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Death Poems About Sunshine

Sunshine death poems and poems about death for Sunshine. Read and share these heartfelt Sunshine death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Sunshine Poems.

Poem Details | by John Gondolf |
Categories: death, death of a friend, loss,

My Sunshine Went Away

My sunshine went away the day you left;
the day the angels beckoned your sweet soul,
and left behind my heart, of hope, bereft.
Now mournful teardrops flow without control
as lonely darkness dons her ebon stole.
I try to understand death’s dire decay,
and why behind without you I must stay;
and so it is to heavens that I plea 
on bended knee, in darkness as I pray,
that soon I’ll join you in eternity.

December 13, 2019

Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: death, depression, feelings, life, lost, love, sad,

No Good Morning Sunshine

I lie awake thinking of the agony of it all. 
A hold ripped into my heart. 
The pain of loss and what might have been. 
How can there be life without life.

My stomach rots with pain. 
Love lost because of honor before desire.
Oh God, what is to become of me now.

I fear not death! 
I have already died a death worse than death. 
In death the pain of life comes to it's end.

Then what is this death with pain. 
A death knowing there will be no,
Good Morning Sunshine...

Edward J Ebbs - Summer 2006

Poem Details | by Chelci Biggs |
Categories: beautiful, cancer, death, goodbye, granddaughter, grandmother, sunshine,

My sunshine

You are my sunshine
my only sunshine.
She would sing every morning, as she would clean.
You make me happy
 when skies are grey. 
Her voice was like an angel.
She sung so beautifully. 
You will never know dear, how much we love you.

It's ok maw maw, you can let go now, 
I understand.
You don't have to stay and suffer anymore. 
Close your eyes, I'll hold your hand.

She then took her last breath, I knew she couldn't stay.
God why did cancer, have to take my sunshine away.?

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: allusion, confusion, grave, pain, self, sunshine, truth,

Where am I going

Where am I going?

Where am I going? There is no sign.
There is nobody to make sunshine.
There is nobody that I can trust.
There is no proof that ever is just.
There is no desire, there is no game.
There is nobody but me to blame.
There is no death, and there is no grave.
There is no power, order to save.
Where is this place that I am going.
Nothing seems real, there is no knowing.
There is no trace, and there is no clue,
they promised heaven not that they knew. 
Within my mind, I am always lost.
The pain I learned it is my cost.


Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: bereavement, black african american, discrimination, metaphor, simile, sunset, sunshine,

from rising to setting

  from rising to setting 

she saw sunshine
shooting above
the horizon

over pregnant

sunset saw son
shot in back—black 
stopped on morning
side drive

baby rattler
found in hand

Poem Details | by Roberto Santana |
Categories: books, color, death, desire, family, fishing, i love you,

My Sunshine

I love you now more than ever ,
For you mean the world to me ,
I love everything about you ,
I'll search around the world for thee .
Your smile is so inviting ,
Your kisses are so divine ,
I want to hold you in my arms ,
And bring you safely home .
Whenever I am near you ,
I shake like a willow tree ,
The stars above shine brighter ,
Cause you belong to me.
The Ocean's wave in unison ,
They want to drag you in ,
But I am here to save you ,
" True Love' is from within.
I'm waiting by the window ,
Letting the sun shine in ,
Will you be there for me my dear ,
Together and without sin .

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: absence, angel, art, beautiful, bereavement, blessing, blue,

Sunshine Upon A Dark Day

Sunshine Upon A Dark Day

Great lamentations sadden this dark room
And cries held back cut the silent tears
Such young death displays a tragic doom
As survivors fight back their deep fears!

Yet outside, new sun shines truly bright
Day holds promises for those still living
More heartache will rip out this night
She is now gone, gone is her sweet giving!

Listen, angels sing this great loss now
As light filters into this lonely place
She lays there with no sweat on her brow
with sweetest smile on her beautiful face!

Night has fallen, we now feel very alone
She- the light on our souls, is now gone!

Robert J. Lindley, 07-18-2015

Poem Details | by Ory Rose |
Categories: butterfly, death, loss, september, sister, sunshine,

You Are My Sunshine

She is the rustling of the leaves upon the trees
She is the buzzing of the bees

She is the reflection in your tear
She is the whisper of the wind that brushes against your ear

She is a sunflower growing tall from the ground
That is her name upon the grave mound

She is a butterfly, swaying around the flowers
She is the one who brings the April showers

For she is always near, she is what you hear. 
My sisters memory is very dear.

Find a Cure
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For my sister Kaysha Dendinger
Sept 15, 1992 - July 21, 2018

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: death, life, metaphor, sunshine,

Out of Focus

The golden micro packs of light in air
A sunken belly of a poor woman
A few people rising still more upstairs 
A guy is lashing a dog, inhuman

A little boy has just been run over
The poor mother sobs her heart out in shock
An amazing tulip looking at her
Unable to feel why has stopped her clock

Rush of traffic hurrying in their strife
A dead street dog at the pavement corner 
Death a nano drop in the sea of life
Always vibrant in its laughing water

But seriously we hardly think thus
Though your face often fades out of focus

Poem Details | by Maurice Lamony |
Categories: abuse, africa, hurt, sunshine, sympathy, tribute,

Atieno Went

Atieno sat and cried by day
Did the same at night as she lay
At least it could keep her woes at bay
For all she did, but no pay
Yet all she did, with no delay
“Don’t be lazy”, they still would say

She did pluck the chicken
But hers was Mukene
The bread she buttered nice
But not for her a slice

Atieno washed the dishes
And so did she the clothes
With exception of her tatters
With water she fetched from the well
On which way her anger did swell

So today, Atieno left
And not a goodbye as she went
Not a note did she leave behind
Took all her rags and tatters
Back to their village home, Atieno went
Today, Atieno went!

