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Death Poems About River

River death poems and poems about death for River. Read and share these heartfelt River death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or River Poems.

Poem Details | by Terry O'Leary |
Categories: death, judgement,

While Waiting At The River Styx

While waiting at the river Styx, in twisted time untaught,
from branches of the gallows tree, in recollections wrought,
your soul, a beggar’s blanket, hangs in crazy quilted knots,
with dangling pearls and diamond studs in dripping crimson clots,
midst gaping wounds and bulging eyes like fouling apricots,
for wrapped like rope around your throat’s the Reaper’s grim garrote.

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (Matthew 19:24)

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: death, ireland, marriage, murder, river,


Young Ellen Hanley caught John Scanlon’s eye
He was determined that she’d be his wife
Their marriage was cursed and Ellen would die
On the River Shannon she lost her life.

She was a beauty but of lower class
He belonged to a wealthy family
A few weeks later grew tired of the lass
She was found in Shannon’s estuary.

His servant killed Ellen a girl so young
And from a boat threw her over the side
Both men found guilty and from gallows hung
Her dead body washed ashore with the tide.

In Clare there stands a memorial stone
The Colleen Bawn she is now better known.

Written on 28 January 2019

Poem Details | by Lindsay Laurie |
Categories: death, dog,

River Gazing

A crazy world has lost it’s solitude;
the comfort in a crowd is where it’s great,
and all those childhood values once pursued,
appear to have succumbed to modern trait.

Befriend a dog, and you have won a mate,
they’ll comfort you through life, and you through there’s,
and for you the crowds of comfort have to wait,
as you cement a bond that no one shares.

But the ravages of time, and death almost due,
no turning back the clock, or magic hand
can unite us in a world that we both knew;
now it’s river walks alone along the sand.

What I should see is water flowing by,
but it’s images of Tom, that catch my eye.

Poem Details | by Lycia Harding |
Categories: child, daughter, father daughter, grief, imagery, river, solitude,

River Wild


She rages! Child of Rain and Stone...
Stone, easing not the falls she takes,
takes leave, that he might weep alone.

Alone, he grieves until she wakes.

Wakes held to mourn what Rain he'd known,
known too, will push the River so,

so, tiring of the moss he's grown,
grown wild, she'll rise and let him go....


Lycia Harding

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: death, grief, lost love, river,

River of Pain

Where river reeds wave final hour
and faintest pleas of guilty wane,
pale tear drops salt her silken lips.
Crowned lady casts her closing bower.        
Last candle burns o’er mirrored pain,   
sans lover’s stroke of finger tips.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 10/30/13
for Nette Onclaud's SENSES FOR A SESTET Contest


Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: autumn, day, death, earth, earth day, fire, forgiveness, giving, grave, history, horror, places, pollution, river, sky, social, space, tree, water, wind,

Why all this Destructions

Why all this Destructions? – Zamreen Zarook

God created this whole universe for the mankind,
He gave everything lavishly, thinking that we might be kind,
Even though people are able, they seems to be blind,
Whereas people failed to mind.

The sky which was created for the man started to scream and cry,
Since good morals and ethics were decry,
The fire started to do the mimicry,
As the water lands cannot bear, it came to man with a battle cry.

Land couldn't hold and it started to gorge,
Fresh air merged with chemicals and started to urge,
Whatever created for the man have started to over charged,
Stop evil and let the merits be enlarged.

Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: dark, death, fear, metaphor, river, simile, symbolism,


In Hades, flows the chthonic Styx, a river 
     of woe and pain (a channel thoroughfare;
     where Charon ferries the dead, who despair)  
which unnerves our damned souls till we quiver.
The Styx! It's like cirrhosis which kills the liver, 
     metastasizing there; but does not care;
     and tortures us beyond what we can bear!
Because we are thrice-damned, we now shiver
with the peals of the Stygian death-knell;
     while Heaven appears like a hope long dead  
(as if we’re ten-thousand feet deep in hell!),  
     here, where the redeemed dare not walk or tread,
we are but ghosts, like shades without a shell:
     yet, hell can we brave; but, the Styx we dread.

