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Death Poems About Wedding

Wedding death poems and poems about death for Wedding. Read and share these heartfelt Wedding death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Wedding Poems.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, evil, grief, heartbroken, lost love, wedding, winter,


whimsical windswept whiteness 
wedding weekend wanderlust
willowy wonderland waltz
wrongfully weathered woe
wintry wishful whispers
wrestling woodland wintertide

welcome waxen wallflower
weeping wheezy widow
whimpering wholeheartedly
wrangling worthless worries
wanton wretched wrongdoing
wedged within wickedness

Submitted on December 7, 2020 for contest ALLITERATION sponsored by EVE ROPER

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Originally posted on October 23, 2018

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: death, husband, wife, wedding, me, wedding,

Wedding dress

(This is a fictional poem)

I stare at your wedding dress because that's all I have left of you.
You broke my heart when you died back in 2002.
Tears come to my eyes and they roll down my cheeks.
You were one in a million, you were truly unique.

You always made people happy even when they were sad.
All that keeps me going are the memories of the years that we had.
As I stare at your wedding dress, I feel so much misery within.
You ruined me for all other women, I'll never fall in love again.

Poem Details | by Samantha Cook |
Categories: anniversary, birth, death, love, memory, time, wedding,

A little clock face

It has memory's 
It has anniversary s
It has deaths
It has  births
It has a lot for a little clock face.
It has weddings
It has dates
but above all else it stop us from being late.

Poem Details | by humble b |
Categories: daughter, depression, family, father, children, friendship, funeral, health, hope, husband, imagination, inspirational, life, lost love, love, nature, passion, peace, religion, romance, social, wedding, wife,


Love is as love does Peace begets peace; happy day Unconditional

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: angst, black african american, cowboy-western, death, imagination, life, natural disasters, nature, on work and working, philosophy, political, visionary, war, wedding, life, world, life, time,

Only The Strong Will Survive

God gives not peace, it's only dreamt by man,
in all the world ,brought from catastrophe,
all things are made, since time was first began
by things upheaved so new life comes to be.

The weak must fail, be eaten by the strong,
and losers die the death along the way,
so new life grows, even if it is wrong,
there is no time the poor will have to play.

The lion who will lay down with the lamb,
will have a feast before the day is done,
and all the world will never give a damn,
nor care about the giants and their fun.

        The hunter takes his aim and fells the dove
          the weak in life are only dreaming of.

Poem Details | by Nitesh Aggarwal |
Categories: childhood, death, family, funny, husband, wedding, wife,

Roman Wedlock

A baby, pious, was born by aide
He named it Gaias, and felt like a jade
While he cried,
Cause mommy died.
His wife hired yet another maid. 

Poem Details | by Sara Chansarkar |
Categories: anniversary, death,

Wedding Anniversary

hair a bun
with couple loose strands
solitaire around her slim neck
for Anniversary dinner at their seafood place
lost in a concoction of his adoring gaze, music, Merlot and blackened salmon 

the door
she answers
her knees buckle down
mascara runs down in rivers
dressed in black, holding lilies, head hung low—there stands  mom
darling,lets visit his grave before dark—mom says to flooded eyes in an ashen face

Written on:07/21/2016
Contest:'Two Stanzas-Two Only' by Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Caroline Youngless |
Categories: daughter, death, education, family, father, funeral, husband, life, love, mother, wedding, wife,

Bells and Cries

A lovely lady;
Growing inside, a new life.
A man in a tux.

Another bell rings now.
Final grades, balanced college offers,
Off to another adventure.

Damp ground, headstones.
Growing inside, a new life,
Done with their adventures.

-Caroline Youngless

Poem Details | by Sharon Smith |
Categories: death, father, loss, love, wedding, me, me,

My Special Day

I wish you could be there,
On my special day,
To be there when I wake up,
To hold me in your arms,
To whisper words of advice.

I wish you could be there,
On my special day,
To kiss my cheek,
To straighten my veil,
To tell me I’m beautiful.

I wish you could be there,
On my special day,
To help me out of the car,
To walk with me down the aisle,
To give me away.

