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Death Poems About Simple

Simple death poems and poems about death for Simple. Read and share these heartfelt Simple death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Simple Poems.

Poem Details | by Ivo Cosentino |
Categories: allegory, anxiety, business, simple, sympathy, tribute, word play,

Such a nice guy

 Wesley Melvin Buchan, also known as Wesmechan,
 was a pusillanimous and a good-for-nothing,
 although some people consider him a charlatan,
this scoundrel's office runs like a three-ring

circus. Oddly enough, many his coworkers and
classmates fear him no end, like a spider obsessed
with the asphyxia of planets, but the magic wand,
however, whether you like it or not, will infest

your brain and your wallet. Far from being a panegyric
this is indeed a diatribe, injected by venomous expletives,
deserved by this lunkhead, Wesley, a most idiotic
waste of space but I love him, although he's not my relative.

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: animal, death, image, imagery, life, nature, simple,

Rain, Tree, Lizard - Haiku

     Rain, Tree, Lizard – Haiku

wet functionary
scaled feet slip, tree knows better
reptilian off

Poem Details | by jayachandran chakrapany |
Categories: life, death, death,

HAPPY LIFE ,a simple and short poem

I  want a happy life
Till my death 
So I think every night 
As my death 
And every morning 
As my rebirth 

Poem Details | by Guy-Adler Dorelien |
Categories: death

Death the Simple farmer

Death is but a simple farmer,
Reaping the seeds of forefathers,
That is both spoiled and ripe for the picking.

Poem Details | by Kristy Burgess |
Categories: best friend, boyfriend, emotions, farewell, first love, friend, friendship, grief, heartbroken, how i feel, loneliness, longing, loss, lost love, love, memory, missing, missing you, people, relationship, sad, sad love, simple, truth,


Haunted by your memory,
You're in my thoughts and dreams,
They say you never forget your first,
There's truth to that it seems

Poem Details | by Robert Ronnow |
Categories: brother, clothes, death, hope, humor, morning, simple,

Brother Death

Even in the last days you need clean clothes; 
therefore you may be found in the laundry
mornings, small task against the larger one
of not breathing. With simple joy
men may forget to fear their deaths.
Six inches of snow reminds us of its dominance
in a pleasant way. Coming and going of sleep, 
circling of the moon around the earth, earth
around the sun. The great man dies
and this makes death more noble for us all.
It is with joy that I accept the pains
that herald my end. I do my job well.
I go to the well and break the ice for water.
The bucket comes up full of dying wonder.

Poem Details | by Iris Blade |
Categories: birth, creation, death, earth, life, nature, simple,

The Beginning from the End

Bright as dawn
A fresh start
A new beginning
The beginning of the beginning
Was frost’s cold breath
As nature slowly sank
Into decay
A glistening green gem
Born from the soil
The soil
Made of the dead
When the new
Dull as day

Poem Details | by Donn Ronquillo |
Categories: imagination, inspirational, life, passion, people, sympathy,


flashes of moments in everyone's smile,
innocent in awkward times.
hours spent playing with friends,
watching the stars st no end.
touching each other's lives,
tears of enjoyment from doing the just right.
simple caring while reminiescing;
listening to music,
singing with true blessing,
remembering how good God is,
sometimes going out of control with limits,
sharing ups and downs,
still standing tall without a frown.
day by day redundancy with meaning,
with a purpose hidden.
much like enjoying nature's passion: BEAUTY
while, still trying to keep up with the technology.

Poem Details | by Afolabi Oluwaseun |
Categories: celebration, cheer up, depression, happy, simple, sympathy,

Chuckle I say Chuckle

Why thou Frown?
Express you mirth
Your pleasure, derision
nervousness with an audible vocal expulsion
don't at expense of others

either for pleasure or for intimidation
try to make someone happy
Chuckle, I say Chuckle
if you think it's hard
get the best medicine

Comedy, I guess
the situation is not forever
rather it's gonna be end one day
be happy and optimistic
not only your face smiling

also, your mind
never try to be vicious
never try to be barbarous
nor try to be vicious
Sadist is not allowed

try not to be moody
always be cheery.