Poem Details | by Eirik Nelson |
Categories: dark, death, deep, gothic, life, lonely, suicide,

Death delivered, My nile river

Sitting on the shower floor
Numb inside and not afraid
reflecting on the steelhead blade
soon I won’t feel anymore

I won't have to feel this pain
thoughts of living made me shiver
Will my sweet release deliver?
**** it all, I can’t remain

How can god leave me this way?
I pulled down on the fleshy zipper, 
My skin parted, the Nile river
My emotions came out to play

**** you god this is my day!
Dopamine and ecstasy, natural meth
You know I tried, I gave my best
While lukewarm blood gushed out my veins

And my heart gave in, its final breath
Sitting on the shower floor
Soon I won’t feel anymore
Death delivered, My nile river

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: death, life,

Gather at the River - Glimpses of Epiphany contest

We shall gather at the river
Immortal words of a hymn
That believers of spiritualism
When they meet  will sing

People that go beyond the grave
Returning with messages apart
For the folks they  left behind
Patching up a broken heart

Some people think that this  is wrong
Their  religion tells them so
Would they not listen to words
their beloved's wanted them to know

When at deaths door i knocked 
Why was I sent back home

My epiphany  was my journey
As along death's trail i walked
My time wasn't the right time
So the gates  were firmly locked

Penned 18 July 2013 by Seren Roberts

Contest -: Glimpses of Epiphany

Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: depression, grief, hope, jesus, joy, pain, sorrow,

''In Hades flows a Stygian river''

In Hades flows a Stygian river 
of sorrows—a river of great despair!
It's a spiritual death that we all share
that napalms our lives and rots our liver.
Beware! Its undercurrent of dire doom
drowns us with heartless joy—it does not care,
and burdens us with more than we can bear.
We're like cadavers in a cold, stone tomb
from which can be felt and heard the death knell 
where heaven is laid waste and God is dead,
as if we’re just a breath away from hell.
Here, where living souls dare not swim or tread,
we are like phantoms—like ghosts in a shell.
Yet, we fear not hell. But despair we dread!

Poem Details | by Sarah Heath |
Categories: bereavement, death, grandmother, grief, mother daughter, peace, river,

My River Friend

Nearby my friend the river flows
Today, for me, in sorrow…slows
She looks to see my empty chair
For I no longer will be there.

Tears roll down the river's face
As this was such a happy place
So many came to stay a while
Always leaving with a smile

The clearest pictures in her waters
Show reflections of my daughters
As children of their children followed
More and more of life I borrowed

Eighteen hearts which came from mine
I hope forever intertwine
For I am now the river breeze
To carry our joint memories

Peaceful in my last repose
I wonder where the river goes?
The river and her constancy
Will now remind you all of me.

Poem Details | by Corey Brown |
Categories: allegory, hope, life, philosophy, sympathy,

River Jordan

Everyday I wake, I bathe in the river Jordan: taking with me the dirtiness from the yesterdays. Repeating the same sins, that were never washed clean. Reenacting the past and all its ways.

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: death, nature, river, seasons, symbolism, tree, winter,

Cold Death Savages, So Spring's Life Will Grow

Cold Death Savages, So Spring's Life Will Grow

The hills, valleys and flowers are fast asleep
where the river flows winding.
Chills come, furry critters are burrowing deep
cold hardships most are finding.

Old man Winter awaits its rapidly emerging cues
trees shudder in their roots.
Cold comes ravaging to create sweet Spring news
as man puts on deep snow boots.

Rivers freeze and no longer feed the blue seas
some ache hard in the waiting.
All year long honey stored up by the honey bees
tis' wisdom in such anticipating.

The hills, valleys and flowers buried in snow.
Cold death savages, so Spring's life will grow.

Robert J. Lindley, 10-06-2015

Poem Details | by Marcin Malek |
Categories: children, death, poetry, red, river,


On early morn
children were playing
at the river’s shore

close to the noon
soldiers came
out of the blue

by the dim
river red
played theirs sins

Poem Details | by Patricia Tam |
Categories: childhood, confusion, death, depression, life, loss, lost love, recovery from..., sad, satire, timeme, me,

Cry me a river

Cry me a river 
Build me a bridge
I cannot remember
Which ditch I did dig

I am here in the present
Yet live in the past
It’s all just a blur
Moving so fast

I have lived through the storm
I have fell to my knees 
But yet I do not know 
The importance of these

Send me a message
Show me the light
Take heed in my warning
I live in the night

Darkness is coming
I am fading from sight
The gate is now closing
Now comes the fright

I am lost and confused
So poor and confused
So beaten and broken
With no end in sight

Cry me a river
Build me a bridge
I cannot remember 
Which ditch I did dig

Poem Details | by Bruce Coates |
Categories: freedom, grave, loneliness, love, river, water,

Giving Freedom Away

Carry me quietly to the river Strip me, touch me, and love me I am alone Let the freezing water cover me Let it eat me alive As my mind drifts through the waves And my spirit sees its own grave Set me free Free me from everything Free everything from me

Poem Details | by Jake A. |
Categories: anger, conflict, death, goodbye, hurt,

City By The River

In this city by the river
Full of mud and grass, stone and flesh,
Chests stay still without a shiver
And roses make us appear fresh,

I rode far, saw many wonders,
Felt love for a beautiful girl
Who loved me despite my blunders,
Then all was taken in a twirl,

By hunger he was so driven
Still, to me he's unforgiven,
Now I rest beside the givers,
In this city by the river.

