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Death Poems About Vacation

Vacation death poems and poems about death for Vacation. Read and share these heartfelt Vacation death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Vacation Poems.

Poem Details | by Jennifer Laur |
Categories: best friend, death of a friend, missing you, social, soulmate, vacation,

A night spent with

To my Best friend Bridget.  She is still "the wind beneath my wings".

And through each hand 
It travels its path
Leaving behind a glazed eye
And disoriented  smile
That frees the soul

And the smokey room
An understanding
Of unimportant jokes
Sets her mind in laughter.

And the next one To "Come on down"
Can be you.
If you could win the showcase
Ah,What a dream.

And a pop tart
Can very well
Hypnotize your mind.

"Bangity Bang Bang"
Your dead
You sleepy head.

And the peace of mind
Smothers your face. 
Leaving an indescribable urge
To find the perfect pillow

Poem Details | by Stephen Kilmer |
Categories: vacation,

Dennys Death Breakfast

Swimming pools
And motel inns
A holiday with no end
Pull up the car
Empty the trunk
Leave the ice chest by the pool
Pop tops and a future on ice
Kids in bathing suits 
And Dad’s on guard
Mom’s sit and watch the kids
Dad’s talking *****about things they did
Till they pass out and the Mom’s take charge
Then it’s hang up the wet suits
And off to bed.
Sure hope Dad doesn’t snore to loud
Sunlight creeps between the blinds
And Dad is up searching for breakfast
So it’s down to the Denny’s and eggs for all
Another season another fall.

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: celebration, dedication, devotion, evil, farewell, happiness, how i feel, inspiration, inspirational, poetry, prayer, thanks, truth, vacation, writing,

A Eulogy To Poetry-Soup

I extol your virtues.

I lean back,exulting at 
your innovation and 
A dream come true-I 
salute you.
   I salute your inventive
   Paragon of excellence.
  An out-let for display of 
emotions and feelings in 
tangible form.
   Limitless quiver 
housing the enlightened
expanding arrows.
   Your ship of knowledge 
ferry talents from 
obscurity to lime-light.
Giving preference to no 
race or gender.
   I salute you sunlight of 
  A safe haven for 
wandering minds-
bringing imaginations to 
  Kudos! I pray:
  The spread of night 
shall not over-shadow.

Poem Details | by Geoffrey Best |
Categories: age, allegory, creation, death, history, mythology, vacation,

The Sunset Watchers

There was an old sort of people that once took to the beach
These old sort lived the beach and waited for the sunset
They were old as time itself for they never aged
They were of the beach and the beach was of them
They watched every sunset from time began
It was there eyes that made the sunset come and it was there sleep that brought about the night
They forever watched and always kept everyday holy
One day it was late and they were waiting for the sunset
It did not come and they wept
They disappeared into the night and were never seen again

Poem Details | by Chelci Biggs |
Categories: christian, death, heaven,

vacation in paradise

When I travel on, to what's next.
After laying my body, down to finally rest.
Don't be sad. For I am not forever gone.
I'm just on vacation, not accepting phone calls.
When it's your turn, to enter paradise.
I'll be there to greet you, with arms held opened wide.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: absence, cheer up, dream, grief, loss, mother daughter, vacation,


With Dad now gone
If I could I wish…
I would give you a world cruise
I wish I could…
Buy you a ticket for 
An endless trip around the world
Think of all the people you would meet
And the places you would see
I wish I could…
Help you check off all the items
On your bucket list
So you could reach the finish line
And say with assurance I did it all
I did it all and then some
I wish I could…
Make sure you never feel alone
As the years pass by
Dad being with you and
Always watchful from above
If I could I wish…

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Posted on November 6, 2017

Poem Details | by Dylan Goomansingh |
Categories: dark, death, paradise, vacation,

Paradise Parasite


The vacation spot to live
The spot to receive an alien in you


The sea is beautiful, the air is cool
The alien is inside you eating away


The alien is, in your brain, controlling you
Love the sounds, Love the Sea, Love the Breeze