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Death Poems About Snow

Snow death poems and poems about death for Snow. Read and share these heartfelt Snow death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Snow Poems.

Poem Details | by Susan Ashley |
Categories: angel, april, bereavement, heaven, love, mother daughter, snow,

Your Sacred Soul Still Calms And Comforts Me

Ave-Maria hymns lift you in flight to Heaven’s gate apt angel does ascend and follows lantern's light predawn of night on star-dust wings for spirit a Godsend. On April morn in skies of blue as you besprinkled crystals from your seraph’s wings, by mourning noon soft snowfall does ensue a smoothing swaddle soothing harmed heartstrings. In diamond-dusted frosted filigree so sparkles soulful kisses you bestow for scintillant reflective reverie your glistened gift you send in silvern snow. Beloved mother, sainted entity you hush my cries with snow’s serenity. Susan Ashley December 8, 2017

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: grave, snow, storm, tree, winter,

winter haiku

geese migrating south
heading for warmer climates ~
honk and hink farewell 

white frost at daybreak 
sparkles as the sun rises ~
warm breath creates fog

an ice blizzard blows
weaving through the forest trees ~
white carpet of snow 

moisture and cold air
forming ice on window glass ~
ice flower bouquet 

water drips freezing
a tapering mass of ice ~
limpid stalactite 

cross or wreath made from
aquifoliaceae ~
placed at the graveside

Written 17th October 2020. 

Poem Details | by Patricia Langston-Moran |
Categories: death, warred, snow, red, snow,

Son of War

The snow fell on bloody ground
turning the white to red, eating the silent
flakes till they disappeared into red dust.
The hand lay still...hopelessly bound
in death. Warm red snow was not meant
to melt and cover white life with lust.

No breath melted the blanket of white
dancing playfully on the mother's son
who lay coldly quiet 'neath nature's cover. 
He had wanted to stay...not feel the splice
of war...taking him beyond the red sun
atop the earth where the hawks hover.

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: beautiful, death, life, snow, winter,

A Song Of Nature For You

As Twilight's Calm Calls The Night A Simple Song Resonates In The Corners Of My Mind And In A Moment Gazing Alone From The Frozen Silence In Crystal Mirrors Of Infinite Grace Winter's Blanket Elated In Moonlight Silently Whispers Within A Prayer For You _____________________________ CONTEST 12 Of My Poem Titles

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: funeral, snow,

Unbearable Paul

There once was a snowman named Paul
Quite sadly he had a great fall
When he landed on his head
They thought for sure he was dead
Paul Bearers they started to call

Rich the Ball Bearer

There once was a snow man named Rich
He wore no clothing not a stitch
His snow balls were big and round
yet they were not easily found
Can you help poor rich scratch his itch? 

Note: No snow men or women were harmed in the writing of these poems.
         Mind you it is possible that balls might have been scratched.

December 30th, 2017

For Eve Roper’s Upside Down World Contest

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: beauty, death, earth, nature, paradise, snow,

Natural, tranquil peace

Flowers of snow float from high, 
Breaking that summer heat drought.
Each floral flake falling from a beautiful glory,
Enveloping the ground all about

The slopes, peaks and troughs, the valleys of green, 
Covered with love from the sky,
Leaving animals, birds and trees in a placid pure peace, 
And hidden by a clear dust of why

In this beautiful now, nature hears with an ear, 
A sensitive quiet ear to restore,
All that’s been in every season leading till now, 
All that’s been there before

This beautiful clean purge of the life in the hills, 
The natural ebb with a flow,
Purifies all that nature can be, 
Perfecting itself with some snow.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: clothes, death, irony, snow,


When out walking it started to snow I’d forgotten to take my chapeau With nothing on my head Got frozen, soon lay dead Hypothermia killed me you know! As I was out walking in the snow contest Sponsored by Kevin shaw Dark humour for the contest 2/16/18

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: body, death, freedom, image, metaphor, snow, spiritual,


Watching a snow flake Melting on my hand I see Transformation like That of human souls freed from The hindrance of mortal flesh

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, fantasy, poems, poetry, poets, snow,


there is a corner
in another realm
where poets go to die

leaving their ashes
at the threshold
poets cross 
as energy and light

they sit with pen in hand
in a parisien-style café
and recite their latest poem
for macarons and latte

they gather there and mingle
juggling rhymes and metaphors
they craft their poems lovingly
scatter them to the winds
so they may fall to us as snowflakes

