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Death Poems About Puppy

Puppy death poems and poems about death for Puppy. Read and share these heartfelt Puppy death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Puppy Poems.

Poem Details | by Harold Hunt sr |
Categories: angel, animal, baby, death, dog, god,

my sweet puppy

My sweet little puppy
My little puppy was a pretty little girl.
She slept at the foot of my bed.
all you need to do was rattle your keys and she was ready to go. 
She would ride in my arms as I drove. 
Sleeping away as she rode with me. 
If I left her at home, she would greet me with a lot of kisses.
She was my little puppy.
Then one night she was taken from me.
A driver of a fast car killed her.
A helpless little pup full of joy.
My sweet little puppy now in the hands of God. 
But her heart will always be with me, my sweet baby girl.
RIP My little baby Taco

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: animal, death, dog, fantasy, horror, nursery rhyme, pets,

Grubby Puppy

Nighty night-night
	my sorry little blighter
It'll be all right
	if you can be a fighter
The devil is a-comin'
	he'll slug you with his fist
You'll see him swift a-runnin'
	to give your neck a twist.

Oh my grubby puppy
	you are bright, bright, bright
Take a nippy nappy
	or you'll bite, bite, bite
The devil's in the details
	The devil wears a hat
He'll sell it to you retail
	He'll feed you to the cat.

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: death, dog,

Sad After Her Puppy Died

She never smiles, laughs or plays anymore.
She has been so sad since the passing of her dog Zore.
We thought hard and long about what we could do.
She was a pretty girl, and our niece, sweet too.

Without asking their permission I asked my sister?
She laughed because she called this guy stuck up mister.
Let’s just do it she urged me. What can he do?
After his baby gets a look at these handsome two?

So, we purchased two St. Bernard puppies that day.
They were so fluffy and fat that box sure did sway.
Her daddy started to lose it without much grace.
But her mother said “We are keeping them. LOOK AT HER FACE!”