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Death Poems About Regret

Regret death poems and poems about death for Regret. Read and share these heartfelt Regret death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Regret Poems.

Poem Details | by Mark Peterson |
Categories: death,

Dying with Regret

                        cheerless, wretched life
                      failure cycling
                   gaping rictus of
                 disheartened gloom
               preying on
             my soul’s regret
           faith chagrined
         headlong plummet
      into darkness’
    gaping maw
  I depart

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: dark, death, destiny, introspection, solitude, sorrow,

We regret to inform you

We regret to inform you

If it pleases the court
We enter a plea of guilty on all counts
Failure to obtain happiness
Failure to find the light
Failure to find humanity
Failure to find hope
Failure to see laughter
Failure to be
Failure, failure, failure

So be it the court accepts your plea
We the court of your conscience
We the court of your very being
We the court inside your mind
Hereby sentence you to 

Has the defendant anything to say?
I repeat, has the defendant anything to say?

Slumped in the chair of exposed misery
Nothing more or left to say

Poem Details | by victor nwakanma |
Categories: bereavement, murder, mystery, soldier, tribute, war,

war regret

Our brothers were born upside down
They were conceived by mistake.....and 
our fathers choose to call them prodigal

Who would have thought as much?
With their faces beaming with smiles as 
their foreheads shone bright with promising future,
There names we never wished to forget because
 they made us live reciting it again and again
But they ended up stamped on grave stones just because 
they were too obedient to pick up the gun and had gone

Now we wished they weren’t born at all
We wished they hadn’t picked up the gun but run
We wished we were wishes
We wouldn’t have wished war.

Poem Details | by Jack Jordan |
Categories: grief, loss,


There’s no need of proof 
that all I ever desired  
was taken away, 
a quick death by self-Judas. 
I had not prepared to bleed. 

Poem Details | by Kelly Crenshaw |
Categories: bereavement, death, depression, emotions, heartbreak, life,


You'll never know what you've lost until it's gone
You won't realize it's moved til it's moved on
You'll never know what whole is til you're broken
You'll never hear a word that isn't spoken
You'll only see the bait but not the trap
You never know how strong a memory can really be
Until it's all you have.

Poem Details | by Jamie Grattan |
Categories: bereavement,


Regret-FULL I cannot take away,
 Hurt I've caused from choices yesterday.
Regret-FULL That You will never see,
Just how  Truly great I've grown  Up to be.
Regret-FULL My children will never Know, 
How you'd love them as they grow.
Regret-FULL For so many things,
And Fearful of what tomorrow brings.

Poem Details | by Dawn Koyama |
Categories: absence, death, emotions, suicide, truth,

A Thought Of Regret

A singing voice grown il
A blooming flower broken
A story kept in mind
A thought that went unspoken

It's not what they expected
It's not what they had dreamed
It's a stronger will to rethink
It's not what it had seemed

The cataract of thought
The water flowing thickly
The sight too dark to see through
The sight that lies there sickly

They knew it was the end
They did it anyway
They rethought all their choices
Their thoughts at last astray.

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: death, dedication, deep, emotions, friend, life, sad,


The deepest regret I have is losing dear friends
to the grave; friends who I would have
taken time to understand, love, and appreciate
their presence in my life. 

A condolence and memorial pages aren't
enough for me to cover for my absence
in their lives. Instead, a gap has been left
in my heart, only for them to fill the earth....

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: death, life, today,



Exacting its toll
Gouging the senses
Reexamining the 
Endless agony of
Tomorrow’s yesterdays.


Submitted to  – REGRET – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Frank Herrera

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: death, earth, environment, natural disasters, poems, sorrow, truth,


Why do you who
insist that you love me
continue to rape my spirit.

Suffocating it as the wolf censors
the sheep’s last breath

You insist that I be as you dictate
but, you bleed me.

I a pawn; you a player
you manipulate my existence

Lost in the group mind of ignorance
you smother me.