But I know you’ll be there,
In the most important place,
Kept safely in my heart,
And in the hearts of our family,
And I know you’d be so proud,
On my special day.

7 November 2012

Poem Details | by L.A Thomson |
Categories: animal, creation, death, earth, nature, symbolism, wedding,

Human, Nature

The paws twinkled like a lively raven.
Tails shook like proud nightingales.
Why does the hoof disappear?
Why does the bill stop?
All cubs accelerate bewildered, hungry.

Plain, glamorous songbird
Comes out from behind the moon.
The cold beak sings the sad song
Of hollow wedding bells.

The darting hound,
Hunt calmly like the quite hoof,
Catch swiftly like the dead mule,
Oh, inglorious chase.

Why does the cattle die?
Shook roughly
in cruel reality
Till it cries out
Goodbye, Delight!

Poem Details | by Gerald Webb |
Categories: history, romance, sympathy, wedding,

Fall from grace

Sparkle from a whitened tooth a seamless movement of pace, enslavement in catholic youth buried under a veil of lace. Elegance from a pearl white gown truth hidden from her face, under a studded crystal crown, in slender and with grace. Dreams of a forever and ever. An eternity set for revamp, taunted by a death of a ghost images of an ivory camp long life and regal host (Princess Charlene Lynette Wittstock)

Poem Details | by Lei Strauss |
Categories: death, wedding, , romantic love,

Day After The Wedding

Yesterday was a promise
Till death do us part
That wedding kiss
Was my favorite part.

So we had last night
A memorable one
We made romantic love
So we became one.

I woke up this morning
With your unforgettable kiss
Prepared breakfast
With two cups of tea.

You went outside
To freshen yourself
Heard a bang in street
I was out of myself.

Saw you lying
On a dusty floor
Blood was everywhere
Scream was all around.

Unbelievably sad
I’m alone again
You left me too fast
How tragic is our end.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: cancer, grief, husband, i miss you, memory, wedding,


I miss you darling. Our wedding photo stares at me from its silver frame. I lovingly stroke your face, wishing it were for real. Terminal cancer tore you from my arms, but you live in my heart till the day I die. Contest Form F Sponsored by Broken Wings *real counted as 1 syllable as per soup counter – how many syllables shows 2 01~26~17

Poem Details | by Abder Derradji |
Categories: analogy, death, funeral, marriage, metaphor, music, wisdom,

A Silent Wedding

Marriage is a funeral with music,
And death is a silent wedding,
Divorce is a sad journey,
With a one way ticket and no return,
Beauty ages with time,
And becomes ugly,
Body flesh loosens,
Dies and rottens,
But voice comes from a soul,
And this is rightly eternal,
So live by decree and endorse it
On this parchment, and leave
Something behind,
That one day, 
One will remember you,
When your words, voice is mentioned.

Poem Details | by Jennifer Phillips |
Categories: marriage, religion, religious, rights, spiritual, wedding, wisdom,

'Till death us do part

It's easy to kill
a relationship.
-don't talk!

It's easy to kill a relationship.
-Don't walk 

Scan the grass on  the other side.
It's always greener
-from a distance!
Choose separate paths.
Travel alone
or build a home
away from home.

Don't give!
Stand on your right!
Paint a black picture.
a reputation. 
Tear your own house down.

It's easy to kill a relationship
and sometimes.....
it's just as easy
to build it!

Poem Details | by Dorian cox |
Categories: death, lost love, sad, wedding, me, me,

My Lonely Soul

You made me see who you really are,
and the worst one so far.
But I leave this world cold and lonely,
I have these five words for you only.
I hate you forever now,
and that is all that matters anyhow.
Why did you leave me unhappy and depressed,
and I bet you knew all the rest.
Dont worry and trust me for what Im about to say,
my soul is here to haunt you and its here to stay.
You can run but you cant  hide,
from your lonely souled bride who died.

