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Death Poems About Terza Rima

Terza Rima death poems and poems about death for Terza Rima. Read and share these heartfelt Terza Rima death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Terza Rima Poems.

Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: body, death, humor, humorous,


I heard the squelch of death again -
or was it just a neuron firing
deep within my boggy brain,

or possibly a cell expiring
down amongst a mucus mess?
It could have been my heart perspiring

(that may be a thing I guess),
or, deep down in the adipose,
the squealing of a fat-lump pressed

to serve as fuel, and I suppose
it might have been a small mutation -
“Pop!” (we get a lot of those),

a bronchiole’s sharp inhalation,
“Hiss!” a membrane’s gooey breath,
a bile-duct’s bitter salivation...

Probably, it wasn’t death.

29 Mar 2019

Poem Details | by jay moore |
Categories: crazy, dark, death, evil, faith, god, self,

Scratching at my Soul

It had to be a dream
But so, so real
It did seem

And it did feel
Like everything in sight
Had it's own appeal

Oh how bright
Was the black
Of the night

Then the attack
From all around
Front and back

Unbelievable was the sound
Of pain's own cry
Even through the ground

Fight or fly
No! run and hide
Stay and die

Not hard to decide
It seems to be everywhere
Escape I tried

It didn't care
I could feel the cold, dead touch
Through my soul it did tear

The pain was much
More than anything
Unbearable or such

Fearing what it will bring
Resist, fight and pray
To the one and only King

I am not prey
Never have been
And not that day

Poem Details | by Mike Chomik |
Categories: christian, dark, death, god, growing up, lost, sympathy, death, death, life,

Underneath It All

Dark clouds crowd the sky, diminishing light
Eternally, the Flower, Death covers it
Not a Soul is left to shiver, Death is night

Death controls the life of Man, all Lovers
Known as the Dark Angel he comes and goes
All fear him, for that he gives no do-overs

He steals life as the wind quietly blows
There is no remedy, not even time
Only God knows that the soul truly owes

The Soul lasts until the last, final chime
No hope, No desire, time to feed the Fire
You go to Hell, with Satan you will dine

You can’t be saved with your Lover’s desire
Your Heart, Body, and Soul are now Fire

Poem Details | by Takashi Yanagi |
Categories: death, depression, life, loss, mother, sad, mother,

The Past

A migration to escape the past,
Just a mother and her son
Together on a journey that won’t last.

Coming to America, they thought they’d won,
For twelve years the start of a new life
Through sweat and struggle, overcoming the transition.

A mother soon to be a new wife
Contracted a disease so deadly,
She had to undergo the knife.

Leaving her son with a mournful melody
As she ascended that one lonely October morning,
Overwhelmed with bittersweet tears, so sad yet so heavenly.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: death, devotion, friendship, love,


I'm struggling to succeed and leave a name
anyone can admire and easily remember...  
when I'm no longer alive, but in a cold grave. 

All have seen a sweeter, kinder image of me:
generous, compassionate and tolerable...
but nobody has ever discovered the real me.

I changed myself to make you a better person;
I didn't make sacrifices to step in front of the line...
never thought of earning affection and admiration.

Poem Details | by Andrea Doherty |
Categories: beauty, cancer, grief, recovery from,


The first time you see 
The red strokes
Where your breasts used to be

You demonstrate the essence of confidence, don't you?
I am alive!
These scars reveal a survivor, isn't that true?

But with solitude comes the reveal
Fright and doubt
Afraid to say to the world what you really feel

And you put your grateful face out to the world and try
To look brave 
And let no one ever see you cry

I will heal and look better, so they say
But not today

Poem Details | by Daniel Carter |
Categories: death, nature,

The Warbler Choir

I commenced my day, sloshing through the acid rain.
I was met by an unfamiliar harmony.
(A sound that I stopped to entertain.)

A band of fledglings sang fervently,
(Singing and breathing the sooty air.)
I wondered about their joy, amidst such cruelty.

For the tree on which they lived had dry roots bare.
(Poisoned by IBM endeavors.)
When orders came forth from the head chair.

And the worker’s pulled the levers.
Into the water, alien substances were flung.
And as the tree drinks, the branch quivers.

I found it perplexing this tree to which they clung.
And I realized, my perceptions of joy were wrong,
For it was a dirge that they sung.

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, abuse, betrayal, child abuse, corruption, death, god,

Battle for middle earth

A voodoo doctor promotes death 
in an open arena to the living 
his crime is heresy killing of souls
This from his unholy ancient domain pride 
you are making a mockery of the words written 
on stone Thou shalt not kill 

He whom plays the fool in my eyes the beggar 
no good tools work in Irish politics
because if their was they would stand up and be counted

Poem Details | by Daniel Carter |
Categories: sin, sympathy,


He is a devil, the passerby remarked.
The other leered back with insidious frown.
Back to my home I embarked.

Hiking through this once great town.
The accuser and the accused looked alike.
The belfry with disdain looked down.

When I came to the end of my hike,
The image in the mirror was me.
Suddenly I remembered what the faces looked like.

Poem Details | by karra keehn |
Categories: death, mother, me, i love you,


It's been 13 years to the day,
 Since that car took you away.

I missed you then I miss you still,
 I talk about you often & always will.

I remember your laugh and your smile,
 I would give the world to hold you a while.

You never left I know your here,
 Me and the kids feel you near.

The ideal daughter I was not,
 The tears I cry are so hot.

Josh was a baby when you went,
Jacob came from heaven you sent.

Their teenagers now I hope you see,
But alone I'm not I have two Babies.

A mans stands beside me to,
 he's amazing and so good and true.

    I love you mum, You are so great...

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: death, lovetogether, , sweet love,

Goodbye Sweet Love

Silently, she lays there with the humming machines nearby.
Her listless body just waiting to finally release her spirit.
Blissfully, we shared happiness, but now must say good-bye.

I’ve one last thing to say to you and I hope you can hear it:
I thank you for everything you’ve done for and been to me
As we enjoyed life together – now death, you are so near it.

It’s okay now, my love, to let your soul go free.
Although I will miss you dearly, your suffering should end
But please, take your last breath knowing how I loved thee.

It’s so hard to say good-bye to you, my dearest, loving friend.
When my last breath I do take, we will be together once again.

Poem Details | by Robin Ray |
Categories: bereavement, boat, depression, hurt, loss, sea, suicide,

The Templed Heart

You've lost your mate one decade gone,
a longshoreman who bode his time
upon the seas from dusk till dawn.

Knew every route, when he should climb
the towering waves to safely ground
his skiff, bring men home in their prime

to families, lovers, safe and sound.
After those years spent in your arms,
to deal with him not being around,

you potter in an empty farm
where laughter used to scrape the sky.
Despondently, you sought to calm

your loneliness with Kentucky rye.
On certain days it's overdone,
like anniversaries. You sigh

about the past, thinking if the one
thing that can save you is a smoking gun.