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Death Poems About Rhyme Royal

Rhyme Royal death poems and poems about death for Rhyme Royal. Read and share these heartfelt Rhyme Royal death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Rhyme Royal Poems.

Poem Details | by Bobby Snyder III |
Categories: dad, death, farewell, hero, sad, soldier, war,

A Lost Soldier

He wrapped his arms around me 
Never wanting to let go 
I gently whispered in his ear 
Daddy, when you coming home? 

He said I'm off to battle today 
To heal the wounded soldiers cries. 
I don't know when or if I'll be back 
The tears began to flood my eyes. 

As father walked away 
His smile, it did gleam. 
His final words to me 
Became but a nightmare within a dream. 

The bomb rang out 
Through the desert air. 
When the dust did settle 
They found father there. 

The soldiers stood at attention 
They saluted their brother goodbye, 
And the eagle spread its wings 
As a true American soldier, had died.

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: angel, change, courage, death, destiny, heaven, spiritual,

The Final Dance

The Final Dance

Death is that final dance we face in life,
He comes for us whether one’s young or old,
Courage is the answer to this sad strife,
Which means fear not this specter—be ye bold!
And prepare now your soul as God has told;
Death appears dark as Heaven’s light shines bright;
Angels bear ye now so true in God’s light!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
October 18, 2015 (Rhyme Royal)

Poem Details | by Jeswant Gembali |
Categories: depression, earth, emotions, green, grief, nature,


Nature and Nature fight,
To switch off the light.
And to grab the right, 
that loosens us at night. 

People say it's not good, 
since it grabs our food.
For so it should, 
Be called Hudhud.

A day for destructing, 
a decade for reconstructing. 
With such power of its Incoming,
And an obstacle for Outgoing. 

Bye bye Hudhud,
Never again say you could.

Poem Details | by Nancy Jones |
Categories: death, eulogy, family,

My Uncle Died Today

My uncle died today
I don't know what to say
He was my fave.

Full of vim and vigor
Didn't need gun and a trigger
To have his say.

Slightly misogynist
But ain't the best of us
Flawed in some way?

I'll miss Abbott.
Has been my habit
To love him every single day.

Poem Details | by Bobby Snyder III |
Categories: death, emotions, granddaughter, grandmother, life, lonely, loss,

You're Not Alone

Your heart is in shambles
You cry, but still can't shake the pain
But I am in a better place now
For, I had so much more to gain.

As I entered the pearly gates of heaven
And walk the streets of gold
I am now with our savior
And I know my story has been told.

I am watching over you, Granddaughter
No more suffering for me
My heart is with you all
And my soul has been set free.

Our memories will last forever
Now don't you fret nor' cry
Again, someday we will be hand in hand
Then together we will fly.

Poem Details | by Dennis East |
Categories: death, humorous, prayer,

Lord, don't let me die on the toilet

Lord, don't let me die on the toilet,
I would much rather die on a bus.

As the thought of me sat with my pants down, 
drives me mad just to think of the fuss.

But the thought of me off while I'm sleeping, 
seems a much more acceptable plan.

Though I'll have to start wearing pajamas 
and be a much more presentable man.


Poem Details | by Brenda Rose |
Categories: absence, conflict, dark, growth, how i feel, life, sympathy,

Getting Involved

Today I heard the words,
“I’m not getting involved”.
Would they have said it
To somebody they had loved?

Maybe they would go that far
To show that they don’t care
Since they’re always first to protect themselves
By claiming it’s just and fair.

I would like to say to them,
“One day you may need a protector too
Whether it’s a friend or not
To come and stand by you,

And if you’re not so lucky
And you fail to defend you
Maybe it’ll be your turn, my friend,
When they come to get you”.

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

Poem Details | by Osei Kofi Daniel |
Categories: confusion, dark, fear, grief, life, lonely, pain, sad, me,


I am holding back-against time wishes,
Lurking at a corner, as I forbid the slayer to find me
My heart beats and screech like a choking-engine,
Whilst the snarly sinister hunts - wishes me burnt to ashes
I dare thought to be a bee - 
So tiny I could fly and disappear from the scene.
But so lame a thought like that can help a soul.
The frightening night wants me feed to the ghoul.
Hidden – I have stayed long, linger I can no more.
I’m all alone in the dark, bruised and with a leg sore.
Escaping is impossible!