Poem Details | by jospeh z/ lord-vile dupuis |
Categories: dedication, devotion, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, holiday, hope, inspirational, life, loss, lost love, love, passion, peace, people, pets, philosophy, romance, social, sympathy, time, wedding, workmay,

a day to be mindful of

have you ever had that perfect day?
the day when no matter what the world can seem to do no wrong?
when everything seems right?
savour it i tell you!
cherish every last moment of it for tommorow may not be the same,
for you see though you may have one good day,
 many bad days filled with dark emotions shall follow,
however you see,
even though your in a bad spot,
youve had good times,
many of them too,
and nothing on earth,
not evan death can remove them from you,
for moments may last a second,
but memorys last forever.

Poem Details | by Gael Attal |
Categories: allegory, death, wedding

The Wedding

He had brought me flowers.
roses. They were
darkest red.

Church bells tolled from behind
with golden sound;
bittersweet bittersweet.

He came to me, dressed in black;
in black with flowers
in his hand

roses. They were darkest red like
exotic dancers
adorned with crimson leaves.

A crowd was there;
people I knew
some were crying.

A man of God was there as
well. Reading from his book
of God. But

All I could see was him
dressed in black;
in black with flowers.

Poem Details | by Christopher Reilley |
Categories: age, family, fun, funeral, funny, wedding,

You Are Next


Wedding coat finery
covering my wretched dismay.
After pinching cheeks
aunties would always say,

“You are next!”
as if saying made it so.
Countless times it happened
no matter how often I said no.

Until I discovered how to stop it
using this little ironic gem;
now when I see them at family funerals
I started saying it to them!

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: books, boy, caregiving, dream, endurance, eve, giving, grief, hope, immigration, independence day, lust, ocean, parody, truth, usa, wedding,

Ms Margerine

Of what you know to be beautiful
never becomes a real thought,

of how you seek it out-
the lessoning of everything combined,

sanctimony as tree's can do when they listen to one another,

serious mistaken identities are just like the reason you came here was to die completely.

Poem Details | by M.P. Shaudd |
Categories: emotions, feelings, grief, heartbreak, love hurts, sorrow, wedding,

Dance in Your Honor

If I could take back
What we didn't share
The dance in your honor
With everyone there

I would have paid it in gold
To drink you all in
But one problem remained
The dance had to end

I'd have to pass you along
Onto someone else
Break free from my feelings
Repressed not in stealth

I'd get back in line
And do it again
But the pain I would feel
When it came to an end


If I leave of this earth
Know my intentions were true
May my first dance in Heaven
Be reserved just for you

Poem Details | by lalala lalala |
Categories: adventure, animals, confusion, daughter, death, education, faith, fear, food, forgiveness, friendship, funeral, funny, happiness, health, holiday, hope, mystery, natural disasters, wedding, work,


once there was an old man on a lane
he always had many cats
then he took a train
and went down another lane

Poem Details | by Abdul Malik |
Categories: love hurts,

Grave Wedding Vows

Happy is he who with foresight
Weds the woman of a grave site--
Six feet under who coolly repose,
Obedient, and least of all to divorce.

Never will she wake
Your life miserable to make,
Never will she whine
to venture out and dine.

Content to wear a cotton shroud,
She'll not fret and talk back aloud;
Dead quiet, not one to nag you ever
for a wardrobe of silk, satin and fur.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise
To find some peace before your demise;
Aware was He who made the woman
Only to restrain the free spirit of man!

Poem Details | by Jocelyn Clark |
Categories: anniversary, confusion, death, fear, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, life, lost love, romance, sad, wedding, wife, heart, heart,

Blinded on My Wedding Day

Convince that you are the one for me.

Persuaded that I am the one you need.

Deceived that you desire my love.

Refused to see the truth so I wait.

Believing that your heart is not filled with hate.

I cry for my Heart that I am not confused.

Praying to God that I am not just being used.

Blinded by the, Yes I will marry you!

Consumed by the, Will you marry me?

Walking down the aisle to meet my groom, didn't realize it was the day of my doom! 

Oh! What can I say. Blinded on My wedding Day.

Poem Details | by Nayda Ivette Negron |
Categories: love, wedding,

Till Death Do Us Apart

Nerves make the voices tremble
When pronounced in unison 
The eternal vows written
Declaring true love