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Death Poems About Veterans Day

Veterans Day death poems and poems about death for Veterans Day. Read and share these heartfelt Veterans Day death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Veterans Day Poems.

Poem Details | by Timothy Emmons |
Categories: bereavement, soldier, veterans day,

Still A Soldier

I lay here today a soldier
I know some don't understand
I will try to explain
So maybe you can

I served my country
For many a year
I retired long ago
The soldier still here

I put on my uniform
I wore it to foreign lands
The soldier I was
Is still in the man

I have been a husband, father, and friend
To some of you here
But I've been a soldier all along
Even after so many a year

My final salute
I render today
I'm still a soldier
I'm just on my way

Poem Details | by Jen Franks |
Categories: beauty, celebration, city, community, courage, culture, devotion, freedom, grave, identity, inspiration, inspirational, life, memory, nature, patriotic, people, political, power, september, symbolism, tribute, urban, veterans day, war, wisdom,

United Nations Plaza

Temperature dip
urban leaves turned
Autumn, sniffing around
for a place to settle
no Farmer's Market
in San Francisco today.

Poem Details | by Anna-Marie Docherty |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, character, conflict, death, dedication, education, emotions, endurance, feelings, freedom, grave, identity, image, life, lost, meaningful, memorial day, military, patriotic, peace, perspective, psychological, remember, remembrance day, soldier, veterans day, visionary, war, world war i, world war ii, write, writing,

Best foot forward

Front-line in depth of mortar
Whistling shells and screams of torture
Blood clot gurgles death bell tolls
Hell of pain in body enthrals
Danger rings apprehension stalls

Poem Details | by Johnny Martinez |
Categories: america, courage, death, dedication, freedom, heartbreak, hero, memorial day, soldier, tribute, veterans day, war,

A Gift of Freedom

Upon the deadly battlefield
Where honor's won and death is sealed
Brave soldiers stand their ground
Where all that counts, can there be found
Disciplined soldiers, fearless men
Never again to rise and fight again; 
They willingly gave their lives
Tis’ there blood’s megre sacrifice!
From the cries of fallen soldiers, bleedin’
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Poem Details | by Stephanie Weeks |
Categories: christian, courage, death, memorial day, veterans day,

Remembering 9-11

	Remember those who died for us,
Remember nine-eleven,
They left their families to save us,
They died and went to heaven.
	Remember the twin towers,
They once were there but now are gone,
Remember those who went to work,
Who never came home.
	Remember the God who gave us life,
Who can save us from death,
Remember He’ll never leave our side,
In sickness and in health.
	They left their family to save us,
They died and went to Heaven,
Remember those who died for us,
Remember nine-eleven.

Poem Details | by John Paluszek |
Categories: death, family, goodbye, grief, loss, love, memorial day, memory, miss you, nostalgia, pain, soldier, sorrow, veterans day, war, child,


Running, after more than you, can hold.
Taking, someone else’s love, and leaving.
Children are fearful of what they’re told.

Can’t you see I’m the one who’s freezing?
I was just a child with a trinket 
Never knowing that it’d be, more to me

When you were gone to, too far, from me.
Steady with your hands close to my heart
Never letting our world’s tear us apart

I know, your icicles 
I miss the beaches that we played on
You missed the child in your own eyes

Now you’re gone, 
But I’m still not here.
Why can’t you wake up 

I’m not ready
Please, just take your time, don’t leave now
I can’t fight this world alone.

Poem Details | by Carrie White |
Categories: death, god, goodbye, peace, veterans day, war,

If you care

If you care
Nothing changes
When God takes
you for a walk
The fallen stay
on the battlefield
Then a stranger
holds your hand 
And says "If you 
want peace, prepare 
for war"
Behind the curtain
Final moments
& a fatal goodbye

Another poem inspired by the new poems page. Written with titles from other poems. This is for Veterans Day.

