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Death Poems About Music

Music death poems and poems about death for Music. Read and share these heartfelt Music death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Music Poems.

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: america, baby, death, murder, music,



Miss American pie has a dream -
whipped cream of tijuana brass.

Groovy tunes quit on smoking grass.
Frisbee LP like steaming saucers crash.

The homecoming court is plastered.
What could possibly be the matter?

Moon rockets in flight, rock me all night baby.
There were stars in my eyes, as lala land denied.

In my crib the beatles rock me to sleep,
while Tate’s fetus stares at the Helter Skelter light.

Chosen song: American Pie

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: culture, death, funeral, music, paris,

Death - Remember me Tomorrow

Death – Remember me Tomorrow

Votre amour est tout ce que j'implore
Angels took us from France's shores
To the promised land of lady liberty
Hollywood glitter enticing us lovers with mystery

Living the past in a cinematic telling
Ironic that love was sourly spurned
By Bogart’s charming quilted misgivings
Madeline, later would sadly sing

La Marseillaise, while lovers embrace
Paris after dark, they disappear with no trace
Trains to death and boats to freedom
As Casablanca tells of romantic tales

Je suis vieux, est je suis seul
The beautiful one misses the past and you
All the ships have sailed and gone
It’s the cemetery now where I rest under lawn

Poem Details | by anbes rawal |
Categories: age, death, death of a friend, fear, music, paradise, people,


My piety,my poetry ,my love
All are in vain
my music, my love ,my mind
All are running insane

My rhymes are all crooked
I can't write a perfect song
Looks like my life is worthless
my music, my poetry its all gone

Behold the paradox,
In these old rhymes 
living in a worthless life 
All these times 

The music's almost over
just need to turn out the light
I need just one leap
Need to show on last fight

I need to create something
something that makes you feel
the goal isn't to live forever
Its to create something that will

Poem Details | by Rene' Brady |
Categories: black african american, brother, confusion, death, depression, devotion, family, forgiveness, music, people, sad, sympathylife,

Moon Walk on Your Grave

Moon Walk on Your Grave

A life begun in stardom,
now, ending up in shame.
Relentless media, cruel world,
who then is there to blame.

A sadness inside,
no tears on your face.
The pain all but over,
mass confusion erase.

In wonder we watch,
can a life be explained?
Can't surface your agony,
under facade you remained.

Let's focus on the talent,
musical joy that you gave.
In peace now I pray,
moon walk on your grave.

© Rene' Brady 2009

Poem Details | by amelie mara |
Categories: bereavement, cry, music,

Wails Of A Song

The coda of mourning jays vibrates In bittersweet tracks when daybreak scans An almost whipping backdrop, hushed By low warbles from birds’ paean; Indistinct as dusty sketches— Throaty on a lane of funeral’s last rites; Where the hazily drawn view turns bland Moistening wail of eyes with a muted song, Tunes stale, while jays drone on the horizon. Mixed Senses Contest for nette onclaud 20 Sept 2015 From Amelie Mara ---Music in 9 lines

Poem Details | by Wyatt Loethen |
Categories: art, confusion, death, depression, fear, imagination, life, music, nostalgia, sad, me,

The Escapist's Plea,

I dont know where i'm going anymore hard to tell who you are when the indiffrency has settled in cold, empty, barren will i ever find a way? Help me find a way out of this sorrow filled cage My soul singed with everyday Reality so hard to face I need to find a way to escape Only if i could just fly a way I try to stay sane But i fell under the september rain A repuiem for the reality That i never wish to see Help me find a way out of this sorrow filled cage My soul singed with everyday Reality so hard to face I need to find a way to escape Only if i could just fly a way I need a way to escape, Only if I could just fly away

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: death, loss, music, sad, uplifting, day,

Bell's Blues (Conclusion)

     Today, I had a chance to ask his widow, Laurie, about this story.  She 
confirmed that it did happen, and he came home from work that day excited, and 
told her and their 3 daughters about the event.
     And sure enough, shortly thereafter, the song became a hit on the radio, and 
M.T.V., in those ancient days when they actually played music.
     This news brightened my day considerably, and I'm happy to share it with you; 
so when you next hear that song, remember my good buddy, Mark Trotiner, the 
uncredited genius behind it.
                                          tom bell

Poem Details | by John Watt |
Categories: death, music, sorrow,

Until the Drought of '88

Until the drought of '88
Euphonic sounds adorned his walls,
as he, his wife, and daughter ate
and laughter tripped through carefree halls.

