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Death Poems About Tail_Rhyme

Tail_Rhyme death poems and poems about death for Tail_Rhyme. Read and share these heartfelt Tail_Rhyme death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Tail_Rhyme Poems.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, angst, anxiety, black african american, death, imagery,

To Serve And Protect

When a black man has a knee pressed against his throat police brutality has no known antidote. He can't breathe, cut no slack. Though obviously choking, they ignored his plea and the cop kept pressing his full weight on that knee. His hands cuffed in the back. People watched in horror as his life was snuffed out all they could do for George Floyd was stand there and shout. He died ‘cause he was black. (Tail-Rhyme Stanza) 05/30/2020 Triple Stanza Couplet Tail-Rhyme Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Charles Messina

Poem Details | by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: dark, death, metaphor,


It fills the vial, life, quite thick as blood
          And presses like a levee 'neath a flood
     The hammer, down ...

It trembles in the dark, a wage of want
          A seraphim without the wings to flaunt
     The crooked clown ...

It screams the horrid silence as a beast
          To seed the dim damnation for its feast
     The frightened frown.

Written and submitted on June 10, 2020
For the "Triple Stanza Couplet Tail-Rhyme" Poetry Contest
Charles Messina, Judge & Sponsor.

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: death, heaven,

The End

We watched your candle of life flicker and glow But now we have realised that soon you will go Your loving smiles we will miss. You had hung on to life throughout this dark night But now you are fading and so is your light No more warm hugs or a kiss. We heard a gasp as you drew your final breath Then your candle went out and we mourned your death Now you're in heavenly bliss.
Written 2nd Of June 2020 For Triple Stanza Couplet Tail - Rhyme Poetry Contest Sponsored By Charles Messini

Poem Details | by Sandra Adams |
Categories: death,

in the stillness

I stood along the shores of faith
this salty spray it knew my wraith
bitter was its taste

I struggled as I drew my breath
watching you succumb to death
another life erased

in the stillness as you laid
I clasped my hand, in silence prayed
a final kiss I placed

June 11, 2020

Triple Stanza Couplet Tail-Rhyme Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Charles Messina

Poem Details | by Constance La France |
Categories: birth, death, life,

Love Cast A Spell

At my birth a ringing, to mother's heart I was clinging- I loved her smell. She taught me what was best, and to my child head a kiss pressed- Love cast a spell. And when her life ended, was I, who with love attended- Weeping farewell. __________________________ May 29, 2020 Poetry/Rhyme/Love Cast A Spell Copyright Protected, ID 20-1256-606-03 All Rights Reserved, 2020, Constance La France Written for Triple Stanza Couplet Tail-Rhyme Contest sponsor, Charles Messina (birth,life,death) Third Place

Poem Details | by jack horne |
Categories: death,

A Grieving Widow

Her husband ran across a road;
The bus was speeding, so I’m told,
And squashed him flat.

She wished she had the heart to cry,
His ashes in her mouth and eye;
She only spat.

For Susan’s The Blues tail rhyme contest

Poem Details | by Constance La France |
Categories: death, paris, sad,

For France

Oh, it was a dark November evening,
that the innocent lay dead and dying,
some taken hostage.
Enjoying the evening so unaware,
of brain-washed terrorist who had no care,
for deathly carnage.

Forever in prayers and memory,
at Bataclan shooters had no mercy,
even at cafe's.
Suicide bombers at the Stade de France,
the city of Paris is in a trance,
and survivors pray.

