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Death Poems About Suicidal

Suicidal death poems and poems about death for Suicidal. Read and share these heartfelt Suicidal death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Suicidal Poems.

Poem Details | by Jenish Somadas |
Categories: break up, death, depression, heartbroken, suicide,

Suicidal Note

Tried again, I tried in vain
Far away he went so far
Train of thoughts I need to forget
Upon which my life is hanging
Forgive me, the cork of death opened.

Submitted on November 28, 2019, for Five Word Challenge Poetry Contest sponsored by Beth Evans

Poem Details | by karin herrman |
Categories: change, death, depression, how i feel, suicide, truth, wisdom,


How my mind my heart breaks with every passing thought...each one weighing heavier on my heart! Every one causes me to roam closer to that cliff...closer to my escape...THEN I LOOK BEHIND ME and I see the hurt bewildered look upon my loved ones face...and I see a mirror image of myself...asking WHY? In that moment I begin to answer other's questions, only to realize THIS IS WHY!

Poem Details | by max ortiz |
Categories: death, hate, loneliness, repetition, sorrow, suicide, voice,

A Taste of the Noise in a Suicidal Head

You are worthless
even if you do your best.
The world without you
won’t feel any less.

You are worthless.
You are a mess.
In this world you’re just a grain,
it won’t matter, even if you feel pain.

You are worthless
even if you do your best.
She can’t even remember your name.
All your efforts went in vain.

You are worthless
even if they tell you “you are blessed,”
for you can’t even make her love you
after doing all that you can do.

You are worthless.
You are a mess.
Just take the knife
and go end your life.

Poem Details | by Bogdan-Ioan Vaida |
Categories: confusion, death, me, me,

Suicidal letter

Throw my soul in darkest place
Switch my body and my face
Make me rat and bring me pain
Change the way I see the rain
Kill my will to fight for life
Take me with your bloody knife!

Poem Details | by Margeret Bailey |
Categories: death, depression,

Suicidal Acts

Acts of suicide are about pain, despondency and leaving behind a road map

of collective emotional disturbances,

They are the culmination of deep agony without relief or hope in sight,

Endless thoughts and lives without resolutions,

Loneliness, fear and impaired judgment set in and magnifies every negative thing,

Suddenly, souls feel helpless, unable to turn things around,

reluctantly they succumb to the ground and mother earth,

Life seems better when committed to dirt,

All problems subside, no more wrestling with, whether or not to die,

All things become done, over and finished.......

Poem Details | by Louise Reilly |
Categories: death,


Suicidal?Not me.
I'm perfectly comfortable and free.

I'm not really, I wish I was dead.
I want to be on my deathbed.

I'm fine, perfectly alright.
I'm super, feeling great tonight.

Alone, attempting suicide.Who knew?
No one ~ just you.

Poem Details | by Nicola Noo |
Categories: death, depression, time,

Suicidal Dream

Found hanging in her cell
from a noose made of teeth
and hair and bone

Blood red wine drips
from veins down arms
loving arteries give forth

Rusty bridge hangs in mist
creaking with weight of time
eyelids closed, sublime

Cranes etch their outline
on the greyest horizon
strong and fatherly still

Poem Details | by ashley wisehart |
Categories: confusion, death, depression, hope, life, sad

Suicidal thoughts

Every day i smile

to hide every emotiion and all the pain 

i suffer through everyday

I keep everything bottled up

I dont let anyone know what im thinking

Im tired of everyone saying

Everything will be fine

I just want to give up and die

I know that no one really cares

Because if you cared you would look right into my eyes and know that im not alright

You say im always happy

You say im a strong person

But what you dont know

Is that i go home and cry

And wish i would die

Poem Details | by Carissa Marie |
Categories: angst, butterfly, death, depression, solitude, sorrow,

A Lullaby for a Suicidal Butterfly

A lullaby 
For the suicidal butterfly
Tracing figure eights on my window panes.

Broken wings,
Torn by thunderstorms
And rosebushes,
Are still beating fruitlessly:
In hope, 
Or foolishness,
The two are interchangeable.

A lullaby
For the suicidal butterfly
Arcing lazily overhead
For a last-breath sunset.

Poem Details | by Rachel Mann |
Categories: death, depression

Suicidal Thoughts

I'm sitting here wondering.
What's wrong with me.
These cuts, blood, and scars.
Are all I really see.

I sit here alone.
With no one els around.
I have no one else.
I don't hear a sound.

I like to feel the pain.
'Cause I hate to be alone.
Finding someone else.
Pain is all that shows.

All I have are songs
And lyrics in my head.
Suicidal thoughts
When I'm sleeping in my bed.