His wife caressed the ivoried keys 
until the drought of '88,
their daughter sang with youthful ease;
each day a gift to celebrate.

That baby grand now bears the weight
of dust and silenced dreams once dreamed.
Until the drought of '88,
how strange such silence would have seemed.

Alas, a drunk behind the wheel
cut short his life at 28.
Unsullied joy was ours to feel 
until the drought of '88.

In fond memory of my cousin Brian, killed by a drunk driver.

Poem Details | by Jesse Jones |
Categories: death, life, loss, music, mystery, song-space,

Untitled #188 / STARDUST

“And STARDUST we will be again”

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: music, music, music,

The Day That Music Died

The day that music died, singing wept.
Into the sea of melancholy voice crept.
Each word spoken reeked with pain.
When could we ever be whole again
Under the rug good lyrics were swept.

Singing is really a magical thing.
Everyone agrees music has a ring
It sates all involved, fills to the top.
Once you begin, you hesitate to stop.
Your imagine yourself to be the king.

There are none too old to learn, they say.
Never again we give our song away.
We'll sing, we'll sing never quiet.
We will sing, until we start a riot.
Music for ever and ever and a day.

8 Aug 11 Charles Henderson

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: abuse, addiction, allusion, anger, anxiety, assonance, courage, crush, cry, death, deep, depression, desire, destiny, feelings, forgiveness, freedom, god, happiness, hate, health, heartbreak, heaven, how i feel, humanity, hurt, imagination, innocence, inspirational, lonely, music, passion, patriotic, peace, philosophy, political, poverty, power, prison, psychological, rap, rights, truth, usa, visionary, wisdom, youth,

I Don't Need Drugs

The only thing that is in my bong
is my gift of poetry and song.

Drugs are for thugs
that's hell in a nutshell.

I don't smoke
and I've never done coke.

Believe me
I know that I don't always tell thruth
and that I like to lie.
There has been enough brains fried.

Poet till I die.

Dedicated To All The Victims Of Addiction.

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: anger, art, death, depression, feelings, freedom, god, grief, hip hop, how i feel, imagery, imagination, innocence, inspirational, jealousy, music, pain, passion, philosophy, poets, rap, religious, society, sorrow, spiritual, truth, wisdom, world,

God Save This World

Part 1: Save Us

The whole world went to pot
when, 2pac was shot
on the spot.

Why do Innocent people have to die?
Why do we have to sit and watch, as mothers cry?

People forgive the unforgiven.
Why do people have spend the rest of they're lives in prison?

Part 2: Save Me

I act like a dick 
in public.

I'm not crazy,
god just needs to save me.

I guess I'm in the zone.
That's why I'm sitting here alone.

Dedicated To Tupac Shakur.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: birthday, eulogy, heart, music, universe,

Nazia Hassan

The years have faded
Your voice caresses us from the afterlife
Sweetly delivered to us from paradise
Whimsical music that made us happy with dance
Music that joined us all in festive spirit

The tears from heaven we know are yours
You left us unhappy
You gave humanity song and hope
You gave all of you, till the last breath
The devils cancer devoured you
Now even hell weeps
As all the universe cries for you

I wish I could have held you hand
If only to hold onto beauty for a fleeting moment
Now, I look down upon a grave, solitary
I whisper sweetly
Happy Birthday
Nazia Hassan

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: beauty, bereavement, blessing, inspiration, music, passion,


The day she was stolen
The skies turned black
Locust ate at our very souls
In the name of God
I shout why?

The flowers of Hendon
Surround a black tombstone
How fitting
That as I see the blackness of that day in stone
The flowers around joyously sing to me

Our Sweetheart Sings

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: beauty, bereavement, death, dedication, music,


Dedicated to Natalie Cole

Click on the link above the photo to see poem, music and photos!!!!

