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Death Poems About Self

Self death poems and poems about death for Self. Read and share these heartfelt Self death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Self Poems.

Poem Details | by Jacob Reinhardt |
Categories: abuse, age, art, business, career, change, class, color, computer, conflict, death, depression, devotion, flower, green, happiness, introspection, irony, jobs, language, loneliness, lonely, longing, metaphor, nature, pain, philosophy, political, poverty, self, simile, slavery, social, society, spiritual, stress, technology, time, today, together, truth, urban, visionary, wisdom, work, world,

The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

Poem Details | by Rick Eichelberg |
Categories: death, self, suicide,

The very last cut

Do you see my wrists?
They cry blood when I do this;
Push the blade deeper.

Poem Details | by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: death, life, mystery,

Voyage of Self Discovery

We are born ---
  we live, we die;
  and in between we gaze the aftermath of the gods...
  and the great shining stars at night ---
  with greater grip in old age than fleeting youth;

More fiercely we cling to ebbing mortality,
  as if there is more in elder years,
  and as a fledgling we only know a rising sun;
  for it never sets in first-time life,
  whilst excitement drifts like snow in later years,
  its coming appreciated all the more,
  like the end of a mystery movie nearing...
Was it good? ---
   or was it bad?

Will we ever see the credits?

***Meditations on Mortality***

Poem Details | by Tyffani Paceley |
Categories: death, devotion, loss,

Self Mutilation

I'm gonna draw a picture
A picture with a twist
I'll draw it with a razor blade
I'll draw it on my wrist

As I draw this picture
A fountain will appear
And as that fountain flows
My troubles disappear

Poem Details | by John Anderson |
Categories: birth, death, sea,

Poem to Self in Passing

Bury me not to rot deep in the bowels of earth,
all alone in the cold, silent, dank wetness of dirt.
For the very first day I awoke before birth
I was floating in the warm sea of the womb, so alert
to my mother's warm body fluid, soothing and supporting.
Bobbing and rocking, caressed by her comforting
touching of me, and her soft muffled words and lullabies,
I was carried in her womb until my birth's surprise and cries.

At my demise, burn my body, scatter my ashes far out to sea
so they can bob and rock, floating in sheer delight and glee
at being back in a womb, back in the sea, where I want to be.

19 June 2018

Poem Details | by jay moore |
Categories: crazy, dark, death, evil, faith, god, self,

Scratching at my Soul

It had to be a dream
But so, so real
It did seem

And it did feel
Like everything in sight
Had it's own appeal

Oh how bright
Was the black
Of the night

Then the attack
From all around
Front and back

Unbelievable was the sound
Of pain's own cry
Even through the ground

Fight or fly
No! run and hide
Stay and die

Not hard to decide
It seems to be everywhere
Escape I tried

It didn't care
I could feel the cold, dead touch
Through my soul it did tear

The pain was much
More than anything
Unbearable or such

Fearing what it will bring
Resist, fight and pray
To the one and only King

I am not prey
Never have been
And not that day

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: grief, hate, irony, meaningful, perspective, spoken word,


Tongue lashings are bitter
  they hurt and injure
Gnawing at both the heart
  of victim and abuser
With each hostile strike
  both hearts bruise and deaden
Hostility a most deadly poison
  injected as cheeks redden

No word of a lie striking a chord
You live by the sword you die by the sword

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Submitted on December 6, 2019, for contest IF YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD THEN YOU DIE BY THE SWORD sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 1ST

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: death, feelings, funeral, self,

I Would Like My Funeral Now

I would like my funeral now, before I die.
Pallbearers unnecessary, but I would like a blue sky.
I will bring the food, the people, and I will rent the hall.
Grave service unnecessary, too bleak and all.

I would like my funeral now if you please.
It is a gorgeous day, and there is a beautiful breeze.
Family unnecessary, I will bring my own kinds of friends.
Only positive speeches, approved by my bestie, Dog Mends.

Do not try to put anything past that fat cat.
She will not be bothered, or care where I am at.
I would like my funeral now, this very sweet day.
I want to listen and approve what you say.

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: art, crazy, death, funny, life, self,

The Lazy Man

"Working very hard to become very rich is not my style",
he mourns deep inside his soul. Suicide is his resolve, for when one dies,
there is no working; toiling in the Sun and rain. Running a home, firm, and his own personal life has been a burden to him.

"Death is my liberty!" he jubilates, as he jumps off a cliff.....

