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Death Poems About Mountains

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Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: beauty, death, life, mountains,

- Wings Of Death -

                             The majestic spirit of the mountain
                                made your life a singing stream

                        On azure blue days, I drank of your freshness -

                       with slow wingbeats, the power of death defeated

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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1st place in the contest

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beach, beautiful, cheer up, confidence, courage, crush, deep, desire, dream, environment, fantasy, farewell, for her, for him, forgiveness, freedom, happiness, heaven, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, joy, kiss, longing, lost, lost love, love, miracle, missing you, mountains, nature, ocean, philosophy, poems, poetry, psychological, relationship, sea, summer, sympathy, uplifting, water, wind,


the salty wind blowing from far, far away
read me a poem today
whose lines I've heard before,
bur where and when,
I couldn't tell:

"the shortest road is the one 
that you know, 
 the longest road is the one 
that you love"

soaked in deep thoughts,
I sat there for hours and hours
my eyes shut, lips dry
waiting for further clues
until, as a sudden,
the 'longest way' part rang a bell

I got off the chair,
opened my arms wide towards the ocean
hugged and kissed the wind,
the almightiest messenger of them all,
for making me feel again 
so well. 

Poem Details | by Jan Terry |
Categories: death, heaven, mountains, muse, nature, tribute, uplifting,


He sang of nature wild and free
and rode the waves upon the sea.

Found wonder in a bird in flight
and stargazed during the dark of night.

Somewhere above the muse still sings,
lifted high on celestial wings.

His soul flies over the eagle's nest,
as mortal remains are put to rest.

Riding the wind and sky above,
he sings his songs of home and love.

Country roads and apple pie;
he's left the earth to soar the sky.

Released from every earthly care,
I know he's found his mountains there.

The songwriter's gone but the music lives on.

July 5, 2015

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno |
Categories: death, history, holocaust, life, loss,

Leather Mountains

Mountains of leather,
Summit holocaust landscapes:
Valley of dead soles.

Inspired by the piles of shoes
in the Auschwitz concentration camps

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: death, earth, earth day, environment, mountains,

Mountain Top Removal Mining

Black Wasteland Blitzkrieg hills Broken promises Death!

Poem Details | by Suyash Saxena |
Categories: absence, adventure, age, analogy, childhood, courage, creation, cry, dark, death, death of a friend, dedication, desire, dream, eulogy, identity, imagination, innocence, inspirational, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, memory, missing you, mountains, moving on, muse, mystery, nostalgia, sad, society, song, spring, winter, wisdom, words, write, youth,

Last Sonnet

Hither I stand, at crossroads,
And then I gaze, at the yonder end-
The vague horizon from where I began;
And all that I may ever deem
Is that- my days
Have been a waken dream.

Hither I stand, at the edge of my dream;
Then I wonder, at the depth of my trance-
An adventurous journey through the wondrous woods;
An idyllic stroll through the vicissitudinous meadow;
And from the final station as I depart,
All that I can ever say, is that
Perpetuation has been a rouge
Of fleeting phases of my life.

Suyash Saxena 
St. Stephen’s College.

Poem Details | by Suyash Saxena |
Categories: august, autumn, beauty, color, creation, dark, death, emotions, eve, fantasy, goodbye, happiness, image, imagination, morning, mountains, senses,

Autumn Leaves

Trees shed

Their Autumn Leaves.


Autumn Leaves-

That fall,

That twirl

And then embrace the ground.


Autumn Leaves-

That flood

The pathways I tread

And the horizon I see.


Amidst them, I halt

Amongst them, I sit,

Stare and admire

Them as they shower from trees.


I listen to them,

As they rustle,

And cuddle

In the soothing autumn breeze.


Wondrous it is to listen

To the tales they tell,

Tales spelled in their toungless accents

Tales that are the soul of each of those

Falling, twirling, rustling

Autumn Leaves.

Poem Details | by Sherri Mayne |
Categories: depression, emotions, faith, grief, identity, image, mountains,


A whirlwind of pity,
a loss of pride,
Extreme insecurity,
bound to my side.

A mountain of emotion,
a puddle of hope,
fear entwined,
no way to cope.

A complete disaster,
impossible to fix,
love and hate,
an impressible mix.

Remarkable outcome,
unspoken words, 
actions shout,
no sound heard.

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: endurance, eulogy, i miss you, mountains, purple, rainbow, relationship,

Like a blinker going awry and ornery

Hubert awash was a Josh for his Bonn,

he was in a toss at the ton and never knew his cons,

say today that was interest and wand, that he could only shoot his lawn-

he never needed but had all his own knots for the fawns.