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: beautiful, death, dedication, french, inspiration, music, nostalgia,

France Gall est morte

A little piece of France has passed
The heavens for sure now have some gall
	with smiles and all
If you no longer exist, then neither do I
	longing for times long ago
Your smile captured hearts and souls
	when life was more simple
Now I drink le beau dommage
	c'est la vie
Her heart and voice brought us innocence
	chalice of wine now deplete
We mourn the loss of her song and charm
	at graves side we still adorn
Paradise she rests dressed in white

beau dommage = happy sadness
c'est la vie = That is life

Poem Details | by Jerry Golden |
Categories: love, music, people, song-sympathy

to entreat you all

I wish i could step into you
and from your eyes view me
And see what it is 
you want me to change
without you 
i'm sitting solitarie in the rain
it's just not the same as
living inside your pain

I wish that i could close my eyes
And open yours upon rested thoughts
Categories ands fun puzzles
Wind, fog and cigarrette smoke
A cure for all the names 
Cancer and turberculosis wrote

I wish that you lay across my lap
skimming the "funnies"
Doodling and whispering
"I love you hunnie"
Licking peach cobler from your fingers
And gasping like a broadway singer
with too many rainy days to remember

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: absence, anger, dark, death, life, music,


Your head is dead a chamber vast and void
and nothing's what you think on anymore
forgotten are all things you once enjoyed
and are replaced by life the constant bore.

Your brain's been drained you sit alone and stare
all hope's run out, your heart is solid stone
from night to day and day to night it's there
the wish to be forgotten and alone.

You think and sink into Oblivion
not caring if you fade or if you die
but only that you shed the shell you're in
you've gone beyond the questioning of why.

You are the death, the dark of greatest fear
the song of life only the dead can hear.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, death, humanity, loneliness, music, rose,


Little by little
The fish bowl evaporates
The candle flickers yet smaller
The gold fish skeleton
Stares at the burnt candle wick
No one notices
The old man
Died last week anyways

Poem Details | by Mulaudzi Ndifelani Eric |
Categories: death, music, drug,


Shot- dead

The cause of death, shot- dead,
They quickly get a fame,
And quickly they leave us,
Shot-dead is a dominating cause of death,
What is wrong with this Hip-Hop music?
The music that influence a violence and anger,
The music that influence gangster ‘ism,
The music that promote hatred amongst groups,
The music that promote the abuse of alcohol and drugs,
They speak of imaginary riches and not physical riches to drug you in,
They go deep underground to blaspheme God,
If there is power behind this music,
I  believe is a power from the darkness,
Shot-dead, the cause of death in Hip-Hop industry.

Poem Details | by MARGARITA VERA |
Categories: adventure, animals, childhood, daughter, death, fear, food, children, forgiveness, friendship, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, hope, life, loss, love, mother, music, peace, romance, love,


Tainted love 
or tired love?
Smug attitudes
and weak games
Look at you!
Your such a lame!
Me cry?! Ha! Not no more!
Five point five years
What a joke?!
All you do is lie
Keep smoking your life away!
Wake up before its too late!
Before this love turns into hate!
Your too old to act this way!
Your too comfortable
You cant stay!
In my life!
In my way!
Goodbye to you!!!

Poem Details | by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: age, beauty, death of a friend, music,

Late Rock Stars

They just can't be dead; They're still on the radio! IMMORTAL VOICES!

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: addiction, allusion, angel, anger, art, celebration, confusion, crazy, depression, desire, earth, emotions, fantasy, fear, feelings, freedom, god, grief, health, humanity, humorous, image, imagination, life, loneliness, love, magic, music, nonsense, peace, planet, political, poverty, power, pride, psychological, sound, space, spiritual, stars, stress, suicide, sympathy, teen, usa, wisdom, world,

An Aquarian Exposition

Take the pill
on the hill
and don't be shrill
when you see the rainbow
when you are low.
Just go with the flow
and eat the purple snow.
Chase the rabbits 
through the green field
but use my shield 
to end all of your habits.

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: age, death, joy, life, music,

To the end of the score

I have died
And been reborn
As an old man
Please give me your hand -
Hold tight and don’t fight
I wish to dance all night 

I wish to dance 
All nightlong
Stay with me to the end
But move slowly
Not to shake these old bones -
Too sore for too much more

I have died and been reborn
As an old man 
Let me stand-alone- by myself
For a while
Do not hold me up
I wish to dance alone once more

To the end of the score

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: death, music, tribute,


tears of purple rain are flowing through Paisley Park doves are now crying RIP Prince 21st April 2016