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Death Poems About Interchanging Poetry

Interchanging Poetry death poems and poems about death for Interchanging Poetry. Read and share these heartfelt Interchanging Poetry death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Interchanging Poetry Poems.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: angst, destiny, introspection, pain, philosophy, poetry, september,

Shadow of Death

My shadow flirts with the sun
As I caress the darkness
We are one and separate
As my shadow smiles
Anxiety suffocates me
The shadow will soon fade
I shall die
One happy, one not

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: anxiety, dark, emotions, fate, grief, pain, sorrow,

Hope, A Little Remained

Hope, A Little Remained

She walked the creaking floors of the rat-infested room,
trying to remember what tragedy had sent her to this shabby place.
Her heart felt the desperate pains, that lost love sends in aching waves,
praying her sleeping infant does not wake and cry out from its feverish thirst.

He paced the cold cell, languishing in deep misery, heart shattered,
each step an eternity echoing curses, a testament to his broken pride.
Although thousands of miles apart, he felt her loss, never-ending sorrows,
dawn would come, priest would take his last confession, yet Hope remained.

For Silent One's,  eight lines of fate, when you wonder if it is too late.

Poem Details | by Silent One |
Categories: analogy, death, poetry,

In the Silence of Death

Rampant rain is ruining
lushness of my lawn.
Helpless I watch
strands of green drown 
in shallow puddles.

Swamp like state creates
slush and sludge -
I remain stuck in the mud.
Wondering who will care 
for my garden when 
I am no more.

What will become of my roses?
Will my dahlia delight in the sun?
Or will I become a forget me not?


I remain content,
knowing erratic elements,
will never kill my words.
Spiteful winds will return crying
bitter raindrops to my musings.

Then they will disappear,
just like me - just like you.

Yet in the silence of death -
written words will forever remain.

Simple Musing
Silent One
3 November 2019

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: death, dream, poetry,

Castles In The Sky

The sandman will take pause and say a prayer
Then reach in to his special bag of sand
And with a sweeping motion of his hand
Bright glitter colored stardust fills the air

It falls to bring a dream beyond compare
Where castles in the sky are gold and grand
A momentary glimpse of "Beulah Land"
As we envision life beyond death's stare

And with that thought we'll take a rattled breath
The last tear of this life will find release
We'll see our shooting star, a passing flash
Exhale our soul and welcome life in death
Then build our castles on white clouds of peace
The sandman will sweep up our sparkling ash

   by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by Phil Capitano |
Categories: death, destiny, poetry,

Autumn Breeze


When the magic is gone
	and all the stars have fallen,
do I just sit and wait for my final calling?

Is there still something
	to do, out there, for me?
If not before, then when comes destiny?

Ashes tossed, will I be known
	as husband, father, son?
Can I leave this plane with things undone?

Fair poetry I weave
	but words are falling leaves
and my soul detects an autumn breeze.

Poem Details | by Mark Toney |
Categories: death, muse, poetry,


my muse and I - riding on the coattails of infinity


Poem Details | by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: death, poetry,


How many words at night just like 
bees in a hive buzz in my head!
“No pulse.. failed the brain test.. apneic,
pronounced dead”, somebody said.

Oh, life and death, you look so much
alike and equal that I seem
to do not care who grants me such
a long-awaited dreamless dream.

A short sleep of the dead and then
it will repeat itself: a bee,
another one, a pad, a pen,
a night, a sleeplessness, a me.

Poem Details | by Stefan Cote |
Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, confusion, crazy, creation, deep, depression, devotion, drink, emotions, fear, feelings, freedom, goodbye, grief, health, hip hop, how i feel, imagery, journey, loneliness, me, meaningful, mental illness, metaphor, poems, poetry, psychological, rap, recovery from, scary, senses, today,

Not another day

Impulsive or compulsive

Either way it's not conducive

Living with this disorder

Can't be good for my liver

Obsessions, when do they stop?

Compulsions, when do I stop?

Let me illustrate and reiterate

My demons make me infuriated

To the point, man, I really want to escape this

Live everyday like your last?

These hours go by fast

Trying to obliterate every ounce of the past

Always with the imagery and self coping insanity

That broke me and continues to break me.

Another day, no not another day

I just got out, please let me stay away.