I'm seeping in the dark.
Going further everyday.
But no one really cares.
If in a pool of blood I lay.

I know I'm all alone.
It's killing me inside.
Suicidal thoughts
Are all that's left inside.

©2009 ~FR34K0N4L345H33

Poem Details | by Aidan Gilbert |
Categories: dark, death, emotions, spiritual,

The Thoughts of a Suicidal Heart Two

The Thoughts of a Suicidal Heart Two
By: Aidan Gilbert

God your my favorite piece of a shattered dream
In the darkness your the black shinning beam
Holding you so close, nothing made sense to me 
Your a dead hope of something that could set me free
God let me cry!
God let me die
Your empty love holds on too strong to my empty soul
At the shore a tiny hole
Lay at rest all joy I know
Do I kill myself now?
God I never figured out how 
Falling rain
Suicidal heart never tame
Death is all that is sane
Do I kill myself now?
Holding onto love is to hard somehow
God goodbye...
Sorry my empty life couldn't even be a sad excuse for a lie

Poem Details | by Tara Lazar |
Categories: death, deep, depression, emo, emotions, how i feel, mental illness,


Why am I even still breathing? 
When in life theres nothing for me to gain,
There really isn't any point in me living;
i've thrown my life down the drain.

But I just wish people could tell,
That I cant take this anymore,
And that i’m really not well.
Honestly i wish id done it before.
All I desire is to be completely freed,
So a bullet to the head.
Guess a gun is all I need, 
Then I’ll be on my deathbed.

Poem Details | by Jessica Tippin |
Categories: death, sad,

Suicidal Storm

The lightning's bright flash blinds her,
Then there's a crack of the thunderous rumble.
She trips and falls to the ground,
Once again caught up by another stumble.

She lies there all alone,
Drenched by the rain falling on the grass.
Her body trembles from the cold,
And from the deep sense this night was her last.

Now she can hear the thunder,
Before the lightning cracks.
For her life will now soon come to an end,
For it’s the strength of going on that she lacks.

A bright light engulfs the sky,
The lightning strikes with such strife.
She feels the volts flowing throughout her body,
Taking every last ounce of life.

Poem Details | by Rae Stegall |
Categories: death, loss, sad, beautiful, beautiful,

Suicidal Wolf

This wolf’s tears sparkle in the moonlight,
The fear of the night,
And the mourning of the dead cubs,
Why must such a beautiful creature mourn,
Save something that feels,
Just like you and me,
Such beauty suffers,
And running in the moonlight,
Unable to stand this loss,
Burdened by guilt she runs,
Into the river,
Drowning herself,
And reuniting herself with her babies,
What a heavy loss she faced,
I see why she did it,
This beautiful wolf is dead,
And it’s all our fault. 

Poem Details | by Stephanie Kennedy |
Categories: confusion, death, depression, sad, world, drug,

Suicidal Prayers

Suicidal thoughts, suicidal prayers.
Who gives a damn? Nobody cares.
I’ve brought myself up to be what I will.
Now just to keep life, I’m forced to kill.
I’ve been so alone as long as I know.
Just as I pleased, I could come and go.
Now this lifestyle I lead is simply too much -
A drug-induced daze - reality I can’t touch.
I’d be better off dead, but this should I choose?
I can’t win either way. Dead or alive I lose.
This world won’t accept me, should I choose to stay,
But this world wouldn’t miss me.  I’m no one either way.
I’m merely a wanderer who gets dreadful stares.
And all that I’m left with are suicidal prayers.

Poem Details | by Tara Champlain |
Categories: death, depression, sad,


Knife in hand the cold blade against my flesh.
The sting as the sharp blade slowly cuts across
my wrist.  The blood running down my arm, and
slowly drips down onto the white floor.  I cut
deeper the blood now pouring onto the floor.
I fall to the floor slowly dying in a puddle of
my own blood.I hear his voice one 
last time, I say his name but nothing comes
out. I close my eyes and remember this is 
the best thing for me to do, The best way
I can never hurt him anymore.

Poem Details | by Brieanna Sineni |
Categories: abuse, change, death, deep, mom, mother, mother daughter,

suicidal mom

and why would I want to live if my own mother is sick of her time on this earth.

and its so hard to dream of a future when mother has been through a lifetime and her outcome is wanting to swallow a million pills 
and, god forbid, I dream of a family of my own and a husband who loves me because as mother tells me that all guys are the same I watch my father hit her and she swears that it is love, I mean it has to be right 
but most importantly why would I want my own happiness and passions and selfishness and success and love if I live everyday waiting for it to end when I come home and find her on the floor, alone, and gone.