Poem Details | by Constance La France |
Categories: baby, death,

Simple Mutterings- Mourning

I held my baby so perfect and very dead and kissed his cold lips. Till my last breath I will mourn, my mourning shall shatter hearts. I dressed him in blue and laid him in sweet repose, many passed with tears. I had to let my boy go, that parting haunts me ever. _______________________ December 19, 2017 Poetry/Tanka/Simple Mutterings/Mourning and Parting Copyright Protected, ID 17-9742-39-0 All Rights Reserved. Written Under Pseudonym.

Poem Details | by CHICANO EDDIE |
Categories: absence, anger, crazy, death, life, mystery, simple,



you'll find rules in
everything and you'll 
be expected to follow
like a robot programed
to know nothing else.
the only time breaking 
is allowed is when one 
of those that enforce 
these rules can benefit 
from the glory of not
following rules.
an eternity of eyes blink 
and stare at lives outside 
their own. 
crying is good.
crying closes the eye and
for a minute inside our 
parallel universe the 
darkness is the light. 
as we live on our sidewalks 
the bend in the corner 
is planets away. 
the streetlights hold us 
captive as the flies make
us exercise.

By: Chicano Eddie

Poem Details | by Udit Uberoi |
Categories: community, emotions, eulogy, nature, simple,

Telepathic Connections---

The world,The homes,
The people and their emotions,
Initial contractions of real
expectations, for I have 
telepathic connections

The world,The homes
The people, Hiding emotions
of true nature, avoiding the light
of wisdom and interactions,
Its ok for they too have 
telepathic connections.

The world,The homes
Hiding people and emotions
Curtains the truth of human
nature. Hidden in homes is their
Telepathic connections.

The world, Hiding homes 
people and their emotions,
Affected not by material loss,
Or self infliction of its people.
It is the mother, Thus 
Its in fact that telepathic connection.


Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: death, heartbreak, love,

A Simple Song Resonates

~ Turning and turning as the sun falls away only to greet another day... Alone I sit the morning breeze An endless moment sullen grief Tumbling silence a single leaf I stare dismay above the trees I search through tears to find relief To see your face a soft motif ~ brushed flowers surround a marble stone etched of love simple words remain endless for in each moment of all the beauty received a simple song resonates

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: death, life,

A Simple Act

I visited her grave today
Laid fresh flowers at the site
I stayed until the sun went down
And day turned into night

I thought about the accident
That prematurely ended her life
I never met this brave young girl
And wondered what she was like

All I knew about the loved one here
Was her name and the simple fact
That when she got her driver’s license
She signed the donor part on back

And now her heart beats inside me
A man she never knew
I illegally found out who you were
So I could come here to thank you

A simple act, to sign your name
May give life when yours does end
I am able to bring you flowers now
Because you saved my life, good friend

Poem Details | by Antariksha Rajkumari |
Categories: caregiving, emotions, heart, simple, sympathy, uplifting, wisdom,

In our Feelings

If you could have only felt what I feel
And I could have read into yours
But these feelings that we get,
These feelings that make us and break us,
Only form our souls' essence.

To live in ours' and to live in others',
Isn't that glorious?
So let our eyes not deceive by sight,
Let our minds not judge
A fellow's feelings inside.

If you can't feel into me
And I can't feel into you,
Let me just fever your feelings for you,
Fever those feelings
And revel together with these feelings inside.

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: grief, life, metaphor, moving on, political, simple, sorrow,

average Joe Schmo

there is average Joe Schmo
who seeks no more to know
than he exists 
and he goes with the flow of the show

others tell him there’s much more 
and he shows them the door
as the nation and it’s politicians  
go to war

there is average Joe Schmo
who thinks he’s in the know
and now stands in the middle of the field
wounded and weighed down by woe

wishing and waiting 
for a do over

Poem Details | by Mirza Laraib Mustafa |
Categories: death, destiny, fate, mystery, old, simple, truth,

Death and her Friends

When the seven ages end
and the eight one comes,
it comes with a dreadful smile
sparing not a single one.

