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Death Poems About Rap

Rap death poems and poems about death for Rap. Read and share these heartfelt Rap death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Rap Poems.

Poem Details | by Stefan Cote |
Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, confusion, crazy, creation, deep, depression, devotion, drink, emotions, fear, feelings, freedom, goodbye, grief, health, hip hop, how i feel, imagery, journey, loneliness, me, meaningful, mental illness, metaphor, poems, poetry, psychological, rap, recovery from, scary, senses, today,

Not another day

Impulsive or compulsive

Either way it's not conducive

Living with this disorder

Can't be good for my liver

Obsessions, when do they stop?

Compulsions, when do I stop?

Let me illustrate and reiterate

My demons make me infuriated

To the point, man, I really want to escape this

Live everyday like your last?

These hours go by fast

Trying to obliterate every ounce of the past

Always with the imagery and self coping insanity

That broke me and continues to break me.

Another day, no not another day

I just got out, please let me stay away.

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: abuse, addiction, allusion, anger, anxiety, assonance, courage, crush, cry, death, deep, depression, desire, destiny, feelings, forgiveness, freedom, god, happiness, hate, health, heartbreak, heaven, how i feel, humanity, hurt, imagination, innocence, inspirational, lonely, music, passion, patriotic, peace, philosophy, political, poverty, power, prison, psychological, rap, rights, truth, usa, visionary, wisdom, youth,

I Don't Need Drugs

The only thing that is in my bong
is my gift of poetry and song.

Drugs are for thugs
that's hell in a nutshell.

I don't smoke
and I've never done coke.

Believe me
I know that I don't always tell thruth
and that I like to lie.
There has been enough brains fried.

Poet till I die.

Dedicated To All The Victims Of Addiction.

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: anger, art, death, depression, feelings, freedom, god, grief, hip hop, how i feel, imagery, imagination, innocence, inspirational, jealousy, music, pain, passion, philosophy, poets, rap, religious, society, sorrow, spiritual, truth, wisdom, world,

God Save This World

Part 1: Save Us

The whole world went to pot
when, 2pac was shot
on the spot.

Why do Innocent people have to die?
Why do we have to sit and watch, as mothers cry?

People forgive the unforgiven.
Why do people have spend the rest of they're lives in prison?

Part 2: Save Me

I act like a dick 
in public.

I'm not crazy,
god just needs to save me.

I guess I'm in the zone.
That's why I'm sitting here alone.

Dedicated To Tupac Shakur.

Poem Details | by Jasmine K |
Categories: death, desire, heartbroken, hope, love, pain, rap,

Deliver Me

How strange it be
All this sin and synergy
A soul to give
A body to live
And for what, are you kidding me?
Feed off my heart
Feed off my pain 
I'm insane but I'm sane
I'm still waiting for Death to deliver me
Thought I had it right
But love and hate are the same
We all fall to rise
But you rise to fall
Remember me when I'm gone
Comb your hair, learn to crawl
End this hope, end it all.

Poem Details | by Ethan Frye |
Categories: death, father, girlfriend, heaven, memory, mother, rap,

Ethan Frye

*Ethan T. Frye 
*Died at age 15.
*Place of death Grand junction,IA.
*Thurs. 3/19/2015.
*Place when died at NBA's Final.
*Cause of death when leaving got in car wreck from txting.
 Born- Feb 11, 1999
in Jefferson, IA.
Parents- Nikki, Jaz, stepdad, brother, sis.
childhood- greene-county HS, best friend Drake.
 Hobbies- Football, Basketball, Rap music, AutoCAD, drawing, and photography.
Ethan is survived by: Grandma Vickie, Grandpa Tom. Parents: Nikki mom. Siblings: Lyndsay, Briahnna, Garrett, Emily wilder Real sis. Niece:Brooklyn wilder. Best friend: Drake.

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: angst, depression, drug, grief, little sister, lost, metaphor, my children, race, rap, world war ii,

The fitness

Jumping the jam,

I am peter pan,

doing a man,

don't know his name at this dam.

Down-stream is a clam,

up is a nap-

I creak when I walk,

never stop for talk,

just smoke a lot,

and hope for a magical robot,
to intercept the hotness right outta the golf.

Reading a lot,

speeding at the shop,

rotating at the main evacuation,

suffocating during masterb#***$!

Stoning without stoners to bank it,

waiting for sin to just spank it!

I read the riddles,
and rape the shingles-

right off red roofs,
of old men sitting in bagels.

I retort the regime,

I run from the scene,

I do all the same drugs,

I hate all the same thugs.



Poem Details | by Evelyn Rose |
Categories: beauty, grave, nostalgia, rap, sad, sky, solitude,

young neglect

Oh, clear sky you speak to me.
Let me bask in the sun and weep to thee.
Stumbling across the pavement,
Thinking “this is my home” if I can’t pay rent.
Take me sauntering down the street
On a surreptitious retreat 
Where no one knows my name.
I’ve seen the best of my days slip past me.
I would have said that “I’m not fine”
But no one asked me.

Poem Details | by ravi kiran |
Categories: angst, death, rap,

worthless writings

I am not ready to die mediocre
I bargained my soul with the devil
to roll the dice of life again in October
they said my heart must be tainted by evil.
the bar raised low, to fake a smile on my face
to liberate myself from the pain and to sing along
to follow the god who barely cares to show his grace
believed in fate for long floating in the cloud 9s, so long.
Tired of the chorus it is hard to focus in all this hocus pocus
I have had it running on the side walks for 27 years in solitude
aggression in expression among my rhymes venting in tiny doses
8 miles of my worthless writings is an add-on to my egoistic attitude.

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: death, life


           Rick Allen Parise

          sunlight has risen
       simple words profound
       Rick has left us behind
         To God he has ran

         Until We Meet Again


Poem Details | by Anne Onoums |
Categories: anti bullying, death, depression, rap, sad,


I turned on the TV and look what I saw, a great big head line saying SUISIDE,I couldn't believe my eyes another young adult who took their life because something **** happend, I've been in that situation, about to jump of and end it all but the I realised that I have too much to live for too many people who care, and I'm only young, maybe my friends are gone and things get tough but keep your head up and keep saying your worth it your worth it because you really are. That's all I'm going to say for now but next time I see suicide I know that I might of helped someone, saved their live I dunno, try your hardest stay alive and don't forgets there's always someone to talk to. Goodnight.