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Death Poems About Prose Poetry

Prose Poetry death poems and poems about death for Prose Poetry. Read and share these heartfelt Prose Poetry death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Prose Poetry Poems.

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: anxiety, dark, emotions, fate, grief, pain, sorrow,

Hope, A Little Remained

Hope, A Little Remained

She walked the creaking floors of the rat-infested room,
trying to remember what tragedy had sent her to this shabby place.
Her heart felt the desperate pains, that lost love sends in aching waves,
praying her sleeping infant does not wake and cry out from its feverish thirst.

He paced the cold cell, languishing in deep misery, heart shattered,
each step an eternity echoing curses, a testament to his broken pride.
Although thousands of miles apart, he felt her loss, never-ending sorrows,
dawn would come, priest would take his last confession, yet Hope remained.

For Silent One's,  eight lines of fate, when you wonder if it is too late.

Poem Details | by Gary Onderisin |
Categories: poetry,

Like a small, quiet death on a page

One too many poems:  Like a barking dog at 

The Garden gate:  Oblivious to the beauty of the Garden, and

Unwilling to let anybody in it to enjoy it.

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: death, loss, music, sad, uplifting, day,

Bell's Blues (Conclusion)

     Today, I had a chance to ask his widow, Laurie, about this story.  She 
confirmed that it did happen, and he came home from work that day excited, and 
told her and their 3 daughters about the event.
     And sure enough, shortly thereafter, the song became a hit on the radio, and 
M.T.V., in those ancient days when they actually played music.
     This news brightened my day considerably, and I'm happy to share it with you; 
so when you next hear that song, remember my good buddy, Mark Trotiner, the 
uncredited genius behind it.
                                          tom bell

Poem Details | by Samuel Byrd |
Categories: beauty, bereavement, death, death of a friend, eulogy, sister, sympathy,

Angel Returned to Heaven

An angel returned to heaven today
deployed to erase gluttonous hate
from envy's grasp love is pulled away

To bring order to disarray
supplying hope while replacing sloth 
An angel returned to heaven today

Armed with beauty, charm and compassion
pride is now faced with a trained assassin
whether with song, a smile, a shoulder or ear
greed, anger and lust is sent running in fear

An angel returned to heaven today
after years of service in the field
from the mission never did she stray

In our hearts she will forever stay
so, let us remember, let us rejoice
cause our angel returned to heaven on this day

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: death, mother,

An Unanswered Phone

I see the yarn and I remember 
I bought it for my mother to knit
But she went to heaven in January

Her fancy never used tropical paper napkins
Are a reminder every time I open the drawer
My mother is gone. My mother is gone.

I pick up the phone for the hundredth time
To tell her something crazy that has happened
Something she will never believe, something funny.

The yarn and the napkins smile.
Remembering what I do not
As I listen to the phone ring and ring.

Poem Details | by Poetry Is It |
Categories: death, dedication, depression, devotion, education

The Harvest Of The Seed

  Each field is barren white with snow, 
around me blind, they know.
I see.
Darkness brings the haze of dawn, 
how many must it show.

While many miles of web it's barb, 
my flesh, 
it tastes and grows.

Bringing home the wheat, 
ground white, 
and powdered souls, 
spread open far and wide.

Touching only youth, 
not men, 
Each gem from stone, 
pours out and lost our seed it keeps.
No more.


Is It Poetry 

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: africa, black african american, children, death, faith, simile, war,


     (Apropos The Ripping Veil of Pan-Africanism)

In all her blackness
her soils run red
with the blood of her children

Whose bloated bellies
mock the pregnancy
of liberty

And her breasts
sag in union
with faces 
of hopeless hopefulness;

While hollowed eyes 
of mourners
gaze into the wholeness
of nothing---

Smiling death stalks
the narrowing corridors of
life---echoing souring laughs
to virgin wombs
screaming from the shadows
of the valley of death:

But believe brethren---
mock not the gods---
keep plodding;
for in the theism 
of this imposed dystopia, 
a wretched mother
tenaciously clings to time
and history.

Poem Details | by TAMMY REAMS |
Categories: blessing, death, dedication, emotions, i love you, life, mother,

Our Mother's Song

We sing a song to our Mother's soul who has passed and gone
she sings back as an angel from beyond and drops a tear 
as we sleep so we won't wake and weep

On earth she gave us birth and strength to shine in this universe
and to remember family comes first for even in death
we have rebirth and a life of worth

So, we sing a song to our Mother's soul who has passed and gone
we will remain strong and will carry on for this beautiful angel
from beyond who has bygone for our mom. 

