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Death Poems About Running

Running death poems and poems about death for Running. Read and share these heartfelt Running death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Running Poems.

Poem Details | by John Hamilton |
Categories: corruption, crazy, death, french, heartbreak, violence,

Wild horses running free

Wild horses running free

Hearts without conscience                                   
scarred with a brand of evil                                   
like wild horses running free                                   
no reins to stop killing spree

John Derek Hamilton
July 16,2016

Poem Details | by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: allusion, dark, death, fear, history, scary,

We just kept on running

We just kept on running
No looking back
The field changed in front of us
Green turned to black
Crows, Ravens feasting
On the battle's back

We just kept on running
Fear filled our veins
It was like time had altered
It was like some middle age?
The horses looked at us
The wounded men looked too
The smell of blood and death surrounded
What else could we do?

We just kept on running
Adrenalin gave us flight
We just kept on running
'till day turned into night

Poem Details | by Samantha Search |
Categories: death, depression, sad

Running Red

Crimson flows thickly
over cobbled stone,
running like water
so sickly smooth,
the irony smell is
filling the air,
making it hard to breath,
as it pools around my feet,
i can feel the warmth fade,
finally noticing that from my
wrist it trickles,
i collapse, as my vision
fades to black.

Poem Details | by Davor Miljkovic |
Categories: cute love, romantic, sweet, sympathy,

Running hearts

Take away my words,
I'll mime my way to your heart
By now you can tell
My feet aren't getting colder,
They are running next to you

Poem Details | by desiree lewis |
Categories: daughter, death, fear, life, mystery, sad, sorry,


She’s running….run faster,
Maybe he won’t catch you,
Run…I’m not going anywhere, 
Oh no he’s getting closer,
Please help! 
He has me in is arms,
Why won’t he stop?
Run…! Run..!
Why can’t I scream…?
Maybe louder maybe kicks or bites,
Nothings helping,
Try to get away,
No one sees him,
No one sees it,
Running, running into the dark,
No! God no!
Maybe if I had a gun,
Yes, I’ll shoot,
Shoot, me, no him,
I’m dead.
……..he’s still there.

Poem Details | by red hunter |
Categories: depression, forgiveness, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, hope, loss, lost love, love, sad, sorry, sympathy, teen


Running away
From it all
Faster and faster 
Because I don’t want to miss her
Some call me a 
Just don’t want to be here
So I am running faster
And faster 
Away from it all

Poem Details | by Jessica Arteaga |
Categories: imagination

Running From Death Will Make Him Yell FETCH!

Long Wait
Death's Wake

By Chance
No Stance

One Fog
Death's Dog


Your Soul
Sink Hole


Poem Details | by George Zamalea |
Categories: death, visionary, me, me,


They killed him running
	Naked down the street
When a man next to me asked me what
	Happen to him.

I thought to answer till
	The sun obscured me without slashing
The last words, and I was thinking
	I was still sleeping
With joined hands and muscles
	In front of a lead mass.

I am still thinking. Can I answer
	Him as a teacher to a retarded student
In a restless room as the dreamy dreams
	That was once long time part
Of the hunting? Of course I should.
	I closed my broken mouth
And I put a hand on his shoulder:
	Can you feel me? The whole body
Shaken and I know he got the message.

Poem Details | by Shana MacKinnon |
Categories: angst, childhood, people, sympathy, teen,


When a child leaves 
It is called running away
Called a stupid act of childhood
When an adult runs away
It is called leaving
Blamed on too much weight 
Put upon their shoulders
But when I look at either
I see no difference

Poem Details | by Phyllis Babcock |
Categories: death,

Running Out of Time

Time decided to take a run
it did not know how long
it did not know where too
it just kept on ticking
hoping one day 
it would not stop 
to stop meant the end
the final moment
when it would seize

we live our lives by the clock
rushing here and there
never giving thought
not knowing when
that final tick comes
when all time stops
live in the moment
don't count them
for it may not come.

Poem Details | by AL Poetry |
Categories: angel, death,

Running away

Some days I want to escape,
Escape life or erase my pain.
I want to fall backwards on my back,
I want to cry and scream and have someone save me.

I am being saved,
My pain just won’t see it.

Some days I wake up,
I feel the blood in my throat,
I feel the tightness in my chest,
I want to say goodbye and die.

They say pain is just perception,
Our pasts create a victim,
Then I am a confused victim,
Who can’t live through my own pain.

Every day waking up,
Hoping to die,
Hoping the universe would take me.

Take your angel back,
Free me of this pain,
For I am not strong enough,
To live again.