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Death Poems About Remember

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Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, death, funeral, introspection, poems, remember, sad,

One Thousand Goodbyes

One Thousand Goodbyes

Years ago
a stranger became a friend
with little time left
she let me into her reflections
her child and husband dead
tragedy would strike again
her time on earth 
would expire soon
her empty heart to be filled
in the heavens
she showed and told
her last wishes to me
a thousand poems
she wanted to leave behind
I think she made it
I never found out
angels stole her

On this somber Sunday
another one left this earth
some might even say St Patrick
I can make only a simple claim
a thousand poems I have written
to honor those
with more charity than I
who will remember us all?
when we too one day shall die

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, goodbye, grief, lost love, love, peace, sick,


it happened all so fast
it was a swoosh it was blur
it was all so very intense
and I remember every minute
every gruesome detail
every awesome moment
every breath
every look
every word
every silence

I remember days
turning to weeks
I remember wanting to hold on
to never let go

I remember you fading
vanishing before us
I remember you
giving us time
to say goodbye

I remember
the peace in your heart
but mostly
it’s the love I remember            

POTD - February 13, 2021

Originally posted on February 11, 2021

Poem Details | by Ray Dillard |
Categories: courage, death, war, men,

Remember the Alamo

The Texans weren't supposed to be
 Holding the old mission.
Sam Houston sent Jim Bowie there.
 Said he had a vision.

Bowie wanted to save the fort.
 So did Colonel Travis.
They say when Santa Anna came
 Carnage there was massive.

Two hundred men would die that day.
 One was Davey Crockett.
He couldn't save the Alamo.
 Too few men to stop it.

Santa Anna won the battle,
 Taking back the city.
He killed each and every soldier.
 Showing them no pity.

Santa Anna was defeated
 Outside San Jacento.
The Texans bore the battle cry,
 Remember Alamo!


Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: death, friend, heartbroken, lonely, loss, remember, sad,

Broken Hearted - JTAP

Our friendship here had only just started
then you left me alone, broken hearted
you're gone but not forgotten
now life it seems so rotten
ever since the sad day you departed.

We miss you, Chan :)

This was my sadder take on the "poet who broke my heart" contest theme.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: culture, death, funeral, music, paris,

Death - Remember me Tomorrow

Death – Remember me Tomorrow

Votre amour est tout ce que j'implore
Angels took us from France's shores
To the promised land of lady liberty
Hollywood glitter enticing us lovers with mystery

Living the past in a cinematic telling
Ironic that love was sourly spurned
By Bogart’s charming quilted misgivings
Madeline, later would sadly sing

La Marseillaise, while lovers embrace
Paris after dark, they disappear with no trace
Trains to death and boats to freedom
As Casablanca tells of romantic tales

Je suis vieux, est je suis seul
The beautiful one misses the past and you
All the ships have sailed and gone
It’s the cemetery now where I rest under lawn

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: angst, art, french, grave, holocaust, murder, remember,

Blanc comme la neige

White like the snow

Ice stiffened limbs
Reaching out
No saviors about

Snow flakes in the wind
I reached and reached and reached
Towards deaths cold hands

Never to see her again
I looked down
Wine of bloods holocaust

Flowing from my hands
Unto the devils abode
Whitest of Pyrenees days

I died beside her departure
Railroad tracks empty
Bloodless heart
Ashes black
Butterfly born

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: grave, memory, remember,

Beyond A Name

     With pride to boast when gnarled in vines
     that seek to take as nature's own
     this citadel of time will be defined
     more than just letters carved in stone

     Though time and tangled growth obscures
     truest course of meaning now laid to rest
     honor held most sacred from love endures
     upon this face were such intentions prest

     Proudly this guardian of life's measure stands
     a post to which nothing else would ever claim
     that beckons pride with hushed commands
     mysteries held to know beyond just a name

     Overgrown With Vines Contest
     Sponsored BY Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: death, loss

Moments to Remember

I refuse to spend
our last minute in grief
(to remove this other visage 
threatening a takeover)
I transpose over it

your face
with that gentle smile
holding in contemplation,
a curious child, me
your face 
once ridged in sadness
with an agony 
we carried together,
and now

as my face burns 
with a heart arched 
in sorrow, 
in the knowing yours 
now rests on heaven,

I, am ever thankful 
but still need 
a moment to remember

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: death, inspirational, introspection, life, love, mother, sadlife,

A Walk To Remember

The walk to the grave
Of my adopted mother
Took everything for me to be brave

Standing there and listening
To what the minsiters said
About the life she had been living

The deeds she had done while here
Meals she had prepared for many
How people thought her a dear

This walk is a walk to remember
Can I walk in the steps
The steps in life she rendered

Poem Details | by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: death, tribute,

Time to Remember


In the pauper's field, the wild cornflowers bloomed,
nature's timeless blessing on those entombed.

