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Death Poems About Rondeau

Rondeau death poems and poems about death for Rondeau. Read and share these heartfelt Rondeau death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Rondeau Poems.

Poem Details | by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: death, sad love, winter,

Past the Graveyard: Rondeau

Past the graveyard deep in snow
where icicles from boughs hang low
one woman at a headstone weeps
as memories in warmth she keeps,
all dressed in black like winter crows.

Still muted angels' trumpets blow
where frost on trees like lichens grow
and 'cross the powder darkness creeps
past the graveyard.

As by the iron fence I go
the granite gapes in pewter rows. 
My heart into my throat now leaps;
her mortal love in silence sleeps
in frozen ground while snowflakes blow
past the graveyard.


This is a rewrite of my Terzanelle, "I Pass the Graveyard".

Poem Details | by Yoni Dvorkis |
Categories: sympathy

Rebuild Anew

“Rebuild anew”, he said to me,
the one of stillness ‘neath the sea.
“Rise to the shore; as one we’ll stand.
These hardened castles made of sand 
protect your darkest memory.”

The lone wolf blows with certainty.
He shatters hollow masonry.
Destruction steadied by still hand.
Rebuild anew.

I only want tranquility, 
to end these tortures mindlessly.
My heart be still, my life be grand.
Upon the rock I claim this land
to reinvent my destiny.
Rebuild anew.

Poem Details | by Bob Quigley |
Categories: death, love, heart, heart, love,

Where Two Once Stood

Where two once stood, now one alone Left to journey on their own Gone the love they chose to share Dashed in the ashes of despair A heart now turned to stone How for this loss will I atone Survive without the love I've known One broken heart beyond repair Where two once stood The petals of our love have flown Upon deaths winds loves seedlings sown The remnants of a life stripped bare One lonely soul still standing there Where two once stood

Poem Details | by Rick Richardson |
Categories: death, nature, poetry,

Upon the Stones

Upon the stones the lichen grows
For those asleep in earth below
And those awake who tears do weep
To green the grass with sorrow’s seep
To honor love their hearts bestow

The lichen sleeps beneath the snow
Through cold and ice of winter woe
Awaits the warmth and summer’s creep
Upon the stones the lichen grows

In shadow rain or summer glow
It hears the words of belle or beau
It fears not time or grounds man’s sweep
The lichen guards eternal sleep
For here in each and every row
Upon the stones the lichen grows


Poem Details | by John Gondolf |
Categories: death, heartbreak, lost love, sad,

The Sun Will Never Shine

The sun will never shine again 
upon the meadow’s lush terrain
where gentle summer breezes whirled
and flowers bloomed as dreams unfurled
and chased away the frigid rain.

The angels came with saddened bane 
to claim your soul as I remain
with clouds above, upon my world
          the sun will never shine.

And so I sing this sad refrain
as on my cheeks the teardrops stain;
inside emotions feeling curled
and twisted as my mind is twirled,
and in my heart that’s filled with pain 
          the sun will never shine.

February 1, 2021

Poem Details | by Melissa Ross |
Categories: death, loss, love, time, me, me,

Into the Dark

Follow me into the dark, my heart,
Death waits to break us apart,
We will tempt him, kiss good bye,
While our life waits for us on high,
We will make it through, we must start,
Do not be afraid, for we will never part,
Do not take this lightly, we must be smart,
My dear do not fear, you must not cry
Follow me into the dark.
Time has reached us, we must depart,
If death comes near, my love, dart,
I will surely meet you in the sky,
For I am upsetting, it is my time to die,
These words of love, for you I impart,
Follow me into the dark.

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: caregiving, childhood, death

Malnutrition and Dehydration

Put down that coke
Write a check to help the hungry
Put down that coke
Death takes lives this is not a joke
Mother gives all,  their agony
Grief doesn't wash, apathy
Put down that coke!

Contest: Dr. Mehta Ram, Rondolet

So many people don't have food to eat nor water to drink; be thankful for what you do have....

Poem Details | by Black Eyed Susan |
Categories: death, life,

Diet Pepsi

actually it's a rondolet, a shortened form of rondeau, but not a seperate category in p.s.

Diet Pepsi
The last drink you afforded me
Diet Pepsi
A silver can, eyeball tempting -
Better than looking at your glee
Strangling me, last image seen
Diet Pepsi


Poem Details | by Kyle Casker |
Categories: death, mythology, sun, voyage,

Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming, of course this is known.
Dark skies draw near and the birds have flown.
The nights grow shiverous, dark, and wet
While Sol (Saw-L) nestles in Horizon’s net.
Baratheon suffers the pass of a King

but perhaps his fall was less than a sting
and a new ruler takes place, whom you wish not rein.
Lannisters do not fret from most threats
They know Winter is Coming  .