Poem Details | by Janis Thompson |
Categories: death, military, soldier, veterans day,

The Wall

The Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Here is the silence of death.
Two acres of cherished names, 1959 to 1975,
Moore, Johnson, Lopez, Jones……
stare back at your reflection from glossy, mirrored granite.
Screams are quiet now as fingers touch lost lives.


Poem Details | by jeffery scott |
Categories: death, men, pain, strength, veterans day, violence, war,


i wittnessed a war just yesterday,
being the reason for much dismay,
i'm sorry for all the death and blood,
and all the soldiers in the mud,
i wish i could stop it just can't be done,
i'll need everybody including a nun,
i'll need jesus to forgive our sins,
that knock us down like bowling pins,
i'll need everybody to read this poem,
in hopes that all the soldiers get back home.

Poem Details | by Albert Powers |
Categories: veterans day,


DA NANG, 1968: THE DANCE OF DEATH That night I watched the muted flashes Reflected off low somber clouds And heard the muted rumble Of distant artillery As if a storm were approaching. And I knew that somewhere In the jungled hills out there Uniformed figures flailed the air In grotesque dances of death Engulfed by flames Shredded by shrapnel. While I, weary beyond caring Thought only of blessed sleep Perhaps tomorrow or the days after that I too would dance the dance of death And then could rest forever.

Poem Details | by Susan Gentry |
Categories: absence, dark, death, heartbroken, i miss you, loss, memory, veterans day,

Your Absence

Along the edge of a thought when I awaken, or In memories, the moment I realize there are no more Together since birth... separated by death All that remains is a fragment of life... Unaffected by your absence. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Written 2-25-2016 For 'Fragment of Life' Contest sponsored by Broken Wing Fourth Place For 'CONTEST NO 420, ANY FORM OR NONE, ANY THEME, UP TO A MAX OF 20 LINES' Sponsored by Brian Strand Fifth Place

Poem Details | by Dominic Wiebersch |
Categories: death, earth, flying, grief, soldier, veterans day, violence,


A Cognitive Dissonance

We love the blossoms beauty 
We ask only for the beauty to grow.
Yet we war and destroy the blossoms
More surely than the snow.

We war and claim to love the earth
We war and poison the dirt
That produces the withered blossom
That produces the wilted blossom

We listen to the music to lighten our hearts
Then we go to war and destroy our ears
So we can n o longer hear the music start
Wee war forever and ever for years

Dominic James Wiebersch.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: tribute, veterans day,

Dad Died Serving Country

Dad Did Die

Why was it really meant to be?
Dad did die serving his country
Me and my family are left alone
Each day when the sun had shone.

I am still so lonely each night
And sad tears off have to fight
Never receiving a one last kiss;
Him forever will always miss.

It is now another Veterans Day again;
My dad was one of many mighty men
Who for country had given his all
And for him one day God did call.

James Serious Mysterious Horn
Bolivia, NC Name of Father
Arthur Frederick Horn, CPO, AOC, USN
USS Aircraft Carrier Intrepid CVA-11
Killed on August 8th, 1956

Poem Details | by dewayne coleman |
Categories: america, dark, death, dedication, military, political, veterans day,

The Land I Love

This is my declaration,
This is where I take my stand,
A Citizen, a Veteran ,A Grown *** Man
The things I see daily
Came as a total surprise,
A President with no Integrity,
Everyday spouting new LIES,
A Congress that should balance,
Everyday closes its eyes,
A Congress that should check ,
Everyday tells me pigs fly,
If I cant trust those that lead,
Then what options are left,
MAY My Strength be My WEALTH.
May the training I was provided,
See me through the coming storm,
May the blood of my former leaders

Poem Details | by JW Nugent |
Categories: angst, bereavement, dark, death, destiny, devotion, history, march, memorial, memorial day, military, soldier, sorrow, veterans day, war,

Essay On Drums


The drum sounds slowly its cadence
the beat, beat, beat marks a march
and through the air reverberates.