Poem Details | by Just James |
Categories: death, pain,

River of Blood

crimson pain pours out of his broken side 
this time though the bullet anger tore deep 					
in his eyes life flashes a show in slide 			
only in this film actors play to keep 

his mom a memory mixed with hunger
never again was there love thereafter
his father a picture of a stranger
now love’s a stranger, revenge his master 

smileless faces find him dying in pain
frowns paint their view of his broken body
in the tide of eyes his face rang no name
just a gangster they said, just nobody
prisoner of neglect in anger and pain 		
rage left a veil of pain, and red stain

updated July 2016

Poem Details | by Stephen Aniobi |
Categories: funeral, me, me,


Cry me a river,

And let the divers wait,

I can’t wait any more, for failing liver,

This might end up with regret,


Cry me a river, rich boy,

And let the poor girl sleep,

Spread wide your mouth for oil,

And force yourself for her dead lip,


Cry me a river,

And let death be the winner,

Fighting it will only give you fever,

Asking questions makes you a sinner,


Cry me a river, rich boy,

And let go of your entourage,

You bit yourself up; I don’t want to be a foil,

You have to grow up and have courage.


Cry me a river,

And let the undertakers do their work,

Say farewell and shake this off your shoulder,

Shriek; until you see it’s not your fault.

Poem Details | by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: death, life,

The River Runs

Spirited away into a void,
 suspended in nothingness.

Moving pictures
 of life flash by,
 momentous moments
 pause in transit,
 allowing one
 last celebration
 of remembrance.

Instances of sorrow
 smear sight,
 the wretchedness tears
 new holes in regret,
 stamping days
 that cross the soul
 with melancholy.

Closing the shutters
 of consciousness,
 slipping into the
 divine form,
 swimming through
 the dying river,
 finally letting go

I slide into waiting arms
 as Styx carries me home.

Poem Details | by Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein |
Categories: death, depression, funeral, hope, life, time, river,

The Drowned Sun

Speak once, 
and softly,
so the river may know...    
* * *

"You've come to mourn,
his drowned bones."

[She starts to groan]

He was a
loving father,
a faithful son,
his body swept
and tossed
and now he's gone.

[Leaves fall and vanish in the current]

How now... Mysterious Death,
the speeding current,
time that pushes past,
how do I grab the minutes
so that they last?


[ The river flows and merges with the Earth, 
     and you look up and see the tops
     of trees waving in harmony 
     with the sky,
     and you, spot the sun again  ]

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: death, home, life, ocean, river,

A River Flows Through

A river flows through this fold of life,
sometimes too turbulent,
occasionally too still
even for older established streams
with sluggish circulation currency
nearly to our shore of oceanic
sea's streaming into one surfing surface
tidal stream,
our great river of rivers
flowing and surfing out and up
and back and forth
surging and slugging
stressing and struggling
with our undertow
need to flow 
back home again,
to when this river's story began
to flow through this unfolding life.

Poem Details | by clara schnee |
Categories: dark, death, evil, fear, mythology, pain, places,

On the banks of the River Sticks

On the banks of the River Sticks
I stand and stare 
With my skin so open and bare
In a line formed of lost time
I stand on the banks of the River Sticks
Wondering why the fog is now so thick
Reaching closer the hand of death 
And feeling his cold harsh killing breath
On the banks of the River Sticks
Lined up in rows of six
Crossing over to the other side
No place to run or hide
Hope to god he spares you skin 
But only if you did not sin
On the banks of the River Sticks
All eternity feeling sick
My body sleeps forever to come
But my soul is crushed by death’s strong thumb
On the banks of the river sticks

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: animal, crush, death, image, nature, river, sun,

Boa 1 Boa 2

           Boa 1 
life flows like stealth, down
river, boa, stretch the banks
strike comes to the prey

     Boa 2
humidity, sun
river, body winding, strikes 
boa stretches prey

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: death, sad, life, river,

The Jumper

Stepping out on the ledge of the bridge
With a cold wind blowing through my hair
The moon reflects off the river below
Portraying a serenity that just isn't there

A life of regretful sin and remorse
On a calliope spinning round and round
The pain and torment living inside of me
Soon in the river will be drowned

I fall back and watch the bridge slowly rise
In a suspended continuum of time
Seconds last for an eternity
As mistakes play over in my mind

No regrets for letting go
Only regrets for hanging on
My body peacefully falls asleep
Before the life inside of it is gone