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Death Poems About Smile

Smile death poems and poems about death for Smile. Read and share these heartfelt Smile death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Smile Poems.

Poem Details | by Khadidja Megaache |
Categories: anxiety, dark, grief, heartbreak, rain, smile, strength,

Unavowed promise

Forlorn tinged faces reminiscing old times
Where smiles did not enshroud an ache,
And the grueling effort it had to take,
Cries of help in their throat they were caught
Feeling a shimmer of serenity not a bit distraught, 
But that's the thing about pain,
It might leave for brief moments, 
But comes back like an unavowed promise from grey clouds to carry the rain. 

Poem Details | by Jason Crump |
Categories: art, confusion, death, lost love, love, me, smile,


As I wake every morning to the sound of no you
My heart falls away.
I need you in my arms
My life
My soul has no reason to stay
Youll never know how much I love you
Youll never see your place in my heart
Youve touch me like only angel could
This is not your fault
I still dream about you every day
and wish to have you in the worst way
But we are so far apart.
So as I lie down tonight I think only of you
Your smile and your love
has made me a foul.

Your smile has made me.


Poem Details | by William Masonis |
Categories: death, introspection, philosophy, visionary,

A Smile for Death

Our slip away begins
From the moment of our first-drawn breath.
I've been dying all my life, I see
Yet still can smile at Death.

For if Death is Dissolution,
What cause is this for fear?
There is nothing here more terrible
Than the merging of an ocean with a tear.

Great seas roll far within us,
And so as well, wide skies.
Salt of blood and wind of lungs
Descend to deeps, ascend to clouds,
As each new traveler dies.

And if the End means Meetings, Revelations
- Though my heart counsels otherwise -
Shall I then be deemed the less
For seeking soul's reflection
In lover's face, in children's eyes?

Poem Details | by Kevin Moran |
Categories: care, christian, courage, cry, faith, fear, god, grief, hope, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, jesus, life, love, pain, peace, religion, religious, smile, spiritual, strength, teen, teenage, thanks, uplifting, visionary, youth,

Strong Tears

Because tears are meant
To be a symbol of strength
Even in hard days.

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: death, lost love

Favorite Picture (Oh, What a Smile!)

No, not the portrait when you were young, my dear
Just a tear-stained snapshot at the beach that year

Poem Details | by Miche Ulman |
Categories: abuse, addiction, anger, betrayal, body, bullying, childhood, cry, dad, dark, death, depression, eulogy, evil, family, farewell, father, fear, feelings, grave, grief, growing up, hate, heartbroken, horror, house, jealousy, loneliness, loss, lost, me, murder, mystery, night, pain, parents, sad, sin, smile, society, sorrow, stress, suicide,

Family Matters

In the attic, above wooden floor,
through the hallway of psychotic, locks upon my door,
near the broken window and glass of the sore,
hiding in the shadows,
bloodstains on the wall.

 Number nine,
house at the end of the street,
where lights are low,
where silent never sleep.

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: death, depression, life, water, world,

When a Smile is no Longer

Hey all smile Look around in peripheral see Tell me Fuse your eyes to me Tell me what is Look around in peripheral see Tell me Is what you see you glee Tell me if you can't smile Don't tell me this and that For I know through your thoughts Your in society that's Paraquat

Poem Details | by Chelsey LaPage |
Categories: anxiety, depression, emotions, feelings, grief,

The pain behind her smile

There is this pain inside of me that no one else can see,
a pain that I always hide deep inside of me.

some may call it anxiety some may say I am depressed,
but the only thing that I can say is that it gets my best. 

It causes an every day battle that I am fighting with myself,
and believe it or not it is considered to be bad health.

It fights me in the morning and makes it hard to get up,
and although I try to fight it, it will never stop.

Just because a person has a smile on their face,
Please remember that It does not mean that they are in a happy place.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: happiness, love, mystery, nature, sympathy,


Underneath this smile
see my source of endless joy:
peace, kindness and love.

Nothing I will fear
believing in tomorrow,
to find a rainbow  
stretching over that green hill...
to imagine what's beyond.

Show your sympathy,
share my happiness revealed
underneath this smile.

Poem Details | by Tirzah Conway |
Categories: angst, death, depression, family, funeral, losspain, goodbye, goodbye, me, smile,

How I wish I Could Go Back

Oh how I wish I could go back,
To heal the pain inside my heart;
To say goodbye before it was too late,
To see you smile at me once more;

To heal the pain inside my heart,
To hear your laughter fill the air,
To see you smile at me once more;
What I wouldn’t give to just go back,

To hear your laughter fill the air,
To say goodbye before it was too late,
What I wouldn’t give to just go back;
Oh how I wish I could go back.