High and Honor is the Falcon’s Wing.
Forces of Vale to defend Robin.
Mysterious sights appear upset.
White walkers return, not many have met.
Bloody Snow soon soils the spring.
Winter is coming death it will ring.

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: death, grief,

Your Pain My Loss

Your pain my loss within your flight
Contained and lost within your night
I need you then I need you now
I bleed for you with broken vow
Undone and torn you fought the fight

Held close your lies with all my might
Felt most alone with cries of fright
Now on my knees I pray and bow
Your pain my loss

Above the clouds I lost my sight
With love aloud I crossed hands tight
No more conviction I’ll allow
Torn with affliction, don’t know how
My soul craves yours with deep contrite
Your pain my loss

*Internal Rhyme used*

Date Written: July 11, 2016

Poem Details | by Bob Quigley |
Categories: death, war,

The Cannon's Roar

The cannons roar, hatred inflame Destruction, chaos, without shame Our countries fabric torn apart Pride and conviction rule the heart Life as before we can't reclaim Atrocities in freedoms name Negotiations soon became Words meant to stop, but instead start The cannons roar We won't remember them by name Who heard the bugle's call and came They, on the battlefield depart Victims felled by the warriors art The cannons roar

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: depression, life, sympathy,


With depression her heart does sink Her companion comes in eye blink Without a word that she does say Compassion is shown both this way No words are shared, no given ink Puppy holds her heart in a wink Her face carries not such a drink This punishment in prime of day With depression She seems to be in state of think From her imagination brink She sits there sadly not to lay Dog's on her shoulder that he may Bring companionship, nothing pink With depression
Contest: Briton Riviere Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst Painting: Sympathy 6/18/2013

Poem Details | by jo davis |
Categories: allegory, introspection, life, mother, philosophy, social, sympathy, uplifting,

I Could Be A Whore

I could be a whore
if I had the chance
if I couldn’t write, or I couldn’t dance

I could be a whore,
if I were in your shoes
if I had more to gain, and far, far less to lose

I could be a whore
if I had mouths to feed
if they were sick and dying, had a greater need

I could be a whore
if I knew nothing more
if my life was blood let, behind a polished door

I could be a whore
but I’m glad I have a choice
to speak for those, who haven’t yet the voice

Poem Details | by David Wood |
Categories: death, hurt, lost love,

I Still Dream

I still dream of my love in the brightness of our days
When we walked along the beach our love ablaze
When I held her in my arms my own sweet song
Through life’s challenges our love remained strong
Of birthday cards presents and daffodil sprays
Or picnics in a field under a tree where we’d laze
Where lost in that limpid blue of her eyes I’d gaze
It was in my own heart that her love did belong 
I still dream of my love

Our love was pure bliss and never did faze
It grew stronger and stronger a flame to a blaze
We thought love would be forever but we were wrong
But nothing is forever and nothing life long
An angel claimed her and left me in a daze
I still dream of my love

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: death, suicide,

My Shooting Star

Lonely as a lost bird you are, dreams of lightening from afar- To say you’re sad doesn’t make it right, stepped in the ring yet lost the fight- One day you’ll be my s h o o t i n g star. The m o m e n t you step in that car, will be the last and leave a scar- You’ll be so close but out of sight... SUICIDE WINS Went for a walk stepped in a bar, watched a sad man play his guitar- With each drink your soul did excite, then l e f t and got high as a kite- Laid down became my shooting star... SUICIDE WINS Date Written: September 14, 2016

Poem Details | by Michael Dom |
Categories: daughter, death, eulogy,

Best rondeau poem

A rondeau for Dollorose Fong Roka

No words, my friend, bring back the dead
No thoughts conveyed, nor tears we shed
Recede the loss, nor ease the pain.
Silent, alone, we hear the rain
The sound of peace, not words, my friend.

What mute verse can I send instead?
When consoling words become vain – 
Not thoughts, not tears, God sends us rain.
His words, my friend.

In life we struggle till the end
Joy, grief and peace swing hand-in-hand
Seek hope – do not avoid sweet pain 
For this wisdom comes, like the rain,
That after grief we understand
God’s love, my friend.

Poem Details | by Black Eyed Susan |
Categories: death, life, people,

my cotton sheets

this is actually a rondolet, a shortened form of rondeau, which does not have its own category on p.s.

