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Death Poems About Snake

Snake death poems and poems about death for Snake. Read and share these heartfelt Snake death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Snake Poems.

Poem Details | by mazhar butt |
Categories: angst, betrayal, corruption, grief, irony, me, satire,

Ghar ka Bhaidee -A Snake in the Grass

Rozan e diwaar mein na der me tha
mera dushman mere apne ghar me tha.

Mar ke bhi hum to nibhayen ge wafa
Bus yehi sauda samaya sur me tha.

Ye sila mehmaanoan ne mujh ko diya
woh the qaabiz  ghar pe aur baher mein tha

Apne hee baazu na jab apne rehay
Apne hee mein khauf mein tha der mein tha

Woh hunar jo kar gaya unko amar
meer o ghalib me bhi tha Mazhur me tha.

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: color, dance, death, life,

The Inexorable Snake

The snake slithers on
An old bird sees and shivers
Another door shuts

Another candle
A chin held in empty palm
Gloom on floating bloom

The butterfly flies
From the tightly held old chest
For another rose

For sure none can know
The black emptiness before
As well as after

In between this pearl
Maroon dunes in the blue curl
Pink thrill you unfurl
In his hall no dance
The snake has devoured the toad
Generates deep dance 
16 March 2017

Poem Details | by Christina Wiliams |
Categories: animal, betrayal, boyfriend, conflict, death of a friend, fear, heaven,


Your fangs were lethal. 
 An antidote inside the needle could not save her.
 Blood pouring out of her mouth was her last drop of life.
 You bit her instead of sucking your poison out.

 She is now a mouse trapped between heaven and hell.
 A place where she is brain dead.
 Unaware that the snake with her is not the Devil but you.

Poem Details | by Reid Galler |
Categories: allegory, angst, death, loss, war

Wretched Snake

The head
Of the snake
Is gone
Though it seems

It's coming
Back to me
In terrible

Will there
Be a party
A dynamite

But detonate
And more then
Just hype

A jet of vacation
An unaware crew
To fall from the sky
But they never knew

And where
Will it end
The snake
Does it mend?

If growing
The head back
Will time tell
Us when?

The body
Must go
As well as
The head

And finally
This wretched
Will end

Poem Details | by Mike Grant |
Categories: 12th grade, absence, america, bible, books, caregiving, confidence, courage, environment, eulogy, family, growing up, halloween, happiness, natural disasters, people, society,

There is a Snake in my Bed,

I'm a little paranoid
Just like an Android
That's about to get hit by an astroid
I woke up dead
There's a snake in my bed
Beads of sweat dripping off my forehead
Time stands still When you feelin ill
I think I'll take one more pill
Crush it up and try not to spill
Keepin it real you know the deal
I knocked on my friends door
He said nope no more
I passed out and hit the floor
I'm shocked and Disturbed
It was the Craziest thing I ever heard
 I ordered some drugs online
They arrived right on time
I couldn't believe they were all mine
I Locked myself in the bathroom 
Around noon and then boom
I hear a knock  It's the cops
My heart stops
I'm looking at 15 years tops