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Poem Details | by Matthew Anish |
Categories: death, love, sexy,

Making Love to a Co - Worker

We walked to the sand dunes
She whipped off her top 
We made love in the sand 
A co - worker and lover 
Gone from the Earth now 
She taught writing alongside me 
at a community college 
She came to my home and we 
made love again 
The years roll by 
Lovers die 
Friends, too 
The things we take joy in 
Will pass - never to come again 
Will pass - never to come again

Poem Details | by Ingrid Showalter Swift |
Categories: death, life, sexy, slam,

Carbonated Sizzle Stop

Carbonated sizzle STOP 
me ....before I start!
I feel the vrrrroom in the room
take me to your carburetor
drop me into first gear
headed... where? .....Homespun 

Oil buster
dirt riding
lowwwwly... throttle neck
Chevy Pick me upper

"you moooove me"
Ferrari makes me starry
lamborghini makes me weak

I am grinding my gears here

there's quakes in my breaks...
been riding the straight down
to volume-ator creator 
breaking up the road 
gassing up for the mighty miles
till this life us do part
ways to go 
to the finish me line

Poem Details | by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: appreciation, celebration, death, husband, sensual, violence, visionary,

Sexy Death Wish

The way to go out:
Shot by a jealous husband
At ninety years old!

Poem Details | by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, girl, paradise, paris, sexy, sympathy,

Paris in my bed

this is the loyal trail
here the street of fantasies
for beauties - the soft path
where the desire 
whereby the caresses
for happiness by two
for pleasure by three

Poem Details | by Kellie Thomas |
Categories: feelings, first love, husband, kiss, marriage, sensual, sexy,

Til Death Do Us Part

Feeling the breeze of your breath caressing me. 
I stand at attention of your every need. 
All that I yearn is to be your desire, 
trapped inside of ecstasy. 
Wanting and needing you to be a part of me, 
no sense of time or place. 
My only purpose at this time and space, 
is to for fill every thrill that you crave 
Until we part to our grave

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: dance, eulogy, fun, lust, sensual, sexy, woman,

EPITAPH - Booby Prize

Here lies (but I must tell the truth)
A Stag Party Dancer named Ruth
A natural wonder
Who caused priests to blunder
Inside the confessional booth

Poem Details | by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: bereavement,


Note nice nook
Bright bold book

Prize prompt play 
Spread sweet say

Sex stills spawns
Prize play pawn

Sweet sure sounds
Glimpse grand grounds

Poise plots pun
Rich roar runs

Time turns trip
Get good grip

Live love laugh
Seek sure stuff

Bright brave bloom
Grand gift groom

Leon Enriquez
12 August 2017

Poem Details | by brian beasley |
Categories: angel, bible, break up, crush, dark, desire, fantasy, fear, for her, grief, heartbreak, hurt, i love you, i miss you, loneliness, missing you, passion, sensual, sexy, true love, woman,



Patron saint of death and resurrection.

The revealer, who answered Daniel's questions.

With the strength of God, she came to me,
and quietly snuck out at 4am 

After taking my confession.

Poem Details | by Emmanuel Adindu |
Categories: health, lust, sexy,

Death Night

We fooled the prying sun's eyes
Eyes that revealed our shells
The moon exposed us with shadows
Figures on the alcove with lost identity

We lurked in gloomy path
As stealth as nightmen with fingers 
Interlocked. The night's breeze pecking 
Our cheeks - 'Blessing' for the impending union

Came nights of locked lips in mild combat
And fingers hiding beneath the gown.

On one feverish night the tongue pierced
Through the sliced halves. The forbidden fruit
Devoured with missing dental dam.
That night I died.

After series of earth's revolution consequences
Rained. Then recalling mother's stinging words
"Ifu ife na chonelo, ega bayen nemunno"

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: death, humor, sexy,


At the peak of her breath,
comes a climatic death.