My cotton sheets
Like a blue ocean on my bed
My cotton sheets
Where you and I used to retreat
Before I went off of my meds,
Before your blood spattered them red
My cotton sheets


Received 1st place in Nette's "Weave a Rondelet" contest

Poem Details | by jun-jun villanueva |
Categories: death, life


~~~~~~~~~~   *-*   ~~~~~~~~~~

Suspire at ease
Queue up - STAND like nothing's awry
Suspire at ease
You're in trek of unfeigned sentience
Never croon unsung poetry
Abscond from death's periphery
Suspire at ease.

                                                                           ~~~~~~~~~~   *-*   ~~~~~~~~~~


                       *-* (0.0) jun-jun villanueva

    *-* (0.0) " RONDELET " contest

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: death, dream, sister,

I Craved a Dream

I craved a dream and you were there
My life a blur you did not care
Forgot your pain, in my defense
Your reasoning did not make sense
At the ceiling I lay and stare.

Yes, many times life isn’t fair 
For you, my love, showed much despair
You died from pains desired expense
I craved a dream

The fear you craved beyond repair
Nothing to your soul does compare
Now angel dust you do dispense
Love’s pain and sorrow does condense
Sister connection in the air
I craved a dream

Rondeau Rhyme Scheme: AABBA-AABC-AABBAC
Eight Syllables in each line except the 4th line in second stanza and the last line in the third stanza. They have four syllables and is the repeated refrain

Poem Details | by Noel Onat |
Categories: betrayal, grief,

My Mistake

My mind astir, I lie awake, 
no way to make this anguish break 
that comes with guilt, it might return, 
a cursed time I cannot spurn, 
nor slay with amends, life at stake. 

In every creaking stroll I quake; 
leaving her to play makes me shake. 
My troubles with each new day churn, 
my mind astir. 

This is no dream, it's my mistake; 
no sleep is mine, I lie awake 
evenings grow cold, while she I yearn, 
and grim thoughts through my body burn. 
The shadow lurks; I twist and turn, 
my mind astir.

Your Biggest Mistake Contest
Sponsor: Laura Loo  June 28, 2016

Poem Details | by H. E. Riddleton |
Categories: corruption, death, depression, destiny,

Carnival Trade

Above and below, the masochist show
Their tangled dread and frantic glow
Of faces abhorred by the overhead.
They stitch their lips and begin again.

In catacomb dream, they march and throw
Up their hands for torture to blow
Through their incarnates, their pigments that grow
When shrines of men are slaughtered instead,
Above and below.

The carrier shows as her massacre slows
What little is left, the Masters do flow-
Mourn thy Driver, enslave the wind
For when ancestors tumble back again.
Dior the evil, we may know,
Above and below. 

Poem Details | by Sharon Tjandramulia |
Categories: bereavement, dark, death, death of a friend, depression, grief, suicide,


Death you're never satisfied,
Tricking mortals with your lies,
Promising eternal peace,
Promising our pain to cease,
Slowly, we die inside.

Collecting souls is your pride,
In Hell is where you abide,
Undisguised, you are a beast,
Death you're never satisfied.

Tongue is witty, comments snide,
When you smirk your grin is wide,
Weary souls who sign your lease,
Find they'll never be released,
In chains they are all tied,
Death you're never satisfied.

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: death, uplifting,

Crystal Wind Chimes

Crystal wind chimes to hang outside To bring cheer when her brother died She’d hear the tinkling with each breeze Melodic tones put her at ease And helped to cast her cares aside For so long she’d stood by his side But God had listened as she cried And he urged me to give her these Crystal wind chimes Think of him as crystals collide Soft, sweet whispers blessings confide No longer does her warm heart freeze She hears his voice upon each breeze – Crystal wind chimes
*Entry for Brian's Top 20 Contest

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: grief, happiness, joy, life, love, pain, wisdom,

Yesterday's Life Was All Roses And Sun

If sorrow and grief were replaced by glitz
and gladness would invite us to a waltz,
there would be lasting joy; nobody will
think of tears, of fear, of pain only of thrill; 
honor peace and there won't be any blitz!

Such harmony was present in a garden
when our ancestors were without sin,
they never feared the lion and the tiger:
yesterday's life was all roses and sun!  

The final threat is death, the plague that kills;
it comes at any age, at unexpected moments,
many try to defy it, but can they really trick it?
Its longevity depends mainly on self-taught 
wisdom learned by living untroubled days:
yesterday's life was all roses and sun!

Written on 7/13/2016

Poem Details | by Jquana Avery |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, birth, blessing, cheer up, death of a friend, father,


Sometimes i wish i can have a better life 
oh i wish
sometimes i wish i can dream a better dream 
oh i dream 
sometimes i believe i cant then i think
who care what i think 
that what i think
or what i believe what i believe 
its all just a dream