My soul is older than you
Yet, you would sever
my physical existence.

Perhaps I should have aborted you
and kept the others human…perhaps…

Poem Details | by Joey Stanley |
Categories: death


An ocean of tears,
Won't hide the fears,
Of a thousand screaming 
Screaming for a way out,
Of the darkness within their 
own choices,
They cry for justice, revenge, 
Their cries are in vain.
A river of blood,
Ends in a puddle of mud,
And again crying for a way 
But your cries are in vain,
Our voices are wasted in vain.

Poem Details | by Phoenix Szentesi |
Categories: death, sad, winter,

My Regret

My emotions are frozen like winter snow
As much as I try they shall never show
My tears are hidden in darkened eyes
While I carry on with my life of lies

My soul is shattered like broken ice
Maybe one day I'll pay the price
You died alone because I wasn't there
Now you're gone I don't know where

So now I sit on this snowy landscape
With horrible thoughts I'll never escape 
I'll make sure to find you in another life
And you can cut me down with your knife 

By Phoenix Szentesi

Poem Details | by Robert Johnson |
Categories: death, life,

A night of Regret

Trough woods painted in the bay
And seas colored stormy gray

Through wind-swept plains
And hills whose land is claimed

I stand atop a ruined grave
Of a man who fell by my blade
Oh dear stranger whom I met in war
Forgive my actions worthy of not even a life made poor   

Poem Details | by Joseph Silva |
Categories: death, lost love, sad,

sensation toward a past regret

This smell
Worshiping her
Breath deep, the fog lingers
Cutting the lungs, the blood runs cold
Obscured emotions, wretched and vile flesh
Perverted and indifferent
Unfiltered, feeble man
Can’t take anymore

Poem Details | by Kimberly Carlson |
Categories: death, depression, lost love, me,

My Only Regret

My only regret I can think of
Is not being honest with myself and others
 For so long I've been in denial

I watched him die in my arms
And yet I act as if nothing ever happened
Now I’m quiet, shy and afraid of people

I witnessed a crime committed,
Against my husband to be
Shot in a drive by him was
Now he and I are no more

How I wish it never happened
Now im screwed up inside
Not sure if I should trust people or hide
I don't want the past to happen again

As the days go by,
I wish it was me who died and not him
It scares me so much to think of him

Now all I can do is write my poetry
To cast away all of my pain
Through words is the only way I know

Poem Details | by karen croft |
Categories: death, dedication, love,

with no regret

that night i found you with gun in hand

i talked you out of your fate

told you how much i loved you

taking me into your arms

making love into sunrise

waking without you beside me

i walked naked into the kitchen

catching my last glimpse of you

i whispered "i love you"

you looked at me

and whispered "i love you,"

but you still pulled the trigger

with no regret

Poem Details | by Sarah Burgess |
Categories: art, imagination, sorry, sympathy, teen, words,


Unable to understand 
The only thing I can recommend 
The way I feel inside 
Is that everyone should realize
I just want my writing to reflex me
AI just want to speakly freely
I'm not meaning to hurt you 
Ijust wan tto tel the truth
About the views I see
And what I think it to be
I love you all with all my heart 
And I don't wan tmy words to split us apart
I just want it to be made clear
It's not how it appears
I write it because I've moved on
Like a dark cloud at the break of dawn
So when ya'll got upset
It made me regret
I shouldn't have to feel this way
Especially if they're my words I'm saying

Poem Details | by Oluwasola Abiola |
Categories: bereavement, boyfriend, desire, emotions,


You came to me, tender, gentle and meek like a dove
But I thought you were pretending like a newly bought stove

It was late before I realized you were real and genuine
Now I am wishing all can once again be new


Poem Details | by Ernest Robles |
Categories: grief, life,


regret rides in upon a ghostly carriage
no, nothing within it's shell but darkness
which done to me that all is equal
the driver a bald lie of pain with memories
which road i no longer ride.

:: 04-25-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c) 2019