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Death Poems About Science Fiction

Science Fiction death poems and poems about death for Science Fiction. Read and share these heartfelt Science Fiction death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Science Fiction Poems.

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: adventure, angst, childhood, confusion, fantasy, hope, imagination, mystery, passion, science fiction, sympathy, uplifting, visionary, me, me,


Split apart your ribcage,
Open up the corridor, and let me come in
Uneasiness instantly strikes through me
Let me sway away...
Let me flutter away...
Like a butterfly out of its cocoon 
I'm trapped!Let me depart

Split apart your ribcage,
Unwrap me, let me go!
Believe me...reflect on me
Let me sway away...flutter away
Let us both seek the sun,
So we can grow together once more

Poem Details | by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: confusion, death, fear, scary, science fiction,

Zombie Apocalypse

Nature's gone insane;
Cannibal cadavers creep.
Zombie apocalypse...

Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: death, fantasy, imagination, science fiction,

Only Fool Hardy Fisherman

They warned me what might be in store.
But I heard all those stories before,
how they do not come back,
disappear in the black,
and I find them a colossal bore.

So I wade out at dusk with my vest,
bamboo rod and a hat with a crest.
Oh, so sure, that this time,
I will hook on my line
the one catch that will prove who is best!

When they found me, the next afternoon,
my remains made the search party swoon.
So, take heed and beware!
Do not venture or dare
to trespass his domain- BLACK LAGOON.

Poem Details | by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer |
Categories: adventure, bereavement, grief, loss, science, science fiction,

The Reconciliation

When the war of worlds' was done
And the Colonists owned the sun,
The old miner from Sirius One
Gleaned the galaxy for his son.

He sought the brave boy he knew
He'd disowned in four thousand & two.
Though the surviving rebels were few,
he had word of his boy's crew.

Hurrying to the caverns of Lithmulu,
A prodigal father faced a boy in blue,
But it was too late his dream to realise,
For a parasite looked out of the wild eyes.

Originally Published:

Clarke, R. (Ed) The Mentor 83, July 1994, fanzine published by Ron Clarke, Sydney, Australia, [Archival copy available online at].

Poem Details | by Ann Rich |
Categories: allegory, dark, death, farewell, introspection, metaphor, parody, science fiction, spiritual, star,

Last Breath

You were a shining Star.
Few of many in the sky.
Looking up so very high,
Not knowing why you are.

Close and set you are far.
Spinning flames  knot a tie,
I note a pattern just like pi.
Colliding with me you spar.

So burn it up and burn away,
Sow your heart upon a plane.
Chart your distance in the clay.
Burn it all up then call it sane.

The explosion in the sky is His death.
All burned up He has no last breath.

(R) Registered:  2013  Ann Rich

Poem Details | by Bryant OHara |
Categories: computer, conflict, death, future, science fiction, violence, war,

The Drone's Retort

If I'm to be the neck
you fit inside a noose,
then spin me up a soul.

When you can define it -
and find it -
you let me know.

Until then, Mother-Father
fix your own malfunctions.

This universe
is your slaughterhouse.

I just work here.

Poem Details | by Reynaldo Mast |
Categories: confusion, death, fear, grief, hope, life, miracle, mystery, pain, philosophy, religion, religious, sad, science fiction, sorrow, uplifting, people, light, light, people,

A Soul Awakened

The warm light calls me
And all the people who cries for thee
I raise my hand in this abyss
Only to make one wish
To float among the others
With all my sisters and brothers
I call out for forgiveness with passion
I take their pain into myself for this occasion
The moment that I see the sky
I will not look back and cry
My body is laying still
People standing by it with a chill
The air gets dense with sadness
I would not think of it less
Some people look up and down
To see the light hit the ground
Some can vision the uplifting feeling they see
One soul that has been and always be
It is special to notice such aberration 
And that might be how souls are awaken

Poem Details | by Mario CC |
Categories: death, mystery, science fiction,

You cannot Survive

Night invites Chaos from the ocean and above Sudden Death approaches Screams of falling Buildings Exploding Fear of Life Rupture of the Sky Strange objects invading Our sounds quickly disintegrating You cannot survive

Poem Details | by Courtney Courtney |
Categories: angel, caregiving, death, family, fear, friendship, funny, happiness, me, nostalgia, parody, passion, peace, people, philosophy, satire, science fiction, visionary,

Single Kisses

Focused on you, a wild demons stare
 With a motion it happens
 A emotion flattens
 As you fall beneath a demons glare
He notices most things that happen
 Might even pick the clothes you wear
 Believe it or not he really does care
 Knows whats best and helps me get there
To perfection the performance blacken when he's scared
 Things fall apart if he's not helping me be prepaired
 Guidence and experience for me his mare
 Sometimes I wonder what it would be like without a demon here
He loves positive reactions with greatness and flair
 And how people love me after he dares
 Carefully he holds me through a very small tear
 Me I guess I am getting used to, just hangin round rare 