Poem Details | by William Kekaula |
Categories: allegory, character, death, fate, power, suicide, together,


She, Queen of Egypt, he, Ceasar of Rome, Together, their lands united a sea, Their fusion less capitol, more a home, A son born to them, though rule, not to be, Yet, her debut in Rome breathed an epic, Whilst there, Brutus and his clan, did tragic, End murdered, Gaius Julius Caesar, Self-death, Cleopatra Philopator. 2019 September 24

Poem Details | by CAROL ANN CROWLEY |
Categories: death,

Ghost In The House

One night while sitting in my home
I thought I heard someone moan
Am I hearing things cause Im alone
But then a picture fell off my shelf
Just a coincidence,I told mysef
Now I hear footsteps outside my door
Then a  creaking on my bedroom floor
I see her now standing next to me
I close my eyes, no this cannot be
All dressed in red and quite dead
As she hovers next to my bed
I hear her whisper in my ear
Take my hand, come my dear
You really have nothing to fear
I let out a scream filled with fright
And then she vanished into the night.

carolann crowley  9/5/2019

Poem Details | by Hammam Hamad |
Categories: death, faith, fear, peace, philosophy, religion, time, war,


 I promise...I promise
 I will reply for the call
 I promise...I promise
 I will bring down the wall
 I promise...I promise
 I will defeat the devils
 I promise...I promise
 With an army countless
 Like pebbles
 I promise...I promise
 To finish the goal
 I promise...I promise
 I will reply for the call
 I promise...I promise

Poem Details | by jun-jun villanueva |
Categories: death, on writing and words,


================================================ ~*~ wreathing this life's mind's eye - wrenched, gnarled, hit, burked neurons in diminution - clashed, rammed, slayed futility tops up canvass of murk phonemes, words, phrases now frolicly played heart's lyrical requiem overlaid poesy - penned, written in woe death's crypt shrieking the LIMITLESS lines of my SCRIPT. ~*~ ========================================================== *-* jun-jun villanueva *-* " RHYME ROYAL " contest

Poem Details | by Anoucheka Gangabissoon |
Categories: christian, confusion, dark, death, devotion, faith, fantasy, marriage, mystery,

In a hotel room

Eons ago, in a hotel room, I came face to face with doom! Danger did loom There in that dark room! A ghoul seated on a broom Appeared in the bedroom And sprinkled some gloom On my soul, so in need of a bloom! Ready to be my bridegroom Our union to be proclaimed in the ballroom He called out to the groom To have a festive lunchroom! When I found strength to be a boom I called out with my heart's zoom And my Lord removed my gloom By dissipating my cursed brume! Eons ago, in a hotel room I begot a boon, and a re-gloom And my soul began to re-groom For at last, I had found my real room!

Poem Details | by Kacey Greenlee |
Categories: death, devotion, faith, inspirational, life, peace,

''Collaborating In The Clouds''

~My agonized,withering body lay still in bed.
Death approaches,life hanging by a single thread.
Cast down twas light through shimmering clouds.
I knew,I could feel your shelter.
Afraid nevermore.
This last breathe,a last sigh.
To those with love,my bid goodbye.
Please don't deny me,but gratify me.
Only to long for righteous words.

~A Voice,pure as the heavens above spoke~

''Oh child,trust this temple as your home.
The tracing of years,your birth to full grown.
Embrace thy warmth of everlasting life.''~

written by,kaceymike29
Kacey Greenlee
for the Collaborating In The Clouds contest~
sponsor~pd~The Poet Destroyer~

Poem Details | by Aron Jacob |
Categories: adventure, death, political, war

The Grounds of War

In time, a faded letter turned to ash,
dampened teak now acrid and abused,
a timeless quarrel's scene, an ancient clash,
one paroxysm fierce, two mastheads fused.
Subsumed in fortune's cast of reel and ruse,
blended masses nursing wounds and fears
ne'er comprehending how it ended here.

What forced each flag to wield its harshest hand,
yet cause to happenstance may seldom look,
wild thoughts untempered, soldiers of the grand,
nostalgia or clean might for pride mistook.
Fair warning to the hungry, e'en wisest book
makes not the calm of vernal noon's delight
worth more than ashen spoils from the fight.