Poem Details | by Stephany Delima |
Categories: death, loss, love,

A Walk to Remember

When I do walk in numerous passage
 And hear the songs of the receding birds;
I behold my beloved’s sweet visage
Where on the lips I see the smile she wears.
So fresh within my mind my darling dear
When back in times beneath the verdant tree
And countless stars which seems for us so near
Embrace our solemn nights in harmony.
But dearly loved our fate is so unfair
To thee it gave the pain you couldn’t bear
And upon your ground I will let my tears
In random fall with all its art unclear.
Yet, in my heart I’ll keep our memories
As an aide memoire of our happiness.

Poem Details | by April Marie Johnson |
Categories: death, depression, friendship, life, loss, lost love, love, song-sympathy, thank youlife, time,

Remember you

I open my eyes
to another day
as the sun climbs
I fade away
im carried to a place where i feel no pain
carried to a time before you went away

I still feel you close, feel you here
in this life we chose its all so clear
when I remember you, remember you

I close my eyes
from another day
as the moon blinds
I fade away
im carried to a place where i feel no pain
carried to a time before you went away

I still feel you close, feel you here
in this life we chose its all so clear
when I remember you, remember you


Poem Details | by nicole gagnon |
Categories: childhood, death, friendship, life, loss, people, sad,

I Remember

I remember the day
I heard you died,
I remember just how hard 
that I cried.

My heart ached more
then I felt it could be,
Just by knowing you 
were not here with me.

Even though you have
gone away,
The memories of you 
are here to stay.

You were like a
sibling should be,
Now you are a guardian
angel to me.

Poem Details | by Darlene De Beaulieu |
Categories: bereavement, death, friendship, remember, sad,

I Feel The Loss

Friendship comes to us all
Friendship grows to be strong
Friendship goes when its weak
Friendship special as can be
When a friend passes away
A loss is felt won't go away
I feel the loss of my friend
She passed away
Nlow she is gone
I feel the loss of her
I miss the sound of her 
voice on the phone
We always kept in touch
Now no more she is gone

Poem Details | by Donald Waugh |
Categories: death, dedication, me, love, me, i love you,

remember me

Remember me when I am gone,
no need to shed those tears.
For I am in a better place,
where I have no more fears.

With Gods embrace I'm happy now
it's a lovely place to be.
There is no more sorrow,
it's as pretty as the sea.

Remember me my lovely child,
for I'll remember you.
Just pick up all the pieces,
and try not to be so blue.

The time has come for me to go,
so hold your head up high.
I know your feeling lonely,
I'm right here by your side.

Tell all your kids I love them,
and not to be so sad.
For I love you all so much,
I was proud to be your Dad.

I Love You!

Poem Details | by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: death, goodbye, love, memory,


Beneath the fleece of winter wool we share
You sigh in your sleep as I brush your cheek
I know, in your bliss, you are unaware
I will be gone with the moonlight's retreat

Strange fortitude, the peace of mind you bring
When once I wrestled and despaired this fate
But I take my leave on the grass of spring
Your love the pivot as our worlds rotate

So wherever in space or time I go
Keep me as the warmth within your slumber
See me in flame's spark, in a flake of snow
In twilight's newborn stars without number

Feel me in fine dewdrop kisses tender
Like the dawn's dream you almost remember.


