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Death Poems About Voice

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Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: death, emotions, fear, forgiveness, freedom, lost love, metaphor, sorry, voice,


Many voices from the past,
Always echoing in my head,
How long can it last,
I thought you were dead.

You always tell me what to do,
So I don't make a mistake,
Somehow you always knew,
How many I could make.

Because once I hurt you,
And you'll never let me forget,
But what can I do,
You're not quite dead yet.

Why won't you leave me alone,
Will you never forgive me,
I wish I could atone,
Please, just let me be.

The hollow echo of your voice,
Will linger on forever,
You've given me no choice,
It'll never stop, ever.

The sound of you used to make me smile,
But now it tortures me,
I will always be in denial,
So an end I'll never see.

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: evil, grief, life, loss, relationship, symbolism, voice,

She Gazes Back At Her Path Of Destruction

She Gazes Back At Her Path Of Destruction

Stir-fried, blackened hand that stole many hearts
well-done, the fleshy flesh that tastes so good.
Like a fleeing animal that jumps and darts
love and live forever if only she could.

In fright, scared of stiff, boring boredom
a queen fluffing up for the next throne.
Her smile could win any kingdom
Her cuts gash so deep--down into bone.

She gazes back at her path of destruction
another heart in her black crushing hand.
Misery, depression, pain- her sweet elation
clawed feet in the pit of hell, there she stands.

Let the dead now hear, her anguishing cries
as bolted justice now descends from clear skies.

R.J. Lindley,

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: city, dance, dark, death, evil, sleep, voice,


Like a secret confided with his last breath
Dangling from his every syllable
He draws me near whispering in my ear
Reaches in to the depths of my soul
He holds my beating heart
In the palm of his cold hand
The demons lurk in the thick murky fog
On my walk at dusk thru an ill lit park
They toy with the last moments before sunrise
While the city seems to still sleep
I’ve said my goodbyes to the tune of violins
Withered brittle leaves stir as death circles
Cold winds whirl and no one sees my tears
I’ve swayed to my last waltz
I can finally forget the insomnia that has me
In the grip of darkness devoid of guiding star

AP: ranked 3rd 2020

posted on April 30, 2019

Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: abuse, addiction, adventure, age, betrayal, body, boyfriend, brother, conflict, confusion, courage, culture, death, forgiveness, fun, high school, how i feel, inspirational, life, loneliness, lonely, loss, lost, murder, mystery, paradise, psychological, racism, rights, stress, teen, teenage, time, voice, wisdom, words, world, write, youth,

Happiness in a Wrong way

Happiness in a Wrong way – Zamreen Zarook

In the notion of seeking happiness,
I thought of stepping in to nonsense,
I dream I could find success,
But I had only little access.

Every attempt that I lend,
It was an utter failure at the end,
My life was full of difficult bend,
But God is always there as a good friend.

My deeds travel in various ways,
Some times in subways,
Or in times it goes in highways,
But I had the belief, God is there always.

North and south families surrounded,
East and west friends are rounded,
Every time fear on death soughed,
I am trapped, and my merits are loaded.

Poem Details | by Rev. Dr. Samuel Mack OMS DD |
Categories: adventure, age, angel, beautiful, bible, earth, emotions, faith, family, farewell, fruit, funeral, travel, trust, truth, uplifting, visionary, voice, voyage, wisdom, world, writing,

My Time Has Come

My Time Has Come

My time is over here in this body
I am being called home as my work is done here
I hear my Lords voice calling me home
Although I know I will miss this old world 
With all that I have seen and done
All the People I have met and talked to
My body can go on no more for it has reached it’s time

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright 2013

Poem Details | by shane solomon |
Categories: death, life, people, sad, social

Pro Choice Without a voice

My seed, I must admit I never even once wanted
Sitting unreallisticaly, at a doctors office
Waiting for my name to be called and to terminate this

Poem Details | by Nurudeen Olaniran |
Categories: africa, business, corruption, discrimination, eulogy, violence, voice,

Haiku 16: Bokoharam

'Boko Haram' is not an enemy.
It's a subject in an economy
of a corrupt country.

Poem Details | by Dominique Jon Apple Webb |
Categories: bereavement, character, courage, cry, dad, death, deep, children, freedom, grandparents, grief, heart, heartbreak, hero, history, horror, humanity, light, loss, peace, political, psychological, remember, remembrance day, rights, soldier, strength, success, truth, uplifting, voice, war, work, world, world war i, world war ii,

My Life for Yours

(about the two wars)

I gave my life for you, 
My grit was your prosperity, 
So that you could do. 

I swallowed at the task, 
Girded myself bravely, 
Prepared to have a mask. 

When self-awareness engulfed, 
And loneliness overcame, 
Determination was loved. 

I fought a man every time, 
I faced the thwarting enemy, 
No easy game of mine. 

I strove to either succeed,
Or to sacrifice my everything, 
But the opposition to impede. 