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, betrayal, city, conflict, cool, crazy, death, depression, dream, freedom, grief, growing up, heartbroken, how i feel, imagination, lost love, love hurts, metaphor, philosophy, romance, sad, satire, self, senses, sensual, suicide, symbolism, wife,


A white ceiling, 
a dull life.
A wife?
No, just a knife -
that's all I need.

Poem Details | by Chad Gordon |
Categories: abuse, addiction, corruption, death, emo, feelings, girl, grave, life, loneliness, longing, lost, sad, self, sick, society, sorrow,


Step after step I move forward.
Into the abyss, 	
Into the pit
Black, thick, silent,
The pool is filled
 Yet the tar is so bleak and empty.
Fully submerged there is nothing, 
Nothing but me
Nothing to smell hear or see
So I focus on me
My weaknesses
My faults
My mistakes
I feel all the pain as the air leaves my lungs
As the pressure of all that I’ve done bears down upon my chest and back.
Bones bend and muscles contract.
That last bit of air
 Right before sweet eternal sleep
 Escapes into the darkness
And for that moment the pain stops and the pressure fades…
I am cold.
I am lost.
Floating back to the top…
I inhale 
And life is restored…until next time.

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: allusion, confusion, grave, pain, self, sunshine, truth,

Where am I going

Where am I going?

Where am I going? There is no sign.
There is nobody to make sunshine.
There is nobody that I can trust.
There is no proof that ever is just.
There is no desire, there is no game.
There is nobody but me to blame.
There is no death, and there is no grave.
There is no power, order to save.
Where is this place that I am going.
Nothing seems real, there is no knowing.
There is no trace, and there is no clue,
they promised heaven not that they knew. 
Within my mind, I am always lost.
The pain I learned it is my cost.


Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: age, change, character, death, faith, farewell, goodbye, grave, journey, leaving, life, me, peace, religion, remember, self, spiritual, truth, voyage,

Yet Another Reflection

I rend asunder and
Crumble into dust
Before my very eyes.

No answers forthcoming
To my many questions,
Most important, "Why?"

"A fool are you,"
I stand thinking.
"There is no disguise."

To worry so about
What matters not
In the by and by.

Trials have strengthened.
Sorrows kept me human.
No point to analyze.

"Life is for living,"
An ultimate truth
I finally realized.

Sooner than later
Might have been better,
Had only I been wise.

I rend asunder and
Crumble into dust....
A twinkle in my eye.

Poem Details | by joyce wolayo |
Categories: baby, blessing, hyperbole, pain, relationship, self, sympathy,

Just Not Yet

Womb starts bulging oh no
Like a balloon you look on
As it bursts into life

Splintering my weak nerves on no
Pressing my nervous muscles oh no
Melting my bones oh no I say

Oh no, just not yet for this
Oh no, just not yet honey
Children are a gift from God!

Poem Details | by Craig Glenister |
Categories: angst, break up, forgiveness, grief, heart, longing, self,

I Am Nothing

Old hunter lifts head,
shattered lives lay at his feet.
Tears roll down his cheek.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, dark, death, depression, grave, loneliness, winter,

Self Loathing

Wither away in my old shoes
rust brown thoughts
sorrow is not anyone's possession
a single tear belongs to us all
I know
I have stolen the book of wisdom
in the blackness of life
looking back
I see it all
sad songs
beaten dreams

In a broth scolded hot
boiling all my clichés
steam fills the windows pain
but I do not see this

A burden of proof
I can no longer carry
the light switch , switched off
the stars sleep

Poem Details | by Alex Calatayud |
Categories: abuse, anger, anti bullying, depression, grief, self, youth,

The Healer

She wanted to lock herself away
and question her world view,
she wanted to cry out the pain
and scream at the world too.

Like her tears the rain had come
coming from all around,
here she was, suffering,
and no one hears a sound.

She began to line herself with marks,
like her pain that would stay awhile.
All her joy had slipped away
with nothing left to make her smile.

She stashed away her healer
to save for another rainy day,
the clouds began to move again
and slowly faded away.

Poem Details | by Jay Jenkins |
Categories: grandmother, grief, self,

Angel in disguise

You always said 
you were proud of me.
Even now, I can't imagine why.

Holding fast to reality,
from the bottom 
we can only climb.

Perhaps it was pity 
clouding your judgment;
guilt to keep expectations 

Then you always did 
feel responsible,
though the burden was never yours to hold.

I was a troubled soul 
for so many reasons,
none of which was from a lack of your grace.

So shine it down upon my face,
because I need it now 
more than ever.

