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Death Poems About Silver

Silver death poems and poems about death for Silver. Read and share these heartfelt Silver death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Silver Poems.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: death, imagination, inspirational, introspection, nature


Silver full moon above
Touching snow covered mountains
As you slowly set

Poem Details | by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: emotions, grief, hurt, identity, journey, life, me, moon,

Silver Moon

Embracing eyes of the silver moon
hear my plea as I speak with you.

Hear within my deep despair that
I need to know healing care.

Shine down upon my head of grey
and bring to me the grace for
which I pray.

Lighten up the hurt within my soul
and teach me to be humble for
humility I have mastered so.

This time with you means so much
and I thank you for being my friend
so perfectly hung from the heavens

Sharon Gulley

Poem Details | by Leo Larry Amadore |
Categories: angst, childhood, depression, health, life, loss, sad, silver, sympathy, urban,


Joaquin: paint-besotted at sixteen.

The color silver was your favorite --
it had the craved-for, biting glint
of a dagger dizzying your brain,
twisting as it mixed and chopped
your few surviving thoughts,
which floated, glittering,
in an icy silver mist.

Your classic, sculpted nose,
bearing a single dot of silver
smaller than a dime, expelled
the smell you struggled to breathe in.

And your eyes drowned in a sea of silver.

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: dark, death,

No Silver Tip

She cries among the dead she's come to know
her holy grail, beneath Champs Elysees, 
acknowledging no one can come or go
without her word, they never find their way.

All catacombs still dark, she waits alone,
lest one should count the dead; not one has breath;
nor come to grips with wall of solid stone,
her loss is never knowing what is death.

down there, she waits for nights she'll never sing
about her final breath she'll never see,
and of the last hurrah time will not bring
because time never ends eternity.

she envies wolf men's howl at silver tips,
but knows the kiss of death evades her lips.
aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown poet

Poem Details | by Laura Simm |
Categories: blue, grief, heart, old, poetry, sad love, sorrow,

Thou hast a Heart o Silver

Heart o Silver, doth thou dither?
About the stars, or planets blither?
O grateful gods, become so weary,
Heart o silver, hast left thee teary.
Glaciated by wind and storm,
Nevermore, thy heart be warm.

Poem Details | by J. Dover |
Categories: lost love, sympathy,

Silver Droplet

That silver droplet streaking down
Is it really because of me?
That shiny, salty sign of distress
Is it only I that can see?

A single eye is visible to mine
It's blurry and blue and blind
I'm scared to confront the sadness
I so tearfully left behind

And now the question is in the air-
Are my thoughts and actions true?
I'm scared to look you in the eye
Because I'm still in love with you

Poem Details | by Raven Tones |
Categories: absence, death, dedication, spiritual,

Silver Dove

Silver ashes in my hand

Sprinkle you softly in the land

Knew you not as long as wished

Somber sleep for you to earth from the dish

Pray your soul may find the peace in mind

For you deserve to find what you left in mine

You left behind so many joys and memory

I place the final drop of what you are made of

I think of you sweetly and place it gently

Watch as it's carried off by a dove

I whisper my thanks for the years of unconditional love

Watching you fly off with the white bird above