November 23, 2015

Rime Couee - Tail Rhyme

For the contest, Rime Couee- Tail Rhyme Verse - For France,
Sponsor, Debbie Guzzi

Fourth Place

Poem Details | by Susan Gentry |
Categories: death, evil, fear, french, horror, international, murder, paris,

Death In France

Horrific evil captured world attention

Rationalization failed comprehension

Act of war ISIS terrorists

Long night of massacre and murder

Fear and realization of dreaded word

Hidden danger scariest

Reporters opined media replayed

Suspects apprehended within a day

Tales of bravery slowly told

World mourned for senseless tragedy in France

Information on suspects utmost importance

When or where next unknown

Written 12-16-2015
'Rime Couee - For France - Contest' By Debbie Guzzi
8th Place

Poem Details | by Lizzy Love |
Categories: cancer, death, emotions, fear, how i feel, sick, truth,

Black Beauty

She's sewn back together
completely up tight
emotions trapped inside her
deep and out of sight

She put a pad lock on 
and threw away the key
her feelings are all gone
can't you see

She's so full of fear
expectations are running high
such a poor little dear
so afraid she might die

Poem Details | by Black Eyed Susan |
Categories: death, life, people,

Going, going, gone

I could kill you by overdose
But then you’d become comatose
What’s death without fear?

Better to do it very slow
A little poison in your Coke
Watch you disappear


Received 6th place in "Any Twisted Poem" contest
Received 8th place in "Tail-rhyme" contest

Poem Details | by Chris Boskovski |
Categories: death, deep, depression, farewell, rain, sad,

Purple Rain

The purple rain sinks in the drain
There he stands, the old man in pain
Blue-eyed Death comes.

The purple rain sinks in his skin
he smiles at a picture of kin
Death sheds a tear.


Poem Details | by Christopher Bunton |
Categories: death, life, political, religion, spiritual,

Liberties Slowly Taken

Liberties slowly taken,
"We The People" forsaken,
From our "Leaders" nothing is said.
The economy crashes.
Propaganda T.V. flashes.
Jobs along with answers have fled.

New World Order completed.
Freedom and Saints defeated.
Faith of many shaken.
Deaths long cold rattling groan.
An ancient evil on the throne.
Enemies quickly taken.

For the "Taken" contest

Poem Details | by Te'Arra Callandret |
Categories: death, life, lost love, sad, sympathyme, me,

Try me

Pop there goes my gun and the love, 

it no longer exist, You
messed everything up with being a little to rude. 

Your body is trying to make it, breath the air I breath, but 
the wound got you delirious dizzy and out of it.

You played me now its my turn to punish you.

I tryed to embracec your sympathy but you made me turn 

a evil destroyer so how do want to live your life misable or 

Lay your head on my pillow let me heal you slowly anit till 
you no how to treate a good woman beautifully.

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: allusion, death, life,

Twin Flames

                     Twin Flames

        Twin Flames are ignited in soul,
        as tender delicate fetus sprout
               with body, mind and brain.
           Twin Flames glow in soul,
              as baby grows in mother’s womb
                    waiting for labor pain.

               Twin Flames dazzle in soul,
                as baby is born as infant.
           Life proceeds and Death is certain.

              Twin Flames are not extinguished in soul,
                    One carrying on process of Life,
                      Other transcending Death in chain.



Poem Details | by charles messina |
Categories: death, life,

So Oft I Cry

Four score and twenty years 
I rinsed my lids- so many tears 
So oft I sigh
To life anew- firsts breathe 
To life lost- ye mourn a death 
So oft they die 

Twenty years and forty score 
I'll weep again, at least once more 
So oft I cry

Poem Details | by romeo naces |
Categories: animals, death, nature,

Kingfisher's Pick

silver fishes just 'neath the lake's surface,

          glisten like tails of watery comets;

                     oh, but one of them shall so soon perish

                               as, noiseless, a blue kingfisher plummets!

Poem Details | by romeo naces |
Categories: life, mother, people, sympathy, , Lullaby,

The Undertaker Weeps, Too

long accustomed to his morbid profession,
   where the slightest hint of genuine sorrow
      is taboo deserving only derision,
         he's in total control of his emotion;

but now, a sensation from deep inside him
   surges upward like a relentless deluge
      at the sight of a shaking, grieving mother,
         humming a lullaby to her dead daughter;

something filmy in his eyes, and the room melts
   in watery shapes tinted in fluid colors;
      he can't believe it, must be perspiration,
         ah, but tears blur the undertaker's vision !

