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Death Poems About Pollution

Pollution death poems and poems about death for Pollution. Read and share these heartfelt Pollution death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Pollution Poems.

Poem Details | by Deb Adams |
Categories: angst, conflict, environment, grief, pain, pollution, senses,

What Is That Taste In My Mouth

No warning.

The taste spread swiftly
around the room.

Eyes scour.
They pinpoint the doom.

A little old lady
Who's big on perfume.

Poem Details | by Regina Elliott |
Categories: death, military, pollution, war,

Demonic Fires

Promises broken-
to those who enlisted,
so many right after 9/11,
volunteered, in good faith,
then, they were
exposed to burn pits
in Iraq and Afghanistan,
breathed in
demonic fires
consuming toxic trash,
soot in our soldiers' barracks,
in their lungs,
suffering from disease,
Department of Defense lied,
and our sick troops were denied,
many soldiers ran out of 
precious time,
call it what it is,
a tragic crime.

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: death, environment, evil, life, nonsense, political, pollution,

I turn off my TV

I sit on my chair and travel the world
I turn off my TV 
And cry

Poem Details | by courtney webb |
Categories: animals, childhood, death, life, loss,


Black smoke covers all
children animals run
but they can't escape

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: addiction, adventure, allusion, anger, art, child, childhood, children, community, corruption, crazy, dark, death, deep, depression, desire, evil, fantasy, fear, freedom, future, gothic, grave, grief, imagination, lust, murder, pain, pollution, poverty, power, sad love, science, society, spiritual, spoken word, visionary,

The Future Starts Here

The innocence is transfusing
and overturning 
the goat skin drums
children of the mills,
children of the junkyard,
and savaging
and we keep filling them with
mercury, nitrate, espestice, baby bombs
blasted out of their shaved heads
and foraging

Poem Details | by Gary Smith |
Categories: death, humanity, ocean, pollution,

The Oceans Died

And so the day it came to pass
They just gave up, the oceans died,
No life at all, a dead morass
It was a day that angels cried.

We watched them in their dying throes
Never taking time to tend the need,
There was a different path we could have chose
But we were blind and deaf, so took no heed.

Now begin our starving times
No fruitful bounties from the sea,
No need now for net nor line,
We have forged a desperate destiny.

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: death, imagery, life, natural disasters, nature, peace, pollution,

No one suffered or was killed today

No one suffered or was killed today
No one raped or burned alive
No terrorists
No politicians
No exploitation 
No pollution
No religion
No rich and 
no poor

there is something 
nice and peaceful
about having 
No people  
living on my PLANET
all being 
with their baggage 
full of delusions

Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: autumn, day, death, earth, earth day, fire, forgiveness, giving, grave, history, horror, places, pollution, river, sky, social, space, tree, water, wind,

Why all this Destructions

Why all this Destructions? – Zamreen Zarook

God created this whole universe for the mankind,
He gave everything lavishly, thinking that we might be kind,
Even though people are able, they seems to be blind,
Whereas people failed to mind.

The sky which was created for the man started to scream and cry,
Since good morals and ethics were decry,
The fire started to do the mimicry,
As the water lands cannot bear, it came to man with a battle cry.

Land couldn't hold and it started to gorge,
Fresh air merged with chemicals and started to urge,
Whatever created for the man have started to over charged,
Stop evil and let the merits be enlarged.

Poem Details | by Muzahidul Reza |
Categories: abuse, environment, grief, pollution, war, wind, world,

Sonnet 2 The Sun's Turning Pale Is A Threat In Fact

The sun's turning pale is a threat, in fact
That directly affects solar system
The climate has already been much changed
With known-unknown, acute poisonous fume; 
Role played by man is a serious fun,
Earth has already been dark for their wrong
Because randomly goes their dreadful gun,
Nuclear bombs fell all in destructive ring; 
But, the earth's sky is yet clearly seen blue
Having been the immense background of all
Therefore, that is certainly a strong clue
They should undertake timely to handle;
So that, here the great way may be paved for
Saving earth with radiation free air.

Poem Details | by Amy Sell |
Categories: analogy, dad, death, environment, father daughter, loss, pollution,

The Upside-Down Umbrellas

My dad made large upside-down umbrellas which I’m told
Won't keep the water above us from hitting us as we walk the road
But will hold the dirt and dust that's left of us as we corrode
Keeping it from falling and being washed away in the river below.  

Impenetrable and round canvases of black
They go in a hole underground with a rod attached
The rods have rocks serving as bases that suspend them above ground, in their place
And braces to keep the underground canvases open-face

As useless as they are in the rain today
We maintain the upside-down umbrellas and we quietly pray
They will keep us all dry one day.

Poem Details | by Trevor McLeod |
Categories: grief, pollution, urban, water,


The City makes me work for them.
Time to sort my trash.
And then they tell me "Rinse it off",
they charge the bill for cash.

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: death, health, life, nature, people,


The high cost of air
If you breathe not its freshness
You are dead---poisoned

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: earth, earth day, environment, natural disasters, nature, poetry, pollution,


Starburst from a mid-night sky,
jettisons dreams from the sky-web.

Imagination's flight can be terror
for those who would cloud sky with plutonium-rot.

Grandmother Spider's tears
soak Earth's belly with toxic rains;
her sky-web glistens with crystal tears.

If not for the trees belching grayed-out oxygen;
no life could survive.

Tree branches wipe Grandmother's eyes;
each night fewer crystals adorn sky-web.

Grandmother's tears, plummet through acid skies
to a "Nuked" womb...
a ball of micro waved...uterine...dust.

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: bird, career, death, natural disasters, political, pollution, society,

Canary Ivanka

Buy your coal mine canary
From Ivanka's Canary Shop
You'll know you bought a bargain
When it does The Canary Flop

Tomahawk missile launches
Ensure a mining boom
So canary songs can linger
Like when Elvis left the room

So buy your coal mine canary
(Ivanka's are the best)
Knowing birds and colliers
Shall find eternal rest!

Poem Details | by Kai Lun Wong |
Categories: analogy, dark, depression, fire, grief, pollution, sad,


Sparks alit
Fire burning
A stick, a cig

Smoke drifting
Ashes fleeting
Darting, floating
But never ceasing

Huffing puffing
Non-stop haling
Polluting, blighting
My lungs are dying

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: death, earth, pollution,


The agony of dying we have put our serene planet in

Without fail, we will all feel it crawling under our skin

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      13 April 2018

Poem Details | by Edward Schmitz |
Categories: dark, death, deep, depression, future, perspective, pollution,

Too many people

How many people are on planet Earth? Too many people, and too many births The headcount rising while resources shrink Is it surprising our world’s on the brink? Twelve years ago we’re one billion less The pace which we grow puts Earth under stress The prices on food continue to climb The waste that’s accrued, too easy to find The land that we share grows dirty and cramped Travel and welfare? It all needs revamped War, plague or famine’s the natural cure Once it’s examined this targets the poor Killing the planet as we multiply? Should we continue we’re destined to die

Poem Details | by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: atheist, body, change, drug, education, eulogy, mother, nature, pain, planet, pollution, poverty, science, self, sick, social, stars, success, symbolism, time, together, truth, universe, wisdom, world, writing,


Real concs. 

Solve ‘ems. 


See slave,




Test tube,
Stat loop.

Scope read,
Nodes said. 

Bi drive,
Lat hive. 


Deft thud. 

Deft cod. 

Chain checked. 






Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: earth, emotions, environment, grave, nature, pollution, sorrow,


authentic nature soothes my mystical spirit ... trash distracts us both
April 21, 2020 Let the Pens Flow - Haiku Jenish Somadas