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Death Poems About Tiger

Tiger death poems and poems about death for Tiger. Read and share these heartfelt Tiger death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Tiger Poems.

Poem Details | by Amaris Muriel Thomas |
Categories: allegory, animal, beauty, betrayal, christian, corruption, creation, environment, grief, murder, nature, tiger, tree, tribute,

The tigress' mark

She prowls the night
with clenched jaw and pride,
nothing able to smite
her remorseless stride.

The ominous reflection of moon 
shines forth from devouring eyes
of a nocturnal beauty spun on the loom
of the Creator's bid and sighs.

Grace moves her every limb
and she precedes an enraged scream
caused by ruins of a forest now grim
and held alive by all but one stream.

Her claws prophesy of vengeance 
though her heart yearns for reconciliation.
Yet now there would be no leniency 
for a soul's annihilation. 

Now on journeys through lush valleys and ashes
she will embark
until all that remains after furious thrashes
will be the tigress' mark.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: death, mystery,

The Lady or the Tiger

The Lady or the Tiger
Frank Stockton never said
   For if he'd ever told us
   His story'd've dropped dead

Poem Details | by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: death, life,

tiger riding

she rode a tiger's back
through a canopy of briars
beyond the speed of light
silent claws slashing night
the tiger tired of the game
and shook her to the side
panting over her bloodied life
it chuckled like all tigers do
just before severing all ties..
though starving it didn't feed 
it already took what it wanted 
the indigo from the bluest canopy
where dead birds never sing


Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: adventure, crush, sympathy, tiger,

Heavy Hombre-Cats Lifelike Harsh Hug

The other fantastic day,
I met my dear lovely friend,
A King of the Jungle
We hugged each other
Jasmine, the poet of crows was bushing
Her long black nib to write a honk style poem
Gag Gag Harsh Hug

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: animal, cat, death, mother, nursery rhyme, pets, tiger,

Who Killed the Cat

Who killed the cat? Not me!
I didn't do that, no siree.
I killed the bunny 
And thought it was funny
But didn't make the cat go splat.

Who killed the cat? Did you?
Fed her to the tiger in the zoo?
I killed your momma
Cuz you killed my lama
So did you kill the old cat too?

Who left the cat quite dead?
An arrow sticking through her head!
We all drove our minis
To run over guineas 
But who killed the cat instead?

Poem Details | by Gael Attal |
Categories: allegory, animals, death

Anniversary Of The Tiger

I carry crimson pain within my fur;
'Tis how my wretched stripes have come to be.
My motion swift as wind, my vision never blurred,
My stature mighty as the waves at sea.

I frown at camouflage, I need it not
For hiding is a trait built for the weak.
Through diligence and wit my prey is caught;
Through stringent fangs that hide a heart that's meek.

Auspicious silence e'er befriends my paws
To tread the lonely vicious jungle that is life.
A life sustained by keenness of my claws,
And by the bitter hatred of my strife.

In years gone by, my roar shall still be heard;
E'en when I die, and when my soul's interred.

Poem Details | by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: dark, death, soldier, tiger,

Let hell ensue

The out is gone, we're overrun, it's 50 to 1, there is no chance left.

The dogs of enemy bark outside the door, soon they'll enter without request

The choices here are fight and die or die with no protest.

Sergeant I know you'll stand your ground until your very last breath

This time we knew we'd face one day has come regardless of consequence 

Let hell ensue with gun and blade, we'll fight until we've nothing left

Duty commands our guns and knives, honour commands our very lives

Soldiers we are - we will face our death through tigers eyes.