~For Paula's Back to Bacl Contest~

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: angel, celebration, celebrity, courage, dedication, emotions, eulogy, happiness, hope, how i feel, inspiration, inspirational, joy, political, recovery from, smile, social, society, thanksgiving, tribute,

Paragon Of Excellence

Here stands a fair beauty 
Queen with poise and 
The daughter of an 
Erudite,an erudite herself
One of the three central 
Spoke-persons in the 
Assembly of law-givers.
The defender of the 
Helpless,mother of the 
Motherless. As fearless as 
A lion,who dared the 
Gunners in power,time 
Had she spent in jail, 
Thrown in by the most 
One thought she would 
Cower down,yet more 
Resolute she became.
For stonewalls do not 
Make a prison make.
She still the people's 
Champion of war on 
Gender in-equality,a 
Visionary leader,hope is 
Rekindled-hearts rejoice, 
Tears of joy pour freely as 
She mounts the podium 
Of power.

Poem Details | by Alvin Korvah |
Categories: deathlife, death, death, life, me, pride, smile,

Don't Mourn Me

If I should die 
Let me die with pride 
Knowing that my life a successful ride 
I'd may not have been rich 
Nor made the front page 
But with my hope desire 
I've always inspire 
If I should look death in the eye 
Let me accept it with pride 
Cause then I know my life was a successful ride 
With smile I'll grace every mile 
Knowing that my life style was an inspiration 
for the next generation 
I've over come every frustration by determination 
So please don't cried,nor tried to asked why 
Cause if I do stare death in the eye 
I will smile knowing that my life was a successful 

This is dedicated to my Grandmother. 

Poem Details | by Mohammad Yamin |
Categories: grief, pain, smile,


What is hidden?
Behind your smile on lips
Wet eyes revealing
Smile’s sunshine concealing
Both on different page.

Sintra, Portugal 22/01/15

Poem Details | by Kennith van Wyk |
Categories: abuse, hurt, sad, suicide, sympathy,

Transformed smile

The hurtful smile
A life lived in denial...

Pressures exerted from the outside.
Life dealt him the hind-side...

The emotion of fear -
a peaceful, yet regretful tear...

Rolling, rumbling, glistening...
his face is resting...

The hurtful smile
relieved for a while...

Poem Details | by Michelle Born |
Categories: angel, death, heaven, life, poems, religious, smile,


When we loose a person to the heaven's above

It is so hard to accept even though we know they are loved,

Why does this have to be

The life cycle isn't long enough for us to see,

All the beautiful and wonderful things we seemed to have missed

With the short time we have some times we don't finish out the list,

The list of what we still wanted to do

Even if it was just to buy a pair of shoes,

No matter who you are and what is the lesson

Being that your not promised tomorrow maybe not even the next second,

I say live life and have fun

Because you never know when your life will be done.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2015

Poem Details | by Braden Joseph |
Categories: children, growing up, happy, identity, smile, sympathy, youth,

Who I Am dedicated to autistic people

I Am Who I Am
And I’m Proud of it too
To those who haven’t met me,
It’s so nice to meet you.

I have Autism;
Something that is always with me
In my personality and body,
Something that doctors can agree.

My five senses are increased,
I hear, see, taste and smell things differently.
Even my mind is ‘off course’ 
Captured by everything around me instantly.

I can be energetic,
I can be easily excited.
Also, sometimes even the smallest things,
Would make me frightened.

I love my parents,
They tell me I’m a gem.
For they are proud just like me,
For who I am.

Poem Details | by CC Browning |
Categories: death, hip hop, life, smile, tribute,

When I'm Gone

When my life is deceased and deplete
I wanna go out with a kick and a beat
Leave this life, with the sound thats straight from the street
I am hip hop, it made me whole and complete
A rhyme of my lifetime that would sum up my life
Bring words of our memories, all the pain and the strife
The happy times and the smiles that we may have shared
A Dj on the tables spinning tunes, shows you cared
No false pretense makes sense for my end
Check 1,2...1,2 shows you were my friend
Pour a little liquor, raise a glass in the air
Smoke a blunt, laugh for me, this is my dare
If I have to leave the world, I need it to bounce
A smile across your face is the only thing that counts

Poem Details | by Destiny Echo |
Categories: death, life, loss

Suicide Can Smile

She didn't look like herself Something was wrong She was too pale Her lips were painted red And her skin was ice cold Her eyes a soft blue Young but so old The faint beating of her fragile heart Such a sight would tear you apart She lays in her bed limbs un-moving Like a horror scene straight out of a movie Her breath like an air conditioner comes out cold The note on her dresser she had to fold Her eyes glaze over And her lungs collaspse She takes one last breath And she dies with a laugh R.I.P Sabrina Martinez

Poem Details | by Black matta |
Categories: cry, death, feelings, pain, smile,

The End

Wherever I go 
I know that there must be an end
For happiness
For sadness
For life!!

