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Death Poems About Pastoral

Pastoral death poems and poems about death for Pastoral. Read and share these heartfelt Pastoral death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Pastoral Poems.

Poem Details | by inya richard |
Categories: death, life, sympathy,


Slain without swords they are 
Though the airy wordly air 
They inhale yet in graceless lack

Behold in the colony of wretchedness
Naked children begging alms
From brothers-not brothers

See as flies soar above sores
On their broken soles pus to lick
From the leaking flesh of starving souls

Don't their ribs tell the origin of bones?
Aren't worms molesting their intestines? 
Don't they a place share in the supreme likeness?

Deserted cold gutter-side is their safe haven at night
And without meals they exit in multiple batches
To account for the trilemma of their ragged souls

Poem Details | by Tesem Agee |
Categories: best friend, brother, caregiving, christian, friendship, sympathy, true love,

True Neighbor

Many days have we lived together,
O John, the chief cook!
I am weary of hunger,
And you have food and water.
Are you truly my neighbor?
Then give me a morsel.

Many months have we known each other,
O Peter, the great tailor!
I am walking around naked,
And you have clothes and thread.
Are you truly my neighbor?
Then sew me a dress.

Here at your door post 
Have I sat for years,
O James, the Physician!
I am sick and dying,
And you have the drugs.
Are you truly my neighbor?
Then wash and bind my wounds,
That I may be made whole.

(Read 1John 3:16-18)

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: betrayal, bible, change, conflict, confusion, death, education,


      He who see's everything
          And does' nothing...
     Set's Him-self to the path
                 - Of -
Indignant, arrogant superiority
       Where as it is to He
     Who seek to embrace
Condemnation and indignation
        It is a Worldly thing'

Gary Fields

Featured:  "The Cross"    book #106627
                   Xlibris Publications
                    Rev. (NOV2013)

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: caregiving, conflict, death, dedication, deep, emotions, life,

Forsaken Prayer

When I call for You
And You turn Me away
Why hath' thou forsaken thee
When I am so all alone
And blood runs cold
        Lord God
Why Hath thou
      Forsaken thee
Is thy wicked way
The path from all sin
         - or -
My frustration 
     A catalyst
From which I pretend
Why must I pretend
       Lord God'
Why must I pretend

Gary Fields

From: "The Cross"
           Xlibris Pub.
           Rev. (Rev. NOV2013)
Book #106627

Poem Details | by Kate sparks |
Categories: bereavement, blue, boy, childhood, death, dedication, flower, imagery, love, memory, mother son, remember, seasons, son,

memories of spring

After the lilacs have gone by,
before golden flowers bloom
we will walk through meadows
soft and blue 
and feast on bread with honey 
stolen from autumn bees 
still drunk in love with sunflowers.

After the lilacs have gone by,
before red poppies dance,
as we wake in meadows
soft with dew
you will kiss my honeyed lips
and we will walk through springs
still drunk in love with bluebells.

After the lilacs have gone by,
before brown leaves of autumn
as we remember meadows
green and new
sweet dreams will flow like honey
from a sunflower child 
with eyes the shade of bluebells

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: death, dedication, devotion, father, inspirational, peace,

Those Moments


I prefer to live in the
Ordinance of the Lord
Where truth and love
     Can be found
I long to Reverence
   In his Elegance
Where solutions' abode
In my Sorrowful Moment's
       Of need...
I-crave to see the light
    I pray to the Lord
To keep me threw the night


Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: allegory, art, bereavement, fishing,

gone ashore

Gone Ashore Sonnet
 I have sailed on many seas
 they have various colours and smell,
but being indoors looking out
it got a bit boring as well.
One can’t stand by a porthole all day,
 water stretching wet and endlessly
I knew I was never going to see
green grass again.

From a mountain, I can see the sea
but never go near the bloody thing
I swim in a river when it is hot.
Sea, shrieking gulls and rusty steel,
 I prefer the forest and
the valley that has an unblinking eye. 

