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Death Poems About Raven

Raven death poems and poems about death for Raven. Read and share these heartfelt Raven death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Raven Poems.

Poem Details | by Ray Dillard |
Categories: death, lost love

Raven Made Her Choice

Perched upon his resting place, Raven made her call She planned to join her lover, using powder and a ball Gazing at the markers where the predeceased were laid She watched her namesake circle, and heard his woeful voice, Then mused the circumstances that took her partner’s life. Could sacrifice unite them? Is there an afterlife? And listening to the chilling call, Raven made her choice. For ~~A Rambling Poet~~ and the contest: Among The Dead by Ray Dillard

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: bird, death,

The Raven

Through the open window
An unintended entry way
Pale the moonlight streaming
Careless, now the price to pay

It perched upon my bedpost
All reality to confound
A tilted head, a beady eye
As yet he made no sound

My secret now revealed
He knew my every thought
My visitor in a feathered cape
Harbinger of death he brought

At last a guttural  caw I heard
And in terror begged" no more",
"Leave me be to my just fate
for yes, I killed the fair Lenore"….

With apology to Mr... Poe

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: beauty, death, nature, raven, water,

Raven's Bones

Waterlilies brighten black
ripples, reeds, and rocks below.
An even flow, bane and blight
recedes to bare raven’s bones.

A grave of darkness blanches
In austere light on bloodless
banks, but blue eyes cannot flood
its once watery coffin.

Dew on the waterlilies
reflect these absurdities -
the woeful bones glistening 
alone near floral beauty.

Written 5/23/20 
N/A in
Genuine Englyns  Contest

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: butterfly, dark, death, gothic,

Opera of the Raven

I fly 
Blood flows like a river below
I dance 
Scattered bones
I dance
Crows feast on dead souls
I dance
The moon becomes full
The night becomes a stage
The curtain drops
I sing
Capella from the chapel of the stars
Andante so they all die a slow painful death
Inert bodies pile under the stage
I fly away

Poem Details | by Marilyn Williams |
Categories: bird, creation, death, environment, fear, hope, love,

A Raven Twice Removed

This large dark creature fluffs its wings at me, causing fear and shame. However, I have done nothing wrong to it. Yet, it snares at me in pain. I am afraid, but I call to it and it comes close, but not near for fear. Why is this creature afraid, or is it just the Human trade. I call, it comes, I show by my outstretched hands, then gently touches my hands and pecks. Then, flies away a greeting we have made known, no more to be afraid. The Raven twice removed to come back another day.

Poem Details | by Tirzah Conway |
Categories: animals, death, devotion, friendship, funeral

Adam's Raven

As I stood at Adam’s burial today,
I was searching for comforting words to say;

I felt his presence and looked to the sky,
And overhead a mighty raven did fly;

And atop his wings I am sure,
The spirit of Adam’s soul did stir;

They leant me the courage to speak and be heard,
To give his family an encouraging word;

And I watched the raven and tried not to cry,
As he took Adam’s soul to God in the Sky.

(In my culture Ravens are the vessel's that take your soul to the next world)

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: dark, death,

The Raven Dance

Angels on wings
Deliver me to the heavens
Clouds so white high above
Away from inane desires
Better the coldness of the skies
Than the grey life below
So now I walk on top of the clouds
As I dream inside a bottle
Knowing soon, reality awakes
I shall fall from this paradise above
I have danced with the Raven
Now I shall march to the funerals call
I hear the bagpipes off in the distance
I have fallen from grace
Neck broken
The raven craves his last dance

Poem Details | by Emilia Hawthorne |
Categories: dark, death, fear, horror,

Midnight Raven: A splendidly overdone poem

The midnight raven does not chatter.
He screeches and waits
upon the gallows for a hanged man’s eye
-a tasty morsel for a daemon.
For a raven is a fine gentleman
who feasts only on the foulest carrion.

This feathered fiend who lurks
pays no heed to the Holy.
He would sit upon the heaven’s gates
if only to purloin a child’s soul.
“Hark!” he cries, “I bring ill tidings,
I am the emissary for the ashen horse!”

Oft on a dreary autumn morn
the harbinger tap-tap-taps on a window
and all inside do quake in terror
for Death draws near to collect due payment.
In the end it is the raven
who laughs mockingly upon the bodies.

Poem Details | by Annie Lander |
Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, courage, dark, grief, nostalgia, on writing and words, visionary, love,

Do you like my raven eyes

As I walked down the street 
this morning 
I tried to be polite and inconspicuous 
You stare into my eyes; 
My brown eyes speak louder than my 
Husky voice ever will 

What are you looking for? 
Do you liked what you see 
Pain, shame or a sense of connection 
Love, nowhere to be found 
It ruthless, it vanishes, it disappoint 
By now us all know the stories 
Of lost-love, 

It begin with a smile 
A kiss, a warm embrace, 
Then tear and fears 
Do you love the raven in my eyes 
Sorry stranger! 
I paid my tithes, 


I lost my loves 
Caw, caw, caw! 
Do you love the raven in my eyes

Poem Details | by Jan Camille Tongco |
Categories: death

Raven: Death by Dawn

Reaper Grim, I ask you thee
          to accompany me
As I tread the dawn and beg
          to see my last
Victory against all victories.
          As I reach upon this crucial
End, the deep, dark and decayed
          all welcome me. And
Now the early sun shall surely see
          the grace that Death shall grant to me -

Contest Entry - Among the Dead sponsored by ~ Constance ~ A Rambling Poet ~~
Written by: Jan Camille Tongco
14th place

