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Death Poems About Spanish

Spanish death poems and poems about death for Spanish. Read and share these heartfelt Spanish death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Spanish Poems.

Poem Details | by Ana Santini |
Categories: bereavement, crush, cry, nostalgia, spanish,


Lágrimas. . .
Lágrimas de sorpresa
Lágrimas de alegría
Lágrimas de sospecha
Lágrimas de recuerdos
Lágrimas de reencuentro
Lágrimas de amistad
Lágrimas de bondad
Lágrimas de confianza
Lágrimas de confusión
Lágrimas de medio
Lágrimas de timidez
Lágrimas de incomodidad
Lágrimas de calor
Lágrimas de atrevimiento
Lágrimas de unión
Lágrimas de felicidad
Lágrimas de equivocación
Lágrimas de vergüenza
Lágrimas de rectificar
Lágrimas de entendimiento
Lágrimas de sal
Lágrimas de jugos
Lágrimas de celos
Lágrimas de olvido
Lágrimas de soledad
Lágrimas de tristeza
Lágrimas de distancia
Lágrimas de esperanza
Lágrimas de sangre

January  5, 2011

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: animals, death, food, loss, love, nature, sad, seasons, sympathy


Estephania was the Spanish horse,
with a chestnut coat and mane   
and a lighter long tail...and she ate
alfalfa for strong teeth and bones.

She was domesticated, losing her liberty
and neighing she showed keen ability:
to spot dangers on a perilous path...
Estefania even stopped for a stranded cat.

In summertime she fed mostly on grass,
but bees stung her many times to protest,
and struggling to get them off her tail...
she hit a shrilling raven in the head.

And feeling sorry for the dying bird wincing, 
Estefania licked his semi-open
him a little comfort as he folded his wings;
and whinnying she wept a river of tears.

Poem Details | by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: death, life, love, passion,

Desire (Spanish Lira)

My eyes see just the surface
But there’s so much more to you than meets the eye
My heart increases its pace
As my throat lets forth a cry
With a need to kiss your skin, else I should die


Poem Details | by Babafemi Yinka Olubodun |
Categories: conflict, confusion, depression, grief, hurt, loneliness, sad love,

Spanish Guitar

When will she learn to play, to rise the spirits?
Ancestral spirits yearn for the old glories -
Where forth the strength occupies vacuum;
Despair filled it well!

Let's dance to the sonorous voice of the strings
Let it call out the feeble days
Renounced with a tether that blows the mind
Shattered it seems - the fire
The lights it shire!

Let's dance to the rhythm
Waggling tails
For hunger of it, our souls cry out for!