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Death Poems About Name

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Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: grave, memory, remember,

Beyond A Name

     With pride to boast when gnarled in vines
     that seek to take as nature's own
     this citadel of time will be defined
     more than just letters carved in stone

     Though time and tangled growth obscures
     truest course of meaning now laid to rest
     honor held most sacred from love endures
     upon this face were such intentions prest

     Proudly this guardian of life's measure stands
     a post to which nothing else would ever claim
     that beckons pride with hushed commands
     mysteries held to know beyond just a name

     Overgrown With Vines Contest
     Sponsored BY Broken Wings

Poem Details | by stephen pennell |
Categories: death, , memorial,

Name on a grave stone

Moss covered algae ridden
Memorials, to mans earthly existance
Stand ivy clad in rows
Names eaten away by time
and dates long gone 
all faded into one. 
No flowers or notes to say i loved you
just brambles and weeds in flower
dog walkers and ramblers walk by.
oblivious to even your existance
Eternity awaits them too
as the generations  pass by 
you as a memory lose all importance
you are just a name on a grave stone
in a cemetery full of names 

the end 

I was walking through Crewe's old cemetry big memorials of once important people who's grave stones  now lay derelict and unloved  hence the poem 

ps Q : how do you make god laugh
     A: tell him your plans

Poem Details | by denis bruce |
Categories: eulogy,

What's in a name

Oh where,oh where is she
My wondrous Darlene De Beaulieu ?
In my heart do I see her face
Radiant with poetic grace
A handsome place is her fortune
And poetry  both her sun and moon
With kindest  comments she does encourage
Those whose lesser works others might disparage
This feeble eulogy to her do I dedicate
And may she e'er find herself in good estate.

Poem Details | by Jessica Goldstone |
Categories: loss, social, sympathy, riddle,

Her name is Poverty

She tells me, 
Of the belt of hunger that clings to her waist, 
Of how it's only ever loosened by rampaging and rummaging through waste.

She tells me,
How her journey through payments, predicaments and pavements make her tire,
How her cracked feet and wracked heart are passed by Tyre after Tyre.

She tells me, 
About the intricate diagnoses and prognoses that riddle her every fiber, vessel and vein, 
About the cardboard pleas and pleads that have all been in vain.

She tells me,
That this is the existence her weeping womb has bred,
That her hope for her successors is that they may succeed her in the fight for bread.

She tells me,
Her name is poverty.
Do you remember her?

Poem Details | by Kevin Crossed |
Categories: anxiety, dark, death, depression, silence,

Emotions That Bear No Name

You know, the cold void in your mind
The type that makes your sanity go blind
It lingers long and turns your lips blue
It sticks your vocal chords stuck like glue
Your lungs shrink as you try to breathe
It drops you onto your knees in defeat
It nibbles your meat and drains all the heat
A blackened disease that leaves you deceased

As the silver kisses your skin, it remains
You try to stay calm, you try to stay sane
But you hear it calling and shouting your name
Making you scream and create crimson stains
The silver devours your skin as you cry
You're asking it screaming, asking it why
Full saturation just passes you by
Light always seems to escape from your eyes

Poem Details | by Rainbow Promise |
Categories: absence, brother, death, father, grave, jesus,


                        Here lies too great gentlemen, father and son.
                  Named after Edgar Alan Poe, so great a man was he.
                       But now, alas! They are now where Poe is,
            There spirits having returned to God until that Glorious Day.

Poem Details | by Shaniki Smith |
Categories: abuse, body, death, emotions, horror, time, world,

Human Trafficking Has No Name

That's somebody's mother
That's somebody's sister
That's somebody's brother
That's somebody's grandmother
That's somebody's grandfather
That's somebody's aunt
That's somebody's uncle
That's somebody's cousin
That's somebody's dad

See  human trafficking has no 

Does not even matter
it will sneak up on a individual without a warning
It can appear  anywhere

Does not matter what time of day

It's best to just stay in the house but even that's not safe
Human trafficking can appear 

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: children, death, growing up, life,

my name is


johny on the pony
hide and seek
red light green light

I closed my eyes
and counted one two three
ring ring alerio

I opened them
and everyone 
and everything was  gone

Poem Details | by Joshua Hemmy |
Categories: death

Can you guess my name?

I am the keeper of your fears,
the one who makes you scream,
i bring you tears,
with every waking dream,

I am the reaper of your sorrow,
the one who does not cry,
i will never see tomorrow,
even though i will not die,

I am the one that hides within,
the one you want to see,
i am the one who died of sin,
the one who was set free,

I am the one with no name
the darkness swallows all,
i am the angel with no fame,
so will you catch me when i fall?

Poem Details | by carson jones |
Categories: beautiful, cancer, dedication, grief, loss, love, sympathy,

hello,my name is

hello my name is hooligan
years ago i lost my bestfriend
he laughed everyday
but left before i got to say
i love you
hello my name is dumb
but the memories were so fun
you had a smile on your face but yet you couldnt stay we still love you.
 rip justin baker. 

Poem Details | by Joshua Adam |
Categories: animals, death

In the Name of Science

Cute little test mouse
caged for scientists to share
waits death, for health care

Poem Details | by Courtney Courtney |
Categories: adventure, art, childhood, death, fear, happiness, natural disasters, nature, people, recovery from...,

Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Heat Wave June 2012

Poem Details | by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: corruption, feelings, freedom, future, grave,


What is the third world war?-
"I don't know about the third world war but the fourth,
To fight the fourth,there is no an Earth"
Replied,Albert Einstein,a leraned of worth

The world is ready and armed with bombs
Saying no to all the lives in wombs

"Like cures like"-
The Aborigines of the Australian
The Onkays of the Andaman
The Gond and Koitur of the Indian
The Veddha genes of the Sri Lankan- 
Oh,the tribes of ancient,
Come,for God's sake,in the name of God,come,come!