Poem Details | by Kaitlin Griel |
Categories: death


Raven by Kaitlin Griel for Among the Dead contest

Death hangs at my side
It lingers knowingly at my feet
It spreads for miles as far as I can see

I tower over the bodies and souls
That lie in the ground beneath me
Trapped in the heavy grasp of death

He’s coming after me now
 But I have been running too long
I can’t get away from him

He does not frighten me
But I don’t want him to possess my soul
I want it to fly free like a black raven

I’ll take my own life, a shot in the dark
And hope I make it out of here
Because I am a Raven, waiting to be free

Poem Details | by Kimberly Anne |
Categories: death, life,

Raven Reaper

Tears stain her cheeks
In the Graveyard she stands
Mist in the streets
Pistol in her hand
He isnt aware 
She comes for his soul
Her pupose bare
His promise whole
He strikes to win
As she pulls the trigger
His life was sin
She was the sinner

Poem Details | by harry horsman |
Categories: death,

Raven Calls

Death calls in the mist
Carnal clouds gather above....
In flight soaring high
Guardians of the dark side
To enhance her arousal.

© Harry J Horsman  2011

Poem Details | by Christie Morris |
Categories: death, loss, lost love, love

I loved you, Raven

Raven, thy beauty is to me,
   More than everything.
Your hair, touched by death,
   Yet still so fair.
I loved you then,
   And love you still.

I gave you all,
   My heart to boot,
Yet you took it all,
   And followed suit.
Then giving up,
   And falling dead.
Who is to blame,
   For live's now shame.

Why did you go?
   Why did you die?
I loved you
   Didn't I!

Poem Details | by Hadleigh Spicer |
Categories: death

Black Raven

Among the Dead

By Hadleigh Spicer

Black Raven

Black is her soul if she gives into the darkness
Black is her mind throughout all this madness
Black is her life written in life’s dark pen
Black is the death that causes the sadness

Black as the creatures that circle above 
Black is Raven as she stands far below
Black is the gun that she holds in her hand
Black is the choice of whether she falls or she stands

Poem Details | by J-Mag Guthrie |
Categories: death, raven,

untitled - the one about the crows

death rattle brings crows ready to nitpick my bones— no distractions here

Poem Details | by Shawn Daniels |
Categories: animal, gothic, grave,

The Raven

The Raven 
Flying around and caws at thy 
Landing on head stones that shine blissfully 
Decimating the realm of tranquility 
Black feathers that repel the light of GOD 
Darkness follows the Raven 
Wherever he may roams 
I dislike writing about him in my poems 
The Raven 
Being so bold 
Not being shooed away as he was told 
Circling above you can get so old 
Bearing down and weakening ones soul 
Only to be known as 
Darkened Soul 
The Raven 
As he is cold 
Stare into his eyes of darkness 
And you will be told 
The Raven 
Bestowed as the angel of death 
I am told 
Lingers wherever he goes 

Poem Details | by Steven Godfrey |
Categories: death

Midnight Massacre(Adaptation of Poe's The Raven )

As i lay my head to sleep
I hear a sound, a scratch, a creep
A fall outside my bedroom door
Then silence, the sound exists no more
Again i hear a steady caw
A crow, as though, to something saw
Awake was i, for as i sit
Asleep in thought, my throat was slit

Poem Details | by Kurt Ravidas |
Categories: death, life, time,

The Raven

"Scary raven, do not hover
In the sky above my head".
               Russian folk song

The raven is raving. I have no use
of prophets like you. Non-being lingers.
My life, so infertile, so sandy, so loose,
continues to slip through my fingers.

The crook, you foretold me an ultimate null:
no eagernesses, no eagers,
though death, so frustrating, so banal, so dull
continues to slip through my fingers.

"The time", said the raven. "Behold how it will
be over according to figures",
though time, so phantasmal, so false, so unreal
continues to slip through my fingers.

Poem Details | by Paul Clements |
Categories: bereavement, dark, death, funeral, judgement, mythology, raven,

Elysium Fields Nevermore

Nevermore the river styx shall ye reach 
The trickster has played his tricks leaving your bones to bleach
Take ye heed in life be fair or in death the raven will steal your fare.

Poem Details | by R. e. taylor |
Categories: angst, bird, death, life,

The Raven

The Raven
By R.e. Taylor

I know who you are
I know who sent you
But, it was a wasted trip
I have decided not to go
Not to let my live slip away
As you wrap your wings around me
Scream if you wish
I will never listen
I am going to stay
So, you may leave and tell your master
My soul is mine until I give it away
And raven, that will be a long time from now
A long time after he has taken yours
I promise you that

© 2017 Shadowlight Publishing

Poem Details | by W.A. CHOLT |
Categories: bird, death, evil,

Black Raven

A black raven 
Perched on the branch 
Of a dead tree,
His dark haunted eyes 
Glaring down at me.

          W.A CHOLT. Copyright Fergal O Reilly. 2019.


Poem Details | by Regina Elliott |
Categories: bereavement, devotion, gothic, halloween, raven, romantic, rose,

This All Hallow's Eve

This All Hallow's Eve,
the dolorous ravens' flight of shadows,
and spirits murmuring amidst the
cold headstones,
gives me a rush of passionate frosted
moonlit owls' candlelight orbs,
the bells, funerary bells,
my love is not lost,
devoted to you,
of another century,
as I fall asleep upon ebony roses,
at your Westminster churchyard grave.

~ My dark heart mourns Edgar Allan Poe ~

Poem Details | by Regina Elliott |
Categories: 7th grade, bereavement, death, october, raven,


conspiracy of ravens.....october chill rains 
death's sister mourning