Poem Details | by Taylor Graham |
Categories: death, imagination, on writing and words,

Poetry Assignment

It was “Death” you drew.
You rolled that slip of paper
between your fingers 
thin as onionskin, 
and dropped it in your pocket.
Pastel lady, 

did you wish to spare 
us? You fluttered fingers 
over the basket, and drew out 
“Patio Party,” 
a subject we must address 
before we meet again.

How many great poems 
have been penned on Death? 
How many on a
Patio Party?

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: death, gothic, humanity, imagination, poetry,

The Darkness

Flagrant Inspiration
Spring rains soft
Love strolls
Black death

Butterflies singing
Life a flutter
Songs only beginning
Black Death

Frolicking gardens
Beer flowing in fountains
Youth teases, curves and tinsel 
Three angels in the corner, sleeping
Black Death

Softer than feathered pillows
The final glimpse through wrinkled curtain
Black death

Rose’s red
Ring around the rosie
Skipping glee abounds
Yet over there in the closet
Black death

The path in the forest
Dark and misty
Winding and twisty
Maps hold no comfort nor key
Black death

The last
The final
The end
Inside the darkness


Poem Details | by Frederic Parker |
Categories: poetry,

Death from Sins

Unveiling of the righteous King has come.
To bring a peace upon the ravaged land.
A war was fought, the loser did succumb.
The soldiers now are just, by King's command.
A Prince of evil tried to claim his realm,
And tethered people to a hopeless place.
With blade from sword and chains to overwhelm.
He stole and pillaged all without disgrace.
A brother older strode to their defense.
From ancient land to where a prison held.
He paid a ransom held at great expense,
And slayed the tyrant Prince his anger quelled.

The throne he lusted for the Prince had claimed.
Brought anger forth from rightful King he blamed.

contest The Deadly Seven

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: anxiety, art, death, introspection, philosophy, poetry,


This you see is a draft
Minds little notes of lines and verse
In dribs and drabs
In prose, I stab and stab

Repeating oft said words
Expressions rehashed to be reheard
Yearning only for that one to see
This my attempt at being me

The ebb and flow of a sadness boat
Feeble attempts to keep afloat
Yet drowning in words it seems to be
Prose no longer setting me free

Learning more and knowing less
Wise words not heeded at best
For lingering in the dampness there
Is death, burning slow with its evil stare

Poem Details | by ashli elliott |
Categories: blue, cry, dark, death, deep, poetry,

Bright Lights

My hands are cold,
lips blue.
Baby there's nothing you can do.
My head is spinning,
blood dripping.
When will I see you again?
Bright lights,
people shouting.
Honey tell them I'm trying to sleep.
Loud crying,
people dying.
Baby please don't let it happen to me.
White light,
Last breath.
People screaming,
Flames beaming.
Ashley you're up next.

Poem Details | by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: death, poetry, time,

Say it Ain't So

Verily, how terribly
How I consider carelessly
All the Time I've spent in Rhyme-
Pondering my Mortality!

Poem Details | by Rick Richardson |
Categories: death, nature, poetry,

Upon the Stones

Upon the stones the lichen grows
For those asleep in earth below
And those awake who tears do weep
To green the grass with sorrow’s seep
To honor love their hearts bestow

The lichen sleeps beneath the snow
Through cold and ice of winter woe
Awaits the warmth and summer’s creep
Upon the stones the lichen grows

In shadow rain or summer glow
It hears the words of belle or beau
It fears not time or grounds man’s sweep
The lichen guards eternal sleep
For here in each and every row
Upon the stones the lichen grows


Poem Details | by Chrisna Vergara |
Categories: death, depression, life, loneliness, loss, poetry, suicide,


I have found my refuge
in the arms of death
Take away this soul
the life I used to have
To live in darkness
in the middle of nowhere
Standing in adversity
with noone to hold me
This grief I felt
has tortured my brain
Great deal of misfortune
to carry this burden..

~Chrisna Vergara

Poem Details | by Dimpra Kaleem |
Categories: angel, beautiful, death, dream, eulogy, farewell, poetry,

A soldiers wish

Give me reason to live, give me reason to love. Fill my soul full of hope light the stars up above. Let my eyes see the beauty that women desire, let my heart beat with wings to soar high and higher. If none of these things are yours to give then paint me a picture where we both can live. A place full of harmony peaceful and still. Where deaths touch is lost with no fresh graves to fill. This above all will give me reason to love, this will light the stars up above.

Poem Details | by Wren Rushing |
Categories: dark, death, desire, horror, murder, poetry, poets,

Rest In Pieces

They once met upon a poetry site,
shared romantic words by computer light.
His poems of rose pedals and floating doves,
her verses of broken hearts and jilted love.