for The Last Letter contest
Sponsor: Silent One

Poem Details | by Char Matson |
Categories: death

just remember

remember my smile,
remember my face, don't let memories of me
fade away from your thoughts.
Remember my laughter that you would
hear from time to time,
rememeber all of the tears that I have cried.
But, do not shed one tear for me,
I have gone to a far better place, now I can be
truly happy...
just remember me.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, i love you, perspective, remember, time,


if i died tonight
i’d have wild flowers
i’d wish i’d gathered
fields i’d wish i’d run
seas i’d still long to sail
unfinished business
unsent birthday cards	 
unsung melodies and
unpainted flowers on
unstarted canvases askew 
i’d have poems still unwritten
but i’d mostly have the memory of you
savoring the last words 
i’ve said a million times before
how i’d always and forever love you
forever and a day                             

AP: 2nd place 2020

Submitted on June 17, 2018 for contest MID JUNE 2018 PREMIERE 155 sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

Originally posted in February 5, 2018

Poem Details | by Khadidja Megaache |
Categories: death, grief, pain, poets, remember, solitude, sorrow,

In The Mortuary

When I lay in the mortuary, 
Don’t cry, smile and appreciate my journey.
Throughout life, at times, I lived wary.
I carried hope, love and even the burdening worry.
When I lay in the mortuary, 
Before I’m buried and forgotten in a cemetery,
About my death don’t ask questions,
Don’t whisper in my stiff, blue ears confessions. 
Few would come to my funeral,
Fewer would weep. 
Few would care,
Fewer would lose sleep. 
When I lay in the mortuary, 
Burn my drafts and books,
My life was dull and ordinary. 

Poem Details | by Lisa Ricci |
Categories: bereavement, dedication, loss, remember,

my wish today

"my wish today"
around me now is a hole of empty walls and empty halls I can not comprehend knowing you are not around the bend with so many words glances and touches left to share the one less whisper embrace or smile I can not bare although you are not here for me to hold through the cold my wish today is for you to somehow see what you mean to me with unfinished moments to express I now have yesterday to caress
SkyWatcher 12-18-18
happy holidays to one and all may this day find you well

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, faith, hope, longing, remember, solitude, tribute,


in thought
just reminiscing
i’ve had a lovely life
here I bask in solitude
and think of those I miss

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Posted on March 7, 2020

Poem Details | by Adelle Benade |
Categories: birth, death, faith, happiness, life, missing you, remember,


Life is a battle if my love can see,
The world seems to live in its own miseries ,
Still i promise to play my part,
Loving to the end until i loose my heart,
Flowers of this bond will never fade,
Like a bride adorning her with amber and jade,
When good chants rhymes in ivory night,
When venus tells its pigeon to sore new heights,
Even when grace of god is hidden in dark,
Chord of love cannot be made apart.

Poem Details | by Kay Roberts |
Categories: death, grief, loss, remember, sorrow,

Manchester Remembers

Manchester remembers,
The twenty-two lives that were taken,
Two years on,
Their memories never to be forsaken,
Manchester remembers,
Not just the twenty-two,
Prayers go out to the survivors,
Thoughts are with all of you.
Manchester remembers,
How the City came together,
A force to be reckoned with,
No matter who, what or whether.
Manchester remembers,
The feeling of disbelief,
In the aftermath the city bonded,
Consoling those wracked with grief,
Manchester refused to quit,
Manchester stands tall,
Manchester remains strong,
Manchester remembers them all.

Poem Details | by Federico Londono |
Categories: death, grandmother, me,

I remember you

I Remember last Wednesday,
I can see your smile, your eyes.
If I only knew it was the last day
I would have only stared into those eyes.

Where are you?
If I only knew

You used to visit me one day
Every week after school,
Always on Wednesday,
That was a Golden rule.

Now I know you rest,
And I always keep in mind:
to me you were the best.

Poem Details | by rhys owen |
Categories: death, deep, inspiration, inspirational, remember, war,

100 Years Ago

100 years ago a war began, A war that severely scared man. Bullets flew, bombs exploded, Lives were lost and morals eroded. 100 years ago a war continued, Causing deaths to increase by a multitude. Caught in a crossfire deep in a trench, Disease ridden and with a horrible stench. 100 years ago a war ended, Yet there were many wrongs never amended. Of families waiting for the loved one they yearn, Waiting for the ones that never return. At this very moment I lie on a bed, Free from tyranny and bloodshed. My heart pulsing with gratitude of what I know, Of the sacrifices made 100 years ago.