I thought of family and you, 
Freedom and liberty, 
And the rightness of the two. 

Poem Details | by Akash ripper |
Categories: death, emotions, god,

I hear your voice

i hear your voice in solitude
when all outward forces seize
and inward forces burst out in multitude
and all my hardships ease.

i want to hold your hand forever,
and would be with you
but waiting for you here, but none deter
hopeful but eyes dew.

purple riot in my heart
which stay here for long
after disturbing it then depart
and then merrily sing plaintive song.

paying here for all my merriment
which i have deduced in past
now only it provide consolement
when i cry at last.

life i love you very much
and always want to embrace you
but you leave no occasion as such
so that i can amaze you.

Poem Details | by D.A Hopkins |
Categories: abuse, betrayal, confusion, corruption, courage, cry, dark, deep, desire, destiny, devotion, dream, evil, fear, feelings, for her, forgiveness, heartbroken, horror, how i feel, i am, life, loneliness, lonely, loss, me, meaningful, missing you, mother, night, old, pain, passion, people, poems, poetry, recovery from, sorrow, sorry, strength, stress, sympathy, trust, violence, voice, writing,


I wake up with another tear for I have again, relived the nightmare will it ever leave me with any way to see when will I again be able to see my family the past is forgiven so why is it still living my heart was so broken but soon after it was frozen let it lie and the past die for I have a life to live with but the past is still being relived how do I stop this past of torture so I can find my new future

Poem Details | by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: abuse, beauty, betrayal, death, jealousy, love, voice,

Acid Attack Victim

Acid Attack This is what I looked like You may say beautiful, kind and sweet This is the ugly pig people warned me about I turned it down It took its revenge of his honor tainted Ruined my life to a degree The rush of revenge upon me Finding a way to ease my pain Chopped and sold its flesh I’ll never be the same again But a bit of relief To all the beautiful ones out there Seek justice Never think your alone Revenge

Poem Details | by Ashleigh Johnson |
Categories: angel, dark, death, dream, friendship, funeral, loss, pain, heart, dog, voice, dog, heart, me, voice,

Dead Girl

Whose voice is that i think i know
Her voice is soft like the soft winds blow.
She skips with glee as she grows near.
Her skin is pale, as white as snow.

My dog beside me, finds it *****
To see her now after a year
Between two trees down by the lake.
The time she died was just last year.

My dog beside me starts to shake
To see this trick is a mistake
The tears that fall as i start to weep
Of deepest sorrows, my heart it aches

The feeling of grief it cuts me deep
But she will stay in my heart to keep
And as i cried i fell asleep
And as i cried I fell asleep

Poem Details | by Gwendolyn Coffey |
Categories: abuse, death, depression, suicide, violence, voice,

It Was Me

You were taken to soon.
Ripped away from us.
You knew it was our final goodbye.
But the truth was hidden.
With a tear in your eye,
There was one last goodnight hug.
I wiped away the tear,
Then smiled and walked away.
By the time of the morning light
It was already too late.
You were gone and to a better place.
Never knew of your acknowledged your pain.
Of your suffering
Sometimes I wonder,
"If I only cared more
Would you still be here?
If I only hurt less,
Would you still be here?"
I'd deny it if I could.
But inside we both know,
I am the reason
You went away.

Poem Details | by Bellantony De Mertens |
Categories: death, hope, sad,

The voice we echo.

When we die we turn to stone,
we rise and fall but not alone.
Our screams will drop and start to fade,
but never will it turn to shade.

You will echo your deaths own voice,
for there are those that have no choice.
So when you think you cannot cope,
keep there thoughts with love and hope.

We live in fear for those we care,
and curse at life and say its not fair.
Now heed these words,it serves thee well,
its for our kin,the brothers who fell.
Calm your mind,they passed for you,
so you can learn and start a new.

Poem Details | by shannon snyder |
Categories: death, thank you, me, peace, voice, me, peace, voice,

thank you for saving me.

please don't take me,
i'm not ready to go.
as the light swirls around me, 
i feel my heart start to slow.
it feels like waves crashing on me,
sweeping me up, letting me flow.
the noise around me starts to fade.
the silence cutting like a blade.
i realize i'm no longer awake.
i hear someone yelling "come back"
my body starts to quake.
i start to drift again, the peace over coming me.
the voice cracks though the silence.
i wake in a mountain of debris.
 peace fades and pain takes over.
i'm afraid to open my eyes. afraid of what i'll see.
that voice chanting "thank God" brings me back.
thank you jesus, for that voice.
i'm not sure who's it was, but they saved my life.