The tramp of a company at quick time,
arms pumping with machine precision,
a rigid jerky movement of elbows.

The thump of rotating Huey blades
as they back stroke the air;
gingerly alighting on a hot LZ.

The staccato stutter of rifle fire
indiscriminately searching the earth
laughingly playing hard games of tag.

The grieving hearts at graveside
waiting the echoing bugle call
while the flag is ritually folded.

Sound slowly this cadence
for the eons of history
the drums of war reverberate.

Poem Details | by victor nwakanma |
Categories: death of a friend, earth, vanity, veterans day, words,


Beside marble fancied grave stones
You waste your time
Snoring on your bed was the best usage
Rather than for charity you spend on flowers
To lavish on empty graves
Soliloquizing, longing to be heard or felt
Kneeling before nothing, shedding tears
Oh so unfortunate it is all vanity

How can you be so fooled? Regarding your stature
If the dead can hear, why bury them
Why do they lay still, could they be acting?
Dead memories are imaginary, not real, so can’t be cherished
Stand up and go home
Their you’ll find bunches of living memories
 you wont have to cry but smile.

Poem Details | by Rhoda Tripp |
Categories: death, military, nostalgia, veterans day,

He Played for Hours

As a child he played with an Erector set. Career choice, military cadet. Mom tried with all her powers. "Come home. Build towers." On the phone, Hours. At gravestone, Tears like rain showers. The war was Eisenhower's. One thing his mom will never forget; As a child he played with an Erector set.

Poem Details | by John Conde |
Categories: conflict, death, evil, fear, usa, veterans day, war,

Times of War

In times of a war 
When death is
Knocking at your door
And people get desperate
It's always the poor
That need the most protection 
But once the bodies hit the floor
Their safety gets neglected

Poem Details | by Esha Sharan |
Categories: courage, death, poetry, veterans day, war,


No dulcet it was
cries of peace amidst gunfire
shells and smoke lingered.

Poem Details | by Trevor McLeod |
Categories: appreciation, dedication, eulogy, remembrance day, sorrow, veterans day, war,

To Add A Remembrance Day Poem

I remember them fighting
Their death no more bad
I remember them needing
where life left them sad

I remember their calling
for right that was had
I remember them loving
what life meant to add

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: veterans day, war,

Death Was an Awakening

Yes death was an awakening 
We did not realize we carried it with us
Until our smiles were wiped clean
And the laughter had stopped

It did not take long.
Vietnam was life game changer
We had been thrust into jungles
As GI Joe’s, ready to kick some butt

Instead, we were the ones being kicked.
As trigger explosions were going off and our friends were dying
We realized that death was waking us up
Begging for our full attention which we gave

For there is nothing like the horrors of war
To shake an eighteen-year-old out of his cocoon of innocence
To take his invincible attitude and twist it behind his back.
War is hell and death is the rude awakener 

Poem Details | by angela woodward |
Categories: america, death, freedom, remembrance day, soldier, veterans day, war,


I see row after row of sleeping soldiers
Sleeping underneath crosses as I try and keep my composure
As I look around I’m transported somewhere
Where there’s bodies scattered on the ground
The sounds of gunfire and yelling surrounds me 
As I look out on the battle scene
The scent of blood is in the air
And I wish I was elsewhere
As I look out on this nightmare
All I can do is think of the lord’s prayer
And as I’m transported back to Arlington
I hear the sound of 21 shots being shot from a gun.

Poem Details | by George Clever |
Categories: america, freedom, grief, history, memorial day, military, veterans day,

The Real Wars We Fight

The Real Wars We Fight
By George W. Clever-----29 August 2020

The wars we all fight are mainly in our head, heart and soul. 
This old Marine fights with the memories of the young Marine.
His heart bears the pain of mistakes made.
His soul begs for forgiveness.
That is his real war service.