Poem Details | by Maria Elena Enriquez |
Categories: caregiving, daughter, death, dedication, depression, family, father, loss

My Father's Face

My Father’s Face

I see my father’s face
And I can see a trace,
Of sorrow and regret
Of wishing never to forget

I see my father’s face 
And I can see a place,
Where there was happiness and joy
When he was just a boy

I see my father’s face 
And I see it in a daze,
Not remembering where he’s been
Or what he’s ever seen

I see my father’s face 
And much to my amaze,
I see the lines upon his forehead
And the white hair on his head

I see my father’s face
And want to hold him in my embrace,
Plant a kiss and wish this day
That I could make pain go away

	  By: Nena Enriquez

Poem Details | by Christine Vancooney |
Categories: death, faith, peace, philosophy, lonely,

Lonely and Afraid

I sit here lonely and afraid,
is this this the end....
is this all the progress in my life I've made.....

Suddenly a peace comes over me,
a calmness within my soul,
I'm no longer blind.....I can see.....

I'm no longer lonely or afraid,
a soothing breeze touches me;
if this is the end, this world will fade and a new will be made....

Poem Details | by Hammam Hamad |
Categories: death, dedication, faith, fear, time, war,

Crazy system1

     Reality , insane human mentality
     The strongest lives , no descent morality
     That's half part of a world
     Where people is falling , not from gravity
     Now it's about time
     to remove that bad tooth cavity

Poem Details | by Michael Soto |
Categories: anger, death, how i feel, strength,

The Iron Sword

The blessing from the gods;
The stares of my allies.
I fight to help the flawed.
I kill the ones who take my prize,
And look deep into my enemy's eyes.
And if they ever try to be restored,
I will kill them with my iron sword

Poem Details | by Joyce McClelland |
Categories: grief,

The Picture

For whatever reason, I do not know,
Maybe I was taking a risk,
I displayed your picture in the front row,
Right on the top of my desk.
I must admit it has been awhile,
Longer than I will admit,
Since my eyes stared at your smile,
And my heart feels a little nip.
What an eerie feeling,
To realize and consider
The smile I always loved, 
I shall never see thither.
If I stare too long,
Tears start to swell,
The joyfulness leaves me,
(and) I remember the hell.
I guess I should put your picture back,
To where it was hiding,
Tucked beneath the memories,
Where my heart is safely abiding
     Love Mom

Poem Details | by wayne underwood |
Categories: bible, death, encouraging, power,

Beyond the end

There comes a time in one's life, 
when death will take it's toll.

Our flesh will take one last breath,
and that leaves God with our soul.

It's like a brilliant shining star.
That makes us who we really are.

Imagine for a moment, standing face to face,
with our Lord and Savior, in his glory and his grace.

As you look around, suddenly you see, your Mother,
Father and a Son, who had also been set free.

You see my friend, it's not the end.
Through the Father and the Son,
restoration and salvation, have truly just begun.

It's after death from the flesh, that we start to live,
and receive from the Lord, all he has to give.

Poem Details | by Kuhu Tri |
Categories: death, death of a friend,

Us against the world

We marched out into the distance
Hand held in hand
With our families weeping behind us
We were off to save the land

Off to save the country
Which I was proud to call my own
Off without an inkling
That I would come running back alone

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: death, lifeevil,

Evil's Reward

Osama  bin Laden, vile hated man
cause of sheer terror and inhumane death,
as  payment for devising evil plan,
lost the right  his wicked life be saveth.
He had been judged too evil to have breath.
May no more monsters arise in his place.
There is no room for them in human race.

Poem Details | by Shreya Rugle |
Categories: funeral, loss, lost love, sad


Rained so hard that day,
Cold as ice the drops fell.
So many things I wanted to say,
Now that you're gone, I'll try yo tell.

For when  you left so hard I fell,
The walls of my heart in they cave,
As I sit here crying on your grave.

Poem Details | by Alesia Leach |
Categories: dark, death, grief, heartbroken, miss you, sad, sorrow,

Hidden Key

You know you hurt me
These tears flood the pain
My mind battles a raging sea
My heart, scared to love again
and still I hope in vain
for a love sweet and strong
to right the bitter wrong.

I look in the mirror
and see your smile once more
I whisper, "Come nearer"
you vanished like before
leaving my heart bruised and sore
My heart longs to be free
Is death the hidden key?

ALesiach © 05/08/2018