Poem Details | by nur holis |
Categories: death, earth, journey, life, time, voice, world,

An Endless Journey

Waking up in the morning
Back to keep time

They never stop counting down
Never wonder why life to death, and otherwise

Life is an endless journey
Yesterday and future, pass away and raise up

Lines and curves
Are only imaginary

Life is puzzling, afterlife is moreover

But Lines and curves
Are only imaginary
Mind and soul may strike them
To find an absolute answer

Life is an endless journey

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, abuse, conflict, future, grave, truth, voice,

Sinn Fein traitors

No longer do they represent or even come close to Catholic values 
they turn their back on those of us held loyal 
with spiritual morals unable to address it as is
Murder to stand and promote supporting such an act cardinal sin 
They no longer are a republican party lets straighten that point up
beginning and end as they have removed freedom from their banner 

Death it comes with a price where history will speak of this treachery 
turning against the law of God passed on to us by Patrick 
they are the new age occult rising pagans against the cross

Poem Details | by Abdel latif Moubarak |
Categories: africa, arabic, cry, death, goodbye, heart, voice,


Try to death experience
You dead in a thousand of your poems
And each poem
Your soul is bleed

Try to death experience
To write a new poem
Letters tears
Which mixed back?
Although laughs, 
Which you planted hearts

Have you arranged for us a new surprise?
When your soul packed
With all falsehood surroundings
What aura pain of the death?

Try to death experience
You dead in a thousand of your poems

Poem Details | by Vincent Flannery |
Categories: birth, courage, grief, horror, voice,

Never Stood a Chance

From day one you were never meant to be
Your life taken by a man made decree
And without a parent to even care
I know I know, life ain't fair

For the appointment has already been made
With no hope of your execution being stayed
For in this land you have no legal right
I know I know, I understand your plight

And thus tomorrow will be your last day
As your own mother will be the one to betray
And thus the worst is yet to come
I know I know, I too feel numb

Yet I see this you already knew
Being so tiny yet sensing what is true
Neither of us are able to understand why
I know I know, I too want to cry

Poem Details | by Dont GiveIn |
Categories: absence, emotions, grief, voice,


In pain there I laid,
many all came
rushing to my aide,
my eyes blurred and to no avail could I see,
but yours was the face I searched for
yours was the face I wanted besides me,
Whisked away unsure of my fate
where were you on 
that tragic day?
Chaos around
laying in the bed with fear
you didn’t come
you never came anywhere near there.
I wanted your hand to hold..
I wanted your eyes to look in..
To hear your voice
be for whatever it may..
I wanted your lips to whisper 
the lies telling me everything would be “okay”

Poem Details | by jason jarrell |
Categories: birth, death, power, self, strength, voice, wisdom,

A loose noose- octodil

In my  head   will 
In my  heart   fire 
My silence is my  strength 
I  will   take  this  and   go 
You've  taken  this vessel strangers
My  spirit   will   live   on  in you
 fire   will   ignite  silence
My  voice   will   dry   all  tears

Jason Jarrell - Tarot Cards- 2/5/2015

   The hanged man

Poem Details | by Connie Moore |
Categories: grave, soldier,

Voice of The Unknown Soldier

 Voice of the Unknown Soldier

 Do You Perhaps Remember Me?
 Somehow I Hope You Do.
 I'd Hate to Think You Don't  Care
 That I Gave My Life for You.

 You Don't Think That Possible?
 I Don't Even Know Your Name,
 But it doesn’t Make Any Difference
 I Died for Your Sake, Just the Same.

 You're Here to Pay Your Respects,
 And You Know I Never Grew Any Older
 But I'm Glad You Care Enough to Visit,
 The Grave....Of the Unknown Soldier

 Connie Moore

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: age, bereavement, emotions, feelings, grief, loneliness, voice,

A Thin Line


Spontaneous, Unexpected

Gurgling, Bubbling, Bursting

Children, Grandmas, Curtains, Funeral

Hurting, Suffering, Resenting

Lonely,  Painful


Poem Details | by Joel Thornton |
Categories: autumn, death, depression, love hurts, sorrow, voice,

Broken way


None of this ever even mattered
There was never any real 'happily ever after'
In our future
In our fields
Our grapes have soured
There is no strength against
 The decay of love, the wilting of flowers
Seasons turning their wheels

Every action you take, each step closer to an end
Every breath and each sound you make
Leads us back to the place we began

My love is now a stigma. Since yours wilted away
My confidence gone. Your presence lacking any blame

You are still the same
I was foolish to think you have changed
In only thirty days.
You have no need, now I fall useless to you.
A failure, in total shame.

I am autumns decay
I am the broken way.

Poem Details | by max ortiz |
Categories: death, hate, loneliness, repetition, sorrow, suicide, voice,

A Taste of the Noise in a Suicidal Head

You are worthless
even if you do your best.
The world without you
won’t feel any less.

You are worthless.
You are a mess.
In this world you’re just a grain,
it won’t matter, even if you feel pain.

You are worthless
even if you do your best.
She can’t even remember your name.
All your efforts went in vain.

You are worthless
even if they tell you “you are blessed,”
for you can’t even make her love you
after doing all that you can do.

You are worthless.
You are a mess.
Just take the knife
and go end your life.