet, your memory
Calling, echoing in my being
Recollections of your laughter
In solace, I remember the rapture

Twas' happiness, although so brief
Enchanting moments of belief
Embraced reunion between two worlds
The winds of time unfurled

In my melancholy morning sunrise
I question Creator why one must die
For if I could have remained asleep
With my dreams I could then keep

Awakened, the sunshine would interfere
Another day begins without you here
Tis' sad but blessed still yet
For dreams that let me not forget

~  Darlene Doll Smith

Poem Details | by Sandra Adams |
Categories: death,

morning risen, mourning call

morning has risen;
my reflection is day's color
as i lay still in the wetness of last night

last night, 
the clock on the wall
beat faster than my own heart
as its hands moved slowly,
like yours, but without touch,

i arched my back,
moving in and out
of the shadows on the wall,
making love to memories,
or nothing at all.

more winded than the air,
i drifted off to sleep
one last time,
wearing the white of your lies,

i was paler than the moon,
and bled myself into morning
to mock its rise,
but it rose alone.

Poem Details | by Ace X |
Categories: beautiful, dark, death, dedication, family, farewell, fear, grandmother,

Morning before sunrise

Light is almost clear
The morning is here
Beautiful light, beautiful moment
Your grandmother and all it has been 
Now or then before a sunrise moment.

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: angst, black african american, daughter, death, dedication, devotion, family, father, funeral, inspirational, love, mother, morning,


I'll be the wind that blows your hair
all of your days I will be there
in summer breezes, winter's freeze
I'll be the wind through all your trees.

I'll be the raindrops on your face
each drop that falls a warm embrace
I'll be each sunset there will be
and every star will shine of me.

I'll be your time that comes and goes
your morning toast and cheerios
I'll be in all your candle flames
and I'll be there at football games.

I'll be the wind that blows your hair
both here and there and everywhere
if I must leave to be with you
then leave I must and leave I do.

Poem Details | by Tyshawn Knight |
Categories: baptism, death, jesus, vanity,

Brenda Died this Morning

And I asked myself  “Why am I alive.”
Suddenly poems are just words
And books are unimportant
Dreams I had for yesterday are best left for sleep
There are promises to keep.
Promises I made on my sacred Birth Day,
When I gave myself to Jah
And He promised to give me what I pray.
When I vowed to live every moment for Jesus
And put behind me that frivolous work that is grievous
I must turn around
Before I am unable to go back.
I must 
I will
I am a blessed person because I can say I am.
And before I live only in Jehovah’s memory like Brenda
I must continue
And move on
Before my time is gone.

I love you Brenda – Now  - and Until I see you again…John 11:23 - 26

Poem Details | by Joseph Sergi |
Categories: bereavement, loneliness, lost love, morning, sorrow,

Just Last Night

Just last night I had a dream you were there I held you tight.
I smiled at you with such delight like watching the sunset into the night.
You whispered sweetly into my ear " How I love you my dear".
As I held you close that night you then disappeared from my sight.
Then it all came back to me the sadness of reality.
For I will hold you close no more my heart broken upon the floor.
As I sit here in this place the tears will run down my face.
I had a dream just last night......


Poem Details | by Suyash Saxena |
Categories: august, autumn, beauty, color, creation, dark, death, emotions, eve, fantasy, goodbye, happiness, image, imagination, morning, mountains, senses,

Autumn Leaves

Trees shed

Their Autumn Leaves.


Autumn Leaves-

That fall,

That twirl

And then embrace the ground.


Autumn Leaves-

That flood

The pathways I tread

And the horizon I see.


Amidst them, I halt

Amongst them, I sit,

Stare and admire

Them as they shower from trees.


I listen to them,

As they rustle,

And cuddle

In the soothing autumn breeze.


Wondrous it is to listen

To the tales they tell,

Tales spelled in their toungless accents

Tales that are the soul of each of those

Falling, twirling, rustling

Autumn Leaves.

Poem Details | by Robert Ronnow |
Categories: brother, clothes, death, hope, humor, morning, simple,

Brother Death

Even in the last days you need clean clothes; 
therefore you may be found in the laundry
mornings, small task against the larger one
of not breathing. With simple joy
men may forget to fear their deaths.
Six inches of snow reminds us of its dominance
in a pleasant way. Coming and going of sleep, 
circling of the moon around the earth, earth
around the sun. The great man dies
and this makes death more noble for us all.
It is with joy that I accept the pains
that herald my end. I do my job well.
I go to the well and break the ice for water.
The bucket comes up full of dying wonder.