Poem Details | by Mel Brake |
Categories: bereavement, best friend, death of a friend, joy, mountains, nature, wisdom,

Ride Like The Wind

She rides
She rides
Like the wind
To be seen again

She rides
She rides
Like the wind
To be seen again

She rides
She rides
Like the wind
To be seen again

On the day of her memorial service
We walked to the top of the hill
To honor her memory

But the memory 
Like her 
No longer walks
These sacred grounds

The tree blew
The birds flew
and the fly knew

But the memory
Like her
No longer lives here

Because she is alive
and she is more than alive
She is the I am everywhere

She rides
She rides
Like the wind
To be seen again

Poem Details | by Gail Roberts |
Categories: death, fire, mountains, natural disasters, nature,

The Santiam Graveyard

Phantoms eerie, 
burned and blackened
arms upraised in supplication
bent and broken, beckoning.
Driftwood garbed they testify
in shrouded mist, in foggy sky 
Woodland graveyard, petrified
Silent screams 
assault the senses
“Who says fire cleanses”

Poem Details | by Jake Radford |
Categories: death, earth, innocence, mountains, natural disasters, nature, pain, poetry, snow,


With the furious rage of a thousand Winters,
A sea of injustice, waiting at the spout.
Like the irritated bite of a good man's splinters,
That swindle and split when sweetly plucked out.

The frost-fangs froth into an empty grave,
And leave all, cowering below, to their bitter end.
Sovereign cragsmen, smothered as slaves,
Like a crumbling ship, so desperate to scend.

The mighty Alps, now a fresh garden of bones,
As its prey lie tangled in the ghastly web.
Listen to the innocent and their soft, muted moans,
And slowly keep climbing from your cruel misstep.

Poem Details | by Janet Bingham |
Categories: christian, courage, death of a friend, happiness, hope, inspirational, relationship,

Somewhere Beyond the Mountains

Somewhere beyond the mountains,
just beyond the pass.
Somewhere beyond the mountains
where you smiled to me your last.
In Paradise, I'll meet you,
your hair of burnished gold,
sparkling like grain at harvest time.
We'll never again grow old.
There'll be no more temptation,
no more straying off the path;
there'll be no more sorrow,
for that will all be passed.
I'll meet you in the stream of life.
We'll fly beyond the clouds.
Somewhere beyond the mountains;
no one has to speak out loud.
Yet every thought we think of
we will surely know;
somewhere beyond the mountains;
on clouds as pure as snow.

Janet Marie Bingham

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: africa, allusion, america, angst, assonance, bird, destiny, film, fish, funeral, heartbreak, mountains, myth, nature,


Sung in the wild,

not unlike an age to aspire,

a maker of the call too many chime to beguile-

against unlawful spy,

to the face we deny the right,

I rely tentatively the waste on tonight.

Poem Details | by Virginia Mitchell |
Categories: death, father, loss, sad,

In The Valley Of The Mountains

I step into the new day.

in the valley of the mountains,
The red dawn predicts change.

Inside, a cloak of darkness hangs.

Daniel sits,
in his brown reclining chair.

Birds cut low through the morning sky.

Earth follows the Laws of Nature,
rain will soon fall.

he grapples with mortality,
as death's cloak falls over him.

The storm breaks hard.

I cry,
in the valley of the mountains,
where the dawn predicts change. 

Re-post from 1/2010

Poem Details | by Mark Toney |
Categories: courage, death, mountains,

Mt Everest

Chomolungma's fame
sherpas' legendary strength-
beware the death zone

Poem Details | by nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex |
Categories: angel, death, fantasy, mountains, mystery, nature,

the faller

The Faller 
He stands at the edge of a tall mountain looking down the sheer drop. 
Seconds pass. 
The man jumps! 
Nothing stops his fall. 
Rocks smash his frail limbs like matchsticks. 
End over end till he finally hits the valley floor 2,800ft below, 
his body a bloody broken mass. 
Why did he jump? 
Because he enjoys it. 
He's the faller. 
This jump is his 318th off this mountain. 
Broken limbs, pulped body, severed head, fatal injuries and death 
are an occupational hazard. 
It's ok. 
The destructive injuries vanish after 30 minutes and 
the faller is as fit as a butcher’s dog 
and mad as a psychopath to jump again. 
Witness a freak: the faller.