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: caregiving, death, dedication, devotion, faith,



From out...
Of the Cookie Cutter
My love for Christ
Shall always be
When I think of His Love
It brings' things' back to me
In and around Eternity
I simply must reply with-in
I know that their is a reason
Why thing's shouldn't have been
Let Thy Will be done'
Why Gods' only Son
Had to die on the 'CROSS'
That day, to revive the people
To make them Pray!
And surely did they Pray!
Yet, by no stretch
     Of the imagination...
Was the title lost?
But for the price of freedom
Jesus paid the COST

                    Poet Author
                    Gary Fields

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: bible, conflict, death, dedication, devotion, hope, inspirational,

Fuzzy Acts Of Tribulation

      The Lord draws'
A long line of divinity
     By proclamation
    And by design
      The Lord is
  Entrenched in divinity
     And for the ministry
There is time, thus multitude
          Of trinity
Becomes His long suffering
   His cantor for restoration
       Is hereby restored
           Of time of being

Gary Fields

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: death, desire, devotion,

In Sympathy

I offer my sympathy
     Not in empathy
In hopes' and dreams'
    In contemplation
He is forever present
And thou art with Him
An my heart ponders'
   Exceedingly glad
At the wonderment
     Of His love
And may His good grace
And His magnificent feats'
         Of wonder
Find you within His kingdom
    His kingdom is "JUST'
And He is the all mighty

              - REST IN PEACE -

Gary Fields
Poet Author

From "The Cross"
Xlibris  book #106627
(Rev. NOV2013)

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: adventure, allegory, death, faith,

The Devils Deal


Just simply to
Walk right threw
With sincere devotion
Pay homage to the Lord
Fore He gives' life and Eternality
The Devil is all chagrin...
Ultimately, He will seduce
   You with all manner
            Of Sin..
And to the most of all
With Death and Darkness
That lay so deep with-in
He will lead you to
      The path astray..
Ye' need not Pray
Fore their is still a price
That ye' shall hath pay
For the rest of your life
Council here with me
    Sayth' the Lord
Fore I am He
Myth and Mygisty.. 
The King


Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: imagination, introspection, mystery, parody, sad,

Death To Sin


God accepts' us all
Even the little baby child
He cast thee of robber's
And scourges'
     For them,
Life is just not worth
Life is not forgiving
But, He will always'
Transverse the Earth
Decitful feast
      Of wonder
The very which thing
That which puts' man
    All asunder
Leaving me to wander
And threw His day of
   Reap and plunder
The scourge of the earth
    Doth' not wonder
All that's left for him 
          Is nothing
All of His empty
Tis there by renderded
As sin' is to be no-more
        For-ever and more...


Poem Details | by Peter Hall |
Categories: baptism,

The watery grave

The watery grave
Is proof I was saved.

It wasn't my death
Only the funeral
For a life on Death Road.

God is so practical.
Doesn't use dirt
Only a liquid grave:
A useful coffin
For useless life.

Then a watery resurrection 
Something that has never existed before
Rises powerfully,
To an endless life
With unnatural desires
For a consummate God.

Exchanged offering
Exchanged capacity
For a watery entrance;
Wonderful !.

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: absence, bible, care, conflict, death, dedication, god,

The Disdain

He who question's
    His own Soul
Thus, relinquish
    To the deep
      -- And -
   All that is Holy
He is not Holy, merely
     Thus, he has
  Only one Spirit
      To stand alone,
To the disdain
Of the Lord Jesus
          Thy God....
He is so all alone

Gary Fields

From:  "The Cross"
    BOOK #106627
             Rev.  (NOV2013)

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: death, funeral,

Truly Blessed

Disposition is final
The eminence
       Of essence
Still lives on in the
   Heart's and minds'
           Of the Holy
                - And -
         Speak not,
Of the departed
Fore their eyes' 
      And they
    Shall live
   In the
Of the
Forever and ever
Just call them friend


Poem Details | by Celestine Ikwuamaesi |
Categories: spiritual

He Died To Save

He came to save.
But the cross was the crux:
The Father's dire demand.
So he went.