AP: 1st place 2021

Submitted on November 25, 2020 for contest WHERE TO WE POETS GO? sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 2ND

Poem Details | by Sandra Adams |
Categories: death, grave, snow, winter,

buried again

a wreath of emotions falling among the silence of winter's breath
white whispers float down~ your name lies hidden beneath~ january's wake

January 3, 2019
Ku Duet poetry contest
Sponsored by Silent One

Poem Details | by Jeff W. Watson |
Categories: beauty, death, december, grave, snow, winter,

White on Grey

Fallen flakes of pure white snow,
Laid to rest on sculpted stone.
Keeping their vigil; a silent duty,
A scene of strangely eerie beauty.

Bowing old trees heavy laden,
From the white touch of the Winter Maiden.
For she has made up a cold white bed,
Weaving a blanket to warm the dead.

If those passed on could rise and see,
They would truly rest in peace.
For they would know the quiet grace,
Which she has come to make this place.

Naught but names etched on stone,
Remembered, forgotten, unknown.
And Lady Winter weaves her lace,
And decorates with white on grey.

Poem Details | by Rachel Kovacs |
Categories: angel, child, childhood, death, hope, snow,

Snow Angels

Twenty sets of footprints
scattered in the snow.
Twenty wings that flutter
as the breeze begins to blow.

Twenty peals of laughter,
Twenty toothless grins,
Twenty eyes that twinkle
as their journey begins.

Twenty desks left empty.
Million hearts that mourn.
Six will join to guide them,
unsung heroes born.

Twenty little angels
playing in the snow
dropping tiny snowflakes
on those who stayed below.

Poem Details | by kathryn collins |
Categories: daughter, death,

Snow Snatched

We encircled her
That February day.
Amid sustaining whir 
She lay.

Had I known
The hollow was to come
I’d be there still
Hearing the hum.

Her feet were cold
I tried to warm them
She lay so still
Mine own sweet gem.

Her brain they said
Beyond all function.
The friar led the
Extreme unction.

Oh damn that day
With its bright big sun
We loved the snow.
Look what it’s done. 

Poem Details | by kathryn collins |
Categories: death,

Snow on the Flowers

Snow on the Flowers

Take this statue; I want
Someone with you all the time.
Our Lady of Fatima is cold.
This place is cold.

Isn’t snow in spring
The way it’s supposed to be?
Weren’t you spring?
Eagerly on the brink

Never to be explained
Except here where Our Lady
Stands frozen in time with you
Waiting for the snow to melt.

©Kathryn McL. Collins
February 12  , 2004

We placed a statue of Our Lady of Fatima at my daughter's grave.
And of course a cat. We thought the cat made sense and so did
our Jeannie I'm sure. 

Poem Details | by Tom Hyam |
Categories: allah, dedication, depression, natural disasters, nostalgia, recovery from..., science, slam, snow, sympathy,

The Physical embodiment of Aisle 49

Poverty grot and grime
Have existed throughout time
A place where intellect and truth cannot shine
All of this is embodied on Isle 49

Segregated due to types and shapes
Men acting like thoughtless apes
Not even allowed to eat the smallest of grapes
All of this is embodied in Aisle 49

The occasional safety rail
Offers no protection from the emotional hail
And the sound when Turbo starts to wail
All of this is embodied in Aisle 49

The convergence of two great areas 
Starting the creation of diseases like Malarias
Reminding me of great operatic arias
All of this is embodied in Aisle 49

Oh Iku why have you forsaken me
All I  ever wanted was to make you see
That I had one ready.

Poem Details | by Amelia Harmon |
Categories: april, beauty, change, death, seasons, snow, spring,


Those cloud clad trees
of early spring, too soon do
cover earth with snow.

Poem Details | by TAMMY REAMS |
Categories: beauty, death, heaven, i miss you, winter,

Snow Angel

        Heavy cold dew spreads like crystal glass at twilight 
        your halo glistens with flakes of winter white
        imprints of Angel wings so feathery lite
        calming winds whisper across your spirit light

        The sun to rise and warm as you softly say good-by
        to Heaven you soar across the winter sky
        alone I stand tear drops frozen as I cry
        new winter snow falls upon the ground again to sanctify.

