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Death Poems About Robin

Robin death poems and poems about death for Robin. Read and share these heartfelt Robin death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Robin Poems.

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: death, dedication, depression, i miss you, journey, space, suicide,


Spin off Happy Days Na-Nu Na-Nu Shaz-Bot man Planet Ork Mork fly!
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Poem Details | by Jan Terry |
Categories: celebrity, death, obituary, suicide, sympathy, tribute,

A Tribute to Robin Williams

A good man's gone, loved by us all
on the screen both big and small.

The fire is cold, the lights are out.
His soul's moved on, without a doubt.

The laughter's gone that masked the pain.
The house is still and peace does reign.

He fought his battles on life's wild ride,
but lost his war with the demons inside.

How can one thrive on acclaim and wealth
without the love of one's own self?

I hope you found the peace you sought.
The life you lived won't be forgot.

July 5, 2015

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: death, depression, suicide,

Dedication to Robin Williams

Doubting the fire in your heart
Firewater to wash the tears
Laughter hides the rain
Witty lines to overshadow the silence and the pain
Missing Doubts, fired from life’s strains
Acting roles, never I me
The Big screen, keeping you all over there
As I play my own role, hardly can I bare
Enveloped in sadness
No letter inside empty walls
Fulfilled now, the dead poet
The comedic tragedy
Hanging up side down
Too tired, I retire

To the society yonder

Poem Details | by Poet Shi |
Categories: death of a friend,

RIP Mr Robin Williams

Funny indeed you were,
you touched each and 
everyone of us with your 

We're still in disbelieve 
that you passed away,
a tragic end to one of 
the best comic alive.

You made us cry in 
laughter, now we cry 
in tears...

Remembering all them 
years of joy when you 
blessed us on the screen.

Now we pray to God 
to bless you, may he
have mercy on you...

And fill the heavens 
with your laughter, 
like you did here on 

Cause truly you are 

Rip Mr Robin Williams.

Written by: Poet Shi

Poem Details | by Katie Christian |
Categories: death, feelings, grandfather, hero, loss, love,

My Grandfather Mr Robin Hood

He was there 
When no one else was,
And he held me when I cried. 
He acted as the Robin Hood
That watched over my life. 
He laughed with me when I was happy,
And made me laugh when I was sad.
He was the best thing that I ever had.
My grandfather, Mr.Robin Hood shall I say,
Was something very rare,
And now he's way up there,
Acting as the  Robin Hood
Of my life.

Poem Details | by Mel Brake |
Categories: addiction, allegory, anger, angst, cry, dad, death,

The death and re-birth of Robin Williams

Waiting for you is like waiting for death
I called and asked if you would nurse me
When I fell down and injured by back

Waiting for you is like waiting for my father
I sit by the door with hope in my heart 
In my mind you call and say I need you
But the call is never answered

Waiting for you is like waiting for a cure
I treat myself and take my medicine like a good boy
But my arms and hands are too short

Waiting for you is like waiting for god
I listened as some else was abused and abandon 
I say that we have a lot in common
But she said let me put my arms around you
Because god has not forgotten about you

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: death, depression, suicide,

Bye, Bye Robin

Bye, Bye Robin Williams

If only my peace I could now rest in

And wouldn't have to start over again;

All of my efforts which were fruitless

Now are of no value and totally useless.

Begins have begun and endings gone by;

Many things about myself, I had to deny;

What I felt was a false sense of being

And deep within me nothing was agreeing.

Conflicts continue on as they still persist

And if I lived again, what would I insist;

Time after time and over and over again

If I had prayed to God ending it with Amen.

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: bereavement, memorial, sorrow, suicide,

Sad Clown - Robin Williams

~ While your soul screamed "Help!",

                    The world heard only laughter ...

                                        We loved you ... to death ~

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: death, dedication, suicide, tribute,

Goodbye Robin Williams

You suffered from depression and Bipolar Disease.
Your suicide has driven the entire world to its knees.
You were so talented that talent isn't a big enough word.
I wish you hadn't died, that's what I would've preferred.
To become the terrific actor that you were, charm and talent were what it took.
Everybody loved your movies, especially Good Morning Vietnam and Hook.
You began your career as Mork and then you became Popeye.
Billions of people are saddened and devastated to see you die.
I have something to say that is one hundred percent true.
You were a brilliant actor and everybody on Earth loves you.

[Dedicated to Robin Williams (1951-2014) who died on August 11, 2014.]