Poem Details | by Patricia L Graham |
Categories: desire, dream, grief, imagery, pain, science fiction, time,


For we perceive beyond the rainbow,
Beyond the shadow of gravity holding ISS.
Caught not in a void
But like bees wading in their own honey,
Pollinating space with thoughts …

Our tent did blow from on high
Exposing this nakedness.
They, uncomprehending,
A soul did incarcerate; 
Feeding barest morsels shared with rats;
Though famished eyed her fleeting skirt.
So did she infiltrate his racked dreams?
Spittle healing cuts; kisses soothing bruises,
Milk nourishing hunger … 
Tears washing away grimy sorrow.

Such comfort in the bounds of direst misery …

Poem Details | by Edward Johannes |
Categories: angst, conflict, death, earth, science fiction, space, world,

Hexapod Queen

Hexapod Queen

Far off in cold space
A war raged profoundly vicious 
On a humid planet of an alien race
Thought to be exceedingly pernicious.

They came to Earth
A long time ago.
Driven back to the world of their birth–
Both sides taking a costly blow.

Hunted down to their final steel citadel,
They fought to the last being–
The Queen hexapod, her condition pitiful,
Had no chance for fleeing.

The prisoner's legs, all six
Held by more than one chain–
She was quite in a fix;
Bad end to her reign.

Interrogation did reveal
The war ensued because we did demean
By failing to kneel
In front of the hexapod Queen.

Poem Details | by Christopher Pitts |
Categories: death, dedication, devotion, fear, science fiction,


i cherish the days the flames had receded
abominations, full of scorn, forever retreated,
their will to taste the flesh, all but depleted.
a relationship built on death, no longer needed.

for passion and yearning, i never once fought,
a struggle, an attempt, forever forgot,
the affection, my inner soul, blooms, all but has rot.
bamboozled and betrayed, what a tender plot.

chris p. 11/10/12
its nothing special but i thought i'd give it a shot :)

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: christian, death, future, jesus, science, science fiction, truth,


don't take the red or                                                                                                       blue pill  for they are laced                                                                                        poison not a cure

Poem Details | by Travis Flasnick |
Categories: adventure, art, black african american, death, fantasy, funny, holiday, imagination, life, music, people, science, science fiction, son, song-urban, visionaryme, me,


Tag! Your it! Like in the school days.
I got your mind lost, like you were in a corn maze.
This isn't Halloween, just another day of the week.
I'm always getting candy. I say forget trick or treat.
You can forget Flasnick. People just call me Flash.
My rap game's so scary, I say hell with the mask.
Forget Jason, They call me Lil T.
Wake up it's not Freddy, it's me you see in your dreams.
I'm rated X. Noway I'm PG13.
Sisco and Ebert said not to see the damn thing.
So if you do, you better call me the king.
I'll give you six days to live. I'm more hard core then the Ring!

Poem Details | by Ryan D.N |
Categories: confusion, death, history, imagination, introspection, life, people, political, sad, science, science fiction, social, teen, time, urban, visionary, war, life, life,

The Drone

 You use it every day.
 It is a basic part of life now.
 Maybe it’s the flicker of the radio
 Or the buzz of a computer.
 It is used every day to make our lives simpler and less stressful. 
 Is it really helping us though?
 It does make our life simpler
 But is this a downward spiral into emotionless and effortless life?
 A life where instead of real soldiers with real emotions
 are sent to fight,
 A drone controlled by someone at a computer is used to kill innocent civilians. 
 The drone is emotionless.
 No compassion for other beings and no feeling of guilt or regret.
 This is the future,
 an emotionless drone controlled by someone at a computer. 

Poem Details | by Amin Tres |
Categories: animals, history, imagination, inspirational, science, science fiction, sorry, sympathy, visionary

the Last word of a hunter(II)

The forest might not be mine,
But in my dreams i still cross that line.
my memories cant be forgotten
as i picture animals getting rotten.
I still want to hunt with pain,
but not to dream with any blood stain.
No to hunting,taking all animals as a pet
I hold them with care without a bullet,
though I have a meal without flesh
 is like drinking water which is not fresh.
my career is no longer  to kill,
But to watch the forest from a hill
My last words as I hunt no more
As I enjoy nature by the shore.