   Tammy Reams   11/11/2015     Placed 3rd
   Contest Sponsored by: Broken Wings  'Write Me A Winter Poem- Poetry Contest'

Poem Details | by Vera Duggan |
Categories: bereavement, death, girl, music, snow, teenage,

Somber Song

Whilst sitting at her piano,
A tune it just came out,
It was so full of sadness,
We all had so much doubt.

Lydia was her name,
She was on the way to fame,
Her music was a special gift,
And gave us such a lift.

The townsfolk they all gathered around,
To greet this girl they'd found,
And she became an idol,
In this little country town.

One day whilst they were walking,
The lane was deep in snow,
The townsfolk came across this girl,
It's the way she wanted to go.

So now when they hear a piano,
Their thoughts all turn to her,
And so this Somber Story,
Still causes their heart to stir.

Poem Details | by Glory Winzer |
Categories: beauty, death, evil, jealousy,

Snow White

Snow White and the apple so ruby red
	Ruddy temptation, calling slyly
	A trick that would steal your breath and beauty
	A poisonous guise of veiled death

	Ruddy temptation, calling slyly
	Down you fall from a bit of fruit
	A poisonous guise of veiled death
	Offered by the Queen of Fate

	Down you fall from a bit of fruit
	A trick that would steal your breath and beauty
	Offered by the Queen of Fate
	Snow White and the apple so ruby red

©Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

Poem Details | by Louis Nathaniel |
Categories: dark, death, fear, ocean, snow, weather, winter,

White Death

Who said snow is beautiful?
It is like poison.
It slowly stings,
Like a carnivorous swarm of bees.

White pellets slice through air
Razor sharp;
A blizzard would be mild.
Pale oceans rise where grass once stood.

It piles up.
And piles up.
Until finally—
It stops.

And remains.
Like the laundry of a dead man;
It lingers for far too long.

Poem Details | by Trevor Barnett |
Categories: death, pain, sad, winter,

The Snow

Falling at a terminal velocity
From the ether we fall at a speed that is  
What is my purpose, my destiny
Inevitable fate befalls the

Colliding with the other frosty white souls
Scattered across the ground sparkling like bright white
We're born in a season that is dead
How can something so white and pure be 

Like vampires the sun is our infirmity
Dawn approaches illuminating hues of
The epiphany before my death 
Is everything is impermanent 

Poem Details | by Morgan Mise |
Categories: dark, death, grief, holocaust, snow, sorrow, war, winter,

Darkness Sleeps

Single file in a row
bare feet freezing in the snow
in a pile, bodies burn
all wait fearfully for their turn
ash and smoke clog the air
ringing with screams of despair
moving closer to their end
their minds begin to slowly bend
the snow is stained with crimson red
drinking in the blood they've shed
in the trees, starved ravens wait
to feed on those who've met their fate
more bodies burn, the bells tolls on
the moon reveals a scarlet dawn
as all the corpses burn in heaps
just for now, the darkness sleeps

By Morgan Mise
Written December 3, 2012

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: bereavement, death, eulogy, funny, giggle, snow, tribute,

RIP John Doe

John Doe was a prince of a guy
Who forgot to zip up his fly
So out in the snow
John started to grow
When a snow-blower passed him by . . .

Poem Details | by Cameron Coolidge |
Categories: blue, death, fire, snow, winter,


For whom does the death rattle whisper
on this windless, snowy night?
The old man sitting by the fire, listening
to his loving wife, wordlessly wishing;
yearning for more time within this life.

His blue eyes flicked in the fire's light
fixated on his joyous love
who's black hair blended along with night
and silver streak fallen over her eye,
never able to stay above.

As the rattle grew into a shutter,
the smoke plumed upward to the sky.
The fire crackled, and popped, and sputtered.
Watering, his blue eyes said goodbye.

Poem Details | by Sima Mittal |
Categories: age, death, feelings, life, love,

Through all seasons, hail or snow

Through all seasons, hail or snow
In a life full of rust and rainbow
Our soulful lamps dimly glow
Thy heart's loving rivers flow
Streaming upon my bosom slow
Together our boat we gently row
Unto knocks death, hard and low
Whereon I break from thou, my Romeo
And bid a cherished farewell bow
For ends my role in life's earnest show!