T Reams 2/10/2015   to my sweet sister Jenny in memory of our mother Barbara

Poem Details | by Peter Churchley |
Categories: death, peace, me,

White Feather Spirit

laid me down within cold tomb light capture me neath baying tree feel thy warmth once more white spirit of feathered down lay upon my soul pray set me to rest
Written to accompany one of my photographs. This is the link to the image...

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: abuse, bereavement, betrayal, brother, death, death of a friend, words,

My brother's hand

My brother’s hand regarded not my words for, they go unheard, as the silence grows my brother’s hand clinches cold and my last words fall to the ground pooling, congealing into an unsatisfied thirst. The devils on horseback are led to the water, but never drinking, as the blackened house lies in ruin. I wonder about the tree in the forest and the forest without ears to hear and the tree never seen, but alas and alas every man. How does a machete make more noise and fire be heard on the other side of the world? It may have been bearable, but I am not alone and I know their words will never be heard for they are in my brother’s hand. 11/5/2014

Poem Details | by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: creation, encouraging, environment, fantasy, feelings, life, love,

I am alone on the Island of Death

I am alone on the island of death
Around the bodies of hundreds 
Natural disasters happened a little earlier 
All dead
My enemies, allies, relatives
Some of the most intimate

I am on mass of ruins
Loud noise...Moaning...Unbroken silent in a trice
I am just at the end
There are no tears in my eyes, no fear in chest
I am speechless

I am in the midst of so much death, destruction
Creation is alive
It's my responsibility to rotate the wheel again
Just me.


Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: allegory, analogy, black african american, conflict, grief, hope, simile,

The Last Supper of Hope

The Last Supper of Hope

Grief has exhausted itself
And pain has abandoned the heart;
Emptiness now lives where joy
Once called home.

Our streets have become cisterns
Of blood—death quenching its thirst—
Flashbacks of the belly bowels of slave ships
Flying flags of crosses and crescent moons alike.

Hell remains without fury—never discriminating;
And Dante smiling—spits in the face of justice.
Today Armageddon sits at the Last Supper; 
May hope be the Bread and Wine.  And 
Judas forgets to RSVP.  

Poem Details | by CAROL ROBINSON |
Categories: allegory, death, life, loss, nature, sad, sympathy, time,

Somebody's Baby

Somebody’s Baby, lie still 
Embalmed in pure white cotton, 
Cocooned securely, like the babe in arms 
within the shroud. 
Seraphim cavort no more upon a form  
once touched with shades of youthful innocence.

Somebody’s Baby, be sure.
Your time for dreams now spent,
No future beckons only time captured frame by frame,
Frozen in vulgar technicolor;
Close Up; Explicit, depicting genre yet unclassified;
The epic over exposed.
Somebody's Baby, be silent.
Grey and gnarled  imposter in the cot
Metamorphosis contrives a landscape dry and gnarled.
No more seductress of tender ministry;
Solitary, silently; endures the travesty
Of human demise.

Poem Details | by Laith Seher |
Categories: death,

The dead

The dead      
The dead are refugees 
To an immortal caves,
Hidden in the pockets of the earth,
They are escaping from sins 
 Exhausting by the pain .
We are the dead 
But we are walking. 

  A  poem by : Saad Mohammed Al-Husseen (Iraqi Poet)
Translated by :Laith Seher

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: analogy, children, death, imagery, simile, war,

For Children of War and Other Deceptions

For Children of War and Other Deceptions

The load of time
weigh heavy 
on the yokes of life;
the unshelled shelled.
Innocence of children
preyed upon;
life failed to root itself.

Janus face war genuflects
craving forgiveness; 
praising its necessity.

Poem Details | by Laith Seher |
Categories: death, funeral,

A Dove

A Dove
We said :What are  all those  feathers ?
When  we walked  for  the funeral of the kid . 
His father raised  his hand ,
 picked up a feather
 and  cried :This is the word "a dove"
He learned  to say since two days. 
we forget to take it out of his mouth .

The poem by :Maithem Radhi (Iraqi Poet )
Translated by : Laith Seher

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: america, angst, black african american, death, discrimination, grief, murder,

Holiday Mercy

Easter and Remembering King
Are both gone—Today
Another child is shot in the back.
A mother plays his last message
By phone—Another son murdered
For being black.