He came with life,
But was lifted on a tree.
Hanging in the sun,
He gave the life.

He came to reap,
But must bear the fruit.
He fell into the ground.
And died! Buried!

He sprouted the third day,
Fruited. Still fruiting
'Cause He came to save.
And reap!

Copyright © 2013
By Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: death, dedication, faith, family, lost love, parody,

Divine Intervention


Intervention on the Faith'
          Of the Lord
     He will deliver Thee
          When thing's
     Get kind of Hard
Yes, their are many Days'
Where life just falls' apart
Those' are the day's where
We can do nothing but Pray
        ----But, it is so Sworn
          That by the Blood
And Testimony in Jesus'
    That He Shall carry 
            The Day'
Just be very Still
And let him show you
         The way'
A divine intervention
On the side of Faith


Poem Details | by Celestine Ikwuamaesi |
Categories: spiritual

He Died To Save

He came to save.
But the cross was the crux
Of the Father's dire demand.
So he went.

He came to give life,
But was lifted, left on a tree,
Hanging in the singeing sun.
So he died.

He came to reap,
But the fruit must first die,
Buried in the belly of the earth.
So he budded..

He sprouted the third day,
Fruited—a hundredfold, and more.
Still fruiting because
He came to save.

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: funeral, introspection, life, mystery, parody, philosophy, religion,


****************Trival Question?**********

Question: In what good way
               Can evil be bad.....

Answer: When it come's to the Restoration
             Of the Soul.....


Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: funeral, happiness, peace,

Holding Hands

Meet Him the
Rest of the way
His hands' have been
Out stretched
They are there
     For you
Meet Him half-way
   Take His hand
Remember Him in
Lend Him your hand
  Fore He is always'
        Been there
Touch some-one
Who Ye know really care
Be a friend in Jesus
The Glorious' Lord
Holy Prevaricator


Poem Details | by elizabeth wesley |
Categories: faith

Death Is Kind

When the bending sickle of a silver moon,
Floats with the fleeting moth too soon;
Then let us strum the golden lyre,
With poesy for flames of fire.
Let not the dreadful words of doom,
Fade away the rose's bloom;
But pass thro sun and candle light,
To shine on day and the night.

A head that’s crowned with rimy frost,
Has found a soul that is lost;
And looking at eternity,
We have two eyes that cannot see.
But as the reaper comes to reap,
Closing eyes in eternal sleep,
To forgive a troubled mind,
Then know that death is always kind.

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: death, education, family, health, introspection, life,



Speaking out on AID'S//

We all die
        from AID'S


Poem Details | by odu mkwute |
Categories: death, devotion, faith, loss, lost love, love, peace, uplifting,


When your most cherished object is removed ,
And your life's light seems  to go out,
When disappointments dodge your steps,
And your schemes fail through;

          Remember the word that says,
          My peace I give to you,
          not as the world gives 
          that your joy may be full.

When your labours bring in no reward,
Learn to bow your head to say,
Your love is better than wine,
Don't stop short of this blessed experience.


The Holy Spirit, the true wine of life;
Drops into your heart these words,
From God's very throne of grace,
And distills an infinite peace.


Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: death, introspection, loss, lost love,

Case In Point

Cry not for love
    Fore Love
 Is the greatest
           Of all thing's
     Be not of despair
The Heart withers' not
     Less it be incomplete
With all the completeness
     An empty Heart
   Fear not it's memory
  What ever is lost in thought
      Can only be recaptured
     Threw the imagination
What ever is of the mind
             And Heart
    Shall never be forgotten
                  By time
 But shaped by circumstance


Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: death, dedication, devotion, faith,

He Never Left


What a friend We
    Find in Jesus
He sat up on that
As if it all was lost
Obviously the plan
Didn't do what they
Fore He arose yet again
      For the first time
In an matter of the
       Third Day