The journey of life starts with a cry
and ends with the same,
but what if I tell you
life repeats itself over and again.

Behind the curtain of life
there exists a true world,
in the eyes of mankind
it is completely blurred

I know, one day, death will
be under my nose
leading me towards my destiny 
not as a friend but as a foe.

I came with bare hands 
and the same with I go,
thinking so high once I stood
today I am so low

And then I will reach
to the start of my life
And I will tell everyone
that I lived ,not one, but twice.

Poem Details | by Jeremy Carlton |
Categories: childhood, death, father, mother,

A Simple Wish For Pain

I've seen a saint suffer no less 
     than a crucifixion 
When the strongest man in the world 
     was bruised by a kiss
From the lips of the only woman
     to blossom without life
But when it came time to accept pain
     you wouldn't believe
A father of four begging for death
So what hurts worse than pain?

Poem Details | by Tammy Pflipsen |
Categories: bereavement,

Simple Memories

The sun is as bright as


The wind is as loud as

THE WIND, that

DAY, I shall wait

For you to return from

The grave to bestow

Your beauty upon

My weary soul, leaving

The blossom of the green

Grape still blooming in winter snow

Poem Details | by Kieran Pavlick |
Categories: angst, death, simple, symbolism, truth,

Winged Comprehension

Inside its tiny brain,
does it think?
"I'm a cargo plane."

Or does it
imagine acrobatic feats?

Does it hear
its wings sound zooms?
As it flies across a room.
“I have flown 
to the moon!”

Likely though,
there is no thought.
Mercifully when
in a spider’s web,

Poem Details | by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: death,


She forages freely, 
no conscience at all; 
hunger stabs at her gut 
like a knife keenly sharpened. 

Picking through garbage cans, 
fish-stix and foie-gras, 
the deep pangs of hunger, 
the depths of despair. 

Alone in the city she's 
wasted and care-worn, 
wishes someone would notice, 
loose change would be nice.

Simple's her name, 
and her disposition, 
she's lost all of her spirit 
panhandling for handouts.

An urchin with no dreams 
and people that don't care, 
she's wretched and feeble, 
just curl up and sleep now.

Garbagemen find her, 
she's yielded to fate;
paramedics are summoned, 
they're simply too late.

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey |
Categories: black african american, confusion, death, education, history, inspirational, people,

Simple Recruit

Running from the cops
To thirsty vampires... set up
For death for prison.

Poem Details | by Sarrita Will |
Categories: death, faith,

A Simple Poem

Every time I think of you a sudden tear trickles down my face.

I think about the way you smiled, the way you laughed and the way you carried on 
phone conversations with me.

We could talk on the phone all night long and talk about work (school), life, or 

As long as we were talking on the phone no one could bother us, or me on the 
other hand.

When you passed on a part of my life just fell apart like old bread.

Now, when I think of you no matter what mood you are in I always know you're 
proud of what I do and SOME of the decisions I make.

So I guess for now we will just have to communicate with one another through 
the stars and through prayer.

Poem Details | by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: death


She forages freely, 
no conscience at all; 
hunger stabs at her gut 
like a knife keenly sharpened. 

Picking through garbage cans, 
fish-stix and foie-gras, 
the deep pangs of hunger, 
the depths of despair. 

Alone in the city she's 
wasted and care-worn, 
wishes someone would notice, 
loose change would be nice.

Simple's her name, 
and her disposition, 
she's lost all of her spirit 
panhandling for handouts.

An urchin with no dreams 
and people that don't care, 
she's wretched and feeble, 
just curl up and sleep now.

Garbagemen find her, 
she's yielded to fate;
the medics are summoned, 
they're simply too late.

Poem Details | by Hello There |
Categories: blessing, death, lost love, simple,

Whisper on a Breeze

A whisper on a breeze in the midst of a dream ~ a kiss before I go... Leaving you to bathe in the sun’s rays and the glory of a New day, wrapped in Love forever Strong and True. I am always with you ~ For we have been Blessed.