Poem Details | by verlecia fields |
Categories: business, death, funeral, health, political, science, social, war

For They Are Many And Legion Is There Name

standing at the edge of no more time
I see the bottom of the grave 

it looks, of mud and cold without no rest in place 
malted ice flakes dancing in snow-ish rain  

i will not move 
no i can not move 
fear has taken over me

how cold 
how sad 
i do not know how to fight
this demon, who is not a demon 
but the DEVIL him self
he has a head 
with eyes and ears 
who do not get caught
for They Are Many 
and i am only one 

trust no one....
is not just a saying 
but a truth to live by 
for they know the price of blood 
and will sell out all who get in their way 

"My name is Legion, for we are many"
"Nomen mihi Legio est, quia multi sumus"(In Latin)

Poem Details | by Candi Stricker |
Categories: angel, anxiety, beauty, bereavement, death, feelings,

My mother's name is Pam

Maybe she's a stranger. 
To the rest of the world unknown.
Far from being famous.
Devoured by a world, cruel and dangerous.
Treated as if she were contagious.
She's become a faint memory, a stranger without a face.
Set aside and ostracized.
It's easier to routinely erase her, rather embrace her.
If you'll recall it reads justice for all, it clearly said.
Is this false? Mislead?
Not anyone's problem, not worth solving.
Says who?
She was an angel, they just never knew.
God is her way and her light, this I already know..
My mother's name is Pam. 
Not Jane Doe

Poem Details | by Doreen Wright |
Categories: art, death, music, passion,

Tupac Shakur

The Elvis of Hip Hop,
United passion with verbal skills,
Poet, actor, model, Revolutionary,
A young Soldier, ready to die, 
Created for a purpose.

Sadness embraced the world,
He had to go.
Actively remembered by fans.
Killed by misunderstanding.
Unbelievable prediction of his own.
Rest in peace Pac.

Poem Details | by bias fields |
Categories: death,

dark wine

neutral fool 
flesh sex 
twisted tool   
sketch of his mind 
like sharp poisoned 

Poem Details | by linda smith |
Categories: confusion, death, recovery from..., sad, war,

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Possibly the most difficult battle I've ever fought.
Timeless struggles of my mind.
Scenes of human depravity lurk behind my closed eyes.
Disturbs my daily routines and demands attention.

Poem Details | by Rakib Uddin Ahmed |
Categories: art, caregiving, death, faith, forgiveness, friendship, happiness, life, love, peace, sympathy, work

Asking for a name list

To cry I’ll be able to make
How many people
After my death?
Who are they?
What are they of mine today?
Did I love them?
Did I do for them?
Why they would cry?
Did I cry?
For why? For whom?
Yes, I’m dying soon.


May 3, 2010
Kallyanpur, Dhaka

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: death, life, love,


Come life come

Lend me a few more precious breaths 


Her name I wish to chant, once more,

Before I die!

(c) Demetrios Trifiatis
       01 October 2016

Poem Details | by Angela Arnold |
Categories: death, family, life, loss,

My Granny



Never sad
Endless love

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: death, death of a friend, dedication, eulogy, friendship, friendship love, goodbye,

Her Name Was Duno

Her name was Duno. She was seventy, young-at-heart, and hilarious.

We were co-Sunday School teachers, and the best of pals. I was twenty-three.

Fast-hurting-cancer smacked her around unmercifully for ten horrible months.

Her-ex husband greeted us at her funeral; a man who had deserted her 50 years before.

Poem Details | by K.M.S.O. |
Categories: confusion, mystery, sympathy,

A Chameleon In Havana's Moon

Under the sticky city lights
She wears venom high heels
Quenches ones thirst of margarita
Sway meringue and salsa

Eyes speaks- the twilight shadow of her soul
Smiles spread from her Cherubic face
Drown the crowd with her laughter
Desired by many sleepless envy

A mute whispers untamed heart-
of society's hair of glitter and salt
Still Nameless,mysterious undisclosed
Back in wilderness_she evolve.

Poem Details | by Michelle Southers |
Categories: death, faith, lost love,

I Hear The Angels Calling My Name

I hear the angels calling my name
Away from those devils not easy to tame,
Away from the sins that shape the earth,
Away from Satan laughing with mirth.

I hear the angels calling my name
Away from cupid’s faulty aim,
Away from a love that did not last,
Away from the horrors of an undying past.

I hear the angels calling my name
Away from a routine that is always the same,
Away from a life filled with despair,
Away from a heart broken beyond repair.

Yes, I hear the angels calling my name
Away from my troubles, Away from my shame,
Away from my loss, Away from my pain,
Away from my faults, only peace to now gain.

Poem Details | by Christy Teas |
Categories: animal, death, faith,

I Am A David Too

In a barren wasteland I stand;
Amid sticks and bones that once 
Haunted my soul.
Memories gone of not so long ago.
Dandelions once played in a lush of green;
A bear came calling after me.
Visionary of epic said I would be free.
Its eye in death has not yet closed.
David and I with a sling
Thrown at the Mark
Only his was stone
Overlay this bear with death and look beyond at the budded tree.

April 8 2016