Poem Details | by SHEIKH NISSAR |
Categories: dedication, grave, grief, leadership, lost, sunshine, youth,

I am a brook of blood

I am a brook of blood
Drawn from the veins of the tender bud;
My drift is bedewed with homicide,
Stabbed with furry killed with pride.

Flowing by the might of a flood
And disappearing into the mud
And earth cradles me
Unto a motionless sea

I’m the scent of smiling dawn
And eddy of Afzal and Burhan;
I’m Maqbool’s tidy clan
And I’m going on and on…

And again sun will rise
In our ravaged paradise;
And again moon will rise
In the calmness of skies

Poem Details | by Gary Gene Linney |
Categories: death of a friend,

Forever in Sunshine

You were there for me,
when my tears came for no reason.
I was there with you,
when your body wintered in season.

Ever loving, ever giving,
ever faithfull, ever strong.
Time, no more for you my love,
ever long.

Rest your bones,
your aching bones,
sleep forever more. 
In heavens gardens we will meet,
Heart to heart, 
and hand to paw x x x

Poem Details | by Skylisha Vasquez |
Categories: dad, death,

Your Sunshine

I brightened your life
I was your sunshine
The death of you
Was the death of me
My daddy
My love
Your princess
Everything above
Singing sweet songs 
Daddy to my rescue
All seems so wrong
Without you
Now that your gone
Trying to fix my life 
But I always think twice
If you were here
And now that your gone
My biggest fan
You were my king
My most favorite thing
I looked up to you
Now my world is so blue
Even though 
Day by day
We are apart
I will forever and always
Keep you in my heart.

Poem Details | by brittany martin |
Categories: death, nature,

The Blond Daisy Garden Dies In No Sunshine

                Blond daisies strip petals softly
              in nearest trembling grains snow.
                 Sunshines stumbles scarcely
        above ever rich had daisies' seeding grow.

Poem Details | by Tegan Elliott |
Categories: anxiety, blue, childhood, cry, dark, death,

Sunshine Child

Sunshine child, 
Baby boy, 
Blue hair, 
Bright skin, 
Sleeping tight, 
A forever resting dream. 

Moonlit child, 
Grown up man, 
Gray hair, 
Pale skin, 
Waking up, 
All a nightmarish fever. 

But sunshine child is no more, 
Monsters in the closet,
Creeping under beds instantly stopping snores, 
The sunshine child quickly becoming the opposite 

Sunshine child 
No more 
No light underneath 
Six under 

Sunshine child lit by moonlight 
Sunshine child broken

Poem Details | by Muqudus Shahab |
Categories: birth, death, hope, sunshine,


Profound Dazzlement!
Icicles formation. And
dripping as sun shines.
Brushing off the grotesque gloom
Inspiration, I oft zoom.

Poem Details | by Gary Smith |
Categories: death, jealousy, sad, sunshine,

It's All Right For Them

When it's my turn
To be put in the ground,
I'd love to be there
To see who's around.

Who's shedding tears
And actually grieving,
Is anyone smirking
Glad at my leaving.

I hope it pours down
As they lower me in,
I'd watch them squirming
Getting soaked to the skin.

I'm not really bitter
But it's all right for them
For I'll not see sunshine,
Ever again.

Poem Details | by James Foulk |
Categories: death

I Don't Think About The Sunshine

I don't think about the sunshine,
      when your by my side.

I don't think about the sunshine,
       when your in my arms.

I don't think about the sunshine,
      as we're walking down the road.

I don't think about the sunshine,
       as I close my eyes in death.

I don't think about the sunshine,
only thinking of you, as I leave this world.

wrote 10-5-07

Poem Details | by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: death, flower, life, love, nature, storm, sunshine,

Live to Love

Death came to my garden in a summer storm tearing and rending afternoon sunshine on my bleeding hearts revealed passionate Life April 12, 2020 Let the Pens Flow - Antonym Poetry Contest Sponsored by Jenish Somadas

Poem Details | by The Brooklyn Six Project |
Categories: dark, death, grief, loss, sad,

Some Of The Sunshine Disappears

Some of the sunshine disappears 
When a loved one sadly passes away 
You think of all the good times you had 
Each and every day
Those precious memories are still there 
Even though that your mom is gone 
Now you have to live your life 
And have the strength to carry on

Poem Details | by johny roberts |
Categories: appreciation, emotions, sunshine, visionary,

Threads of Joy, Threads of Grief

Joy and grief

These threads of joy
These threads of grief,

Woven through our life,

Woven so tightly
Some days it hard to breathe,

Threads of sunshine,
Gifts of light,

Given through,
Cracks in broken windows,

Reaching down,
Sowing our darkest corners,

Back to life.

John Roberts

Poem Details | by Virginia Gelok |
Categories: bereavement, death, inspirational, religious, sorrow, sunshine, sympathy,


There should never be
a loss as great as yours.
If you can possibly look
 at the bigger picture
     and realize 
 that your loved one 
   has just come to 
  the finish line first, 
making them the 'Winner' 
    at Heaven's Gate.