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Death Poems About Suit

Suit death poems and poems about death for Suit. Read and share these heartfelt Suit death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Suit Poems.

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: dark, deep, emotions,

- Death Not Suit You -

When the clouds are thick and the sky is gray
Conceded by pain, from the eye it will flow tears

Should have known, but could not find the reality
A journey through her soul, you taught her to stand in the storm

Consciousness ripples along the back ... quiet and invisible
The sea is calm, as death black silk ribbon

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Julia Ho |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, clothes, fashion, grief, humanity, sad,

A Red Suit







Yet once loved.

Poem Details | by Jolly Figs |
Categories: anger, angst, change, character, corruption, cry, dark, death, depression, desire, forgiveness, hate, hope, sad,

My prison jump suit

Used to be an individual
now I'm just a complex number
stripped away from my own individuality
made me uncomfortably wake from my

Used to be a boy wonder.
I was living the life.
Didn't think I'd get sucked under,
didn't think I'd end up wanting to kill myself
with a hunting knife.

My wrongful deeds have made me feel as if I'm living in a 
dreadful still life picture,
wishing someone would look at me
and reconsider and view me as a normal fixture. 

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: funeral, humorous,

Suit Trump Wore

You should see suit that Trump wore
It was actually made by a whore
As can be sure was certainly tight
Which is way he ends up every night
Must be big bed bugs that him do bite.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Mike Samford |
Categories: death, faith, loss, sad, sympathy,

My Suit of Grief

I am off to buy a suit today 
A black suit or maybe gray, 
I have a funeral to attend, 
A suit of grief to buy and then 
In my closet, there it shall stay. 

And there I hope it rots away 
Not to be worn another-day 
A fancy fig leaf from a bin. 
I am off to buy a suit today. 

Only the living have a say 
Of attire and grand array 
For a dress in which to ascend 
Or a coat in which too defend 
For the dead we can only pray. 
I am off to buy a suit today. 

Poem Details | by Becky Takacs |
Categories: sympathy

Greyson Frankfurter Finch the Man in the Purple Suit

Greyson Frankfurter Finch,
Was a lonely man,
Who had an obsession,
With doorbells.

One day,
He went to,
The doctors,
To find out whats wrong.

He got a letter,
One day,
He read it,
And knew something was wrong.

The doctor,
Had wrote,
You need,

Greyson walked,
Without his,
Purple suit,

On someone,
He doesn't know.

Runs back home,
Leaves a note on,
His neighbors door,
And goes home.

Steps on,
A stool,
And commits suicide.

Poem Details | by Vicki Acquah |
Categories: devotion, funeral, heaven, leaving, religion,


When all is said and done, I've saved my Black Suit and If it be today That The Lord Takes me away....I am ready. With my own seat,my funeral suit and a pure heart..Lord if you are ready, I am ready. I thank you for my beautiful self, tall dark-and handsome : I am Ready,waiting and willing to sit by your side. There’s nothing in right order in America. / I am dressed / Ready to address God almighty. I will tell you everything. If you send for me now, I am ready. I am your disciple. I will be your angel,when you appear before me I will give you full report... Yes Lord,''I am ready whenever you come''.!

Poem Details | by Mike Hauser |
Categories: death, life,

Brand New Suit

My family is taking me out today
In search of a brand new suit 
One in which they can bury me 
I'll be leaving here real soon

You can tell it in my walk
You can see it in my eyes
If I last more than another month
Even I will be surprised

You can hear it in my rasp
You can smell it on my breath
Not a whole lot of need to ask
Who it is that's kissing death

That's why they feel the urgent need
To go out and buy me a brand new suit
Something that will match my casket
Something in a baby blue