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Death Poems About Sparrow

Sparrow death poems and poems about death for Sparrow. Read and share these heartfelt Sparrow death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Sparrow Poems.

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: death, nature,

The Sparrow That Fell

                                                 Bird wiggles
                                              Upon concrete
                                     Downy feathers, weak feet
                                                 Death waits

Poem Details | by Peter Dome |
Categories: bird, dedication, discrimination, grief, prison,

Oh to be a Humble Sparrow

Oh how I wish I was a humble sparrow
So cheerful and so free
Flying high through the sky
Instead of living in hell in constant fear
In a barbedwire cage
Waiting to die.

''Let us not forget not only the Jews, but the Gypsy's,Jehovah's witnesses, political opponents, homosexuals, Russians, disabled, the elderly,children, and sick, anti Nazi's and more. To forget all or any of these groups of people, would be a crime in it'self, and undervalues their suffering and existence. Let the truth be told, we must never forget.''

Peter Dome. Copyright.2015.June.

Poem Details | by PK RAI |
Categories: education, environment, grief, imagery, metaphor,

The last sparrow

I am the last sparrow
To foretell tomorrow
Losing lives of sorrow
I foresee that tomorrow.

I am the last sparrow
As an Egyptian pharaoh
Lifespan getting narrow
I foresee that tomorrow.

I am the last sparrow
As a drying bone marrow
Like the shooting blind arrow
I foresee that tomorrow.

Poem Details | by R. M. Eichmiller |
Categories: death, depression, emo,

Sparrow Song

It’s the way things go, 
Ebb and flow, 
live and live, 
Die and die, 
Again and again, 
The sweet sparrow sings
“Tis time, tis time, to fly away”
“Heed my farewell”
“As we’ll never meet again”
“Your time has come,”
“Tis time, Tis time, to fly fly away.:
Death is on the horizon, 
Despair, next left, 
Time for goodbyes, 
Time for rest, 
A black cloak billows before you, 
You’ll feel safe in his arms, 
As he sweeps you away, 
With a sweet farewell kiss. 

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, encouraging, feelings, grief, happiness, sorrow,


I can’t see myself my face reflects my joys in the past three years I’ve lost my wife, my job of 22 years. Yet have I still left a mortgage, some bills, no insurance, sadden … why I am yet still smiling you may ask. I ‘m but a sparrow and my God shall provide for me all my every needs
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Poem Details | by Jen H. |
Categories: death, loss, sadsky,

Solemn Sparrow

The Solemn Sparrow Sings a Lonely Song
Swiftly Swaying Sweetly Saying
Soaring the Sky Somewhere Above

Tearing the sky with Terrible Tears
Telling Tales To Those who listen
Taking Time To sound Traumatic

The Solemn Sparrow Sings
Weeping Wearily on the Wings of Heaven
Daring Dully Desiring Death

The Solemn Sparrow Sings