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Death Poems About Sheep

Sheep death poems and poems about death for Sheep. Read and share these heartfelt Sheep death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Sheep Poems.

Poem Details | by Devin Hildebrand |
Categories: evil, fear, grief, innocence, lost, social, truth,

Land of the sheep

Tombstone enscriptions 
Mindless descriptions
Conformity asked
Corruption masked
My Curiosity Tamed
Independance shamed
Always the same problems
No ways to solves solve them

Poem Details | by Nurudeen Olaniran |
Categories: absence, anger, bereavement, lost, mothers day, parents, sorrow,

Lost Sheep

I can’t smile
When my heart is sorrowful

I can’t help
When my mind is vague

I can’t dream
When my life is vissionless

Oh! my creator
When will my heart be happy?

Oh! my God
When will my mind be hopefully filled?

Oh! my diviner
When will my life be alive?

May be, 
When my lost sheep is returned to me
Safely and alive

Then I smile
And my heart is happy.

Poem Details | by andrea ashton |
Categories: death, devotion, loss, song-

lost sheep

into a comfortable slaughter
my shephard has left 
a wolf in disguise
to lead astray
his angelic daughters 
with the lord of the flies.

no one can hear the cries of the lost
purposely forgotten
we've been abandoned 
as targeted innocence
into the woods to be killed or bought

lost sheep
lost sheep
we can't see for ourself
or fend while our master is gone
left in a wilderness to be tested
while the survivors wait until dawn. 

Poem Details | by Ross Blade |
Categories: child abuse, christian, death, obituary,

Wild Sheep

Wild Sheep

Hero of the people I stood tall.
Yet by my wicked hand my flight did stall,
and so shame struck like a musket ball.

Rattled of mind I saw only gall.
Papers, Parish and Police would call,
So in horror I hailed Hallowed Hall.

As you spiralled downward in free fall
Did you ponder who'd shepherd your dall,
Or who would sow your funeral Pall?

Will Sunday become the shopping mall,
And sermons the ads across the wall?
The truth is we're all wild sheep, yes all.

But your deed, in one voice we appall.

Poem Details | by Ayishah Sifontes |
Categories: people, social, teen,

Death of A Sheep

You have fallen
Into the well of society's will
Giving them your power
You have rendered yourself useless
Not until now
When your soul
Has been ripped from your body
That lays still against their lies
Do you realise this reality
Your fading breaths
Caught in their nets of deception
Escape from you
You are alone
In your misery
Stiffled by your stupidity
You sleep alone
As you blood
Fills you room of wool