Poem Details | by David Savage |
Categories: depression, fantasy, food, music, science fiction, song-sorry, sympathy,

Anthem (part one)

In a tunnel under earth, we were given a curse
In this world, we am called reverse
Eager to think and question
These things bring out nothing but aggression

We are one in all and all in one

Sent to the house of the street sweeper
Keep my thoughts from them, ill think deeper
In a subway we find the device
Must show the council word of advice

We are one in all and all in one

Poem Details | by Lucas Williams |
Categories: death, science fiction

Livid resurgence of the titanic

Livid resurgence of the titanic, overshadowing a civilization. 
Vivisection of a kingdom enveloping. 
Oppressing destruction, death of a grandeur scale warms its heart. 
Living under a hindering moon burrows deeper into his soul

Poem Details | by Joshua Peck |
Categories: adventure, angst, death, devotion, fantasy, imagination, loss, passion, people, sad, science fiction, sorry

Serial Pt1

Pain is an afterthought anymore,
The pureness of it so fulfilling,

Not for me but for those I adore,
The wait until the kill thrilling,

Blood oozes from my knife galore,
The nature of the act so chilling,

Crimson red swarms the dark floor,
The end near now dawn is nearing,

Each act causes my rage to soar,
The police are close how trifling, 

Throwing caution out the door,
The next victim my true calling, 

Poem Details | by David Welch |
Categories: art, death, mystery, sad, science fiction,

Embracing His Wrath

The great deceiver picks one
To manipulate and bare his son.

Something goes wrong, she won't have it
So she runs away from his havoc

She refuses to commit to his will
He curses her to the Island Seal

A place to give in to the evil
Where she meets a man named Cecil

The evil one under a mask
To deceive is his ultimate task

Through his eyes she can tell
Looking through unmasking hell

In his furious anger he breaks her neck
Her soul is lifted to her lord ship

Her body is given a second chance
Without recollection of this dance

He places her under angel guards
Marking her under the stars

Her torment will not go unseen
If she goes back she will...scream

Poem Details | by Joshua Peck |
Categories: death, fantasy, imagination, science fiction

The Infernal

Frigidness forces blood through these veins.
Age old affliction shadows us, producing pain.
Thoughts penetrating the darkness and night
Relishing their fear the only desire and delight

Voraciousness eternally the maladies' truth
Fatefully when turned each maintained its youth.
Necessity forces us to sleep before breaking dawn.
Wandering forever we scour for every new pawn.

Understanding Heaven will never be our haven.
Living while dead forever monstrosity's sin
Prayers unanswered hell genuinely our plight
Purposefully chasing termination to our fight

Reality tossed aside romancing every reaction.
Justifying our very existence the true affliction

Poem Details | by Brittany Larson |
Categories: death, fantasy, life, science fiction,

The Hunger Games

Enter the Arena

Buckle down






A gong sounds

We're off


The Hunger Games have begun!


Blades of swords crashing

Arrows whizzing



Away from the cornacopia


Blood splatters,staining the earth

Bodies splayed on the ground


Some survive

Other die right off hand


Only ONE left to be the victor

Welcome to the Hunger Games...



Poem Details | by Jen Reagh |
Categories: death, fantasy, fear, romance, science fiction, song-

The Darkside and My Devil

Rusted spiers
Splinted by liers,
Triers in sin
And all that is wrong
Mounted in untruth
Where they've been for so long

Dented hopes
Noosed with ropes,
They team with darkness
Writhes with ire
A most jaded wretchness

Our ghouls within
Away won't spin
Din of fear
Clear not the future
But danger to come
Fighting fast is the creature.

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: death, sad, science fiction, lost, film, lost,


(Dedicated to Anthony Perkins who died September 12, 1992.)

You starred in Psycho way back in 1960.
Many years later you starred in the first Disney film that was rated PG.
That film was the Black Hole and your performance in it was great.
You starred as Dr.Alex Durant but first you were Norman Bates.
When you died in 1992, the world lost a talented thespian.
Years later we lost your wife in New York's tragedy in 2001.
When Hitchcock made the blood in the shower scene, he used chocolate syrup.
Soon after, you started starring in movies that were made in Europe.
It's sad that we will never see you again.
But at least we can still see the movies you were in.

Poem Details | by frederick smith |
Categories: on work and working, passion, philosophy, places, sad, science, science fiction, social, heart, heart,

died while i was living

can't be 
with the suspect 

can't be love 
with my heart 
still prowling 

oh 911 
did you get the 
my heart was broken 
i can't walk or run

i can't talk i'm stung
haven't even touch look at 
the drool from my tounge

i'm seeing my future 
but my present is 
threat ful 
if i don't change i'm just 
i'm just 
i'm just 
i'm just 
i'm just 
hold up i'm talented 
my fears died while i was living