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Death Poems About Sports

Sports death poems and poems about death for Sports. Read and share these heartfelt Sports death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Sports Poems.

Poem Details | by Thvia Shetley |
Categories: funeral, funny, sports,

A golf limerick

While a man was golfing in Fife
a funeral cortege was arife,

       his head bowed in prayer
       at this somber affair

to pay last respects to his wife!

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: football, humor, sports,

Eulogy for a Quarterback's Reputation

We're angry!  What sports fan can blame us?

There hasn't been one loss for Jameis

     But off-the-field ruckus

     Makes sportscasters muck us

Once famous, now Jameis just shames us

*Written about former FSU quarterback Jameis Winston's run ins with the law.

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: death, life, metaphor, sports,



He had taught me –
sports as a metaphor-
for life.

The inside fastball was coming -
I knew it!!!
but couldn’t get out of the way.

Damn!!!  It sent me crumbling -
painfully writhing –
stifling a curse.

The pass rush was coming – 
I could feel it!!!
Crushing me as the ball slid from my hand.

I lay face down – painfully aware –
of the mud and grass -
muttering a curse.

The end was coming –
it was inevitable –
life’s time clock running out.

I stood weeping –
as the lights went out –
cursing in the dark.

He had endured – 
honored life’s field –
left it better for his having played.

John G. Lawless

Poem Details | by Keith Trestrail |
Categories: death, farewell, sports,


 Alas here I lie cold and dead
    a corpse in my living stead.
 Dear wife, only God and you I say
    ever took my breath away!

            December 2015


Poem Details | by Mitch White |
Categories: life, sports, sympathy,

Joe Who?

The ball was loose and bouncing
Joe dove towards it, just missing
The clock ticking down
Just then, Joe had found
His football skills were lacking

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: death, hero, humor, loss, poetry, sports, tribute,

On the death of Mohammed Ali, three clerihews

The man was a legend.  

So farewell, Cassius Clay, Ali
You knocked out a bit of poetry
That butterfly one sure packed a sting
And well done on the boxing thing

Mohammed, man, you’re counted out
You gave the boxing thing a shout
Wrote rhyme to make a grown man cry
And dodged the draft like a butterfly

Ali, you’ve packed your final punch
Man, you took boxing out to lunch
Men say that you are God today
Who made Mohammed out of Clay

© Gail Foster

Poem Details | by Peter Dome |
Categories: courage, dark, death, fear, football, history, people, sports, stress,

The Ancient Maya game of tut of tut

The ancient Maya had a game
They called Tut to Tut
A game like soccer
but the ball but the ball
would be passed by the thigh
and not the foot.

They played with a latex rubber ball
that some claim contained a human skull
But what ever you think about the game
it was never dull.

Two teams would play before a temple
On a strip of green
the object of the game
to pass the ball through a hoop made of stone
the Winners were victorious
but for the losers
it wasn't so nice
because they'd chop their heads of
and make them a sacrifice.

Glad I wasn't a coach
beats soccer any day.

''Any one for a game of Tut to Tut''?

Don't all shout at once.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: business, death, sports

Top brass go for the gold (Faster is better in Vancouver 2010)

Athlete kabob meat to skewer
Olympic games meet the sewer
Those ratings too flat
Create new dangers that
Pander to the TV viewer

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: america, beauty, business, change, death, education, sports,

Eye Candy Sport

       Eye Candy Sport

Pretty young things fill the caverns of love
Spectators pay to see abortions live
Bets are placed.
Sparsely clad girls with signs march around the rink
Pink, innocent, candy like parades of flesh
On display for all to see
Freedom at play
Skeletons flee the closets
There are no secrets or places left to hide
Eye candy virgins walk the streets at night
As pretty as a picture with a knife

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: death, dedication, sports,

Tommy Morrison

He was a boxer and his name was Tommy Morrison.
He starred in Rocky V as Tommy Gunn.
He died last year at the age of forty-four.
It's sad because he's not alive anymore.
He won forty-nine of his fifty-two fights.
He always punched out his opponents lights.
Morrison's boxing career ended in 2008.
Now he's dead and it's what many hate.

(Dedicated to Tommy Morrison who died on September 1, 2013.)

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, animals, dedication, education, fantasy, health, imagination, life, mystery, nature, pets, places, sad, sea, seasons, sports, sympathy, visionary

God's Little Critters

vast wilderderness she lays her head 
moss strewn rock beds and nil vegetation 
in the distant the lone wolf begins to howl 
no sun to call her own   
just gotten entangled in a predators sneer 
shes begins gnawing frantically
blood soaked coating
and one less hoof to stand with
this tiny deer finally had gotten freed
just as I was picking up the phone to
call animal control to help out
one of God's own little critters  

Tribute To
God's Critters

Also Entry For
Laura Mckenzie's
Beyond Nightfall Contest

Poem Details | by Madison Balmont |
Categories: friendship, happiness, school, sports, sympathy

Game for Friends

Sometimes I don't
Care how/why.
All I care,
Is that I tried.

'All of that'
Goes in our face.
That they beat us
In a race.

I don't mind,
That we lost.
What's it's cost?

Nothing much;
Not our pride.
As we walked off,
To the side.

Lets celebrate
The fun we had.
And invite them,
'cause they look sad.

~Written in 2003 (Monday, 3rd, March) when I was fourteen.~

Poem Details | by Robert Pettit |
Categories: baseball, death of a friend, eulogy, sports,

Dick Allen

With one mighty swing of your forty-two ounce bat, out of the ballpark was where the baseball was at. A great player blessed with athletic prowess, you made the ball travel like a nonstop express. You were Wampum, Pennsylvania's native son. As far as sports was concerned, you could not be outdone. One of the Major League's feared sluggers you would be. Many opposing pitchers became filled with anxiety. An outstanding career was something you could claim. I still wonder why you are not in the Hall of Fame. Yes, you were better than many who played the game. May you rest in peace as they will remember you name. Dick Allen (1942-2020)

Poem Details | by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: death, feelings, sports,


Playing tired 
Went to rest today 
Son of Arge n tina 
Married to soccer 
Father of goals 
Children kicks 
Relation of claps 
Maradona a shocker in soccer