Everything has "on" and "off"
One day it'll be turned off
Just like us
We were born to die
We smile to cry
We imagine to fly

Every end can be good or bad
Happy or sad
That's what makes me mad
And tires my mind

Wherever I walk
Whenever I talk
I know that there must be a stop
for my way
for my say
for my loss!!


*C'est la vie, Contest

Poem Details | by Ronda Aldridge |
Categories: death, loss, love, mother, sad, me, faith, life, me, smile,

When Will This Feeling Pass

The smell of your face
your scent.
Takes me to a place
let me vent.
The smile I once knew.
The smile that was you.
Is only gone for awhile.
When will this feeling pass?
I can't imagine life without you by my side.
But my faith is strong.
You were there all along.
When will this feeling pass?
You were always
a ring away.
Never too far
and you would always let me stay.
When times were bad
it was you I had.
And now it is gone for awhile.
When will this feeling pass?
I can't imagine life without you by my side.
But my faith is strong.
He was there all along.
When will this feeling pass?

Poem Details | by Michelle Pryor |
Categories: death, life, death, death, smile,

Smile of Death

Smile of Death
haunting you day to day
smile of death
it’s coming to play
smile of death
fear bottled up inside you
you fear to do wrong
in your dreams is the smile of death singing that death song
so long, cold and full of hate
that smile of black teeth and cracks
you see no joy just cold
it’s known the smile of death that kill
kill lost souls that are already dead
dead from the life they live and struggle
smile of death
smile of death
there will be no one left

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: cheer up, death, smile,


Ten out of us die, the stats,
No one gets out of life alive,
So lighten up, play the clown,
Greet today with a smile, that's tough,
I survived, don't carry on so much,
Go give your filthy mouth a rinse,
You're not such a precious prince,
Ten out of ten of us die, the stats,
No one gets out of life alive.

Poem Details | by Reynaldo Mast |
Categories: caregiving, courage, dedication, depression, devotion, dream, faith, forgiveness, grief, happiness, happy, inspirational, memory, miss you, pain, passion, prayer, relationship, religious, social, sorrow, sorry, spiritual, stress, success, sympathy, tribute, uplifting, hope, smile,


I give my word a breath of life
and those who give me strife
I willingly do what needs to be done
and do not wish to be won
I smile a smile that lights up any face
and hope to never disgrace
I do what I am taught to do
and that my help would be true
I clam my words together
and hope times will never weather
I do have some faith in all matters
and things to reach with ladders
I hope for many things in heart
and I cherish everyone that is part 
I do know one thing is set
and with my life I would bet
I will hold true to my words
and make my world good towards

Poem Details | by Constantinos Grigoriadis |
Categories: death, fantasy, happiness, hope, life, mystery, nature, philosophy, world, change,

Smile... the Death will change to Birth

How long can stay the happiness?
How long can stay the sadness?

Nothing in this world can go always up
Nothing in this world can go only down.
Nothing in this world remains the same forever.

As the day changes to night,
And the night changes to day.

As the cold changes to warm,
and warm changes to cold.

As this natural law always change everything,
up to down and down to up.

So long as there is nothing without an opposite, smile... 

The Death will change to Birth !

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

Poem Details | by Lisa Green |
Categories: angst, art, death, depression, imagination, life, sad, visionaryme, smile,

Quiet Contemplation

Quiet contemplation
Silence is relief
Safe inside my sanctuary
I look for solace and some peace
My mind continues running
In circles 'round vicious lies
Not ever once giving me a moment
To just break down and cry
So as I lay here thinking
In my darkened and cold bed
I take the little pill
Thats supposed to fix my head
The drugs begin to peak
My heart beats a litlle slower
I smile to myself
Knowing life is not over
I will awaken in the morning
And still frown to start the day
Fake smile for my friend
Keeping all true emotions at bay
Quiet contemplation
Silence is relief
Safe inside my sanctuary
Drug comatose brings me peace