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Death Poems About Technology

Technology death poems and poems about death for Technology. Read and share these heartfelt Technology death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Technology Poems.

Poem Details | by Jacob Reinhardt |
Categories: abuse, age, art, business, career, change, class, color, computer, conflict, death, depression, devotion, flower, green, happiness, introspection, irony, jobs, language, loneliness, lonely, longing, metaphor, nature, pain, philosophy, political, poverty, self, simile, slavery, social, society, spiritual, stress, technology, time, today, together, truth, urban, visionary, wisdom, work, world,

The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

Poem Details | by Daniel Human |
Categories: africa, death, irony, technology,

The plague in Spain is carried mostly by a plane

Isn’t it ironic?
That the plague called the bubonic
Killed the man but not the rat
And did not even kill the cat
That caught and killed the guilty rat

Isn’t it ironic?
That in this age of the electronic
Ebola is running unabated
It’s deathly thirst left quite unslated
Just like the plague as earlier stated

Isn’t it ironic?
That in this age of progress so terrific
A plague is not spread by a rat
Nor by bat and not by cat
But by technology - imagine that!

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: death, technology,

Text Message

please don't text and drive
she replied, "like, whatever"
services at two

Barbara Gorelick
for Judy's contest

Poem Details | by Billy Marshall Stoneking |
Categories: change, culture, death, identity, longing, lost, technology,


The dead can offer you nothing
except your own, hard work.
Don’t stand so close.
Their reach is longer than your fear.
They are desperadoes with
nothing to lose,
nothing to give,
only more of the same.

Don’t stare too hard
at those full of their own emptiness.
They have nothing to offer,
nothing in their words, their eyes,
they can’t offer their hearts -
they have none.

If you look too long
you begin might begin
to think you’re just like them,
catching the light rail
eternally stuck between where
they’ve come from
and where you’re going.

Poem Details | by nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex |
Categories: computer, death, flying, technology, travel,



Here is the new revolutionary airliner for the world; it’s a flying dream, so advanced.
Full of electronic gadgets and toys doing all the work, just program the computer, sit back and enjoy the flight.

You’re a computer technician six miles above the earth. Beware, though, if something goes wrong, you will die as the computer is always right, a mere man is wrong.
It looks like man has become redundant from the cockpit in the name of progress.

I think this is not the way to do it; progress isn’t always right – not when 500 people die on a lonely hillside due to some stupid glitch in the system.

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: anger, anxiety, bullying, conflict, confusion, deep, depression, desire, devotion, inspirational, power, psychological, relationship, sympathy, technology, teen, truth,

Life With Out Knowing

Nobody is real.
Your life is on a screen.
It's the only thing you feel.
It's the only thing that you have seen
in nine months
it's just another one of your crazy stunts.

Poem Details | by leeann welch |
Categories: betrayal, social, technology,

Death by Social Media

I torture myself
Your page on speed dial
If speed dial were still 
A thing

Her page more perused
Stroked, if you will
Than even yours
I hate her face
And again


Still nothing
Must be something
No one takes pictures of


Screw Facebook

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: bereavement, humorous, technology,

Scientific Mastery

How convenient it is too see
thanks to Thomas Edison's scientific mastery.
What do you suppose he would think of us,
visiting some place like Las Vegas?

Poem Details | by Brian Davey |
Categories: anxiety, fear, science, technology,

Death Metal

Solid fused, joined heat flamed blue,
metallic ice cured new robotic shoe.
Shots in silence, unseen rapid fire,
enslaved micro machines for hire...

Artificially ignorant a mechanical demise,
bio adapted hand processed data of lies.
a recharged battery still has to die,
why is that robot waving to us good-bye???

Poem Details | by Nicholas Bello |
Categories: anger, angst, death of a friend, leaving, loss, repetition, technology,

Two Bit No Show

The two bit no shows
who fear what they don't know

The two bit no shows that won't believe
Because they think it too naive
As if they were made to misconceive

The two bit no shows that don't care
Like Baudelaire
Criticize and condemn without a second thought, so they declare

The two bit no shows that have no purpose
Search for it with a broken compass
Come up short, and deem life worthless

The two bit no shows
You are all fake
It's a competition
With no gains to make

Two bit no shows I'm sick of you
Everyone is fake
And I'm done playing
There's no purpose to it

By Nicholas A. Bello

Poem Details | by Assefa Dibaba |
Categories: age, allusion, culture, death, money, nostalgia, technology,

in need of social medicine

the old man sees a doctor:

I am sick

I am not sick 

I am old…

how are you sick?
the doctor asks 

see? why should I come 
if I knew how I’m sick?

no seer asks the what or the how 
I am sick
she knows it:
she tells what rituals to do 
and to heal fast and last 
I’d rather see a seer
and go home 
and stretch my legs 
to my coffin length… 

he staggers to walk out 
turns to the doctor 
speaks to the patients 
in the waiting room:

I am as alive 
as many of the living!

Poem Details | by K.S. LAKSHMI |
Categories: emotions, life, sympathy, technology,

I Saw Him Play

In this era of vicious technology,
Virtual existence and virtual relationships dominating people’s life,
In this phase of conversations through short-hand chats and electronic letters,
I saw him play, in the playground, with pebbles and sticks.


Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: culture, death, god, international, prayer, religion, technology,

We need a new God

It does not matter how much I pray
God does not give me the time of day
That "omnipotent" snot
Did not try to save squat
When my iPhone drowned yesterday!

Poem Details | by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: death, technology,

Technology's Price

Creating the future
  by killing the past

Techno Gomorrah
 —where nothing can last

(Villanova Pennsylvania: December, 2018)

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: death, god, history, technology,

Toot the horn

When a baby's born, we toot the horn
   When from this Earth we pass, we play taps

In between, horns herald Kings and Queens
   The onset of war, an ambulance or fire machine

Yet the grandest event at which trumpets sounded
   A historical nonpareil, which once majestically resounded  

Lies in tatters today -- abashed -- ashamed and ridiculed
   The Ten Commandments trivia questions, their genius overruled

Shouts of 'Liberty!' 'Equality!' 'Technology!' blasts of dystrophy and death
   Unbridled Anarchy blares her grim tidings ~ Divine Providence's last breaths

Poem Details | by Peter Hackwell |
Categories: death, technology,


140letterstotelltheworldaboutyou. Will it get you followed and become a global brand and be retweeted in some far off distant land?

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: eulogy, giggle, technology,

Eulogy for Programming Languages

Good old COBOL's stubborn, sure
High-level FORTRAN still endures

   Did not compute, that's why they fell

Poem Details | by Mark Koplin |
Categories: death, loss, technology, travel,

Deaths Revelation

I can now see the portal
From here to the next
My last tangible feel
Was my smashed phone with a text

That very instant before death
We must all patronize time
Please navigate wisely
and always stay between the lines

These electronics will intrigue you
each and every day
The fixation that they cause
Can leave you in a very bad way

This revelation from death
Now comes with a price
The spontaneous excitement that they bring
Can also take your life

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: confusion, death of a friend, mother son, technology,

Rest in Pieces

Mom, 'Keith' can't talk

  His body is breaking down

    ~ Can Keith 'die,' like we do?