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Death Poems About Rabbit

Rabbit death poems and poems about death for Rabbit. Read and share these heartfelt Rabbit death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Rabbit Poems.

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: addiction, books, family, freedom, god, grief, paris,

Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit

Toward the end of a book,
we tend to speed up, 
in anticipation of the climatic finish. 

Yet sadly, 
the build-up...
was the part we savored, 
on the perfect path
to the right...
and everlasting

The beginning. 

Poem Details | by Eitak Nella |
Categories: bereavement, death,

O Rabbit

O! Rabbit, I am sincerely sorry!
For you were once alive and well,
But now you don't have to worry,
Because you are now dead, 
We missed your head, 
But we ran straight over your middle.

O! Rabbit, I am sincerely sorry!
You once were fit as a fiddle,
Until now of course,
Because we ran you over,
Once apon a time you jumped in clover,
And frolicked in the meadows,
With your fellows.

O! Rabbit, I am sincerely sorry!
Rest in peace, poor thing,
Were you still here,
I would take you under my wing,
Did it hurt much dear?

O! Rabbit, I am sincerely sorry!
We tried to miss you but failed,
So you got nailed.
O! Rabbit I am sincerely sorry!

Poem Details | by shaunda lindsay |
Categories: animal, betrayal, child abuse, death of a friend, horror, pets, sick,

No Rabbit For Me Please

I had a little bunny
honey was her name

She was so cute and funny
till I clubbed her in the brain

So sad I had to eat her
but I'm really not to blame

Was the doings of my daddy
and his sickly little games

I had to hang my bunny
in the killing tree

She kicked and screamed so madly
till my mind went free

I cut her throat and peeled her
but I wasn't really there

That's the story of my bunny
my lifeless skinless little hare

Have you ever heard a rabbit scream? 

It sounds just like me

Poem Details | by Kevin Crossed |
Categories: animal, dark, death, loneliness, lost, mental illness,

Beheaded Rabbit

Little rabbit run away
Lead the enemy astray
Make them lost, make them sad
Deep, bad, regret, mad
Anguish and privacy
Hibernation finally
Shut your eyes, go to sleep
In your dreams, you will find me
Stone intestines, broken sticks
Move as fast as the clock ticks

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: death, destiny, life, world,

like a rabbit into a six foot hole

you are here 
and then you’re gone
like a rabbit into a six foot hole

Poem Details | by Vicki Waterhouse |
Categories: angst, childhood, confusion, death, depression, devotion, family, fear, forgiveness, loss, mother, sad, sorry,

White Rabbit

Quick, we'll be late!

Then again. she shan't notice.

Her eyes are heavy, always.

Induced by magic.

They call it medicine.

She would be angry though!

Only on them days, when he's away.

When we won't hear the groans

moans, grunts. 

She remembers though.

She's so sad now! 

She always was, it's him.

She's submissive, timid, shy.

Afraid. They'll take her away.

We can't visit. 

We must rescue her! 

From her sleep? No.

'for what dreams may come

when we shuffle of this mortal coil.'

There is only one way.

You find the bleach!

It is effective in removing.

Ridding us of the evidence.

But not of the past, not of the blood.

May she rest in peace. 

Poem Details | by Sharon Downer |
Categories: animals, death, philosophy,

Rabbit Cemetary

When animals find a place to die,
do they look for a place of comfort?
Or perhaps they look for a place
where no one will see them dead.
Maybe they want to be alone
with themselves, to judge their life,
like so many people do.
Maybe they just want to find a quiet place,
where there are no distractions,
especially others crying for them.
Or is it just instinct?

Poem Details | by P.M. Richter |
Categories: courage, death, journey,

Down the Rabbit Hole

roller coaster ride
kaleidoscope twists and turns
the unconscious mind

Poem Details | by Adrianne Short |
Categories: animal, corruption, death, fantasy, fate, magic, nature,

White Rabbit

Whispery trickster
Hopping along between the rabbit holes
Ill intending wolf pups smitten
Tempting with poisonous treats
Eaten by pups longing for sweets
Rendering the young helpless
Along the riverbank shore
Beckoning to their naive soul
Bringing them to a place unknown
Intending to lead them to their doom
Taking control of the predators of their own