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: conflict, family, health,


You often claimed you were unwell Pure hypochondria - I could always tell Because you lied You’ve faked illnesses over many years Googling symptoms brought crocodile tears Because you cried When you really were ill I did not believe Now I’m all alone and been left to grieve Because you died Triple Stanza Couplet Tail-Rhyme Poetry Contest Sponsored by Charles Messina 05/28/20

Poem Details | by siyabonga nobangela |
Categories: death, deep, dream, emotions,

My Final Masterpiece

When I die, don't let me lie
in some godforsaken hole
dotted round with frosted stones;
arrange for me an alibi –

through the purifying fire
let love guide my spirit home.
Then stir my ash in coloured paint,
remembering how I loved the stains

colouring my hands and knees.
Then load me in a cannon, please –
prime a canvas, four by six
and fire the paint-and-ashes mix.

So may my final masterpiece
portray my ultimate release,
not to be misunderstood –
my heart's creation will be good.

Poem Details | by barry weatherford |
Categories: adventure, death, people, seasons, night, people, evil, night, people,


Once, on a night so dark that even the owl could not see,
There came to be,
An evil entity.

It was so evil in fact,
That not even the night could hold it back.

The night tried and tried it did,
But entrance to the land was finally bid.

So evil romped and stomped across the place, 
And it would not be erased.

The people fought and battled,
But it continued to eat the cattle.

It consumed the stock and the place,
The people had not the time to pace.

Now the evils belly was filled,
And the valley of Hallowed Een was tilled.

This is the story we all celebrate,
On October 31, when open is the gate.

Poem Details | by romeo naces |
Categories: peace, philosophy, political, war, war,

At Peace With War

It was said, 
in times of peace 
prepare for war --
peace, indeed, allows 
the most opportune 

to build and install 
missile silos, massive 
arsenals, to commit 
and justify a mighty 
state's war 

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: bird, grave, song, stars,

Adrift in Starlight

I breathe your song into my chest
then exhale dreams composed to rest                            
in star-clad light.       

Your notes are freed from grave to sky.
On clouds, they lull birds flying by
in star-drenched flight.    

Leaves sway and hum both far and near,
and missing you, birds flock to hear
in starry night.

Written 5/28/20 for Charles Messina’s 
Triple Stanza Couplet Tail-Rhyme Contest  

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: grief, lost love,

O, Why'd you Leave

Was it something I said inadvertently
Did my eyes reveal uncertainty
O, why'd you leave

Was my rapt listening inattentive
Or passion's kisses uninventive
O, how I grieve  

Alcohol, not once did I abuse
Or narcotics ever use
O, the sighs I've heaved

To the kids, I was devoted
On your mother, I always doted
O, please believe...

That now I'll never be the same
That I'll forever myself blame
~ To your memory, I will cleave

Poem Details | by Janice Canerdy |
Categories: appreciation, death, life, love,

The Hourglass

My hourglass sands are deep below and scant above. They seem to flow so rapidly. Instead of dreading death’s sure knell, I spend each moment living well, not vapidly. My love of life I will convey till soul departs this shell of clay, with God to be.
Date: May 28, 2020 Contest Title: Triple Stanza Couplet Tail-rhyme Placed 2nd Sponsor: Charles Messina February 2, 2021 entered in Brian Strand's All Yours (Feb 2) Contest

Poem Details | by Curtis Moorman |
Categories: age, birth, cry, death, kiss, life,

Then We Die


First we are born into life
A life that may be filled with strife
We may take a husband or wife
Life passes by

We may live for ninety years
And shed oh so many tears
As we deal with all of life's fears
Yes, we cry

Our life may be filled with bliss
From the warmth of our mate's first kiss
Our mate dies, you can count on this
Then we die

	10 June 2020
	For the contest sponsored by Charles Messina