Poem Details | by Andy Craig |
Categories: character, death, faith, identity, mountains,

The pledge

Upon a narrow mountain ledge,
stripped of courage and facing
death. Almost giving up on
yourself, the reaper moves in
with deadly stealth. If not for
"The pledge" you would give into
this dread.

Yet a solemn vow keeps your soul
intact, seemingly protected from
the reapers snatch. Your body
aches and your will it fades. Still
upon a narrow mountain ledge you
gaze within and cling to "The pledge"
A pact was made and you know the

No time for mistakes a new day awakes.
You honour this with a brave new face.
Onwards and upwards to  fulfil "The Pledge"
and while doing so restoring your grace.



Poem Details | by Brian Davey |
Categories: bereavement, death, deep, fear, grave, imagery,

Climbing Under Mountains


               Buried beneath the mountains we choose to never climb,
			 buried six feet under all the sands of time.

		One life to live just to leave it all behind,
			living as if that living life was never mine.

		So many white crosses, the grass is so green, 
			so many life losses,  buried dirt of the unclean.

		Left alone and haunted,  somewhere inbetween,
			rotting caskets, maggotts, a world so obscene.

Poem Details | by Virginia Mitchell |
Categories: angst, caregiving, death, father, life, loss, nature, sad, time

In The Valley Of The Mountains

I step into the new day.

in the valley of the mountains,
The red dawn predicts change.

Inside, a cloak of darkness hangs.

Daniel sits,
in his brown reclining chair.

Birds cut low through the morning sky.

Earth follows the Laws of Nature,
rain will soon fall.

he grapples with mortality,
as death's cloak falls over him.

The storm breaks hard.

I cry,
in the valley of the mountains,
where the dawn predicts change.

Poem Details | by Lauren Knight |
Categories: absence, death, emotions, girl, grief, mountains, snow,

The Pale Girl's Walk

The whitewashed sands are blowing across the meadow 
The hill upon which she stands 
Her legs spread apart 
Feet turned out. 

Her head wrangles side to side, like blades within her toes
That sprinkling from ground 
Do grow up and up
The anchor. 

Her face is white and whiter still, all the blood be gone
The sign of the aorta pumps bleat
Ventricles slam shut 
Jolt of silence. 

The whitewashed sands are blowing across the meadow 
The hills upon which she stands 
The body that leaps out. 
Her limbs roll down.

Poem Details | by Anil Deo |
Categories: adventure, art, blessing, eulogy, mountains, nature, spiritual,


In the vast riches of my Being There is a sacred mountain range In one broad swath of Space Is the most verdant pine forest Interspersed with cedars and the occasional oak Yet the unity, the Consciousness, the Life Seems eternal, peaceful, safe, even NOW As I breathe deeply, the tears roll down my face In one whisper all the swaying branches speak: Don’t cut me, don’t burn me, for YOUR sake The corner of sky is cerulean blue Then a wispy cloud – thought: I must write – passes by I do not attend. I hover between Being and Form An iota of wisdom, as I answer her call and question About immigration, work, survival. Be, do not think ...
(c) DEO,20180618

Poem Details | by kathy Crain |
Categories: death, inspirational, introspection, life, loss, nostalgia, passion, mountains,

My Wish

How I wish 
That I could climb
Atop a mountain high
So I could reach out my hand 
And touch you in the sky
To climb the highest peak of it
To sit with you I would
To climb as high as heaven above
Only if I could
While they surround me everyday
These mountains my eyes see
To climb as high as the highest peak
Would take eternity
So will I sit down low
Beneath this mountain pass
And dream of climbing to the peak
To sit with you at last
And every day with these mountains 
That my eyes will see
I will look upon every peak 
In remembrance of thee

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, bereavement, mountains,


        Most strong built stands stable cool and calm
        On Earth, it rests rigid and firm.
        Up so high to reach the top.
        Steady hard rock as prop.
        Touch its solid limb.
        Too tough to climb.
        Nice ice caps.
        Cold slaps.

    ' Completely Your Choice (22)  by Brian's Strand

Poem Details | by Kamran Rashid |
Categories: bereavement, death of a friend, freedom, growing up, humanity, immigration, international,

The Mourning Mountains

The oppression echoes all around the valleys 
The injustice walks out all around the alleys 
Being born and brought up in Kashmir
I have seen a lot happening in Kashmir
The unidentified graves and those naives
The burning windows and all half-widows
The curfews, crackdowns and all threats  
The mountains mourning on innocent deaths