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: allegory, analogy, black african american, discrimination, eulogy, imagery, racism,

Shades of a Colored Man

Shades of a Colored Man

The signs use to read:
“For whites only”—
“Colored fountain”—water
clear as day.
If you’re brown
you may stick around;
but blacks must get back.

Today is equal opportunity employment
but your equity has been revoked;
job’s been passed on to another colored yoke.
Beside, you’re over qualified;
the shade of skin is not why you’re denied.

Then in the heat of day, you screamed and cried:
“Give me liberty or give me death!”
Your demand they granted immediately:
Today we dig your grave.

Poem Details | by Kaaviya Baskaran |
Categories: bereavement, care, career, military, patriotic,

My Promise, My Nation

The sky was lit by blinding light
But, not sunlight
The panorama was painted with darting pellets
But, not of rain rivulets
The ground quivering under flitting feet
But, not earthquake
The horizon hung with billowing smoke
But, not pillows of fluffy clouds
The constant bombing sounds bombarded my ears
But, not fireworks
As I looped in my shoestrings and gathered my rifle
My eyes yearned for an eyeful of that rodent-bitten snapshot
Stifling a sob that pained my heart,
Knowing I kept my promise for the nation before I depart...

Poem Details | by Vicki Acquah |
Categories: deep, eulogy, write,


Sharon why do you come?
Sharon you were not my
Confidant nor my peer
Could you be some long
Ancestor ?
You are the only
One who has come,
More than one time.
Met you in this lifetime,
When you were here.
My spade partner
It would seem likely.
Family would look in..
But it's Okay, that it's you,
You're the only
One that has
Made it known.. that
Every goodbye
Ain't gone. One day
More will be revealed
As to the meaning
Of your communication;
As you seem the most unlikely
Too attach yourself to my soul station.
“Sharon, I think I now 
Know why have you come"

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: africa, allegory, analogy, bereavement, betrayal, daughter, simile,

Of Daughters And Aborted Liberties

      Of Daughters and Aborted Liberties…
My ravished womb drips
precious blood of incestuous rape;
the ghosts of my daughters scream
from shared graves
marked with vaginal blood
shed by sons drunk
on the wine of intoxicating power.

Mislead adolescent warriors
fan holocaust embers
scorching time tested hopes
gone to ashes
as death winds strike chimes
of ebony genocide;
and the cradle and the grave
stand juxtaposed to each other.

My desperate screams
reverberate off once listening ears
and ricochet into the void silence
of a newsworthy footnote:
caught in the cobwebs of history
my aborted blood of liberty flows
like the meandering Nile.

Poem Details | by Dean Wood |
Categories: eulogy, nature, science, sea,


Nomads of the Arctic,
    Never traveling south,
Noble Unicorns live
    Now in the sea, under
    Northern Lights and ice flows.
Near Threatened, will they die?
    New hope in vigilance! 

Poem Details | by Patricia Janke |
Categories: bereavement, courage, dark, death,

If I Had Cancer

The Big C

If I had cancer I would cry
Brother, mother, grandfather
Lost to this disease
Firsthand knowledge not a gift
Could it be a lie?

If I had cancer I would pray
To the only god I know
For courage, strength
For me and family
Could it be I'll die?

If I had cancer I would run
From pain and death
As far as fast as I could
Away from a cruel fate
Can anyone relate?

If I had cancer
Stand and fight--maybe
For a time a valiant effort
But in the end
I will fly away on angel's wings

If I had cancer

Patricin Lynne

Poem Details | by Buffy Sammons |
Categories: cancer, death, deep, emotions, fantasy, symbolism, words,

Dark Eyes

In the murky depths of the night..
That is when she takes on flight..
Into a world that to most of us remains unknown..
If you catch a glimpse, your heart she might turn to stone..
That eerie chill you feel at times on your back...
Don't turn around or it is you she will attack..
Just keep walking straight ahead and whistle if you must..
Fight that urge to turn around and look, in that you can trust..
Never forget of the darkness that is always there..
If you choose to even take a peek, if you dare..
Her cold dark eyes pierce like a knife into your soul..
And letting you go back into the light is never her goal..

Poem Details | by Corey Brown |
Categories: allegory, hope, life, philosophy, sympathy,

River Jordan

Everyday I wake, I bathe in the river Jordan: taking with me the dirtiness from the yesterdays. Repeating the same sins, that were never washed clean. Reenacting the past and all its ways.