You were my angel in disguise,
the fairest I ever knew.

I loved you then 
and I love now,
so rest in peace 

fair lady.

Poem Details | by OMAR JABAK |
Categories: care, caregiving, self, sympathy,

Who Dares

Who Cares?!

They see horrible things happen! 
They observe and take no action.
Their sick defense is who cares!?
Let me rephrase it: who dares!?
You stop caring, you stop feeling!
You stop feeling, you lose meaning!
What is life like without meaning?
Worthless, sterile, and demeaning!
What is life like without caring? 
What is life like without sharing?
Fake ideals and false pretensions!
Hell incarnate with good intentions!


Poem Details | by Miche Ulman |
Categories: absence, addiction, birth, change, confusion, dark, death, eulogy, fear, flying, horror, leaving, life, longing, magic, mystery, mythology, pain, self, senses, suicide, voyage,

Charon's obol

In the shadow, behind the tree, 
on the meadow, bend your knee,
down the valley, up the stream, flat bedrock,
hear me scream, bellow the heavens, toward hell,
dark tunnel, wishing well; fellow traveler listen well,
no chance given, could you tell, 
on a knife-edge, head or tail?

Poem Details | by John Long |
Categories: baptism, betrayal, conflict, emotions, grief, recovery from, self,

The Road

      Where have you made a road to-day? 
      Against the south or against the north
      in this region of the country  like a good

     Have you traveled the hidden road
     to Purgatory out westward from here
     or the unseen road to the unknown future
     maybe even the undiscovered one to happiness?

     How the road out yonder to reconciliation
    which requires courage and concession 
   along with possibly stepping out of your
   comfort box?

     Take your pick and take the road
     keeping in mind that sometimes
     they all connect at some point

Poem Details | by Matt Forshay |
Categories: deep, depression, feelings, memory, self,

At the Edge of Death

When faced with the end
Mind and soul surrender
Standing on the edge of death
Could not stand the pain
Struggling for every breath
Body headed to the grave
Miraculously saved
A Strong mind now insane

Body awake and Alert in life
Hurt and surrounded by strife  
Would not admit having cried
Filled with false pride
Felt so incomplete
A recovering mind that tried
Thinking of the past
The decisions that came to fast
The mistakes that were made   
How long will this mind last
Will it die in life's shade

Physically survived
Nothing was derived
All was lost
These decisions had a cost 

Poem Details | by kennith stomps |
Categories: abuse, confusion, feelings, grief, how i feel, loneliness, lonely, lost, missing you, passion, poetry, self, sick, teen, teenage, write, writing,

The nice guy

Sometimes it sucks being the nice guy
the girl you love isn't interested
just friends says she
just friends the next
pain is all I feel
to cover it agitates the wound
it's exhausting
I drive, as far as possible
return still slightly insane
haunted, f*cking go away
I want to cry, but they're looking my way
so my struggled smile here and their
walk away in tears
living in fear

Poem Details | by Miche Ulman |
Categories: absence, adventure, betrayal, body, books, change, character, conflict, confusion, courage, creation, culture, dark, death, dream, evil, farewell, freedom, history, imagination, inspiration, life, magic, mirror, murder, mystery, mythology, philosophy, poetry, self, senses, sin, society, symbolism, travel, visionary, wisdom,


hello my friend, stranger walk by,
borrow a moment, spare me your lie,
through pen of the narrow and mist of an eye,
below absolute zero, someone will die;
sentence to rambler, apple hereby,
flute of the meadow, mandrake will cry,
in front of the riddler second might try,
get out of here mortal,
exit near by-e.

angry as he strike out his pen,
get out of here demon, get out of this den,
in thousands of years how long has it been,
when scriptures wear sandals;
on meadow you land, many bear seasons,
stakes shall bend, lantern still burning,
your letter is send.

Poem Details | by Ana Jusino |
Categories: emotions, feelings, girl, goodbye, grief, hate, heartbroken, how i feel, identity, judgement, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, lost, pain, poems, poetry, poets, sad, self, social, sorry, stress, student, suicide, teen, teenage, write, writing, youth,

Be Her

You see her?
Why don't go be like her?
No one likes you,
so this is what you must do.

You must stop being yourself,
get off of you shelf.
You must please everyone,
to do that, you must be number one.

She's the perfect girl,
you're the no one in the world.
So go ahead, and give yourself away,
since you're going the wrong way.

You are no longer you,
see what you can do.
You are now her,
that's better than what you ever were.