Those touching comments soon lit a fire,
innocent flirting now burning desire.
Their public secrets fanned the embers 
and played out before all the members.

Alas unable to contain their lust,
to finally embrace became a must.
Soon they soupmailed their secret plot,
to meet in the nearest Wal-Mart lot.

What happened next no one can fix,
for her light was turned off at Motel Six.
It seems her tall dark poetic stranger,
turned out to be the "Trailer Park Strangler".


Poem Details | by DaQuan Bowrin |
Categories: cry, dark, death, depression, emo, suicide,

Poetry Instead of Suicide

Who wants violence?
Dark dreams;
Evil screams,
Hold on strong,
The fight is nearly
Fighting to breathe,
Fighting to see,
It's hard to believe
this is me,

I never saw myself
falling to the
But in the end this
is how I'm paid,
Suffering from
Torn from fears,
All I know is that,
I'm not sure why I'm

Told to live,
But living a lie,
Stuck in a place
where everyone wants
me to die,
Hurt and confused,
Broken and bruised,
Not sure what to do,
But i Will fight
till I can't move,
This is what I must

Poem Details | by Gary Onderisin |
Categories: poetry,

Like a small, quiet death on a page

One too many poems:  Like a barking dog at 

The Garden gate:  Oblivious to the beauty of the Garden, and

Unwilling to let anybody in it to enjoy it.

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: death, loss, music, sad, uplifting, day,

Bell's Blues (Conclusion)

     Today, I had a chance to ask his widow, Laurie, about this story.  She 
confirmed that it did happen, and he came home from work that day excited, and 
told her and their 3 daughters about the event.
     And sure enough, shortly thereafter, the song became a hit on the radio, and 
M.T.V., in those ancient days when they actually played music.
     This news brightened my day considerably, and I'm happy to share it with you; 
so when you next hear that song, remember my good buddy, Mark Trotiner, the 
uncredited genius behind it.
                                          tom bell

Poem Details | by Chantelle Anne Cooke |
Categories: angel, death, future, moon, poetry, stars,

Afterlife Atlas

The Angel of Death atones 
While our mortality bemoans 
Alas we gasp, galloping to the unknowns
For we were made of slippery bones 
Now in afterlife we acquire new life loans
May we glitter as moon glade gemstones 
Floating as star flowers in universal zones 
With twinkling talking forever tones
Our regal romantic soul rhinestones 
Speak duality of diamond dialogue silicones
There on earth our poetry carved in our stones 
Here in Heavenly harmony microphones 

January 26th 2019

Poem Details | by Frederic Parker |
Categories: poetry,

The Quiet Death of Echos

The sound of a heartbeat,
heard only in the empty silence of loneliness
How still this moment is,
the smallness of being
When each sunset is wrapped in gray,
leaving behind another long night of yearning,
to feel wanted, to feel needed,
alone with emotions of misery,
that come and go with each passing flickering light
To stare into the abyss, feeling nothing
Awakened by the mirror of your thoughts,
that flutter in the background with emptiness
To endure the quiet death of echos,
that fade away from yesterday,
leaving tomorrow silent

contest Loneliness

Poem Details | by Samuel Byrd |
Categories: beauty, bereavement, death, death of a friend, eulogy, sister, sympathy,

Angel Returned to Heaven

An angel returned to heaven today
deployed to erase gluttonous hate
from envy's grasp love is pulled away

To bring order to disarray
supplying hope while replacing sloth 
An angel returned to heaven today

Armed with beauty, charm and compassion
pride is now faced with a trained assassin
whether with song, a smile, a shoulder or ear
greed, anger and lust is sent running in fear

An angel returned to heaven today
after years of service in the field
from the mission never did she stray

In our hearts she will forever stay
so, let us remember, let us rejoice
cause our angel returned to heaven on this day

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, fantasy, poems, poetry, poets, snow,


there is a corner
in another realm
where poets go to die

leaving their ashes
at the threshold
poets cross 
as energy and light

they sit with pen in hand
in a parisien-style café
and recite their latest poem
for macarons and latte

they gather there and mingle
juggling rhymes and metaphors
they craft their poems lovingly
scatter them to the winds
so they may fall to us as snowflakes

AP: 1st place 2021

Submitted on November 25, 2020 for contest WHERE TO WE POETS GO? sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 2ND